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Hazers are manufactured by Vulture Tech 'VT'


Small - Weight 2.00; Damage 1.00; Heat 3.00; Recycle 5.00.

Medium - Weight 3.50; Damage 2.00; Heat 5.00; Recycle 10.00.

Large - Weight 6.00; Damage 4.50; Heat 8.50; Recycle 20.00.


Hazers are entierly designed to produce heat. The beam is so far into the red spectrum that its infared, making it invisible to the naked eye. Hazers produce much more heat than flamers and actually do some damage to the target aswell.

It takes 2 large Hazers to overheat a light mech and cause its reactor to detonate. 3 for a medium; between 4 and 5 for a heavy; and 6 for an assault.

These weapons are best suted for sniping, due to there long recycle time, and the fact that they are invisible. This weapon has mainly been sold to clan Nova Cat who have used it to turn Supernova mechs, into 1 shot killers. Due to VT's dislike of the IS it is only sold to: other Periphery nations; Merccenaries; and the Clans.