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Griffin (Climb through debris - by meltdonw14)
Custom Design
Designer Muddball
Production information
Manufacturer Earthwerks Incorporated
Model GRF-6N
Class Medium
Technical specifications
Mass 55
Chassis Earthwerk GRF Endo Steel
Armor Starshield A
Engine Core Tek 275XL
Speed 86.4
Jump Jets Rawlings 55
BV (1.0) 1390 (1,549 C3)
BV (2.0) ???


Rolling off the lines in 3033 this variant uses the most up-to-date electronic and armament packages to achieve maximum military firepower. The Draconis Combine's new policy on C3 warfare required it to have a maneuverable medium ton BattleMech that could safely keep the expensive C3 Master unit intact but deliver enough firepower as to not waste its vast battlefield potential. Keeping the Griffin's well known maneuverability intact required a redesign of the engine, keeping its maximum speed of 86.4 kph while halving the tonnage. The desirable jumping distance of one hundred and fifty meters has also been retained, a fact which keeps many pilots of the beloved design happy. ( Note wrong year for C3 )


A Kurita upgrade using modern weaponry shows the Dragon's love for MRMs. This variant quadruples the number of missiles fired in one salvo from the old Delta Dart launcher while its energy partner shows off Tiegart Magnum's newest version of its Extended Range Particle Projector Cannon|extended range PPC. Tiegart's version was heavier but so advanced that it incorporated the basics of a later date Targeting Computer. However, due to frequent bugs and software problems most units didn't receive full working versions until 3034. ( note wrong year for Targeting Computer)


No line units have tinkered with this variant enough to warrant any mention other than field fixes to the software problems.