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Hachiman, Hard Boiled (Golden Lion AU) Cover Art
Hachiman, Hard Boiled (Golden Lion AU)
Author AlphaMirage
Series Name Ian Davion, Golden Lion
Alternate Universe Name Golden Lion AU
Year Written June 17th, 2021
Story Era Late Succession Wars Era


Hachiman, Hard Boiled is a Scifi Japanese themed Crime Drama. This is the second story set in the Golden Lion alternate Universe and featuring Theodore Kurita and his extended family in 3046 as they prepare their nation for possible turmoil. Fresh from victory in Capellan Confederation faces a unstable Draconis Combine. As his temperamental father ails, Warlords are vying for influence with their newfound power. Theodore is posed to try reclaim his nation as it begins war among itself.

However, before doing that, he must focus on "family business" in the city of Masamori on the Hachiman, Draconis Combine. In this city, microcosms gangs factions vying for power becomes prelude of what may be the storm to come for entire Combine. As his family works in the shadows of the city in this crime drama.

Part of the Ian Davion, Golden Lion story. This AU origin lies with a discussion of "What If" on the Battletech Official Forums. This lead to this fan story, which focus on Ian Davion and his siblings came into existence and changed the course of history.[1]

Story was created and written by AlphaMirage, as a less Grimdarky and more snarky setting in comparison to his previous works in form of Katherine Chronicles.


All events prior to the late Third Succession War remain the same, but henceforth after slightly altered due to the Ian Davion being present in the universe.

Notable Characters[]

  • Theodore Kurita, Gunji-no-Kanrei of the DCMS, Headed the greatest reformation of the DCMS in a century. Son of Coordinator Takashi Kurita
  • Isoroku Kurita, Warlord of Galedon Military District, Staunch traditionalist Samurai and opponent of Yakuza influence. Cousin to Theodore Kurita by Takashi's brother Minamoto
  • Minoru Kurita, Theodore's youngest son, genius but strange. Recently rescued from COMSTAR, to begin studying at Hachiman Technical Institute
  • Miya Kido (Kurita), Unknowing daughter of Isoroku Kurita. Masamori Police Officer
  • Chandrasekhar Kurita, Struggling businessman and Cousin to Theodore and Isoroku.
  • Franklin Sakamoto, Illegitimate son of Theodore Kurita. Thought dead after the ISF failed to assassinate him. Now Yakuza kingpin operating out of the planet Hachiman.

Chapter Links[]

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Wiki Editor Note
  • This book's chapters have been edited by Outsider7724 to correct misspellings and grammar errors only.
  • 2) The first story of the AU, Ian Davion, Golden Lion was originally began in 2018-2019, but was paused for author's ambitions to write a different story. Then in late 2020, he resumed the story yet again.

    3) Chapters found in this story are longer than typical ones found on this wiki. Wiki chapters are separated by page. The Author extended his chapters 3-4 entries per chapter. As his original story was originally written on the official BattleTech forums, thus each "Post" would contain 3 sections per chapter if not more.

    4) Story name only differs on the wiki, it's original name was (Golden Lion, Gray Oni AU) Warring States until it was changed by the author.

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