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Chapter 26 - Important People[]

LCS Frederick Steiner
Tharkad Orbital Anchorage Yard - Slip 16
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
November 30, 3097

"...we can't reinstall the old systems, most of them were recycled months ago."  Admiral Kingfisher said, "Which sounds so damned stupid and short-sighted now that it's out of my mouth."

Heir-designate Andrew Steiner sat anchored at the wardroom's table, coming up here had been disorienting and he wasn't keen to let everyone see him fumble and stumble in microgravity. " we can't back-date the upgrade. It's stalled because we lack equipment to finish the work, and the systems in question are so key, that the absence of those sub-systems make this ship one and three quarter million tons of scrap metal."

"That's about right."  Captain Krieger said, "We're doing the best we can to work around it..."

"I have a new idea." Andrew Steiner said firmly, "I can get my father to buy off on it. I want to form a working group of engineers and technical personnel, to design the missing equipment under the spares and fabrication provisions."

"You want First Squadron to work it in-house?" Kingfisher asked.

"I think that's what I said, Yeah." Andrew's tone was agreeable, "Do you have the personnel to devote?"

"I don't know if we have the budget."

"Let me deal with that." Andrew told him, "That's one of the duties Father has 'recommended' was working on aspects of the military budgeting process.  It could be years before we get the lost revenues from the refit contracts back."

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