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Ian Davion - Golden Lion (Chapter Art)

Ian Davion, Golden Lion[]

Epilogue, Part 1[]

02/18/3045 - Location: New Samarkand - Galedon Military District, Draconis Combine

Theodore Kurita stood along the battlements of Castle Isu, his mother's ancestral home, one of many fortified enclaves on the war torn world of New Samarkand. Beside him was a tan assault rifle with an Isu Clan Mon engraved on its stock. Clan Isu owned a controlling share of New Samarkand Metals, now monopoly supplier of Endo-Steel in the Draconis Combine. This dominance was assured by 'relocating' Ceres Metals employees, smart investments in mechanization, COMSTAR suddenly withdrawing technical support, and a dreadful run of bad fortune ranging from labor strikes to street battles and sabotage.

Their continued wealth and control however were subject to the vagaries of the evolving situation throughout the Realm. Clan Sato their only real competition for control of the world had one of their own as present Duke of New Samarkand. That post could change at the end of every fifth year based on which Clan held the most territory. The Isu-Sato vendetta was as fierce as the one between the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine.

While he was here with members of the Ghost regiments his cousin Isoroku, Warlord of the Galedon Military District, had chosen to send a Mechwarriors from the Regulars to Castle Sato. Both realized that with the COMGUARDs no longer buying equipment from LAW and other Combine suppliers that internal consumption would have to increase in order to stave off depression throughout the Realm, and that meant war. With Takashi's decentralization of power to the Warlords and declining health there would soon be a battle to succeed him.

Before placing the powder keg Theodore had prepared the field as best he could. Raising the Ghosts, granting sanctuary to CCAF soldiers and Maskirovka agents he felt could be trusted, all while bolstering support from industrialists and lesser nobles.

ISF Director Indrahar, principal kingmaker, and Primus Waterly, an influential power broker and schemer, were paralyzed as their most deep cover operatives were captured, tried, and executed sowing distrust throughout their organizations. They were quietly replaced by ones loyal to Theodore, already been put into position before he gave Patrick Kell the enemies within. His daughter Omiko (Sakade) was heading to Sian University as part of the embassy staff and possible prospect for Treyhang Liao if interested. Otherwise she would return and help him as his other children would, in time.

“Father, they are ready for you.”

Theodore turned to see his son Hohiro already in his cooling suit for his first live fire test as a Warrior-Prince to be. “Perfect, so I am.”

Akuma Assault BattleMech

Akuma Assault BattleMech

The Castle Gates opened to allow the Battlemechs passage over the reinforced bridge that spanned the River Yan that served as a moat to exit onto grassy plains. Theodore's Akuma dwarfing the Oyori (Gladiator) and Grand Dragons that made up the bulk of the force standing against the Sato massing nearby.

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