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Ian Davion, Golden Lion[]

Chapter 21
New Beginnings


06/14/3044 - Location: Ducal Palace, Tian-Tan - St Ives, Capellan Confederation

Mandrinn Tormano Liao stepped lightly in his sister's house. Rich furniture was still covered in white sheets due to lack of occupancy during the War and the family portraits under black cloth for grieving. He removed the sheet from one of them carefully studying himself as a young man in the half-light of dawn. He was proud and wanted to prove himself worthy of an unworthy father.

His father who he had recently learned Romano personally garroted after leading a palace coup with the help of Thuggees from Highspire and Highlanders from Northwind. Her own rebellion against their father incited after her own father hurt Romano's girlfriend, Mai Shi, whom he had taken as a concubine.

Their father did all this to punish her for the murder of her unfaithful stepmother, Elizabeth Jordan, and her lover, the traitor Pavel Radzik, both secretly working with Candace. The old man apparently was shocked at her behavior expecting continued submission to his browbeating rather than the repressed fury that consumed her and almost toppled the Capellan Confederation.

A dark silent shape appeared behind him. “Upset, Count Allard?

The old man, Candace's father-in-law and Hanse Davion's former spymaster, looked worn beyond his already substantial years. “It is not my place to make decisions for your sister.”

“Then you should perhaps have chosen not to send your son to seduce Candace in the first place. They have both payed a grave cost for this coup.”

“The Confederation under your father endangered my Federated Suns. Almost succeeding in assassinating the First Prince before his disappearance.”

“You do not need to tell me of the machinations of Chancellor Maximillian Liao, I lived through worse than you could know.”

“I'll be the first to admit some of my errors were grave, Mandrinn Liao. Yet consider myself at your disposal if you would have it.”

“I will politely refuse your consul, Quintus. Go back to Bristol, Riva, and Tamara. You can come to visit and in time my nieces and nephews may choose to go to you. Until then I do not want you nor your influence in my house any longer than it takes for you to pack up.”

Count Quintus' white hair dropped down as he bowed. “Very well Tormano. I will leave, but do not think I will allow you to turn my grandchildren against me.

Should I fear that occur.

Know that I will act.” Quintus told him.

“I expect nothing else. Know that I would not turn children against their parents....I have standards. he told the old Count

If they ask why? I will tell them the truth, and let them judge it on its own merits; in the proper context.” commented Tormano

Quintus' boots clapped on the marble floor, echoes dampened by grand tapestries hanging from the walls. His son Treyhang arrived shortly afterward in a light green jumpsuit complete with a St Ives AMS logo on it. Tormano looked over the young man who stood tall with his own proud features. “Why are you dirty young man?”

“After simulator practice, Kai wanted to wrestle.”

Tormano put his hand on his son's back as they walked through the palace admiring the furnishing and architecture. “Did he win?”

Treyhang smiled, “Not this time, but he got close.”

“That's my boy. I know this is not going to be an easy adjustment for us from Solaris. I have every confidence you'll come to love the new challenges though.”

“Thanks dad, that means a lot to me.”

He looked back at the portrait as shadows of swaying trees outside danced along its canvas, “Me too.”

A Deadly Discussion[]

07/01/3044 Location – House of Scions, Capella, Contested

Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita wore a black kimono with a block-printed Draconis Combine seal on its back, his swords tucked into a crimson obi. Before him was the empty House of Scions' assembly room. Its Capellan Confederation banners had been pulled down and burned but the Draconis Combine hadn't replaced them with their own yet.

Precentor Martial Anastasious Focht walked in stopping just behind him. “You wished to see me, Kanrei.”

Theodore turned to face the older man, his former prisoner turned general of the COMGUARDs at the request of Primus Waterly in exchange for the Order's aid to Luthien. “I am afraid my troops cannot hold all of our conquests any longer. Jie Fang Partisans have taken a toll on our occupation forces.”

“The COMGUARDs are not ready to take over the garrison yet. Order your forces to hold their positions!” Focht argued

Focht let out a gasp as he looked down to see Theodore's Wakizashi in his chest. His blood leaking down the cold steel as the light faded from his eyes. The Kanrei twisted the blade in the older man's chest. “The DCMS will no longer be your mercenaries, Precentor Martial.”

Theodore leaned in on him holding him close. “Nor my son your hostage. Tomoe has already liberated him and I no longer have a purpose for you Frederick. You have proven yourself the traitor I always knew you were. I took an eye expecting you to learn your lesson and gain the wisdom your Odin did with the same sacrifice.”

Frederick let out a gasp before his death rattle, “The Primus...”

Kanrei Kurita watched as the Precentor Martial fell dead on the floor.

“Will be told you decided to retire to a monastery to write your memoirs.” Theodore told the late Precentor Martial

He used a nearby towel to wipe blood off the blade before returning it to its sheath. “Your heart was no longer in your work.”

Three Yakuza arrived shortly afterward. Theodore pointed to the Precentor Martial whose white robes were now stained crimson. “Go-cho Yodama, please take this Steiner traitor where he belongs.”

Shin Yodama and his companions lifted the Precentor to an unceremonious end. “With pleasure.”

07/08/3044 - Location: Hilton Head HPG, Terra

“What do you mean he retired?!

Without consulting me.”

Primus Myndo Waterly stormed about as Precentor ROM Charles Senaca delivered his latest report.

“That is what Precentor Dieron Sharilar Mori says in her report.”

“Lies! Theodore did something to him. Where is his son?”

“Missing Primus. Fortress Dieron was raided by an unknown party last week.” Charles Senaca reported

“It must be the Order (of Five Pillars) then. Damn them!” Watery screamed

“We have to do something.” he commented

“I'm afraid we cannot he still has the full support of the Coordinator and much of the DCMS' best equipped forces are those under his command. To move against one would lose the other and the Combine is our strongest ally.

Already MIIO, LIC, and SAFE are closing in on my agents and increasing resistance to COMGUARD forces throughout the realm we are checkmated. If we push to hard we could face an organized resistance we cannot hope to contain with our current strength.” Charles reported

Myndo looked out over the Atlantic, its depths filled with secrets long forgotten just as the Blessed Order. “They win this time,” She fingered the platinum medallion that marked her rank, “but there will be other opportunities. The Order is patient. I want you to disband the COMGUARDs, put them back under ROM and find yourself a deputy. Someone as cunning and cold-blooded as yourself.”

“Yes Primus.” Charles Seneca departed from her chambers with his head still in the tablet computer. “I already have someone in mind.”


Primus Myndo Waterly stood majestically before Terran and Interstellar Press. Camera drones feeding directly into the HPG standing behind her between the ocean and COMSTAR's glittering HQ. Her white robes sewn with metallic thread and platinum medallion sparkling in the mid-day sun.

"In light of the resolution of the Capellan Crisis I as Primus of COMSTAR and fellow citizen of the Inner Sphere am pleased to announce that the security situation has stabilized enough that the COMGUARDs are no longer needed to ensure our organization's security. COMSTAR will retain token security personnel but no heavy equipment. As it was before the Crisis we expect the noble rulers of the Inner Sphere live up to their obligations for our greater security in exchange for our neutrality. Only through their efforts will we ensure the continued operation of the interstellar super-liminal communication net that connects all of humanity to one another, and a brighter future together, as one."

Negotiations with a Corporation[]

07/23/3044 - Location: Vinson Pharmaceuticals HQ - Kiverson City - Torrence, Federated Suns

The sun lowered right into Prince Ian Davion's eyes baking him in the black suit and tiring situation making both feel even more uncomfortable. Across from him was a grim-faced older woman in a richly adorned yet professional looking dress. He spoke comfortably in the highborn Torrencial dialect. The dialect was a creole with a fair bit of Farsi and Arabic mixed in from its founders who had originated principally from Terra's Algeria, Oman, and Morocco.

“Lady Torenson, I understand your continued concerns regarding the planetary government's threats to nationalize Vinson Pharmaceuticals. However, know that this is your final warning.

House Davion will not support a change of government on Torrence nor tolerate your repressive anti-union actions throughout the Federated Suns. Particularly in the Outback plantations.”

Ian stood up to get out of the sun and loomed over the seated woman. “I have personally invested a large sum of money into your organization over the past year because I believe in its core mission. Based on recent events however my confidence in you personally is less certain than when I made that investment.

As a three percent owner and Prince of the Federated Suns I demand you cease your aggressive actions and treat your employees as such, instead of your serfs.”

He took a sip from a glass of tepid formerly sparkling water, “That is if you wish to remain in control of Vinson Pharmaceuticals as a Corporation rather than have it turned into a Cooperative.”

“You wouldn’t dare make such a motion. Millions of Pounds would be lost and without market incentives those Capellans would return to their old unproductive ways.” she accused

Ian leaned forward and stared her down, “They have plenty of incentive to succeed on their own and they know best how to farm those harsh worlds.

I spent most of the past three years on the Rim working with the Canopians. Who as you know own twelve percent of this company, rounding up slavers working refugees’ hands to the bone in exchange for a measly ration of gruel and minor beatings.

From what I hear of your Outback plantation workers and their supervisors.”  The Prince paused his eyes boring deep into her own. “Well let’s say there might be an investigation issued to determine if you are that much different.”

He took another sip. “Imagine the financial and reputation damage for your stockholders should the BII (Bureau of Internal Investigation) determine you treated your workers no better than a Combine Daimyo.”

She grew increasingly defensive. “They are not even your subjects. Why do you care how I treat them?”

The Prince laughed and pulled out his comm-pad. “Not my subjects.

Should I dial up the Chancellor then?

I have his personal contact information. He would pick up my call and I know precisely what he would say.”

“Which would be?” she questioned

His voice grew dark in an impersonation of Tormano 'Ironheart' Liao, “Should I start with the fingers? or the toes?”

Lady Torenson blanched and Ian put away his comm-pad. “If the Chancellor heard about this. Well MIIO might not be able to stop the Maskirovka before they rendition you to St Ives to face trial.

So I would like a signed memorandum of understanding and acceptable reform plan by the time I depart for New Avalon.”

“My price, a five percent, maybe,” he shrugged economics was never his strong suite but he still had to pay attention, “drop in already sphere leading profits over the next few years.”

She tried to say something, “The support of myself and that of Magestrix Centrella that you remain CEO if there is a stockholder vote regarding this potentially 'poor' performance. Emma and I jointly control nearly a sixth of your company and both of us can rally more support than our own shares for a good story.

Though I doubt it would be such since there is much growth potential in the now open Capellan market particularly if we make it abundantly clear that we treat our workers well.”

Ian started to walk away as his watch began beeping. “Or you could potentially face a Capellan Court and a few very unpleasant months with Chancellor Liao using you for medical experiments instead.”

One of Ian's Federation Marshal bodyguards opened the door as he approached.

Without even looking back Ian entered. “I do hope you make the smart choice, Baroness.”

Marshall Brahme was joined by two others who had been keeping watch. “You know I am quite capable of taking care of myself.”

The stone jawed Sikh and his turban towered over Ian who was an impressive specimen himself, particularly since he had been hitting the gym regularly in preparation. “I am certain you are, Sir, but we have orders from the First Prince himself.”

“Yes, Yes, I know Hanse wants me to be safe, but its my own realm or it will be.” Ian told him

They walked up no fewer than three flights of stairs to reach the roof where an AFFS helicopter waited for them. Ian looked out over the city unused to seeing the world from such high perspectives after spending so much time in a Battlemech. Torrence's sun reflected off the surface of the nearby ocean.

Ian breathed deep. “I remember when I could take a day off for my birthday.” and sighed, “No longer it seems...What a drag.”

His eyes were drawn to the comm-pad expecting messages from his fiancée and found none. “I hope she didn't have anything planned for the evening. Tonight though...”

Birthday With Friends[]

07/23/3044 - Location: Airborne - VTOL - Torrence, Federated Suns

As the world passed below Ian was attempting to listen to a collection of the latest music his brother had sent him. His headphones dampening most of the rotor noise while allowing the pilots to contact the passengers behind them via intercom.

“Andrew, is this really what passes for popular music in the Suns these days?”

Ian looked out to the sun nearing the horizon as they descended to one of the many House Davion properties on Torrence. Mostly used by members of the family attending its prestigious and very expensive civilian universities such as Lubrene which was a popular one for the cadet line of Argyle Davions. “You leave for three years and everything goes to crap including the music.”

'Terraces', the name of the mansion, clung to a sea cliff with its own marina, helipad, and room for 50 guests in addition to whatever Davion family was there and the estate staff.

He looked down to see a seaplane docked to the marina. “Looks like Conrad has returned.”

“Yes, sir. He came with your brother in that seaplane while you were away.”

His helicopter landed at the helipad which was located above the marina complex. The seaplane's prop began spinning pulling the vehicle out for another sortie as Ian waved to its pilots. It soared into the sky above a calm ocean of orange. Ian disembarked and straightened his suit.

“You sure are making the most of your break from Galax brother.

Brahme, where's Corrine?”

The Chief Marshal had just started toward the marina house to transfer their charge to the estate's security. “She is waiting for you in the Solarium.”

“Of course she is. She insisted on getting a tan after spending so much time on New Syrtis and in a Dropship.”

A uniformed messenger arrived shortly after Ian started his walk up the stairs inhaling the salty sea breeze that brought a cooling presence to the sub-tropical biome. “Your Highness, we just received a curious message regarding your impending wedding from the HPG.”

Having been in meetings and behind a conference table all day Ian didn't want to sit around and chat. “Can you walk and talk?”

He vigorously strode forward, followed slightly behind by the messenger. “Of course, Sir.”

They ascended the steps at a quickening pace, as the stairs went by Ian became more animated. “What do you mean the Kanrei wants to send an envoy? A Kurita on New Avalon! He has to be mad!”

“I will register your concerns to the Precentor, Sir.”

The messenger departed before Ian reached the glass door leading to the Solarium which was curiously darkened. Ian took a moment to look over the ocean and saw his brother dipping the seaplane close to the ocean like a great cormorant or pelican in what he figured was a take off and landing drill. “Well I suppose the sun is done for the day and so I am.”

Ian checked himself in the mirrored glass smoothing out wrinkles and ensuring his teeth were free of debris. “Quick shower, dinner, then straight to bedroom time, well after warming up of course.”

Upon opening the door Ian was shocked to see so many people crammed into the cleared out room. Andrew, Yvonne, Tancred, Patrick, Conrad, and others he didn't know all blew gaudy horns his way.

Corrine came forward looking tan and well rested and gave him a big kiss.

“Surprise! Happy Birthday, Ian!”

Ian and Corrine embraced, he whispered to her. “I wasn't expecting so many people tonight corrie. Thought it would be just you and me...”

She kissed him again, brushing his hair gently with her hand, to lean close. “I need a break for the honeymoon love.” Ian grimaced in a show of intense pain that nevertheless failed to sway her. They separated and Yvonne gave him a hug, Tancred, Conrad, and Andrew handshakes, Patrick an intentionally embarrassing pair of kisses on the cheeks that drew groans from his family. Corrine acted indignant. “Playboy, Lay off my, Ian!”

Patrick looked over to her as Ian gently pushed him out away. “Your Ian? I saw him first. Taught him everything he knows about the ladies. You should be thanking me.”

Corrine rolled her eyes at the remark before ushering guests into the dining room.

He waited for some of them to disperse, “You know the sign of a good teacher is that their student should always surpasses them.”

“Sounds like a challenge. You've seen the size of my book.”

“Just a saying. Anyway what a surprise. I thought you were still in League space with the Hounds.”

“We caught a ride with the Archon's guests and Paul. Picked up some Highlanders along to way to consult with Jaime (Wolf) on the AMC. Heading to Outreach to join them once we finish up here.”

Ian looked at the unfamiliar faces next to Patrick. A lithe dark skinned teenager with an ivory necklace, rich jewelry, and fine silk haori jacket draped over dark colored clothes. “This is my son, Christian.”

Shock appeared on the Prince's face. “You have a son?”

Patrick looked away, “Possibly more than a few...” before looking back, “but this one has returned to me and I recognize him. His mother was very special.”

“Was...I'm sorry.” Ian said

Christian bowed slightly and spoke with a Rasalhague accent. “Without her death I would not have found my father. She deeply cared for Patrick and didn't want us to burden him.”

The young man produced and presented a wrapped parcel from the table. “Until a few hours ago I did not realize it was your birthday, Ian. Please take this painting. I made it today, so it is not my best work, but I believe you will enjoy it all the same.”

After initially refusing the gift Ian unwrapped it. Inside was a small ink painting of the landscape outside the solarium. Outlines and deep texture of the cliffs, calmness of the bay outside, with a stylized bird (seaplane) flying over it pulling a cloud behind with a script of Kanji draping down to the corner. “You made this in a day? It's magnificent. Thank you, Christian.”

“Doumo Arigato, Ian.” the young man responded

Sounds of raucous laughter rose from the adjacent room. “Sounds like quite the party going on over there. We should join them.”

All gathered around the table for the family style feast recounting amusing stories incurred along their recent travels across the Inner Sphere aboard the Silver Eagle with Archon Melissa Steiner and Speaker Paul Marik.

Patrick started after Ian asked him what it was like to have the two arch rivals on the same dropship. “I am going to be totally honest with you/ I thought it was going to be a mess, but they spent the whole trip talking about their struggles with Parliament or the Estates General. By the end I think she could have just spent more time with the man instead of touring the Suns Riveria with Thomas and little Arthur.

Oh by the way she gave me this and told me to only give it to you.”

Ian opened the note which was written in French. The feminine script itself was gorgeous and bold, just like the Archon. Corrine looked over to him. “What is it?”

“Its an invitation for a dance on Numenor in honor of our wedding.”

Corrine tilted her head in confusion. “Melissa is throwing us a party?”

“At her own expense no less.” Ian responded

“Well we have to go then, but I'm not a very good dancer.” she admitted

He looked over to Patrick who was otherwise distracted. “We'll practice. You'll do great.”

Actual note – I look forward to seeing how well the Countess can tango. We all had a lovely evening last time. Avec Amour, Melissa Alexandra Steiner, Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.

Desperate to change the subject Ian looked over to Akira Brahe whom Tancred was staring at intently. “How did you end up in the Kell Hounds?”

He too spoke in a thick Rasalhague accent but only looked half the part. “Recommendation by a respected colleague.”

The talk evolved to mech tactics and wars stories. Akira and Tancred despite their initial hesitation to interact with one another were both assault mech pilots (Challenger and the recently, thanks to the Dragoons, reintroduced Nightstar Assault 'Mech) so they had something in common. With both their wives and Akira's children present they kept themselves civil and glazed over the kill counts of their respective enemies.

Duke Thomas Bradford had apparently challenged Akira to a simulator duel while penned up on the Silver Eagle and found that the Challenger in Brahe's hands was more than a match for his Banshee. Tancred also offered to take him in a simulator as he was; “Getting rusty on Lexington.”

Andrew eventually found his way over to his brother. The resemblance was there but Ian had grown a slight stubble while Andrew had to remain clean shaven for his air supply to seal properly. “You surprised me. I thought you were in that float-plane.”

“Nope that was Lacey,” he looked over to his girlfriend, a pretty but common-born Aerobat and carnival performer he met during his first tour of duty in the Outback. The young woman was presently entertaining Akira's young children, Gustav and Azure, and their mother by juggling colored balls and precisely tossing them into a bucket four meters away.

Then she moved on to knives, juggling and tossing them at a wooden board safely away from other people to the astonishment of all onlookers.

“She is disappointed it can't do flips and other tricks, but likes the security of flying over your own landing strip.

Call it even for all those times you held something in one hand and switched it to your pockets for yourself.”

“I only did that a couple of times.”

His little brother tapped his chest, “and it hurt me deep.”

“Get over yourself.” Ian told him

“I'm already flying as high as I can.”

The party continued into the morning hours with the Brahe leaving first followed by the Kells, then one by one the Davions dropped from exhaustion until Ian and Corrine were the only ones left up. “This was a great time, Corrine. Thanks for everything.”

She held his hand in hers with the others firmly gripping the balcony's handrails. “This was easy compared to planning a wedding.”

“Soon enough.” He released her hand and placed it on her shoulders now covered from the night chill. "You must be exhausted from all the prep. Get some sleep.”

They embraced. “Will you be joining me?”

“Shortly. Just want to look at the stars a little longer. Never thought I would miss something so simple. I don't think I ever paid it much attention except in SERE.” Ian told her

Corrine departed with a kiss closing the glass door behind her.

Ian looked up with the assistance of a starfinder program to see the G5V star around which was a planet known as New Avalon. His destination, his destiny was just visible through binoculars as a twinkling white dot. He was so tantalizingly close to a place he had not set foot on for more than five years. The end was in sight but, so was the beginning of something new.

Return to New Avalon[]

09/14/3044 - Location: Fox's Den - New Avalon, Federated Suns

Ian stood in the Mech Bay lit with high recessed lights staring at the Davion House Battlemechs in their regimental colors. Each looked as if it had just walked off the factory floor but some had been fighting to preserve the Federated Suns for centuries, Golden Lion included.

“You know they say as long as the heart is still strong. You can lose everything else then still win the day.”

He turned to see his father First Prince Hanse Davion carrying a flask of some sort and small glasses. Despite looking like a soldier in his prime rather than a worn down First Prince due to exercise and better diet enforced vigorously by Dana. He had been keeping a low profile while Ian was away only appearing publicly for Yvonne's wedding and Andrew's graduation from Armstrong Flight Academy where he gave the commencement. The Argyle Davions had thus needed to pick up most of the slack, at least in the Crucis March.

“I figured you'd find me eventually, Dad.”

They pulled out a bench and placed it in the Mech Walk despite numerous stickers and placards telling the techs not to place or park stuff there, as it will get squashed. Hanse poured an amber liquid out into the two glasses. “Nothing beats pre-wedding jitters like a fine Argyle scotch.”

“To the Federated Suns.” Hanse said raising his glass

Their dull clink of glasses echoed off concrete walls painted with the logos for the mechs given nicknames like weapons of legend. Only two of which were in use presently since Yvonne resigned her post as Mechwarrior to focus on humanitarian missions taking a reluctant Tancred with her and no opportunity for him use his new mech.

Ian's Marauder 4- D 'Golden Lion,' and Hanse's Battlemaster 1-D 'The Black Prince' stood side by side in the revetment.

His father looked at his father's mech. “Your grandfather would be proud of everything you've done so far, Ian.”

“I would have liked to meet him.” commented Ian

“He died to soon for both of us. I had just started at Albion when he passed. Had to figure out how to be a First Prince all by myself. Unfortunately your Uncles were not the best example in their own ways.”

Another glass was poured. “I had help of course; Ardan, Ran, James, Morgan, Tormano, your mother...but when it comes down to making the hard decisions its you making it.

Not the Marshals, Ministers, or March Lords. Learned a thing or two over thirty years on the job. But you want to know what the three most important things in a First Prince are?” Hanse asked his son

“Seems prudent, you know before I become one.” commented Ian

“Courage, Wisdom, and a wicked sense of humor.” Hanse said with a grin

His son stopped mid-sip at the last statement. “Is that a dad joke? You can't be serious.”

Hanse finished the remainder of his. “You stopped didn't you? To think about it.
People always appreciate cleverness, even in their enemies. Now we might curse it when the enemy is clever. I'm known as the Fox for a reason, but nevertheless you will gain their respect and increase their wariness.”

The First Prince stood up to stretch. “Grand tales are spun about Warrior-Poets and Kings who mastered the art of timing, can do much with little, knew their audience, and subverted people's expectations. If you can control people's attention you can lead them astray or your way.”

A noteputer came up and Hanse furiously scribbled something in it before returning it to his pocket. “I think I might even use that as a quote in my memoirs.

Most of leadership is grabbing people's attention and not letting it go until you get them to follow you. So you must master that to inspire trust that you know what is going to happen next even if you don't. I know you can grab attention kid. Look at all the doors that stunt on Solaris opened.”

He couldn't help but notice that on the wall behind his mech was one of his Solaris VII Golden Lion vs Black Eagle posters. “It gave you a heart attack! It almost killed me! Mom threatened to came across the Inner Sphere to drag me home by my spurs.”

“Well, you're not dead. I've never felt better, and your mother is going to get a front row seat to see you marry a beautiful young woman tomorrow through countless tears of joy.”

The flask was empty on the third glass. “You know Golden Lion was supposed to be my brother's mech, but he wanted Ajax. Maybe he would have had better luck like you seemed to, or he just knew it was meant for another.”

Ian couldn't see the tears but he could hear it in Hanse's voice. “A toast to lost loved ones and the new ones we found along the way.”

“Do you want some company?” he asked him

“No, I'm just going to stay here a little while longer.

You get some sleep, Ian. Big day tomorrow, for everyone.”

Although he hesitated Ian's lonely bootsteps faded away in the near empty mech bay.

Conclusion of Chapter 21

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