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Ian Davion - Golden Lion (Chapter Art)

Ian Davion, Golden Lion[]

Chapter 7 – Building for the Future[]

Fox reflect on the current Events[]

10/20/3040 - Location: New Avalon, Federated Suns

First Prince Hanse and his wife Dana Davion(-Stephenson) walked through the immaculate gardens of Castle Davion.  His health scare was still not going to stop him from visiting his son Andrew on Galax.  There would just be another doctor present on his personal dropship.

The First Prince stormed across the cool stone path attempting to sooth his inner turmoil, his red hair swaying in an autumn breeze.  “I don't like this, Dana.  Cornelia (Precentor New Avalon) has to be in on it.  We would have known before this (Ian's Solaris Match) happened it was all over the net but not on New Avalon.”

Dana was harried to catch up to Hanse having a much shorter stride as he stormed about, strands of her chestnut brown hair fell out of the green wool hat she was wearing.  “Dear, you are putting to much stress on yourself and its bad for your heart.  You should calm down, step back, and let your deputies take on greater responsibilities.  Quintus' people can handle ROM.”

“FLUSH is my baby.  It has been going on for years but we can't stop COMSTAR, each agent we find is replaced almost immediately.  They own the HPGs and hear everything.  We have to accept their ComGuards but that doesn't mean we can trust them."

"The Suns doesn't have the ability to handle an interdiction, the jump fleet is not big enough.  We need those League and Lyran ships if we are to go against the Order without ruining ourselves."

"Just getting Victoria almost caused a dozen Outback worlds to starve to death and drove twenty into full blown economic depressions because we needed the Jumpships.  Quintus is not getting any younger and Tancred shows promise but is not seasoned enough yet because he is with Yvonne.  I can't separate them without causing trouble."

"We can't even be certain the LIC is entirely on our side they have their own problems in Skye."

"Justin is helping up with the Mask agents but the Dracs are everywhere and raiding with greater vigor with mechs not seen in a hundred years.”''

Dana grabbed his arm and restrained him holding firm despite her smaller size.  “We will be fine.  The Federated Suns has always had adversity but we grow stronger each time.  NAIS is a threat to COMSTAR.  We have already started to claw back lostech from the great void of history. Our alliance with the Commonwealth is as well as long as Melissa sees us as useful."

"The hopefully impending marriage of Ian to Corrine will be the finishing touch.  They know it but they know they can't win a war against the Federated Suns...”

“Not yet at least you mean.” Hanse corrected Dana

She held him close it was cold out and they had been wandering the gardens for too long, “Not ever.  New Avalon will never fall to an enemy power.  Not while my Fox is in charge.”'

Hanse embraced her and kissed her on the lips, “I appreciate the vote of confidence, Dana.  You keep me going in the right direction.  Thank you.”

Meeting with Mother[]

10/20/3040 - Location: Tamarind, Free Worlds League

On the other side of the Inner Sphere on the planet Tamarind, Photon Brett-Marik looks up at the ongoing construction of the Technicron Manufacturing Jumpship Yard from the windows of the Painted Desert Estate.  His mother Duchess Therese Marik glared at him, his father Jeremy Brett was also present as was his brother Reginald both of whom were equally scalding. “What the hell were you thinking, Pho?”

“I wanted to see if all the hype about Ian was deserved.”

“So you challenged a Prince of the Federated Suns to a potential deathmatch on Solaris because you wanted to see if he was a good Mechwarrior?”

“Yes.  He didn't have to take the challenge.”

“Bullshit!  You went AWOL with Duncan's mech because you wanted to prove something.  All you did was prove you are an ass and made things difficult for us.”

“Cause you care oh so much about my feelings, mother.”

“Your feelings are unimportant to the status and standing of this family.  Which has been tarnished due to your reckless behavior.  What do you think would happen if you had won?  Were you expecting a grand parade on Atreus and a medal?”


“Good because you would have gotten worse than being grounded; probably been on the other side of a bullet.  You can't go AWOL if you can't break orbit.  I'm going to keep a close eye on you from now on.”

Therese put her hand to her chin in thought as she looked toward a picture from one of Tamarind's esteemed artists.  “You took and destroyed Duncan's mech that he left you so you are going to help raise his son.  A far more noble way to honor your cousin's legacy.”

“Do you really think that's the best idea, mother?”

“I don't really care.  Carlos needs a father figure and you need something productive to do while you are stuck here.  If you don't do it, then you will be checked into the stockade instead.”

Tamarind's stockade was a legendary hell-hole set in an incredibly isolated and fiery stretch of the planet's vast deserts on the Dhofar continent atop a sand quarry only accessible via helicopter. “I accept.  I swear I will do better to atone for my errors.”

“I had hoped so.  Now be a good boy and get out of this house.  I have so much damage control to do with my brothers and questions for Precentor Kajidama.”

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