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Hornet LAM (Mech Mode)
Hornet Land-Air 'Mech
Production information
Manufacturer Niops New Project Workshops
Production Year 3150
Model HNT-LAM-1B
Class Light
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere Experimental
Mass 30 tons
Chassis Fischer HNT LAM
Armor Guard Light Armor Layout
Head: 9
Center (Rear): 10/5
R/L Torso (Rear) 9/3
R/L Arm: 8
R/L Leg: 8
Engine GM 150 Fusion
Communications System Tri-Word Duplex 4880
Targeting Tracking System Dalban HiRez II
Heat Sinks 10
Speed 86 maximum ground km/h<
2300 overthrust km/h
Jump Jets Pitban LFT-50

Weapons Layout
2x Small Lasers
1x Machine Gun
6x Rocket Launcher 10s

BV (2.0) 1,117


The Hornet LAM, rare form BattleMech which can operate as fighter as well as on the land as a BattleMech. The Land-Air 'Mech concept, the aerodynamic Hornet chassis appears as compact jet aircraft in fighter mode. The design was created by Fan author Giovanni Blasini for his fan story, The Adventures of the Beer Keg of Science!


Developed concurrently with the HNT-series BattleMech, the Hornet LAM is a bit of a misnomer, in that it does not physically resemble its BattleMech namesake in any way.  Looking more like a mutant Stinger in its 'Mech mode, rather than a roundish pod with legs, the Hornet LAM was designed to compete with the WSP-105 LAM, providing a low-cost Land-Air 'Mech with LRM armament that would be less well-known than the earlier WSP-100B, itself the progenitor to the VLK-series Valkyrie BattleMech.



Nowhere near as popular as the more common LAMs, and with only a short window before the collapse of the Star League into civil war, the Hornet LAM did not see widespread deployment, Seen as a less-capable hodgepodge of the Wasp and Stinger LAMs, the majority of Hornet LAMs produced found themselves relegated to backwater militias, though at least one Hornet LAM was known to have left with the SLDF Exodus, only to later be observed in 3015 in the hands of Steve Tommersom of the Wolf's Dragoon, Black Widow Company.  Tommersom was presumed lost in combat prior to 3025, and no other known examples of the HNT-LAM-1A are known to have survived.


In 3150, the Niops Association resurrected the design for their Niops Expeditionary Forces, using a small number of stripped Hornet LAM chassis as a frame of reference.  The new variant, the HNT-LAM-1B, retains the armor protection of the original, but reduces the energy armament to a small laser in each forearm.  The extra mass is used to mount a recon camera on the 'Mech's right torso, and to add a 500 kg cargo bay for an emergency Blizzard Exoskeleton and survival gear for the pilot.

Weapons and Equipment[]

The original HNT-LAM-1A Hornet LAM bears similar performance to the earlier WSP-100 series LAMs, with comparable 86 kph running speed in 'Mech, and a slightly improved 2.5 Gs of cruising acceleration in Fighter mode.  Armor protection is improved over the WSP-100 or the Hornet itself, with 5 tons of standard armor plating, comparable to later light LAMs like the WSP-105 or STG-A5.  Weaponry is similar to its progenitor design, while also appearing to be a cross between the Wasp and Stinger LAMs: each of the Hornet LAM's forearms mounts a single medium laser, while an anti-personnel machine gun is mounted in a jettison-capable pod in the LAM's left arm.  For ranged combat, the Hornet LAM retains the torso-mounted LRM-5 of its namesake, fed by a single ton of ammunition in its torso. Like all LAMs, the Hornet while in "Air-Mech" mode can travel incredible amounts of speed in half-mech/half fighter form, allowing to out maneuver most ground based BattleMechs. Using this speed it's perhaps operates best as intended role as recon machine.

Hornet LAM (Fighter Mode - In Flight)

Hornet LAM in Fighter Mode

Armaments have been similarly revised, with the LRM-5 rack of the original removed in favor of six RL-10 rocket launchers, mounted in the lower legs, shoulders, and forearms of the LAM.  While overall range has been reduced, the twin small lasers were considered acceptable for the NEF Hornet LAM's role as recon and support of research teams, while the six RL-10 launchers provide a standoff capability and single-salvo fire weight in excess of the original, even when rocket launchers are fired individually.

Technical Notes[]

Tech Rating/Availability: D/X-X-X-F

Cost: 2,274,740 C-bills

Hornet LAM (Hover Mode)

Hornet LAM in Air-Mech Mode


  • HNT-LAM-1A Hornet LAM
    This variant, produced in 2761 was used by the SLDF. Heavier armed than 1B, this model was armed with 2 Medium Lasers, 1 Machine Gun, 1 LRM 5 . While it retained the pod shaped Hornet's ground & flight speeds 54/86 km, it's Air Mode moves 15 / 23.
    Tech Rating/Availability: D/D-E-F-F
    Cost: 2,314,553 C-bills
    BV (2.0) = 954

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