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Chapter 30 - Important People[]

Royal Palace Hospital
Tharkad City
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
November 30, 3097

There was gunfire in the corridor outside the Palace medical unit.  That's what woke Amanda up after her latest treatment.  Gunfire.

"What's going on?" she woozily asked.

Irena was more alert.  "There's an attack going on. Terrorists." she said.

They don't let you have weapons in the hospital, but...  Amanda low-crawled to the personal effects drawer, and opened it.

"Let's see...personal comm...useless...hello."


"Remember that decorative item I asked for?"


"It decontaminated pretty quick.  Here." she slid the crowbar across the floor to where her friend was covering behind the bed.

"What about you?" asks Irena

"Winning personality." Amanda said, "Also...yes." she wrapped the cord from her uniform's kit in one fist, using it to make a pad for the silver-plated handcuffs, an improvised knuckle-duster.  "That side of the door, 'kay?"

More gunfire and footsteps approached. The ladies took up positions on each side of the door and waited.

The Door opened and a man in field gear with a TK-22 assault rifle slammed the door opened with a kick. Confident that he was catching the people in the room by surprise but, it was his turn to be surprised.  Irena hooked the crowbar down and back, breaking his arm. Placing the firing barrel just past her torso, so the bullets hammered the wall instead of the beds. While Amanda looped 1000 kilogram rigging cord around his helmeted head, and drew it tight around his neck.

He screamed in a gurgle as Irena broke his legs and then planted the hooked end up under his LCAF issue helmet.

It doesn't really protect you when the chin strap helps someone snap your neck.

Amanda collected the weapon and handed her the ammo from the pouches, trading both for the crowbar.

Irena tossed her an exam mirror, and Amanda checked the corridor.

Dead staff on the floor and moving men going room to room.

"This guy got any grenades?" Amanda asked.

"um...flashbangs, looks like."

"Gimme." asked Amanda

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