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The Golden Lion stories, set in AU of the same name features number of characters. New and many familiar canon characters whom have been reimaged for this unique setting written by fan writer, AlphaMirage. Due to richness of the setting, a character profile has been created for this multi-story universe.

The following are written as a in-universe intelligence / police profile of these characters. Not all information is listed. (read the story)


Franklin Sakamoto according to DALL-E 2

Franklin Sakamoto according to DALL-E 2

Franklin Sakamoto[]

Draconis Combine Internal Security Force Record

Given Name - Franklin Sakamoto[1]
No known Aliases
Affiliation - Kuroi-Ryu (Black Dragon) Syndicate
Associates - Shan Ryken (Former Capellan Servitor presently Indentured to Isesaki Shipping, assigned to Kwaidon)
Huyen Shi (Reformed prisoner, sentenced to hard labor for Grand Theft Aerospace,
Matsuda Maritimes, Served with 7th Ghost. Now works for Isesaki Shipping)
Jeroen Frestadt, Captain of Unity Freighter Kwaidon
Born – August 18, 3019 Terran Harmonized Time
POB -  Amphigean Aquaculture Site #428, Ohio, Harvest, Rasalhague Military District
Mother – Sara Nishimira | Maternal Status - Indentured AA, Inc | Father – Unknown
Hair – Black | Eyes – Brown | Ethnic – Hafu | Height – 180cm | Weight – 76.2Kg (as of 3043)

DCPA Dropship Engineering Mate | Chief Engineer- Dropship <10-kiloton | IndustrialMech, All Exoskeletons, All |
Free Trader, Sponsor - Isesaki Shipping | Orbital Salvage / DCA Shuttle Pilot, All DCMS Medium Class Battlemech Pilot / Jump Certified | Tech Level III | Specialist - Armorer

Notable History

3025 - Joins crew of Unity Freighter Kwaidon
3026 – Mother dies in LCAF attack on Harvest. Adopted by Captain Rentaro Sakamoto of the Kwaidon
3035 – Attends Engineering Program at Philadelphia Technical University
3036 – Arrested for D&D, petty larceny, and vandalism of a shrine. Sentenced to flogging and service
3037 – Graduates from PTI 18/387. Attached to Raba Freighter Rusalka under Captain Rabika
3039 – Certified Engineering Mate
3040 – Returns to Unity Freighter Kwaidon, now Free Trader, Isesaki Shipping
3041 – Arrested for B&E on Irian, Aggravated Battery on Second Chance, released on bail
3042 - Suspected for murder on Hall, warrant still active. Rentaro Sakamoto retires to Proserpina
3043 – Enlists in 7th Ghost. Training Tour on Matsuida. Engaged Federated Suns in raids along the border with BMD
3044 – Deploys to Capellan Theater

3045 – Returns to Kwaidon after 2 years Tour of Duty. Certified Chief Engineer at Hachiman Technical Institute

Minoru Kurita II according to DALL-E 2

Minoru Kurita II caricature

Minoru Kurita

Affiliation - Draconis Combine

Associates - Ryuun Sugawara (former Black Dragon), Aria (Azami Heiress), Dereck 'Mochi' Hatomouchi (Mechanical Engineer at HTI), William Yoshimara ('reformed' hacker, student at HTI), Kuan-Yin Liao (daughter of Candace Liao and Justin Allard)

Mentor - Doctor Riva Allard (Victoria Institute of Technology distinguished scientist, daughter of Quintus Allard, sister to Daniel Allard, Co-Co of the Kell Hounds, and the late Justin Allard)

Miya Kurita according to DALL-E 2

Miya Kurita

Miya Kurita

Affiliation - Draconis Combine

Profession - DCMS Mechwarrior in service to the White Tigers, her father Isoroku's independent regiment

Kuan-Yin Liao according to DALL-E 2

Kuan-Yin Liao's self-caricature

Kuan-Yin Liao

Affiliation - Capellan Confederation

Orphaned daughter of former St Ives Premier Candace Liao and her husband Justin Allard, Chancellor Tormano Liao's niece, Doctor Riva Allard's ward, sister to Quintus Allard, Cassandra, and Kai Liao

Kai Allard-Liao according to DALL-E 2

Kai Allard-Liao as a SIAMS cadet

Kai Allard-Liao

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  1. Warring States (Golden Lion AU), Chapter 1 - First Appearance in AU