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Ian Davion - Golden Lion (Chapter Art)

Ian Davion, Golden Lion[]

Chapter 5 – All In[]

Inside Access Report[]

08/10/3039 - 07:47 - Location – Tharkad, Lyran Commonwealth

Two women are currently sitting behind a desk which says “Inside Access."  Behind them on the view screen is a collage of posed pictures from celebrities, nobles, and notables.

“Good Morning everyone, this is Gina Valli and my co-host”

“Mari Ruiz, it is a good morning Gina and not just because almost everyone on Tharkad is off today.”

Both of them frowned before returning to smiles, “Except us and our hardworking crews currently setting up throughout the city.”  The camera switched prospective to the production crew in front of them.

“Don’t forget all those hunky boys in blue of the Polizei or the LCAF protecting the VIPs and citizens today.”

The screen behind them went through a slideshow of handsome men in formal, duty, and combat uniforms, “We definitely can’t forget them.  Mmhm.  I would like to personally thank you for your service gentlemen.  Say around ten o clock till whenever.”

Gina makes the “call me” gesture.

“Now begins our live and exclusive coverage of the Royal Wedding between Archon Melissa Steiner and Hautpmann Thomas Bradford, Graf von Veracruz, brought to you by Coventry Metal Works.”

The screen behind them shows a quick customized commercial from Coventry Metal Works showing the products in action everything from Hunchbacks and Commando Battlemechs to Shoulder Launched Missiles and Submachine Guns.  It ends with a group of mechs saluting and a voice over from the CEO, “Coventry Metal Works, the original Lyran Heavy Industry, congratulates the new Royal Couple on their wedding day.”

“We take you first to the Triad with Michael Shan.”

The screen takes over with a blonde haired man standing near a news van, “Thank you Ladies.”

The Triad’s central fountain sparkles as soldiers from the 1st Royal Guards Infantry Brigade march in formation across Commonwealth Square.  Their gold and blue dress uniforms starched and spotless, shoulders back, heads high, rifles on their shoulders, their polished steel helmets reflecting the morning sun as they marched up and down the square.

'“As you can see the Archon’s Own are busy preparing for the ceremony.  Right now they are just getting in a last minute dress rehearsal.  These guys are under a lot of pressure, more so than usual for a Royal Wedding. As many know Melissa trained as an infantrywoman and served her only military tour of duty alongside them.  Any scurrilous rumors of her above or below them have already been soundly disproves.  Back to you Gina.”

“Thank You, Victor. Very impressive display of our proud Royal Guards.  Mari unfortunately won our little bet and gets to the Cathedral while I host the remaining day of programming."

"Just another reminder to our Tharkad City citizens and visitors that with so many VIPs on the move today you will find that many roads will be blocked.  A real time list is available on our Local CommNet site just type ‘InsideA’ or you can go to the TCP’s site."

"If you are trying to get anywhere near the Ink or Cathedral Districts and especially along the Boulevard where the wedding party will travel to and from the Cathedral you are probably out of luck.  However, you can sit in your house and watch Marco Gamin who is setting up at our Boulevard Balcony.  Hello, Marco.”

“Hello Gina, yes you are definitely out of luck if you want to get anywhere near the Boulevard.  It is packed!  The TCP has the area cordoned off for now with SecurityMechs, armored vehicles, mounted, uniformed, and undercover officers, and the Bremen SEKs are on standby locked and loaded in case something happens.  Elements of the 1st Royal Tharkad Heavy Tank and Battlemech units will begin coming up the street shortly. We’ll be certain to get good footage of their procession.”

10:00 Guests begin arriving at the Cathedral of the Heavenly Host in Tharkad City.

Mari changed clothes and had her hair done standing outside the Cathedral along with a production crew, “Hello everyone, this is Mari Ruiz, slightly delayed for you but live from the Cathedral.  Unfortunately the only cameras allowed inside the Cathedral belong to the Diplomatic Guard but they have allowed me a moment to stand out here and schmooze with the celebs as they enter.”

A limo pulls up and a grizzled middle aged man with graying hair and a woman with wild brown hair followed by two energetic but well behaved children, a boy and girl.  “Our first guests today are the illustrious Kell Brothers and family.  Morgan Kell and Salome Ward joined by their son Phelan and daughter Caitlin, all of whom look quite handsome.”

Mari waved and shouted toward the boy, “You’ll be a great Kell Hound one day, young man.”

Phelan waved back to the strange lady, “The Best!”

“Ah kids they’re so cute.”

Another limo pulled up as that one departed, “Patrick Kell and Mega Superstar Melanie Quest!"

"Ohmygosh, I can’t believe she’s actually near me.  I’m so excited."

"Count Kell, Miss Quest a moment please?”

The pair walked toward the camera which unfortunately veered toward them rather than giving Mandrinn Tormano Liao and Hanya No Cha their due credit.  Nevertheless plenty of other cameras were watching and taking pictures and he wasn’t known for making public statements, merely private ones.

Maid of Honor - Misha Auburn
Colonel Lisa Steiner, Countess Jacqueline Brewer, Countess Angelica Bradford


Best Man - General Roman Steiner

Colonel Ivan Steiner, Colonel Grayson Carlyle, Colonel Andrew Redburn

11:00 Last Guests and the Royal Couple arrive

Mari watches as four armored cars pull into the underground parking section of the Cathedral now blocked by TCP barricades and LCAF Battlemechs.  “That must be the Wedding Party now.  Almost show time people just a few more very important guests.”

The first limo pulled up, Nondi Steiner and Jack Milby walked out to give a quick statement of how happy they were for their niece’s wedding.

Prince Ian Davion watched as the last vehicle departed, checked his uniform one last time out of what must have been a thousand spot checks, and looked over to Katrina seated next to him.  The woman was weak but her smile was strong and despite all of the pain she was in she looked beautiful again.  “I would like to thank you again for giving me the honor of escorting you to your daughter’s wedding.  I’m so sorry that your husband never got to experience any of her life.  It is not fair that these things should happen to good people.”

“He’s here in spirit.” Glistening tears formed and Ian handed his handkerchief to the woman, he wasn’t certain whether it was joy, pain, or sorrow that filled her but it was certainly a mix, just like it probably would be for her daughter.

Back on the red carpet, the limo pulled up and door opened.  Ian Davion stepped out in his full dress greens with a long golden braid, Captain’s bars, and Prince’s seal on his epaulets.  “Prince Ian Davion of the Federated Suns.”

Katrina stepped out steadied by Ian’s hand and he took her arm into his, she looked frail but managed to stand tall and smile for the cameras although the effort labored her greatly, “and Archon-Emeritus Katrina Steiner, the Mother of the Bride.  And such a proud mother she is.  Well this is where we cut off for now.  Be sure to keep your channels set for the Wedding Feed which should be going live in about a half hour, back to you, Gina.”

Once inside the Cathedral Katrina returned to her wheelchair and was taken to Melissa by Nondi while Jack and Ian walked to their front row seats on the Left side of the very packed Cathedral.  At 11:45 they returned teary-eyed to await the beginning of the ceremony and Morgan Kell left to take his position.  The Diplomatic Guard’s camera feed went live and began transmitting to the Local CommNet and Tharkad’s HPG so the citizens of the Commonwealth could witness the wedding.

Wedding Begins[]

Ian had a front row seat to the wedding, if he was not here for a ceremony and on camera he would be looking around at the artful frescos and sculptures.  Each and every piece was unique, made by one of the generations of skilled artisans that had spent thousands of hours refining their craft.  Like the Commonwealth it was a beautifully sculpted, had a solemn weight of history, and was at the same time grandiose.  However as much as he would have like to be a tourist that would have to wait for another time.

The Wedding Procession begins with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen walking down the Aisle wearing bright blue or white outfits.  General Roman Steiner and Misha Auburn standing fore amongst them.  They were followed by the Archbishop of Tharkad City, Hermann Mueller, entering from the side.  Then the groom Thomas Bradford entered in his Dress Blues to stand next to Roman Steiner, his mentor, friend, and among his closest confidants the two having spent a lot of time together while the 3rd Royals were on Coventry.  His twin sister giving him the biggest grin ever from the other side of the altar.

Finally everyone stood as Caitlin and Tempest Kell, the flower girls, entered in front of the bride whose dress was simply majestic in its construction.  Morgan Kell’s red and black dress uniform a sharp contrast to the flowing white and long blonde hair under the veil.  The two walked arm in arm down the aisle.

Elsewhere in Tharkad City, Vincenzo Marti watched the live feed of the ceremony on his TV while preparing lunch.  His apartment had a great view of the Boulevard on the other side of the custom frosted windows. It was a pricey place but he was a banker and had the cash.  He was wondering where his girlfriend was.  She couldn’t get a better seat in all of the city to watch the parade than right on his couch, must have got stuck in traffic or overslept.

A knock came on the door, “That must be her.”

He walked over to the door and opened it to see a wiry, plain looking man wearing a TCP style uniform with a pack behind him.  “Can I help you officer?”

“Yes, get out of the way.” He pulled a subsonic pistol out and fired it three times, each round hit where intended the low velocity slugs stayed inside the body making it very clean just a little 12mm hole that now leaked blood.  Vincenzo dropped but was caught to prevent anyone being alerted by his fall.

The Grey Man dragged the corpse off to the side in case he needed to open the door quickly again. Then closed and locked the door before ensuring the room had no other inhabitants.  He smelled the leftovers the man was heating up and took them back to the couch watching the ceremony take place. “I guess I have time for lunch before I go to work.”

The Grey Man at the Wedding[]

Melissa Steiner (-Bradford) looking as regal and elegant as any fairy tale princess with her veil lifted and blonde hair done up to the fullest, “I do”

The Cathedral burst into applause as the newlyweds had their first kiss and walked up the aisle together for the first time as husband and wife.  Ian could see the sparkling tears of joy from Katrina as she stood weakly to keep them in view.

Meanwhile back at Vincenzo’s apartment The Grey Man finished setting up his gyro-stabilized tripod mounted 14.5mm Sniper Rifle onto the dead man’s metal kitchen table which had been pulled up to face the Boulevard.  After he turned away from the TV, he looked through the scope, making adjustments based on the local weather station while listening in to the TCP broadcasts concerning their preparations.  “Congratulations to the newlyweds. Now it’s time for the fireworks.”

Ian Davion, Katrina Steiner, Melissa and Thomas Steiner-Bradford, Tormano and Hanya Liao were seated in open top vehicles right behind each other in the parade order.  Multiple Guardsmen jogged to the side of the vehicles, it would be an easy 3 kilometers down the Boulevard to the Triad for the reception, the hottest ticket in all of The Inner Sphere. There was more pomp and ceremony than even the most audacious of any previous Steiner wedding. Melissa wanted to ensure that her mother got to enjoy her wedding as much as she did.

The Parade pulled out from the street in front of the Cathedral, the six super VIPs waving to the adoring crowds that packed within a block of the Boulevard.  Bleachers had been set up down every side street and every seat was full with people waving the Lyran Commonwealth flag or messages to their Archon hoping she would see them.  A thick line of blue clad Polizei from across Tharkad were manning the barricades.  As the Archon passed they saluted before returning to their duties.

Adrianna Lurecha walked through the lobby of the Epsilon building, her black heels clicking against the marble as she headed to the elevator.  “Stupid, stupid, you just had to let your phone die so you couldn’t get the traffic updates didn’t you Adria.  Vincenzo will be so upset, I’m sure he’s been trying to call me.  I hope I’m not too late.”

She fumbled with her purse, “Where’s his key card.  Accidenti!  I must have left it in my other purse.  I hope he didn’t leave to go to my place and not tell me.”

As the elevator dinged on the 23rd floor she walked along the plush carpeted hallway to the gilded door of her boyfriend’s apartment.  She knocked, “Vincenzo mi dispiace sono in ritardo. Per favore apri la porta, ho dimenticato la mia chiave”

The Grey Man heard the knock and a woman’s voice at the door and looked over seeing the armed directional trip mine still in place pointed toward the door.  His grasp of Italian was not very solid but he recognized enough words to know that she didn’t have a key.  This was a bad time for distraction, he was too close to accomplishing his mission.  He ensured the pair of machine pistols were close to him, maybe she would go away.

On the other side of the door Adrianna could smell recently cooked food. He had to be home but wasn’t opening the door.  She knocked harder, “Vincenzo c'è qualcosa di sbagliato?  Mi dispiace, sono in ritardo, non essere arrabbiato con me.”

‘Is there something wrong?  I’m sorry I’m late please don’t be mad with me.’

Still nothing he had never shut her out before. Was he hiding something, or someone? Now she slammed her fists on the door, “Vincenzo c'è un'altra donna lì dentro? Apri la porta!”

‘Is there another woman in there?’

The Grey Man attempted to keep his calm, he could shut up the irritating woman outside in a couple of seconds but he needed to keep a clean scene.  He preferred to kill the bare minimum of people necessary to accomplish the task. Murder was messy business and he was only paid to kill a certain person, anything else cost him extra.  If Vincenzo had just gone to this cagna’s place he might have lived but he just had to show off this excellent location.

Now she was screaming, “Apri la porta!” followed by a string of insults in Italian and German while hitting the door.  The Grey Man turned up (down?) the noise canceling ear buds he was wearing, muttering “Crazy Italian women”

At the Tharkad City Polizei’s temporary command post Polizei Inspector Heinreich Vanchek was monitoring the situation.  This was the highest risk portion of a very lavish ceremony, the Archon wouldn’t listen to him when he initially refused after she requested an open air parade down Marsden Boulevard with so many VIPs.  The whole city was locked down but he knew there were cracks, there were always cracks.  It was too risky but she was the Archon, if she wanted to put herself in danger.  Well Archons regularly went to war already, he could almost guarantee Tharkad City was safer than an active battlefield.

He was looking over one of the TCP Councillors, “Inspector it’s been fairly quiet, couple of Free Skye protestors, Rasalhague refugee activists, drunks, just the normal troublemakers.  The only active call inside the security cordon is a domestic disturbance at the Epsilon.  We haven’t dispatched anyone there yet, some girl is just shouting at her man through the door so it’s a low priority call.”

“Pull it up, we can’t be too careful that is one of the high risk buildings.”

The Epsilon Building’s daring architecture filled the center holo-display. A callback to the old modernist architecture of the 21st century with jagged angles and lots of glass.  It was among the most expensive residential buildings in all of Tharkad City.  “Floor Twenty-Three, unit Six”

The display rotated, it had a great view of the Boulevard. There would be some exposure while the parade cleared a side street before it was lost.  “Get me an angle.”

The computer calculated the shortest path between the area several lines appeared before disappearing and leaving only one.  It was an easy range for a particularly capable sharpshooter a nice profile shot on any of the VIPs.  He could call it, make Melissa stop and avoid the exposure or cover her up but she wouldn’t have any of it.  Heinreich talked into his radio headset to the Diplomatic Guard, “Set a timer, In six minutes I want Melissa under cover, unless I say otherwise”

The woman had been a particularly nasty bridezilla even if it was for her own protection she would make it difficult for him.  He picked up the phone to dispatch, “Dispatch this is the Inspector, send a SEK team to Epsilon Twenty-Three Oh-Six immediately, no knock, high risk.  You have five minutes.”  He put the phone down, “Someone get me the Epsilon’s Building’s manager!”

Ian Davion was riding next to Katrina, he was hyperaware, they had been briefing on the security protocols in the event of a threat but he sure felt safer in his Marauder.  The Diplomatic Guards that were jogging alongside stopped for a moment setting their watches, curious.  Every nerve in his body was on fire as he knew something was happening but couldn’t do anything about it and the mystery was churning his already well churned guts.

Back in the Apartment The Grey Man watched through the scope he could see the target vehicles in the Parade and began his own internal countdown, relaxing, and engaging in the precise breathing he would need to hit his target.  There was no chance for a second shot.

A TCP Armored Van pulled up next to the lobby of the Epsilon Building, ten balaclava wearing and black clad SEK Police Commandos were hanging on to the outside and immediately rushed through the open doors.  Another ten exited the vehicle and secured entrances and exits pushing aside people in their way, “Polizei Notfallbewegung”

The first team stacked themselves up in the open elevator, all of them were currently on the ground floor.  They readied themselves and their equipment as they went up to the target room.

The Grey Man knew the Parade lineup by heart and saw the last vehicle before his target, he had a minute, plenty of time but not enough.

Ian Davion could see the Diplomatic Guard get tense and move closer to the vehicles, something was about to go down but he didn’t know what it was going to be.

The Heavily Armored SEK Commandoes thundered out of the Elevators rushing toward the target room, they saw Adrianna still yelling and slamming at the door.

“Geh aus dem Weg! Wir gehen rein!”

She turned frightened with tears in her eyes and was pulled aside by one of the men who body slammed her against the far wall.

The heavy steel shield wielding Pointman put his whole body against the boss followed by a coordinated shoulder ram that smashed the gilded door and set off the directional mine that sent him flying back and scattered the others.  The custom frosted glass windows shattered in the overpressure of even the small bomb.  The Grey Man had his crosshairs on his target at the exact same moment and the explosion knocked off his aim.  The apartment was filled with outside air and the canyonlands between Tharkad City’s skyscrapers channeled the wind right in.

The 14.5mm round tore into a building façade causing massive damage to the old brick. The Grey Man swore and turned to the door where the dazed Polizei were recovering.  Firing the machine pistols to keep them back, a moment later they began returning fire.  He rushed out to one of the windows and leapt out, a parachute billowed our right behind him.  One of the SEK squad leaders put his SMG outside firing into the canopy, “Zweites Team! Abfangen am Boden!” 'Second team, intercept on ground'

The Grey Man landed, immediately shedding the parachute and firing his pistol at a pair of SEK Commandoes that were attempting to prevent this escape.  They returned fire bullets impacting the upscale MacEnroe Magic sedan he was hiding behind.  He could hear the sirens of the Polizei, they would be on him likes flies in moments.  There was no escape.

The two SEK Commandos carefully approached the sedan the suspect had been hiding behind, they cleared the vehicle and called it in.  “Verdächtiger, einziger Schuss zum Kopf” ' Suspect down, single gunshot to head'

The Report[]

<<2nd Issue of Report on the Attempted Assassination of Archon Melissa Steiner-Bradford on 08/11/3039>>

<<Filing Date – 8/19/3039>>
<<Tharkad City Polizei Central Detectives Branch, Diplomatic Division>>
<<Filing Officer – Chief Detective Otto Vogt>>

<<Autopsy Notes>>
<<Cause of Death – Single gunshot to head>>
<<Suspect's Estimated Age – 34 TY>>
<<Average Height (1.8m) and Weight (86Kg)>>

<<Notable Features >>

[Multiple tattoos related to the Free Rasalhague Republic’s Kungsarme.  Follow on investigation is ongoing, the FRR embassy in Weibetal has given its full cooperation in identifying the suspect.]

[Old combat injuries consistent with infantry service.  Possibly during the Ronin War?  Possible Draconis Combine and ISF connections?  Warrants further investigation from LIC and related agencies.]


[Individual was carrying a FRR passport, Analysis has determined that it is a fake.  Regardless based on the tattoos we are currently assuming suspect was a FRR citizen.  The passport was registered to a Tharkad Aerospace Group supplier in Weibetal.  Authorities in that city are still investigating and will forward their report to the central division upon completion.]

[A set of keys has been matched with a MacEnroe 519 sedan found in the Epsilon’s parking garage.  It was reported stolen shortly after the incident from a citizen in Olympia City’s West River District.  OCP is providing utmost support in investigating possible leads in the city.]

[No money, phone, or apartment keys were in the suspect’s pockets.  Weibetal Polizei raided the apartment attached to the passport but found it empty.  Where the suspect dwelled is currently unknown.]

[Suspect was wearing a uniform similar to the TCP but such things are easily found second-hand so no possible chance to trace.]

[Two Mydron Machine Pistols with filed off serial numbers, regularly encountered among the criminal underworld.  Very difficult to trace]

[The sniper rifle the suspect was using is a custom job, 14.5mm APFDS, bolt action.  Very expensive optics, stabilizers, and fine engineering throughout.  Bespoke items like this are only available through a few suppliers, Diplomatic Guard is overseeing an interplanetary investigation on the few in the Lyran Commonwealth.  However, other succession states are capable of manufacturing these items so they have no guarantee of finding the source.  Nevertheless it is one of the strongest clues we could find if it were to be uncovered.]


[The body of Vincenzo Marti, recently hired by the Commonwealth Central Bank after working for the Import-Export Bank of Arcturus for ten years, was found in the apartment’s bedroom.  He had been killed with a trio of subsonic slugs delivered at extremely close range.  Currently the Financial Crimes Division and Commonwealth Bank Inspectors are investigating the CCB and IEBA to see whether or not the suspect visited either institution.]

[His girlfriend, Adrianna Lurecha of Tharkad City’s Lower Danube District, was injured during the breach but is recovering under guard in St Mary’s Hospital for Women.  She was despondent upon hearing what happened to Vincenzo but is talking with police during her recovery.  Police are investigating her business and home to determine if the suspect or an accomplice was following her.]

<<Updates 10/01/3039>>

[We have identified an account related to the suspect by determining his residence via backtracking with colleagues. A numbered account originating from the St Ives Central Bank was found through a set of stables on Solaris VII.  Various queries to the St Ives Embassy in Tesseraburg are being processed as we speak but the payment’s origin is currently obfuscated through multiple interplanetary holding companies. LIC is taking over primary investigation now that it is clearly an interstellar issue beyond the TCP's jurisdiction.]

<<Chief Detective Vogt signing out>>


Historical Interlude 1 - (3040)[]

Important Events

Death of Katrina Steiner on Tharkad 01/04/3040

Birth of Thomas Arthur Steiner, Archon Melissa Steiner’s first born 03/02/3040

Katrina Steiner’s State Funeral and burial on Gallery 07/04/3040

War Status

The Andurian-Magistracy invasion of Romano Liao’s Capellan Confederation ends after a counter-attack by the CCAF and the loss of both ringleaders on the opposing side.  A motion to continue attacks on the Capellan Confederation is defeated in the Atreus parliament after an impassioned speech delivered by Mandrinn Tormano Liao.

The Capellan Confederation Civil War continues to heat up as Candace Liao’s SIMC with assistance from the Federated Suns fight against Romano’s CCAF and her TDF “allies.”  Heavy raids are common throughout the four contested commonalities (Sian, Capella, St Ives, and Victoria) as well as in the Capellan March on the Concordat Border.

The CCAF has occupied the industrial world of Detroit near the Magistracy of Canopus as well as the independent breadbasket worlds of Joppa and Herotitus giving the struggling Confederation a much needed boost.

Raids from the Draconis Combine to the Federated Suns become increasingly common with newer and more numerous DCMS Battlemechs regularly making an appearance.  Dozens of heavy raids and one attempted invasion are repulsed on Quentin although the offensive (OP: IRON DRAGON) almost leads to the capture of the Mech factories on planet which would have been a massive loss to the Federated Suns.

The Sphere at Large

First Prince Hanse Davion’s investments in the AFFS continue to give the Federated Suns an edge but it becomes less of a sure thing in the wake of Theodore Kurita’s at times bloody reorganization of the DCMS.  The Federated Suns and Draconis Combine begin to narrow the technological gap courtesy of the Halstead Station Library and Helm Data Core, sharing and industrial espionage on the part of other successor states begin to rapidly reverse the decline in technology that characterized the last century.

The ComGuards begin their building process as COMSTAR hires small mercenary units on long cadre contracts. The Titan Warship Yards around Saturn begin reactivating as the James McKenna Yards around Kathil are being rebuilt by Hanse Davion.  Primus Myndo Waterly urges greater COMSTAR “guidance” in the Inner Sphere as the Blessed Order’s long successful OP: HOLY SHROUD begins unraveling.

Notable Characters

Leftenant Yvonne Davion is reassigned to the 25th Lexington Reserve Group (a battalion-sized sub-command of the Kestral CrMM) based out of Fort Ballycastle on Lexington from the 11th Avalon Hussars on Kesai IV after she attracted undue attention by the DCMS.  The Hussars still repulsed a trio of raids in force and executed two reprisal raids against the Galedon Prefecture. Several near misses force the First Prince’s hand and his daughter resents the coddling and acts out, much to the chagrin of her Commander.

Count Tancred Sandoval is assigned as the Intelligence Secretariat’s Liaison to Lieutenant General Viviane Petty of the Kestral CrMM.  She coincidentally assigns him to the Lexington Station.  Yvonne Davion’s behavior immediately improves, much to the relief of her Commander.

General Roman Steiner, Duke of Steelton, is assigned General of the Armies by Archon Melissa Steiner and begins reorganizing the LCAF in the wake of continued DCMS raids on the Tamar and Skye Marches.

Corrine Marik begins training at the Allison Mechwarrior Institute on New Olympia.  Her chosen battlemech is the Wolverine 6M “Troubadour” used by her Grandaunt Sylvia Marik during the Third Succession War.

Emma Centrella ascends to Magestrix after a coup that sees her mother Kyalla Centrella institutionalized.

Duchess Catherine Humphreys, the Free Worlds League’s “Rogue Duchess” dies in prison of a heart attack.

Kapitán Uriel Vesely ("UV-4") goes AWOL from the 1st Atrean Dragoons with his Orion 3 "Black Eagle" heading toward Kalisdasa on the Commonwealth-League border.

Captain Ian Davion and his guard unit head out from Tharkad on a tour to visit Solaris VII and the Commonwealth-League border aboard the Union-V Valor.

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