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GrimDark Narrator's BattleTech Lore is a series of videos created by GrimDark Narrator

His Youtube channel, while not exclusively dedicated to BattleTech Universe, he all ranges of science fiction.

Simply called BattleTech Lore, he highlights elements of the universe including individual machines as well as historical aspects of the universe.


These are introduction videos that goes into the basics of the BattleTech universe. Overall history & Key factors.

General Information Videos[]

These videos clarify basic questions regarding BattleTech Universe

  • Description: General Introduction, to the universe and GrimDark Narrator's series for the genre

  • Description: Overview of the Military Structure/Formations of the Inner Sphere

  • Description: Overview of the Military Structure of the Clan Forces - How their structured, formation setups.

  • Description: Weapons and Types Overview

  • Description: Space Travel, How Does It Work?

  • Description: What is Battle Armor?

Historical Events[]

These videos clarify the significant events that accrued during Battletech History.

  • 'Description: Battletech Lore - Operation Exodus (An Overview)

Factions Videos[]


Crusader & Warden Clans

Famous Clans - Overview

The Clans, Society and Caste System - Overview

The Clans: Technology and Economy - Overview

Inner Sphere[]

  • Description: These videos feature the main central factions of the BattleTech universe and their ruling families

The Capellan Confederation, Ruled by House Liao

The Draconis Combine, Ruled by House Kurita

The Federated Suns, Ruled by House Davion

Federated Commonwealth, Ruled by House Steiner-Davion

The Free Worlds League, Ruled by House Marik

The Lyran Commonwealth, Ruled by House Steiner

Planetary Highlights by Faction[]
  • Description: These videos go over each of the major planet of each of the factions of the Inner Sphere

The Lyran Commonwealth, State Capital Worlds


  • Description: These feature factions which exist beyond the core of civilize space, vast region called the Periphery. These can range from non-nation states to large nations on to themselves.

Predators of civilizations, Infamous Pirate Groups of the Periphery

Tour of the major periphery nations.

Major Periphery Nations[]

The Outworlds Alliance, a Periphery State

The Taurian Concordat, a Periphery States

Minor Periphery Nations[]

Minor Periphery states are what is sometimes referred to as micro-nations which consists of dozen to few worlds. Note: If world is singular, it is consider to be independent world.

The Fronc Reaches, a Periphery States

The Rim Collection, a Periphery State

Military Overview of Factions of BattleTech Videos[]

  • Description Explains the aspects of the individual factions of the Inner Sphere and the Periphery.

The Capellan Confederation Armed Forces (CCAF), Overview Video of the Capellan Confederation's military

The Com Guards, Overview Video of the ComStar's military

The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery (DCMS), Overview Video of the Draconis Combine's military

The Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS), Overview Video of the Federated Suns' military

The Armed Forces of the Lyran Commonwealth/House Steiner (LCAF), Overview Video of the Lyran Commonwealth's military

The Armed Forces of the Magistracy Armed Forces (MAF), Overview Video of the Magistracy of Canopus's military, Magistracy Armed Forces (MAF)

The Armed Forces of the Magistracy Armed Forces (MAF), Overview Video of the Marian Hegemony's military, Marian Hegemony Armed Forces (MHAF)

The Outworlds Alliance Military Corps (OAMC), Overview Video of the Outworlds Alliance's military.

The Taurian Defense Force (TDF), Overview Video of the Taurian Concordat's military.

The Star League Defense Force (SLDF), Overview Video of the original Star League's military - Part 1.

The Star League Defense Force (SLDF), Overview Video of the original Star League's military - Part 2.

Types of Mechs[]

There are different robotic machines known as 'Mech. These videos clarify what these different types do.

What is a BattleMechs?

What is the ProtoMechs?

What are Land-Air Mechs?

What are Industrial Mechs?

Militia and SecurityMechs?

What Quadvee Part 1 (Arion, Boreas)

Ultralight Battlemechs, What are They?

Power Armor, Battle Armor & Exoskeletons[]

While 'Mechs get the glory, the infantry do the grunt work. Among different types of infantry, the most elite of these troops are those done mighty armored hides of Battle Armor and Power Armor.

Clan Battle Armor & Suits[]

Light Clan Battle Armor: Sylph, Aerie, and Constable.

Medium Clan Battle Armor: Salamander & Undine

Heavy Clan Battle Armor (Black Wolf, Corona, Rogue Bear)

Assault Battle Armor: Profiling the IronHold, Warg, and the Golem.

Elemental Battle Armor: About the armor and the soldier.

Obscure Clan Battle Armor Afreet, Buraq, and Cuchulainn.

Heavy Clan Battle Armor: Gnome & Thunderbird|

Inner Sphere Battle Armors & Power Suits[]

Fenrir & Fenrir 2 Battle Armor

Kurita Battle Armor: Kage, Raiden, and Oni

Free Worlds League Battle Armor - Achileus, Ogre, Phalanx Battle Armor

Free Worlds League Battle Armor - Longinus & Kopis

Free Worlds League Battle Armor: Leonidas & Xiphos

Capellan Confederation Battle Armor - Fa Shih & Trinity.

Federated Suns Battle Armor - Cavalier, Fusilier, and Sloth

Federated Suns Battle Armor - Grenadier & Hauberk

Gray Death Series of Battle Armor.

Multi-Faction Battle Armor Review - Tarnis, Rottweiler, and the Void

Republic of Sphere Battle Armor: Angerona, Simian, Centaur.

Periphery based Battle Armor: Amazon, Ravager, and the Marauder

Word of Blake - Purifier Battle Armor

Word of Blake Light Demon Series, Part 1: Djinn, Asura Se'irim.

Demon Series, Part 2: Tengu, Nephilim, Shedu

ProtoMechs - Briefings[]

The mini-'Mechs of the Clans, the ProtoMech. Hybrid of enlarged Battle Armor and miniature BattleMechs of the Clans.

BattleTech Lore - Briefing on the first Generation of ProtoMech; Harpy, Siren, Satyr, Centaur, Hydra, and Roc.

BattleTech Lore - Briefing on the second Generation of ProtoMech; Erinyes, Cecerops, Orc, Procyon, Chrysaor and Basilisk

BattleTech Lore - ProtoMech Heavies and Experimentals; Featuring the Hippogriff, the Hobgoblin, the Boggart, the Svartalfa, the Sprite, the Gorgon and the Minotaur.

Vehicle Briefings[]

Ground pounding ground support units of the BattleTech Universe. Combat Vehicles and their civilian cousins, the Support Vehicles. These vehicles provide the bedrock to various militarizes and worlds rely on.

What Are Combat Vehicles?

More Tanks Episode: Challenger, Ajax, Augustus, Axel, Estevez Tanks

Heavy Tanks (Tracked) Overview: Brutus, Bulldog, Marsden I, and Merkava. Enjoy!!!

Light GunShips (Helicopters) Episode

Hover Tanks: Bellona, Fulcrum, Gladius, Musketeer

Military Submarines: Manta, Moray, Neptune, and the Trident

Civilian Submarines & Other associated submersibles

Superheavy Vehicles & Artillery Episode

AeroSpace Vehicles[]

Aerospace Fighters[]

The Aerospace Fighter, the leading edge of the sword in the skies. Used in atmosphere as well in space to protect larger Aerospace vehicles from attack or attacking them and those on the ground.

  • Description: What is a Aerospace Fighter?

  • Description: Light Aerospace Fighters

  • Description: Medium Aerospace Fighters

  • Description: Heavy Aerospace Fighters


The first type of large Aerospace based vehicles found in the BattleTech Universe, these are the transports from planet to interstellar vessels. They convey passengers, troops, cargo, and more.

  • Description:What is a DropShip?

  • Description: Aerodyne style Dropships

Types of DropShips[]
  • Description: Assault DropShips - Briefing on three of these types of DropShips, the Colossus, Claymore, and Invader.

  • Description: Civilian DropShips - Briefing on various sampling of these types of Civilian DropShips.

  • Description: : Episode - Military DropShips briefing, generalization of examples of this ship type.


The definitive means of traveling in the Battletech universe, the JumpShip. Able to leap through hyperspace in one jump. This is the second type of aerospace vehicles found in the BattleTech universe. DropShips dock with exterior ports of these vessels, so they may make journey to another star system.

  • Description: What is a JumpShip?

  • Description Famous JumpShips: Aquilla, Liberty, Scout, Monolith, Star Lord


The Largest Aerospace Type warmachines of the BattleTech universe. WarShips come in many sizes and were first major significant combat vehicles that could change the BattleTech Universe until event of the introduction of the BattleMech. This segment covers these rare war machines and their various types and clases.

  • Description: What are WarShips?

  • Description: The Corvette - Raiders & Scouts of Warships

  • Description: The Destroyer

  • Description: The Cruisers - Black Lion I & II, Avalon, Dart, and the Avatar.

  • Description: The Battleship, largest of the WarShips.

  • Description: File:Battletech Lore - MORE Battleships, Battletech Warships

Faction Specific Mech Reviews[]

These are videos that are grouped reviews specific by faction or specific designed.

Clan Ghost Bear 'Mechs[]

Clan Ghost Bear Heavies - Kuma, Grizzly, Karhu)

Draconis Combine 'Mechs[]

Draconis Combine Assaults (Banzai, Naginata, Akuma)

Solaris 7 Heavy 'Mechs[]

Solaris Heavy BattleMechs: Morpheus, Onslaught, and the Paladin

Individual Mechs Briefings[]

The defining element of the BattleTech Universe, the 'Mech. These walking machines are at center what changes dynamics of the power of Inner Sphere and beyond.
These reviews include types and individual class of 'Mechs used in the BattleTech Universe. They are listed in alphabetical order


Adder/Puma Light OmniMech

Archer Heavy Battlemech

Arctic Wolf Medium Battlemech/Artic Wolf II Medium OmniMech

Awesome Assault BattleMech

Avalanche & Wendigo Medium Omnimechs


Battlemaster Assault BattleMech

Bushwacker Medium BattleMech


Caesar Heavy Battlemech

Celestial Series OmniMechs Part 1: Malak and Preta

Celestial Series Battlemechs Part 2: Grigori & Deva Heavy OmniMech

Celestial Series OmniMechs Part 3: Seraph & Archangel

Centurion Medium Battlemech

Charger Assault Battlemech

Commando Light BattleMech

Cougar & Pouncer OmniMechs

Cyclops Assault Battlemech


Dervish Medium Battlemech

Goshawk (Vapor Eagle) Medium Battlemech

Dire Wolf (Daishi) Assault Battlemech


Flashman Heavy Battlemech

Flea Light BattleMech

FireMoth (Dasher) OmniMech

Firestarter Light BattleMech


Gargoyle (Man O'War) Assault OmniMech

Goliath and Sirocco Assault Battlemechs

Goshawk (Vapor Eagle) Medium Battlemech

Grand Dragon Heavy BattleMech

Battletech Lore - Guillotine Heavy Battlemech


Hauptmann & Regent Assault OmniMechs

Hatchetman Medium BattleMech

Hatamoto-Chi Assault Battlemech

Hoplite & Spartan Battlemechs


Ice Ferret (Fenris) Medium OmniMech

Incubus (Vixen) Light BattleMech


Javalin Light BattleMech

Jenner Light Battlemech


King Crab Assault Battlemech

Kit Fox/Uller Light OmniMech


Land-Air Mech Models

Locust Light BattleMech

Longbow Assault BattleMech


Mad Cat BattleMech/OmniMech Variants; Mk2, Mk3, Mk4

Marauder Heavy Battlemech

Mongoose Light BattleMech


Omega and Poseidon Superheavy Battlemechs

Orion Heavy Battlemech

Ostscout Light BattleMech

Ostroc Heavy Battlemech

Ostwar Heavy BattleMech


Panther Light BattleMech

Penetrator Heavy BattleMech

Phoenix Hawk Medium BattleMech

Phoenix Hawk IIC Assault 'Mech, Phoenix Hawk LAM, and Phoenix Hawk L Light 'Mech.


Battletech Lore - More Quadvee Designs; Cyllaros, Harpagos, and Notos


Rifleman Heavy BattleMech

Raptor Light OmniMech & Raptor II Medium BattleMech


Scorpion Medium BattleMech

Shadow Hawk Medium Battlemech

Stone Rhino (Behemoth) Assault Battlemech

Stinger Light BattleMech

Sunder Assault OmniMech

Supernova Assault BattleMech


Battletech Lore - Tarantula & Stalking Spider Battlemechs

Trebuchet Medium Battlemech

Templar & Templar III OmniMechs

Tomahawk & Tomahawk II Assault OmniMechs

Thunderbolt Heavy Battlemech

Turkina Assault OmniMech


UrbanMech Light BattleMech]]


Victor Assault Battlemech

Vindicator Medium Battlemech

Vulture Heavy OmniMech


Warhammer Heavy Battlemech

Wasp Light BattleMech

Warhawk (Masakari) Assault Battlemech

Wolverine Medium Battlemech


Zeus Assault BattleMech

Famous Characters[]

This is a series of videos highlighting characters whom are significant in BattleTech history.

Aidan Pryde, Clan Jade Falcon hero

The Bounty Hunter

Hanse Davion, First Prince the Federated Suns

Natasha Kerensky, the Black Widow


  • Wiki Note: GrimDark Narrator's series is simply referred to BattleTech Lore. However, due to multiple videos/video series using same naming the youtube marker's name is used here as means to differentiate his channel from others.

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