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Ian Davion - Golden Lion (Chapter Art)

Ian Davion, Golden Lion[]

Chapter 10 – Eagle’s Nest[]

A Birthday[]

02/19/3041 - Location – Darienbad, New Olympia, Free Worlds League

“Do it, Corrie.”  The dark haired Corrine Marik downed another Marik PPC at the urging of her girlfriends almost choking on the dry anise flavor of the ouzo mixed with grain alcohol.  This one was the second of her 18th birthday night and the last.  She didn't remember what happened the rest of the night but woke up back in the Alison Mechwarrior Institute women's dorm still in the clothes from last night.

Corrine checked herself quickly and found nothing amiss other than a few hours of fuzzy memories and a dry mouth.  “First and last time that ever happens.  Giselle is going to have some explaining to do.”

She walked into the bathroom taking a moment to wretch out the last of the total of six shots she had last night.  Way to many for her in such a short time.  Once she walked into the shower though she noticed a new tattoo on her hip, an artistic rendition of bluebird that was bound up with clear tape.  “At least its cute; even if no one will see it.”

After finishing her shower she walked in her dorm-mate's room, the woman was surprising up and reading something on her computer.  “A tattoo!  Really Gee?  If my dad finds out I'm in so much trouble.”

“Well I advise you not go on family pool or beach parties then.  Its not like he's going to see it and your mom won't care.”

“I'm going to get rid of it while it's still fresh.”

“Don't do that.  Its cute.  You were really excited to get it.”

“I was also very drunk.”

“Yeah so.  All innocent fun.”

“I guess I'll give it a day.”

“See you need to ease up on those sorts of things, Cori.”

Corrine took a deep breath, “I guess I'm just nervous about the end of term test next month.”

“You've got a whole month to worry about it.  You're smart you will do fine.”

“I don't know about that but I know I can't wait for leave.”

“Me too.  Going back to Marik?”

“No, Augustine this time to see my Aunt Kristen and cousins.  Going to get some training in with the Krushers.”

“You go getter.  Alright let's get breakfast and hit the books, Corrie.”

Arrival of a Prince and Meeting the future Bride[]

04/24/3041 - 08:57 - Location – Augustine, Free Worlds League

MW2 Dropship Re-entry

FSDS Valor on final approach to Augustine.

The FSDS Valor landed with much pomp and fanfare from the Augustinians, there was a grand celebration ongoing.  Prince Ian Davion walked off the Union-Class dropship in his dress greens with the open topped golden crown of The First Son of the Suns on his head, something that he rarely wore except for special occasions.  The rest of his retinue followed and made a grand show much to the adoration of paparazzi.  The Valor and her crew had made a detour to Irian for a state visit to that massive industrial world and a few photo ops with Prince Ian in a new Guillotine Battlemech.

Ian walked down the red carpet to greet the lovely Kristen Marik with her week old daughter Alys.  Both of them were in a wheelchair manned by her dashing mercenary husband Jiri Rousett and their other children Ana and Janos II.  Corrine Marik stood on the tarmac wearing a light gray dress with a purple wrap over it and a white pearl and purple amethyst inlaid diadem attached by ribbon to her short hair.  Ian made a move toward her stopping in front of her before kissing her hand which she had to accept as formal polity.

She whispered, “Bold, Prince Ian.”

He finished and held her hand a moment longer to whisper back, “Bold would be my middle name if it weren't Renard, Countess Corrine.”

Corrine smiled for the cameras before Ian was pulled away by his Princely duties.  “What an insufferable, young man.”

After diplomatic displays and presentations of gifts to the new mother and child as well as a brief speech by Jiri and Ian they finally worked their way back to the ornamental hedged off Sunspire Manor.

Short Time Later

Picking up where we left off

Ian Davion and the members of his retinue interesting in the tour followed the House Custodian, a proper man with salt and pepper hair named Dauphin.  They walked through its large lush vegetable and flower gardens, a hedge maze, tennis courts, etc..  eningd with the pride of the manor, the tall white stone obelisk with a high powered light atop it.  Ian asked the obvious question, “This planet has navigational satellites and radio transmitters.  Why build a lighthouse?”

Dauphin took a moment to point to the beacon, “Duchess Elise Marik didn't build it as a navigational aid.  She was a pious woman hence her fury at her father's cybernetics that has continued until this very day in our Realm.  Her hatred of biotics and vigor in fighting against the Scourge of Death are also among her legacies.

The Sunspire was built based on a passage in her personal bible and has been maintained ever since.  It is a magnificent sight indeed.  That beacon follows the monthly procession of Augustine's moon Numidia.”

“Fascinating.  Thank you, Dauphin.”

“You are very welcome, Prince Ian.”  He checked his watch, “The porters should have moved your luggage into your rooms by now.  I will escort you to them.”

Dauphin walked them back across the paving stones, the sun was beginning to set and guests were due to arrive soon for a small social gathering at the manor.  Ian Davion retired to his room to change into a fresh pair of Class As while Bishop Sortek found himself an isolated balcony looking out on the Sirius Sea.

Major Sortek pulled out his phone to look at a picture message from Helena he had received after landing.  A flirty one of her on a white sandy beach in a tan bikini.  She had been on world for a month already while they were on Irian and was presently tantalizingly close.  “So close but so far away.  At least for now.”

There was knock on his door, Bishop walked through the small but well appointed room to the door and opened it.  Ian was on the other side after changing in a fresh uniform and stowing the show crown which he disliked wearing anyway.  “Coming to the party, Bishop?  Could use a wingman?”

“Not this time, Ian.  I'm going to settle in and double check our schedule tomorrow.”

“You sure?” Ian asked


“Okay well good night then, Bishop.”

“See you at oh six hundred tomorrow for PT, kid.”

“Yes, Major.” Ian said

Ian Davion returned to the mansion's main ballroom to greet a selected small group of guests.  The Captain-General's little half-sister sat at the head table with her infant daughter.  Tomorrow was the little girl's christening and a small gathering had been called to celebrate the occasion.

Ian walked in to an unfamiliar audience the ballroom was filled with clerics of Augustine's disparate religious orders.  The first of whom was an older man wearing the black robes with a red sash of a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church(-in Exile) moved to greet him first.  Ian had studied the cards for the high profile guests this evening most were clerics in attendance for Alys' baptism, the entire continent of Roma was the domain of the Roman Catholic Church with the Bishop in charge.  “Greetings, Cardinal Curia.”

“Prince Ian, what a delight to have you on our humble planet.”

“It is a magical place.  I look forward to seeing more of it over the next month.”

“Of course, feel free to include our Cathedral in your tour the architecture is quite superb as is its location.”

“I will consider it.  Enjoy the evening, Your Grace.”

Next in line was a bald woman with a asiatic complexion and saffron robes.  The woman, Abbess Chao Kyo, and Ian both put their hands in the prayer position, “Xin Chao nu tu.”

The woman was very pleased to hear the greeting in her native tongue, “Bénédiction sur votre famille.”

“Je suis honoré abbesse.  Bonne chance à vous.”

Finally he worked his way across the room after exchanging similar greetings with an imam from Dar es Salaam, Rabbi from Tharkad, and a Shinto priest visiting from New Kyoto.  Finally he exchanged greetings with Precentor Augustine Tomek Cosmo of COMSTAR's Troy HPG located slightly more than a hundred kilometers away.

Finally he ended up at the table next to Countess Corrine Marik who had changed into a different outfit a floor length purple dress with a white wrap covering her shoulders.  “Of course they would sit us together.”

“Makes the cameramen or the SAFE agents job easier if we are next to each other.”

“Yes, my father does enjoy his spies.  Though he is a poor spymaster, more interested in his computers than counter-intelligence.”

“That was a concern for MI6 I have brought a few things with me from Solaris, prototype tech from NAIS.  An upgrade for your Battlemech if you are interested?”

“And what will be the cost to upgrade Troubadour?”

“Remains to be determined.”

“Hmm that sounds rather steep.”

“I can get us out of her.  Already marked the surveillance crews and came up with a escape route.”

“So quickly?”

“I slipped the LIC's Diplomatic Guards on Tharkad.  More than once.”

“Impressive how did you manage that.”

“I had a very trying two week 'camping trip' at Quintus Allard's cabin on New Scotland before I shipped out to Gallery.”

“The Quintus Allard?”


“Oh my.  That must have been difficult.”

“I have some interesting stories.”

“I would like to hear them.”

“How about a stroll to the Sunspire then?”

“I suppose I can work it into my schedule.”

“Let's get something to eat then head out.”

Ian and Corrine excused themselves to the restrooms and escaped the surveillance crews that were sent to monitor them.  Cardinal Curia and his retinue were escorted to their guest house, an old cloister that had been renovated recently.  Ian guided Corrine back to her room to change into something more suiting adventure than a ball gown, she came back with a black top, dark blue jeans, and boots.  His Class As were still military uniforms so were tailored like them by the best on Tharkad so he kept them on but removed the brass Captain's bars and his few medals.

The two of them slipped the house security team that was quietly looking for them.  “They probably won't even tell Bishop they lost me.  It would look bad for them.  As long as we are back in our beds by midnight they won't care.”

“I thought they had us there a few times.” she said

“Close calls are kinda my forté.” commented Ian

“A dangerous habit, Ian.  Hardly one a Prince should have.”

“Perhaps I shall grow out of it.”

“That doesn't seem likely, Prince Captain Ian Renard Davion.”

“You were an eager participant in our little adventure, Countess Cadet Corrine Stephanie Marik.”

“How did you know my middle name?”

“I make it a point of pride to know everything about everyone I meet particularly women.”

She leaned over and looked at him, the reflection of the Sunspire's light was bright in his hazel eyes.  “And why is that?”

“Because I am gathering pen pals for my poor dear sister Yvonne and she wants only interesting people.  She is quite bored on Lexington and sends me harassing HPG messages to vent her frustration with our father sheltering her after our mother spent so much time riding her to get those Leftenant bars.”

“You must be joking.” questioned Corrine

“I love my sister dearly and don't want my interactions with her being unpleasant.  She may never get outside the Federated Suns due to politics.  If she wants me to find her friends I shall look.”

“And what would she tell me about you?” asked Corrine

“Besides the fact that I am amazing dancer courtesy of her?” said Ian

“Amazing, huh?”

“Pity there were no cameras at Melissa Steiner's ball welcoming her mother back from Gallery.  Had to let her win, it was her planet after all.”

“Perhaps you will give me the honor of a dance at some later date.”

“I would be honored, Countess.”

“So onto other things.  What were you talking about with SAFE?”

“I am bringing gifts to the Free Worlds League, NAIS has created a superior large laser with increased heat dissipation.  I used an ex-NAIS fellow on Solaris to prototype a number of them for me.  However, due to MI6's concerns about espionage from the Capellans I have not been authorized to transfer the technology yet to the Free Worlds League.”

“But you could upgrade Troubadour?” she asked

“I could I suppose, but what about that price.” he teased

“Don't get too cheeky, Ian.  It would be improper with so many clerics to be lewd.”

“Then something innocent.  A kiss by moonlight then.”

“That's your price?” she asked

“Yes.  Just one kiss.”

“I suppose you did kiss me earlier.  I should return the favor.”

She leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek.  “I was expecting something more 'intense'.”

“You only asked for a kiss.  I gave you one.”

“Fair enough.  We can begin installing it tomorrow.  Should take us a couple of hours.”

“We, as in you and me?”

“Yes, I don't need Vance for this.  Couple hours to remove the laser and rewire it.  It even runs cooler so you don't need to change any piping.”

“I've never worked on Troubadour without Patrice.”

“It will be a piece of cake.  Patrice and Vance can inspect our handiwork at the end of the day.”

“Very well its a deal then.”

“Sealed with a kiss.”

“Don't get used to it.”

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