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Great Tortoise
Custom Design
Production information
Manufacturer Lyran Commonwealth
Use Land Assault Unit
Mobile Artillery Battery
Ground Support
Type Hybrid Military Spheriod / Walker
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Special)
Introduced 3012
Technical specifications
Mass 2,000 tons
Structural Integrity
Length 45 meters
Width 45 meters
Height 30 meters (legs retracted)
40 meters (standing) meters
Drive System Star League V4K5
Safe Thrust 3 (Walk 1)
Maximum Thrust 5 (Run 2)
Fuel 100 tons
Burn Rate 1.84 per burn day
  • 4 Arrow IV Launchers
  • 8 Long Tom Artillery Cannon
  • 12 Gauss Rifles
  • 2 Plasma Rifles
  • 2 Medium X-Pulse Lasers
  • 12 Laser Anti-Missile Systems
Armor 180 tons Ferro-Aluminum
Armor Layout: DropShip (Mode) / Walker (Mode)
Nose/Top: 771
Left Side (Front): 1000
Right Side (Rear): 1000
Aft (Bottom)
: 1000
Legs [Each]: 198 [Internal Structural 98]
Crew 5 DropShip
6 gunners
1 MechWarrior
Passengers None
Heat Sinks 51 & 99 (Double Heatsinks)
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


The Great Tortoise-Class Walker-DropShip is unique design, which blends Superheavy BattleMech technologies with small Dropship creating the largest BattleMech ever created. Intended as a ground support unit, the Lyran Commonwealth uses these massive machines mobile artillery and heavy fire support units.

This ship was created by evilauthor for his book fan story, Fighting Uphill set in his unique fan universe where early 31st Century has hypertechnology in some cases never seen before by Clans whom expected there to be none.

Overview of the Great Tortoise[]

The Great Tortoise is what its Lyran designers hope to be a whole new revolution in warfare on par with the introduction of the first Battlemech. Using advanced Triple Strength Myomer technologies originally developed for Superheavy mechs, Lyran scientists and engineers designed the Great Tortoise as a test bed to see just how big they could make something walk. After the first successful trials of the prototype, Lyran generals naturally started piling weapons and armor on them.

In order to control the Great Tortoise's legs, a trained mechwarrior is used to pilot the Great Turtle when it's on the ground.

When on the ground, the Great Tortoise's aft/underside weaponry can only fire on units that are directly below the Turtle itself. The Great Tortoise when standing doesn't have so much space that a battlemech can walk under it, but there's enough headroom that ground vehicles and infantry and move under a standing Great Turtle without hitting anything. As a result, the Great Tortoise has a battery of short ranged weaponry to deal with such problems, and if necessary, go "hull down" to crush them.

As a bit of trivia, the original design team wanted to name their creation "A'tuin", after the world turtle from classic ancient Terran literature. The name was rejected, largely because the lead designer hoped to make even bigger walking Dropships in the future and wanted to save the name for one of them.

Weapons and Equipment[]

While this hybrid of massive Mech legs and dropship body are by far unique, the vehicle is still a dropship. Optimized for ground support, ship's flight engines are setup for moderate speed. While on the ground, the ship's cargo bay is marginal 19 tons. While the rest of the Bays nominally for regular dropships are dedicate pair massive legs, each individual legs has 94 individual structural integrity.

The Great Tortoise weaponry split between its artillery and it's conventional weaponry. With array of four Arrow IV Artillery Missile launchers which can double as anti-ship missile launchers while in space using those types missiles. While it's sides are armed with Gauss Rifles, Laser Anti-Missile Systems, with additional Long Tom Artillery Cannons. It's aft/bottom of the vehicle has pair Medium X-Pulse Lasers and pair Plasma Rifles fend off incoming spacecraft as well enemy drops attempting boarding actions.

Weapon Placement[]

Note: Legend (DropShip placement of weapons) / (Mech placement of weapons) - While operating as a BattleMech in combat, this construction is still a Dropship construction rules. Thus limited quantity weapons are place per Weapons Bay. Thus Front of the ship will have multiple of same type weapon per bay.

  • Nose / Top
    4 - Arrow IV Launchers
    2 - Laser AMS
  • Left Side / Front
    4 - Long Tom Artillery Cannon
    6 - Gauss Rifles (Bay 1)
    2 - Laser AMS
    4 - Long Tom Artillery Cannon
    6 - Gauss Rifles (Bay 2)
    2 - Laser AMS
  • Right Side / Back
    2 - Laser AMS
  • Aft / Bottom
    2 - Plasma Rifle (40 Rounds)
    2 - Medium X-Pulse Lasers
    2 - Laser AMS
  • Ammunition
    Arrow IV Artillery Missiles, Standard (80)-(16 tons)
    Air-Defense Arrow Missile (20)-(4 tons)
    Space-Defense Arrow Missile (20)-(4 tons)***
    Gauss Rifle (288 rounds)-(36 tons)
    Plasma Rifle (40 Rounds)-(2 tons)


  • Bay 1: Front Legs(2) 2 Doors
  • Bay 2: Rear Legs(2) 2 Doors
  • Bay 3: Cargo (19 tons) 1 Door


* Cockpit is the same kind as used in mechs. Costs 1 ton. Mech Life Support and Sensors are already included under Crew Quarters and Control Systems respectively.

** Dropship legs cost 20% of Dropship's total mass regardless of number of legs. Armor is included in the legs, making up 10% of the legs' mass. Armor type is the same as the rest of the Dropship, and armor points are split between the number of legs. Internal structure of legs is half of the leg armor value.

*** Space-Defense Missile is an anti-ship missile designed to be fired from a standard Arrow IV launcher. Design compromises result

Image Note[]

  • Image use is a generic image. The vehicle is spheriod (rounded) style ship, where the similarities end. Mech legs are tucked in while in flight.


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