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Harlequin Corps
Unit Profile (as of 3060)
CO H.C. Harlequin
Formed 3018
JumpShips No
DropShips Yes
Aerospace Yes
Armor No
Infantry No

Unit History[]

Harlequin Corps. Merc unit formed early in 3018 originally under contract with House Steiner conducting defensive actions against House Kurita. The original mechs assigned to the unit were mostly older ammunition based mechs which put heavy demands on resupply functions that existed only with House Steiner regular units. The missions assigned to Harlequin Corps were primarily guerilla actions against lighter House Kurita mechs with energy weapons. The Kurita pilots and command structure in the battlespaces Harlequin Corps were assigned to conducted a steady long term in depth campaign of high payoff raids and ambushes. Under these conditions HC-Harlequin, the merc unit commander, had to develop non-doctrinal tactics, techniques and procedures that maximized the unit's ammunition based weaponry, develop the skills of the pilots subcontracted to his unit, and reinforce the House Steiner combat service and support functions with in house combat sustainment capability. Of special note was an obsolete Leopard class dropship that had one mech bay modified into a service bay for in flight mech repairs and modifications, both flight bays modified into a medical service bay and ammunition supply point, and with additional crew capacity. While this effectively meant that the unit could only drop with 3 mechs, it did add a significant capability for sustained combat patrols. (see battle reports regarding Icar, Chateau, Persistence, Maxie's Planet, Romulus, Seiduts and Planting) While the honors gained by Harlequin Corps during it's contract with House Steiner were minimal it was the eventual respect with the Draconis Combine commanders in zone due to the honorable actions of HC Harlequin and the increasing effectiveness of Harlequin Corps that was pivotal to the contract upgrade that occurred during the formation of the Federated Commonwealth as well as subdued support from Team Banzai. Unfortunately, it was the increased capability of the upgraded mercenary contract with Federated Commonwealth that allowed agents of Clan Ghost Bear to essentially infiltrate Harlequin Corps which caused the remarkable events on Constance to occur. (To be continued)...

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