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Henry Morgan Ngo

Biographical information

Henry Ngo
Henry Jade Falcon

Date of birth

May 5th, 3032



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Personal information

Clan Officer


Summoner Heavy OmniMech
Nova Medium OmniMech
Chameleon Medium BattleMech

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Star Colonel


House Ngo
House Steiner
Clan Jade Falcon

Henry Morgan Ngo, a MechWarrior & officer. He is the older brother of the Duchess of Kowloon and the Quarantine zone in the Lyran Commonwealth, Elizabeth Ngo. He was created by Fan Author, Cannonshop for many version of Ngoverse stories.

Other relatives: Patrick Dinh Ngo (Brother, deceased, battle of Tamar), Elizabeth Anne Ngo

Affiliation: Clan Jade Falcon (Previously Blackjack Cadet, class of 3054)

Physical Description[]

Physicals: 1.85 Meters tall (6 ft), 80 Kilos mass (in Prime), Build: Muscular/Gymnast/'mechwarrior in excellent physical condition.

Descent: Asiatic/european mix, Asian dominant features.

Scars and other distinguishing marks: Henry has a number of scars to his back and torso from floggings and combat injuries.  He also has a number of surgical scars to his upper body (chest and abdomen), these being a result of combat.


Early History[]

Born on base Post Hospital at Fort Osterrand on Donegal. The son of David Ngo (Deceased, KIA 3049), Allison Russell-Ngo (Deceased 3051), whom had sent him away with his older brother Patrick & young sister Elizabeth to live with his grandfather on whom was the Duke of Kowloon. Who reared them until his death and seemed him with his values his father had divorced himself from due to his grandfather being jailed by former Archon. Once his Grandfather died, he and siblings would taken by parents and sent to school for nobility. He would study hard and

Military Career - Cadet Years[]

Cadet Ngo, Henry M. was the last Blackjack Cadet to be taken during the Jade Falcon invasion of the world of Blackjack, outlasting his peers by three days, during which he accounted for several Jade Falcon warriors.  What makes this more significant, was that Cadet Ngo was piloting a Chameleon class Training 'mech.  His capture was not easy, and he had to spend several months in surgery and traction after the battle before he could be put to work as a bondsman.  Henry's early period as bondsman was...difficult, both for himself, and for his bondholder, as he refused initially (once he regained consciousness) to speak English or acknowledge English-language commands.  He also attempted escape numerous times, and physically resisted assimilation, nearly to the point of endangering his life.

The persistence of his bondholder won out, then-star-commander Nathan Roshak refused to give in and kill the boy or let him die.  Eventually the patience worked through Henry's resistance, and the former Cadet and last hold-out became an ideological convert to the Way of the Clans, becoming a devoted and sincere believer not only in the superiority of Clan Culture, but the righteousness and correctness of the Crusader cause.

Military Career - Clan Crusader Spheroid?[]

His conversion was long and difficult, unlike peers such as Phelan Kell (Clan Wolf) or Mark Harris (the top student in his class prior to the invasion), Henry's 'adjustment' took weeks to achieve after his hospitalization.  The reason, according to the reports of his bondholder Nathan Roshak (the second warrior to try, the first, Morgan Icaza, lost the boy to Nathan in a trial of possession two weeks into his training period), Henry's conversion had to do with the use of reason and logic instead of normal indoctrination methods.

In truth, Roshak took the time to familiarize himself with Ngo's Homeworld and culture before taking over the former cadet's training from the Elemental that captured him, and in that process, discovered a correlation in the Blackjack Academy database-Henry's sister Elizabeth was flagged with a medical condition and a 'do not under any circumstances accept application' flag.

Nathan showed Henry the Clan's advanced medicine and discussed Inner Sphere history with the boy, including the loss of technology and how that loss of technology could be possibly reversed-if the Clans were only able to restore the Star League as it should be.

Henry's knowledge of his sister's condition, and witnessing the miracles of Clan medicine, along with the prospect of a society which controls its violence and protects the innocent, turned him from a possible resistance case, to a sincere convert.  Henry's previous resistance evaporated almost magically, and he proved to be every inch the Ristar that both Icaza and Roshak believed he could be.

Henry is an adherent of the "Philosophical Crusader' subset- That the Clans are the only path to lifting mankind out of the long free fall into barbarism he himself has witnessed, and that they are the only chance his little sister Elizabeth has, of living a full, normal, human lifespan free of the agonizing death she was born to face.

Military Career - Fighting for the Falcon[]

Henry's career after the cutting of his bondcord is one that is enviable, though unusual.  His first battles as a Jade Falcon first proved his talent as a Mechwarrior, but also demonstrated a natural charisma and tactical acumen.  His promotion from 'mechwarrior to Star Commander was fast, even by Trueborn standards, never mind the normal path for Freebirths, often this is due to his ability to absorb and process information on the fly-when most of his Trinary's leadership were destroyed in an accidental explosion. He assumed command of the survivors by sheer dint of having a plan and speaking up-taking control by actions under combat conditions when other warriors hesitated.

At the rank of Star Commander, he made it through the trials to join the Battle of Tukayyid, and wound up in command of his Trinary after heavy losses removed the other leaders from the field.  Here, his gift for improvisation and quick thinking preserved not only the remainder of his own unit, but the survivors of several others, at one point using thrown boulders and improvised melee weapons when the ammunition ran out to cover the retreat of his own trinary's survivors as well as the remains of four stars from his Cluster when ComGuard forces overran their LZ and they had to reach a second rally point without ammunition or a chance to repair.

Surprisingly to some, this was not that unusual in that battle, and he was outshone by warriors like Aidan Pryde...but for a freebirth, it gained him the respect of both Trueborns in his assigned unit *(that survived) and Leadership above him.  He landed on Tukayyid a Star Commander, and left as a Star Captain.

Military Career - Wolf/Falcon War/Refusal War[]

Henry's Trinary drilled extensively prior to Ulric Kerensky's refusal in methods looked down on by the rest of the Clan. This was including physical attacks and combat, improvised weapons, and low-visibility warfare techniques in crowded terrain.  This wound up standing them in a good position when engaging Clan Wolf's Crusader units, which expected typical Jade Falcon ranged combat techniques.  During the Refusal War, Henry's callsign was "Stravag Six"-a reference to his Freebirth origin and, as he explained to a senior officer, "Everyone calls me that on first meeting, I may as well own it."

During the Wolf/Falcon conflict, Henry's Trinary captured nearly their own number in Wolf warriors-alive.  Taking them alive, an achievement of great note, as few of his Trueborn peers were quite so capable of defeating Wolf warriors while being able to avoid outright killing them, in part this was due to his insistence on drilling his warriors in brutal, fast takedown techniques in restricted terrain and low visibility.

During lulls between operations and campaigns, Henry's units began playing 'opfor' in combat exercises, teaching newly arrived warriors and 'sibbies' how to fight Inner Sphere opponents on their chosen ground, with their chosen methods.  This 'field expedient training and familiarization' has become something of a standard process for new warriors assigned to the Galaxy his Cluster is assigned to.

Military Career - Off the battlefield[]

Off the battlefield, Henry's introduced some 'unit traditions' that diverge from the normal Clan practice, including cooking contests, often featuring 'food that will test your courage', mostly derived from Kowloonese food preparation methods.  Kowloonese cooking is derivative of a number of southeast asian styles, including the extensive use of aggressive spices and ingredients high in capsacin.  His 'ghost pepper garlic beef' is often used as a 'dare' among warriors assigned to his command, and 'Durien pudding' is sometimes seen by warriors from other Jade Falcon units as a particularly cruel form of hazing.

Prior to his 'recruitment' by Clan Jade Falcon, Henry Ngo held championship ranking in Muy Thai, Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jiujutsu, and his proficiency in hand to hand combat is formidable, as he is often challenged by newly transferred warriors who see a 'Freebirth' commanding Trueborns as an insult.

Very few warriors have dared to challenge him a second time either in Augmented or Unaugmented Trials.  As they say, among the Clans, if you're freeborn, you have to be four times as good to get half the recognition.

Military Career - As an Officer[]

As a Clan Officer, Henry is considered to be an excellent tactician and strategist, with a genuine care for the warriors and lower-caste assigned to his unit.  He 'makes friends' very easily among both warriors, and technicians, and treats even Laborers with respect.  When challenged on his Crusader beliefs by more aggressive Crusaders, he absolutely destroys them in debate, demonstrating not only an encyclopedic memory for the Clan's Remembrance but also a deep and aggressive insight into the Hidden Hope doctrine that has left more than one Crusader feeling inadequate when it comes to their own commitment to the reconquest of the Inner Sphere and restoration of the Star League.

In a sense, his philosophical view of the Crusader philosophy is so thorough and he can argue it so well, he has in at least two cases caused closet Wardens to recant their prior Warden beliefs and become Crusaders themselves, and he has managed to argue Spheroid POW's into accepting the Clan way as just, and right on four occasions.