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The content of this Glossary is canon. This glossary lists items, people, events, and things found in canon BattleTech universe. This is so to allow players & reading who use the fan articles on this wiki will be able know the differences from canon and fan made articles. Additionally, the glossary provides information to readers whom maybe unfamiliar with the genre and needs a quick references to canon universe. There will be some links to the actual canon article found on the canon BattleTech Wiki,


This is the forced exile of a Clan from the Clan Homeworlds. Many cases instead of honorable combat and absorption, this is open warfare and killing all members of the Clan being target of a abjurement. Example in canon is Clan Nova Cat, which was removed as active clan in eye of their peers and many their members were killed while being forced to leave at short notice.
Abtakha (Term)
This is the Clan term designating a person whom was adopted from another Clan. Usually Abtakha are people who were warriors who were proven in battle with honor or skills to be made a Bondsman and later shown to have become worth of their new adopted Clan.
Actuator (Technology)
This term for bendable / joint section of a 'Mech that moves. Usually this includes entire section of a Mech; arm actuator, leg actuator, hand actuator "Battle Fist", etc
Aerospace Fighter
This is a form of trans-atmospheric combat vehicle, which can fly in a planet's atmosphere or in space. It powered by fusion power planet can achieve great speeds. Like all combat vehicles with fusion reactors they, have can be equipped with array of weapons and need heat sinks to regulate the heat generated by these powerful systems. They use the abbreviation ASF.
Aff (Slang)
This is a Clan term meaning, Affirmative or Yes.
Age of War
This was designation for early time period (sub-era of Star League Era) where mass colonization and formation of early interstellar nations formed and fell with rapid uncheck warfare which razed many wars. During this time period, BattleMechs were introduced changing warfare. This unrest time period would end when the Terran Hegemony mediated treaty to lessen the harshness of the war and eventually lead to formation of the massive interstellar nation known as the Star League.
Air Mech Mode
This is a state where a Land-Air Mech is reconfigures/transforms/changes into a hybrid of Aerospace fighter & still retains arms and legs of a BattleMech. While not fastest form, of the three configurations it can changed into, it allow maximum movement on ground and above it. Giving it unmatched maneuverability and speed.
Alpha Strike
1) when a combat unit fires ALL it's weapons at once. 2) Variant type of game play in BattleTech using Data Cards instead of record sheets. It is a different rule set which is simplification of the table top game.
Allied Mercenary Command
The Allied Mercenary Command (AMC) was created on the 7th of March 3066 by Jaime Wolf as a response to Word of Blake expansionism in the Chaos March. The founding members included the Dismal Disinherited, the Northwind Highlanders and Wolf's Dragoons. The stated goal of the AMC was to provide aid to planets who wished to remain autonomous, but could not afford the military forces or mercenaries to stop a determined invasion. While Wolf expressed that the formation of the AMC was not a declaration of war against the Word of Blake, it was clear that the AMC was created to oppose it, and it was this opposition that led to the Blakist-backed assault on the Wolf's Dragoons' landhold of Outreach in 3067.
Alamo (Missile Weapon)
This is a designation for a air launched 5 kiloton Nuclear Missile developed by the Star League. While nuclear missile usage is banned, these weapons continue to persist in the arsenals of most interstellar nations. The Alamo is able to fired from fighter craft minim of 50 tons or greater abd gas rabge if 10 kilometers.[1]
Alshain (world)
A planet in Rasalhague Dominion which is capital world for the Clan Ghost Bear and their Joint government with the civilian population which once ruled. The planet is a major point of contention with the bordering nation, the Draconis Combine since the Dominion was formed. In the past, the world was once the major regional capital in the Draconis Combine's region known as the Rasalhague District. It was major manufacture of the Panther & Dragon BattleMech for the House Kurita. This political tension over the world and its neighbors has been the source of many major conflicts. By the Dark Age Era, the world had greatly changed. The world would join of many conquerored by the Clans, eventually becoming Clan Ghost Bear's capital world. From the late 31st Century onwards, it has been Clan Ghost Bear's administrative and some of its manufacturing needs to self-sustain itself, including means create new Warriors artificially.
Amaris Coup (Event)
A turning point in the Star League Era, where Stefan Amaris would befriend young fatherless Richard Cameron turn Star Lord of the Star League and assassinate him to take thrown for himself. Having placed his army in key positions in the Terran Hegemony, he would claim mantle of the Star League for himself. However, the SLDF would fail to heed to Amaris's demands and turn might of Armies of the Star League Defense Force against Amaris's own Rim World Republic and forcefully take it over. Marking beginning of the Star League Civil War, where General Alexandr Kerensky would grind through occupied Hegemony only to rush it's demised after Amaris years of abuse it's worlds. In the end, Star League would be destroyed and Hegemony with it. Not wanting his forces to fall pray to warring Star League Member States, and he would lead the SLDF into Exile into the Deep Periphery. Marking the end of the Star League Era and the beginning of the deadly Succession Wars.
Amaris, House
House Amaris was the ruling family of the large Periphery nation, Rim Worlds Republic. They were well known to their tyrannic rule which lead to the last of their leaders, Stefan Amaris, to finally get centuries old revenge on the Terra Hegemony and the Star League by killing it's leader and taking over. The ruling family was exterminated by General Kerensky and SLDF when they topped him and his nation.
Amaris, Stefan
1) The last President and leader of the Rim Worlds Republic who instituted a murderous coupe killing the entire ruling Cameron Family in attempt to take over the entire Star League and Terran Hegemony. However, only accomplishing the latter. He would declare himself as the Emperor of the Amaris Empire (renaming Hegemony) and rule in reign of terror until 2781, when he is toppled by SLDF and put death for his crimes. 2) A class of Battleships of the Rim World Republic named for the it's reigning President. Two of these five battleships would be captured during their construction by the SLDF and pressed into service take revenge in the hostile take over the the Star League and it's core Terran Hegemony.
Amaris Empire
A nation that rose after the betrayal and murder of Star Lord Richard Cameron, with Stefan Amaris reigning in what was known as the Terran Hegemony. The empire was trying claim the whole of the Star League which was illegal due to the laws. SLDF refusing to allow this coup to go unpunished conquered Amaris's home, the Rim World Republic, then turn their sights to reconqueror the Terran Hegemony, destroying it in process of liberating it from the Empire.
Anti-Missile System (AMS)
This is a type defense weaponry used to defeat incoming missile type weapons. Used on all types of combat units from combat vehicles, 'Mechs, Aerospace Fighters, DropShips, and WarShips. There are two types of this weapon, conventional ballistic weapon, nicknamed AMS. While more advanced version of the weapon known as Laser AMS, or LAWS uses laser in placed of a limited supply of ammunition. AMS cannot be used as offensive weapon, generally works automatically. Conventional version of AMS generally can be dangerous for the uses due to risk of critical hit detonating the weapon's ammunition. Laser version while risk of a potentially fatal explosion, can overhead a unit it's fitted to.
Archon (Title)
The traditional title for the designated leader of the Lyran Commonwealth/Lyran Alliance. The nation's succession would be named Heir-Apparent or Archon-Apparent.
Archon-Prince (Title)
The traditional title for the designated leader of the Federated Commonwealth. The title varies dependant on gender of the leader, which would be Archon-Princess if the person is a female. The nation's succession would be named Heir-Apparent or Archon-Apparent.
Ares Conventions
This was a treaty signed during the Age of War, which would give legal guidance on how nations behave during in war. The Age was plague with massacres and human atrocities such as nuclear bombardments of planets, nearly all nations of the Inner Sphere of the time sign treaty stating clearing how warfare was conducted or face action by collective all nations against the party responsible. While not always followed, the treaty is still cited as guideline to conduct warfare.[2]
Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth (AFFC)
This was the army that protected the Federated Commonwealth. Consisting of both originally of the Lyran Commonwealth & Federated Suns. However, the nation was torn in half by invasion in 3057, leaving only the Federated Sun State remaining in name. Part of the AFFC had defected to newly formed Lyran Alliance or remained in the FedCom. By 3062, the AFFC fought brutal civil war, FedCom Civil War, where remaining forces loyal to the FedSun State became part AFFS, the Federated Suns armed forces by war's end in 3067. While both nation states forces remained active during FedCom's existance, the signature combat units of the AFFC was the FedCom Regimental Combat Teams.
Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS)
This is the government name for the Federated Suns's armed forces.
1) A name for alloy of metal used to protect Units from damage. From a infantry uniform to WarShips. Typically they vary in types of armor. Further types should be read on wiki's full list of armor. Various Armors include; Standard Armor, Primitive Armor, Ferro Fibrous, Light Ferro Fibrous, Ferro-Aluminum Armor (Aerospace Armor), Heavy Ferro Fibrous, Ballistic, Glazed, Harden Armor or civilian low-grade Commercial or stronger Heavy Industrial grade armor.2) This is nickname for a Combat Vehicle, such tracked/wheeled vehicle used in frontline combat. Formation of these vehicles can be referred to as Armor formations.
Artemis Fire Control (Equipment)
This is specialized family of fire control systems (FCS) used to direct missile-based weaponry, such as Long Range Missile Launchers, Short Range Missile Launchers, and Multi-Missile Launchers. Two models of this type fire control launcher, Artemis IV (standard model) and more advanced Artemis V. Variant of the Artemis FCS, is the Apollo FCS which used for the difficult to aim Medium Range Missile Launchers.[3]
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
This is form of machine thinking that simulates intelligence of a human. AI is one few technologies not embraced by the BattleTech universe and has not fully been developed in sense of thinking machines. The original Star League developed robot controls which were used as form of defense system use in automated vehicles known as CASPARs. These were generally used in aerospace based units found in the Battletech Universe during the Star League Era's end. From Aerospace Fighters, DropShips, and WarShips. These system guided by human controllers remotely follow series of "What If" conditions to judge their situation and act accordance to their programed rules. As of this writing, there has not been self-aware thinking machines.
Artillery (Weapons)
These are area effect long range weapons used to bombard positions and oppositions from fixed locations. In BattleTech, there four general forms of this type of weapon. When they strike their targets, they cause collatrial damage from center of area they strike. Generally not accurate weapon, these have advantage have large array of optional warheads (Explosives) which can effect their performance and accruacy. There are different types of artillery used. The Tubed (Gun type) Artillery, Missile Artillery, Artillery Cannons, and Orbital Bombardment. The following are the different types broken down.[4]

Tubed (Gun Type): This is ballistic weapon, arguably the oldest form of modern artillery weapon. Thumper, Sniper, & Long Tom are three main types guns used from smallest to the largest. Tube type as the artillery guns are generally known in formarlly.
Missile Artillery: These are self-projected flying artillery weapons. Primary Missiles is the Arrow IV Artillery Missiles as well as Cruise Missile, which are more accruate yet more expensive to use.
Mech Mortors: This is a specialized type of indirect artillery weapon. While used for centuries by infantry, these Mech Mortars are for indirect attacks are 'Mech scale weapons. Introduced late 31st Century, fire from canister mounted on the machine and weaker form of artillery. There are 4 Classes of this weapon; Mech Mortar1, 2, 4, and 8. Each number noting damage inflicted from the weapon.[5]
Artillery Cannon: This a form of Tube type, but with very short range. However they retaining it's area effective damage ability.
Orbital Bombardment: Is the final form of artillery while using Sub-Capital and Capital Weapons in orbit of a planet. These depend on using ground spotters to give percise accuracy, however these weapons are not as accruate as the ground base artillery and it is considered to be taboo in using them in some cases.[6]
Astech (Profession)
This is a specialized mechanic whom usually associated with BattleMech, or other advanced combat or civilian vehicle.
Advanced Tactical Missile (ATM)
The Advanced Tactical Missile (abbreviated ATM) is a type of advanced Long Range Clan missile system developed in 3060 by Clan Scientists. These expensive missiles are flexible weapons can be adjusted to type target they desire to hit and thus warheads are interchangeable per operates wishes. It's missiles are multi-staged, to extend its range. Standard ATM launchers have three warheads; High Explosive (HE), Extended Range (ER), and Standard warhead. These missiles have built-in Artemis IV Fire Control System to allow for better accuracy. Unlike other Clan Long Missile Launchers, ATMs have minimum ranges, but can be "Hotloaded" to fire at minimum ranges. The ATM launcher has four types launchers; ATM-3, ATM-6, ATM-9, and ATM-12. Each number noted is how many missile tubes each launcher has. There is an Advanced technology version of the ATM known as the Improved Advanced Standard Missile system.[7]
1) Capital World of the Free Worlds League, with it's capital city Atreus City. It home of the League Parliament and LCCC (League Central Coordination and Command) the League military leadership. 2) Name for Class of Battleships produced by the Free Worlds League as part their first generation WarShips.
Aurigan Coalition (Nation)
This was a small / minor Periphery nation reside on the Taurian Concordat's western border. It was loose collection of worlds were allied from 2910 til 3026. However, the worlds were ruled by families which lead to fighting among it's own members which resulted in a Civil War. The war resulted in further instablity in the coalition and it fading out existence by 3040s.[8]
This is a common ballistic weapon found in the BattleTech universe. This type weapon is found on combat units employed which are mechanized or stationary as part of a base weaponry. Like all ammunition feed weaponry, each autocannon class / size has allot mount of ammunition per ton. On verge of being obsoleted by newer types autocannons, the standards can use optional ammunition none of the specialty types with one acception cannot use. The basic of Autocannons come in four classes categories, with number depicting how much damage each weapon does. These include;
Autocannon/2 (AC/2) or Class 2 Autocannon : Commonally known as the AC/2, this weapon is longest range of the standard autocannons, while also doing the least damage.
Autocannon/5 (AC/5) or Class 5 Autocannon : Commonally known as the AC/5, is medium size autocannon, with modest range. Trivia reference, this was the original autocannon introduced to BattleTech.
Autocannon/10 (AC/10) or Class 10 Autocannon : Known as the AC/10, this is referred to the "Heavy Autocannon", which does modest to heavy damage to it's target.
Autocannon/20 (AC/20) or Class 20 Autocannon : Commonally known as the AC/20, is the heaviest of the standard autocannons, often referred to as Superheavy Autocannon. This weapon why can inflict heavy crippling damage to a target is a close range weapon.

Autocannons beyond the standard autocannons come in different Types & variety;
LB-X - Autocannon with longer range cannon, with two optional ammo types. Solid slug & "shotgun" bellets that are ideal finishing off enemies with exposed critical space & anti-aircraft weapon.
Ultra - Rapid fire autocannon, enabled to fire two rounds fire per turn. However notorious for jamming and becoming disabled.
Rotary - Rapid fire autocannon, considerably improved over the Ultra, this cannon can fire from 1 to 6 shots per turn at risk of it Jamming. However, unlike the Ultra, the weapon can be unjammed during a combat round. There are only RAC/2 & RAC/5 size autocannons, which do 2 or 5 points per round fired.
ProtoMech Autocannon or PAC - Designed for the tiny Clan 'Mechs known as the ProtoMech. These smaller autocannons are not unlike standard autocannons, which can use optional ammunition types. They come in two sizes, PAC/4 & PAC/8.


Bandit Caste (Organization)
This is a Clan organization which are labelled as outsiders of Clan society. While not all are criminal in nature, many are. They consist of varies of types individual groups lopped into Bandit Caste label. Typically, they are raiders, pirates, rebels, among other individuals. Those who break the laws of the Clans, steal, and kill among other things to survive. More notably living in tribes out side the norms of clan society, with primitive living conditions if found planet side. They survive partially due to Warriors wanting "hunting" stock when no formal Trials can be done against civilized Clans. Technology is stolen. Many groups barely have any technology but save rogue laser pistol while spacers are more sophisticated. However, typical individual among are disgraced warriors whom did not wish to die for failing their trials or want be disgraced in reassigned to a lower caste.
Batchall (Slang)
This is the Clan slang for Call to Battle, which is part of Clan's tradition of Trials. Which in part of the trial, opposing parties bid on what forces they will bring to battle. Challenger first calls on the defender, which defender states what assets he/she will use. The Challenge in Clan trials tries to use the least amount forces to win honor for themselves, their clan. They do this in series of bids (offers) forces they will use. Most bids will offer their most highest bid, they wish to not call down unless battle looks grim and stakes are too high for them to not call down their first bid. Challenger will prior to the battle do bids to cut down their forces to win right to attack and be the challenger to the the defender. If a batchall is not answered well, such as everything they have, or honor rules of zellbrig is broken, the challenger will use all assets they have.[9]
Battalion (Formation)
A medium size formation found in Battletech, this is usually consists of 3 companies worth of combat units (BattleMechs/Combat Vehicles) where, infantry and other traditional troops number may vary. Typically this formation is commanded by an officer rank as Major, usually requires three Union-Class Dropships to transports (if combat vehicles/Mechs are used.) A variation of the Battalion is Reinforced Battalion. This formation consists typical an extra Lance, which referred to as a Command Lance which the Battalion commands. The original Star League fielded similar formations which were referred to as Reinforced Battalions, however each company within a battalion of four companies consisted of extra Lance of 4 'Mechs/Fighters/Combat Vehicles.[10]
Battle Armor
This is a form of personal infantry Armor that is mechanically enhanced with added strength, protection, and firepower so to better counter large threats such as BattleMechs. Originally created by the Star League for it's Special Operations teams, the concept would be better refined by descents of the SLDF, the Clans. Later after the Clan invasion in 3049, new Battle Armor is created by the Inner Sphere powers.
Battle Fist (Technology)
This term for type of actuator used typical on 'Mechs. Essentially found on BattleMechs, these actuators are used to work like hand. However, they are reinforced to be used in combat. Typically for grappling or punching an opposing enemy. While not strictly Battle Fists, Claws are used in similar fashion but more to grab than to strike.
This is a Robotic Combat Vehicle, which is typically piloted by a pilot known as a MechWarrior. Considered to be the ultimate combat machine, it has range forms from human like two legged machine, strange machines with three legs, or have four legs not unlike a horse or a wolf. These machines can come with array of weaponry and typically are powered by Fusion Reactor. They can weigh from 20 tons to 200 tons. Very rare cases they can change their body into fighters or ground vehicles. The BattleMech is primary fighting machine used in the BattleTech Universe. Smaller 'mechs are possible, however they are rarely useful, and few in number. These are known classes of BattleMechs;

Ultra Light BattleMech (5-15 tons) [Rare]
Light BattleMech (20-35 tons)
Medium BattleMech (40-55 tons)
Heavy BattleMech (60-75 tons)
Assault BattleMech (80-100 tons)
Superheavy BattleMech (101 tons-200 tons) [Rare]
This is slang for combat communication networks used by military factions.
This is essentially a black box, a recording device used in combat units such as BattleMechs, Aerospace Fighters, Combat Vehicles, etc. Which intelligence data can be recovered or grade performance of individual using the unit.
Battle Suits
This a alternate name for Battle Armor or Power Armor. See Battle Armor for more details.
Name of the Tabletop franchise started in 1984. Originally of a box set, this has spun array of various games, fiction, video games, and more. BattleTech can also refer to (in game) as technology of Battle. It should be noted that much of the early fiction and devices used in setting pre-date their introduction in real life. Such as small portable electronics such as Laptop, Cell Phones etc. The genre is sometimes referred to the "Future of the 1980s".

How the game is played; The game in it's original form is played in following manner; Map with numbered hex sheets with terrain info, paper sheets called Record Sheets, which had information of the 'Mech/Fighter/Tank/VTOL/Infantry/Battle Armor/Warship, etc and pilot with skills is used to fight another person(s), 2 six-sided dice, pencil, and rules book. Game is played in turns, Sequence of initiative, , movement, spotting/line of sight, determine if weapons reach or have sighted to fire, and fire. Determine if it hits, opposing player records damage, returns fire, roll piloting for various issues such as damage effects on what ever unit their (or you) are using, physical attack of units (if any), begin sequence until opposing goals (or destruction are archived.
This is any technology used for combat or any kind. This is related to name of the game as well.
Beagle Active Probe / Active Probe (Equipment)
This is a common Star League level scanning device most combat units in the BattleTech universe. Also known by it's initials (BAP), its name was once a model name verse name for over all equipment it is now. It a short-range scanner that can detect shutdown Units attempting to ambush forces. It also can identify what kind & model unit it scans. Advance uses for the Beagle Probe is to penetrate through thick woods or fog to allow for improve targeting. The Clans do not use Beagle, but similar device simple name as Active Probe. This lighter device, has longer range than the original.[11]
This is a Clan military formation consisting of two Stars of troops commanded by a Star Captain.
Bird Dog, Operation (Military Operation / Event)
This was a military operation conducted during the Clan Invasion Era, where in 3059 multi-national forces were dispatched to raid worlds of Clan Smoke Jaguar as part of preparations for invasion by the combined forces of the Inner Sphere under the flag of newly formed, Star League.[12]
Black Box (Device)
This is interstellar Communication device sometimes referred to as a FAX. It has alternative method of communication developed during the Star League Era by the SLDF. The technology was little known by Inner Sphere however, was rediscovered in early 31st Century by Lyran nobles in the Periphery. The device ability to send limited information (images, text) at slower pace than the commonly used HPG Network was boon for military and civilian spy services not wanting ComStar spy on their transmissions.
Blake Protectorate
Shorten name for Word of Blake Protectorate
Bloodname is a Clan tradition of eugenics program, where individual warriors after achieving accomplishments, honor, and feats, usually earn in Battle, they may compete for a surname which their related to. Trueborn warriors only may compete, but some born without been born from the artificial berthing program via Ironwomb may compete in series of blood trials for right earn their bloodline's limited number of surnames. Only the best in these trials may earn the right after winning, to have earned a surname (last name) and pass on their generic materials to the next generation of warrior born through eugenics program.
This is institution in the Clans that regulates Bloodnamed warriors of the same "Family". They usually sponsor candidates to take over deceased Bloodname holder. This is seen as a political institution among the Clans.
Bondcord (Tradition)
This is a Clan tradition when a opposing opposition is captured after successfully showing their merits (and honor) in battle. Warriors caste members are usually given cloth cord which is put around their wrist as as symbols of their "status" as a Bondsman / Bondsman as first stage of their adoption to their new Clan. The cord is cut by the "Bondsmaster", when they successfully prove they are truly accepted their status in their new Clan.
Bondsman (Tradition)
This is the designation for a individual Warrior who was captured by opposing Clan / armed forces who shown to be skilled & honorable to be worth adopting. This is a Clan tradition, where a string(s) called "Bondcords" are placed on the wrist of the individual to show their tier of progress of being initiated to whatever Clan or organization that made them into a Bondsman or Bondswoman. They "serve" a Bondsmaster whom is the individual captures them or assigned trainer. They do any tasks they are given. Eventually being granted full warrior status again in their new organization. Clan warriors having been captured by Inner Sphere forces carry on this tradition. In some cases their captures are unaware or do not understand the Clan Bondsmanship tradition.[13]
Brian Cache
This is a Star League Defense Force in Exile storage site which contains surplus weapons and equipment that was thought to not be needed after the original Pentagon Worlds were settled. Due to the Pentagon Civil War, many of these so Caches would be lost. Not unlike the Star League's Brian Castles used to defend the Terran Hegemony and the SLDF's forces when its under siege. Many such Caches were used as resources as Kerensky Cluster was resource poor, could provide resources for a Clan's need should one be found. The name Brian Cache comes from older Brian Castles (Large fortresses) SLDF had used in the Inner Sphere.
Brigade (Formation)
This is a military formation consisting of a collection of Regiments which are affiliated to one another in name and in fashion they conduct combat. Originated by the armed forces of the Star League for purposes of BattleTech. Typically they consist of three Regiment troops of either same or mix type of units/troops. Typically with SLDF, 3 Brigades would be part a single Division formation. Brigades are usually assigned 1 Wing of Aerospace Fighters and other support formations. Typically Commanded by a Lieutenant General, brigades fell in use in same manner as they were during the time of SLDF, which were common place. Modern 31st & 32nd Century Inner Sphere Brigades are collection of same type Regiments, can number 3 to 5 regiments of mix types of troops. Brigade should be seen as collection troops whom fight same style, while affiliate with certain aspect their faction, such as Guards of (name of factions / planet / region ). Mercenaries almost never get large enough to form Brigades, but some in 31st Century are descendant of SLDF and can be seen selves as one. Regimental Combat Teams are consider type of Brigade, however they behave in different manner than one.[14]
Bulldog, Operation (Military Operation / Event)
This is a Clan Invasion Era military operation carried out by all multi-national coalition on the task of destroying Clan Smoke Jaguar under the banner of the Second Star League starting in 3059. Operation Bulldog was one of two military task forces, which Bulldog focus was in the occupation zone within the Draconis Combine, where Jaguars were occupying. Due to the brutal nation of the Jaguars, it was voted they would be destroyed as example of the Inner Sphere resolve to end the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere. Lead by Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion of the Federated Commonwealth, he would lead the Task forces members through series of strikes hunting down the Jaguar forces and utterly destroying them or making them bondsman. However task force main focus was in the Inner Sphere, they would leave the home region of humanity to distant Clan Homeworlds to reinforce/relieve the near devastating sister task force, Task Force Serpent whom has been sent ahead of them in secret to destroy Jaguar's homeworld as part of the over all Trial of Annihilation against them. Bulldog would arrive in 3060, as the Task Force Serpent was nearly destroy itself fighting the last of the Jaguar resistance on planet and incoming reinforcements. It would be combination both Bulldog and survivors of Task Force Serpent which would fight great trial of Great Refusal which would effectively end the original Clan Invasion, code name "Operation Revival".[15][16]


Comstar Bill (C-Bill) [Currency]
The ComStar Bill or better known as the C-Bill, is a form of currency found in the Inner Sphere which was established at end of the Star League Era once the government collapsed and the alliance was abolished by the House Lords. The C-Bill, essentially took the place of the Star League Dollar, given how it is traded due to not being effected by terrible Succession Wars to come from 2785 to 3132, when the collapse of the HPG Network caused bills lose value as it's organization backs disappeared as well.
C3 Network (Equipment)
The C3 is piece of communication equipment used to connect other C3 equipment units to allow better targeting. C3 works with a ECM Suite and a C3 Master computer (or Command Computer) that coordinates 3 other smaller computers known as C3 Slaves. The closest unit to a target, gives other units essentially reduces targeting penalties for others whom may be further away. The Network can be expanded to a full Company of 12 with second C3 Master being added the command vehicle. Two other C3 Networks then be added. Additionally, the Master computer duplicates TAG abilities, allowing to spot for semi-guided LRMs and Artillery weapons that are also guided. C3 Networks are disrupted by ECM, thus they create blocking bubbles if the line sight of the C3 Network gets between them.[17][18] Aside from the Basic C3 Network, these include;

Improved C3, which is also known as Improved C3 Computer (or C3I) which was created by Comstar. C3I allows all six units to be part of a network without need of ECM Suite, the network continues to work despite losing one member.

Boosted C3 Network (C3B): An improved version, which is resistant to jamming thanks use of Angel ECM. However, is experimental until Dark Age Era and not compatible with the original C3 Network.

Emergency C3 Master: This is backup device for the original C3 Network. Which will only operate for few minutes.
Capellan Confederation
They are the smallest of the major interstellar nations of the Inner Sphere. Ruled by their Chancellor, the nation is governed with a caste system not unlike ancient Japan. Also known as House Liao (the principle family name of their rulers) The nation is heavily influenced by Chinese/Russian culture. Their culture is very rigid and many cases it's people live in tough economic positions, yet dedicated to the state. Those whom are not actively partipating in improving the state are referred to as the Unproductives. These unfortunate individuals are sometimes can be seen as slaves or worse among other factions. The House Liao attempts encourage its people to do steady work so to improve their social ranking and test out for more financial and beatifically positions in society. Social rank of Citizen considered to be aspirating rank to achieve for example.
Capellan Confederation Armed Forces
This is name for Capellan Confederation's nation army is called. It's military focus on the use of stealth by 3060 as well using artillery. It's elite focus in the Capellan Hussars brigade, includes the Red Lancers
Capital Weapons
Capital Weapons are any type weapon system typically found mounted on a WarShip. These weapons are arguable the most powerful weapons found in BattleTech. They can be seen a giant versions of the normal weapons found on Mech Scale or regular units found in the BattleTech universe. They are tremendously huge, some cases thousands tons in weight and large in size which only large WarShips, Mobile Superstructures, Space Stations, and ground base could house them. However, smaller DropShips can mount Capital Missiles since they are only hundred of tons. There are five types of capital grade weapons; Naval Autocanons, Naval Gauss Rifles, Naval Lasers, Capital Missiles, and the Mass Driver (rare weapon). Typically, with exception of the Missiles, most weapons attempting to fire on targets smaller than a DropShip or 500 tons or less have difficulties striking them unless special rule is used. (Bracket Fire). Each of the types of weapons come in typically 3-4 grades/variants/power. Quick Break Down of these weapons;
Naval Autocannons - These weapons come in 4 sizes, Naval Autocannon (or NAC) 20/25/30/35/40. Each does corresponding damage capital damage (40 capital damage example, does 400 standard damage)
Naval Gauss Rifles - Three types Light, Medium, Heavy. They are enlarged rail gun type weapon using series magnets throwing alloy slugs great distances.
Naval Lasers - Three types: Naval Lasers (NL) 35, 45, & 55. (often abbreviated will initials, such as NL/35 for example)
Capital Missiles - Unlike all other weapons, each missile has its own unique name. Barracuda (light), White Shark (Medium), and Killer Whale (Large), which each missile has other features listed else where. Nuclear types also have their own names but similar size.
Mass Driver - These are recently forgotten / Lostech weapons from the late Star League Era, which was not pursued as naval weapon. They were not terribly good accuracy when use to targets, but would do large portion of damage. These come in Small, Medium and Large.
Captain-General (Title)
This is the formal title of the leadership of the Free Worlds League. Originally, intended as military leader than League's overall leader, this became title due to continuous emergency which keeps Captain-General in total power.
Caspar (formally known as the M-5 Caspar) was a SLDF Drone WarShip built to defend the core of the Inner Sphere near and around Terra. Built into a hull of a Lola III-Class Destroyer, the vessel had firepower of a large vessel. Using special AI system and automated systems, the ship would be guided by itself or be guided by Drone control system from larger facility or ship. The ships were ultimately turned against their own masters, due to a coupe of the Star League, the large portion of the Star League's Navy would be destroyed as they fended of their liberation from Stefan Amaris and his Rim Worlds Republic forces.
Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment (CASE)
This piece of structural equipment used to redirect ammunition explosions caused by critical hits combat related unit ('Mech, AeroSpace Fighter, Combat Vehicle). When explosion is detonated, the CASE as it's called will redirect the resulting explosion to the rear of the unit to prevent total destruction of the unit which includes crippling damaged to Engines and there vital equipment in that section or attached. However, section which contain the explosion will be destroyed. There are two version of CASE; CASE II, An Advanced version known as which keeps area/critical slot where ammunition that explodes from spreading through the rest of the section. Clan CASE, which weighs less encompasses the entire unit allowing from damage from spreading but not as effective as CASE II.[19]
Caste (Clan)
In Clans culture, the Caste System or Castes is part of the organization of the Clan society. Which each people from it's elite Warrior ruling class to break down of civilian job types. Generally known (as slang) by the Warrior caste, other civilian castes are better known as the Lower Castes. These consists of Scientists, Techs, Merchants, Workers, to name a few. As they breakdown further. Generally, with depending on the Clan, most civilians can not test up to be come Warriors. Initially their caste is determine by birth once they finish their test trials. Artificially grown humans "Iron Born", namely Warriors are per-destinestined test for Warrior caste. Natural born humans, from the lower castes from earlier ages can qualify as a lower position in Touman of Clan's military. Should even a worrier fail their Warrior tests, they would need to test down for lower castes. This system was created by the Clan's founder, Nicholas Kerensky.
Castle Brian
These were series of Fortresses constructed during the by the Terran Hegemony at direction of Director-General Brian Cameron (the concept was hence named after him). These were originally fortresses built on the borders of the Hegemony. Massive structures typical intended for entire Hegemony (later SLDF) to utilize should a planet come under siege. Massive amounts of resources would be stocked there, including anti-space weaponry, including SDS weapons capable of taking out orbiting WarShips. These would continued to built since the Age of War Era to the later part of the Star League Era, leading to the Star League Civil War. After the fall of the Star League, the fortresses were destroyed during ravages of Succession Wars, though some would remain partially used by various nations who had resources to man them. Many would be lost due to chaos of the Succession Wars, becoming potential Lostech treasures waiting some enterprising individual to discover with it's lost high technology. The Clans used similar Castle Brians for storage purposes, referred to as Brian Caches.
Chaos March
This was region at center of the Inner Sphere that briefly existed from 3057 to 3068. This was lawless space formed in the aftermath of the destruction of the Federated Commonwealth's Sarna March region when it was invaded by the Free Worlds League and the Capellan Confederation. The invasion 3057, netted some worlds lost to the Federated Suns & Lyran Commonwealth as part of their efforts to merge into a superstate. Neither nation secured all worlds surrounding Terra. Thus neither did the Federated Commonwealth FedSun's state nor newly formed Lyran Alliance attempt reclaim these worlds finding themselves independent of any national support. It would become hot bed of instability as Pirates and Mercenary units move in to take opportunity for the need of their services. This would come to end when Word of Blake consolidated it's power, forming the Word of Blake Protectorate, claiming all and more of the worlds of the March.
This a form of internet used by the Clans. This is a realtime communication network where members of the Merchant castes can communicate electronically via HPG. This was turn to be form of underground communication net avoiding the issues from ruling Warrior case.[20]
This is a civilization consisting of direct descents of the Star League Defense Force (SLDF) which left the Inner Sphere in wake of Civil War that essentially destroyed the Star League. These descendants became a Warrior Culture, which was shaped by the son of the last commander of the SLDF. Nicholas Kerensky divided remaining SLDF forces under his command into Twenty Warrior Clans, which to bring about new form society. Structured not unlike Communist and Caste systems and focus around Honor. Each Clan resolves conflicts amount themselves called Trials, which winner achieves whatever goal they sought and losing party must honor the out come unless they wish to trial to refute the out come. Their culture's ultimate goal is reform the Star League, with their supreme leader, the ilKhan, ruling it. Each Clan is name fore (with exception of the Blood Spirits) after a species of animal found in the Pentagon / Kerensky Cluster which as its own trait that each of the Clans have modeled their tactics and behavior. Each clan has it's own "culture" of behavior that makes them unique, examples; Diamond Sharks/Sea Foxes are well known for their Merchants, Hell's Horses for their Clans use of combined arms, while most Clans strictly use 'Mechs with their frontline forces, Snow Ravens are known for their preference to Aerospace & Warships, Nova Cats for their mysticism. There have been 22 Clans (originally 20) including;
Clan Wolf / Clan Wolf in Exile - Fierce Clan, split two from protective Warden & bloodthirsty strict aggressive Crusaders
Clan Jade Falcon - Strict and Honor-based Clan
Clan Steel Viper - Dead Clan, known for Strictness & double dealing
Clan Wolverine - Dead Clan, ostracized from the other Clans due to it returning ways of SLDF. The other Clans in response, turn on them for their betrayal destroyed them in a Trial of Annihilation.
Clan Ghost Bear - Family oriented, known for fiercest nature
Clan Snow Raven - "Naval" in nature, specializes more AeroSpace based fighting
Clan Blood Spirit - Dead Clan, Once known for unity, itself became xenophobic.
Clan Hell's Horse - Founded by an Infantryman, this is Clan's combat specialty is using Combat Vehicles, Armor Infantry, as well BattleMechs their frontline forces in Combined Arms formations.
Clan Star Adder -Aggressive Clan, that destroyed the Blood Spirits after the Jihad era, becoming lead Clan for remaining Homeworld based Clans.
Clan Goliath Scorpion - Known for it's fascination with the past
Clan Jade Wolf - Temporary Clan, hybrid Clan Wolf's crusader faction formed by the Jade Falcons
Clan Nova Cat - Spiritual type. Who trances helped them guide in times of need. Exterminated by Inner Sphere and Clans alike.
Clan Sea Fox/Diamond Shark - Affinity for Merchant / Trade
Clan Stone Lions - Homeworld based Clans, formed survivors of Clan Hell's Horses
Clan Mongoose - Dead Clan, affinity for speed and sneakiness
Clan Fire Mandrill - Fragmented Clan, broken up into sub-Clans called Kindraa, their known for fights among them selves until their destruction during the Jihad.
Clan Burrock - Dead Clan, destroyed due to it's dealings with the Dark Caste
Clan Ice Hellion - Hotheaded Clan, Known for focus Speed
Clan Cloud Cobra - Spiritual type Clan
Clan Widowmaker - Dead Clan, known for back deals it's leadership killing of founder of the Clans.
Clan Invasion
1) Military Invasion which began in 3049, where the descendants of the self-exiled Star League Defense Forces would return in massive invasion which would result in taking quarter of spiral-ward portion of the Inner Sphere into the divided territories of the Clans invaders. 2) The beginning of a new era for BattleTech, named Clan Invasion Era. This Era spans from 3049 to 3060.
Clan Space
Also known as the Clan Home Worlds which is located in Deep Periphery. This was region where the [Star League Defense Force]] in Exiled settled. Due to civil unrest among the newly created civilian population, factions formed based on their Inner Sphere nationalities. However, due to wars the Clan society rose the ashes of Pentagon Wars. The region of space divided into two sub regions; Pentagon Worlds and larger Kerensky Star Cluster. The Home Worlds would ultimately be have massive upheaval known as War of Reavings, reducing number of Clan colony worlds as well reduce the Clans there do less than handful.
Clan Tech
This a technology developed by the Clans of Kerensky during the 28th to 31st Centuries. Technological improvement grow vastly more with the Clans verse the Inner Sphere which lost considerable technology during the Succession Wars Era. Typically Clan Tech is sought out due to the increase damage and weight savings of comparable weapons used by the Inner Sphere and technology developed by the Star League. Only the Clans were able to produce this technology. It would not be further available to Inner Sphere powers by the 32nd Century.
Combat Command (Formation)
This is a unique Combined Arms formation which is typically battalion size. These formations operates as three per regiment-like formation. Each of these consisting of three segmented groups/types of units. Each Command has a company of 'Mechs, Combat Vehicles, and Infantry/Aerospace based units working as a team.
Combat Information Center (CIC)
The Combat Information Center or CIC is a central control room designed coordinating strategic & tactical situation for base to spacecraft such as DropShip or WarShip. Version of the CIC can be found Mobile HQ Vehicles, which act as wheeled/tracked CIC for ground forces. CIC is general found on naval related organizations. CIC can at as control room or bridge for such naval/Aerospace vehicles.
Combat Vehicle
This is a term for any combat oriented frontline type of vehicle. In BattleTech, Combat Vehicles (sometimes referred to as Armor or Armour (by Europeans). These vehicle are not just known as Tanks and not limited to ground base vehicles, VTOLs (Helicopters) can also be classified as a Ground Vehicle. Combat Vehicles are categorize by how they move/locomotion and by weight. There are four Canon weight classes;
Light Combat Vehicle : This is a vehicle between 1 to 35 tons.
Medium Combat Vehicle : This is vehicle between 36 tons to maximum of 55 tons.
Heavy Combat Vehicles : This is a vehicle between 56 to 75 tons.
Assault Combat Vehicles : These are vehicles between 76 tons to 100 ton, were the largest size a ground non-naval vehicle could be. These vehicle were known to be very slow.
Super-Heavy Vehicles : Extremely rare, ranging from 101 tons to 200 tons, (Naval vehicles can be maximum weight of 555 tons). The Super-Heavies were not widely available to all faction until the Jihad Era, yet still rare.
Types of Locomotion is other category used to classify a Combat Vehicle. They are;
VTOL (Vertical Take off & Landing)
WiGE (Wing In Ground Effect)
Naval (These include submarines as well hydrofoils & displacement hull (regular ships).[21]
Combined Arms (Formation)
This is the military formation in which integrated and mix vehicles/BattleMechs/Aerospace Fighters/Battle Armor in more interweaved unit. Where most typical commands keep different types of combat units (vehicles/mechs/VTOLs etc) separate, Combined Arms formations do not. Initially by SLDF era, these types were found in Regimental Combat Teams, using separate Regiment / Company / Battalion size forces of mixed types. However, by the 31st Century this would change. Pioneered by secret hidden army of ComStar, the ComGuard. Which on their own unique formations of Level I (1), which 6 units of any type can mix. (example; 2 tanks, 4 mechs). By the Jihad and it's aftermath, military resources would be scariest. Setting stage of Combined Arms being the norm. A typical combined arms mercenary company of troops consist lance (4) Mechs, by 2 Lances of (4) Tanks/Combat Units, 2 lances of Battle Armor or Infantry Platoons. Large formations may feature Combined Arms Battlalions with company of twelve Mechs, with 1 Lance of Mechs split between each Companies. This breakdown of less Mech stemed from military reductions via treaty by instituted by the Republic of the Sphere. By 3132, when Gray Monday triggered massive conflicts between nations and it's own worlds having splinter groups. This arrangement of Combined Arms combat units would be the normal mixing with civilian vehicles & IndustrialMechs being armed for combat. Some cases Mechs, BattleArmor, Ground Vehicles tied into the same Lance (of 4 units).
Company (Formation)
This a military formation of troops, 2nd largest non-infantry formation. Typically associated with vehicles/mechs and mechanized formations. A company consists of four Lances of troops. Troops in this formation usually consist of 12 BattleMechs, Combat Vehicles, Aircraft (sometimes). Clans do not use this organization, they employ what is referred to a Binary which is 10 such units, however typically are more powerful due to typically difference firepower and technology. Companies are typically commanded by officer of the of a Captain. There other version of the company, such as reinforced (extra lance), augmented (organized mix of vehicles/troops) and combined arms company which is mix Battle Armor, 'Mechs, and Combat Vehicle blended together in lances.[22]
Command Circuit
This is method of travel arrange for DropShips to be relay to per-arranged JumpShips awaiting to take the arriving vessel for next leg of travel. Thus a DropShip, flies to the waiting DropShip to be immediately taken to it's destination or another waiting JumpShip. This is used under extreme circumstances by governments and extremely wealthy individuals. Due to coordination need to undertake this effort. Typically DropShip going to another part of the Inner Sphere requires months of changing JumpShips or waiting week roughly for it's original JumpShips to charge for the next jump.
Commanding Officer (Military Designation)
A Commanding Officer (alias CO), is the designation for a ranking officer whom is has been given legal powers to command group individuals. This typical military designation for ship, however, military formations from company, regiments, battalions. CO usually is assigned a second in command, known as the Executive Officer (XO) whom carries out orders the CO gives or delegates tasks needed to be done with someone charge.
Concord of Kapteyn
This was a treaty sign in 3022 by Capellan Confederation, Draconis Combine, and Free Worlds League. Brokered by ComStar, this was intended as an alliance to counter the pending merged of the Federation Suns and Lyran Commonwealth into a super state later known as the Federated Commonwealth. The treaty ultimately was interstellar failure of diplomacy due to lack trust of all three Succession Houses when the Armed forces of both the Federated Suns & Lyran Commonwealth conquered large number of worlds between the two nations allowing them to have unified and secure border.[23]
Combat Vehicle
Combat Vehicles are more traditional ground vehicles used for combat in the Battletech universe. They evolved from normal combat vehicles used since the 20th Century on Earth. Like BattleMechs, they can equipped with array weapons and armor. They were sidelined as leading combat vehicle when BattleMechs were invented, however they continue to support and be used in battle. These are family vehicles broken down to sub types based on their propulsion system. A Combat Vehicle must be under certain weight class for Combat types.
ComStar (Faction)
This is was organization that was originally created by the Star League Counsel after the Star League Civil War as caretakers of the massive interstellar communication arrays known as HyperPulse Generators. The HPG Network allows communications between the stars. As centuries past, in effort to sustain itself from onslaught of the violent Succession Wars, ComStar turned to a religious dogma in order to prevent secrets of its technology to leak out and provide integrity to the organization with hidden goal restoring the Star League under it's direct control. Hidden until the 31st Century, was the ComGuard. The Armed forces of the ComStar, virtual army not unlike the Star League's SLDF of old, which would play prominent role in stopping the the Clans from taking the Inner Sphere. It would be 3050s ComStar would sudden be sundered into two factions, ComStar being one without the religious trappings and one imbedded it named the Word of Blake (WoB) which would set for final showdown by 3070s where a very weaken ComStar would fight with rest of the Inner Sphere against the WoB after trigging conflicts of the Jihad Era. The organization itself began in 2785 and ended 3150 after its bankruptcy when a Hyperpulse Generator Network was sabotaged causing communication blackout through out the Inner Sphere, better known as Gray Monday. ComStar's slow demised over few decades would ushering new age of conflict known as the the Dark Age.
Com Guard
This is the armed forces of ComStar, the operators of the HyperPulse Network Generator (HPG) Network. The Guard formed in secret during the Succession Wars as secret army. First formally appeared as security guard force for the Generator Stations, where communication signals are sent across space. However, using mercenaries as trainers and others in secrecy, by 31st Century, the order had grown impatient waiting formerly standing up army. By the Clan Invasion, the ComGuard Army had made full appearance in 3051 where it fought the Clan in Trial of Possession for Terra. In course battles, beat back most of individual Clan armies in massive global battle on Tukayyid‎. The army fragmented when ComStar shredded it's religious trappings, giving birth of opposing force known as Word of Blake Militia. ComGuard was size of Armies which no Inner Sphere power could field at the time of the Invasion. By 3070s the Jihad had shattered the Guards, and it's remaining fight forces would be used to liberate Terra with others as part of a coalition force. The ComGuard would be disarmed and absorbed into the Republic of the Sphere's new army. Splinter group in 3140s would use a single Division of forces in ComGuard name, but it would be short lived and last Guards would be destroyed.

Com Guard Formations: Com Guard base their formations on Levels. An individual unit are referred to as Level I. These Level Is usually operate in formations basis of groups of six combat units usually mix different types units, known as Level II. These were could be mistaken as demi-companies. Each Level II allowed for any arrangement of combat force from all 'Mech formation or mix infantry platoons and combat vehicles or all fighter craft, or mixture of Mechs and Combat vehicles and so forth. Six Level II form Level III, which is a formation of 36 Level I or individual combat units which also known as a Battalion. Six Level IIIs is referred to as a Level IV or a Division which consist of 216 Level I/Combat Units. The largest formation in Com Guard are Army size force or Level V, which consists of six Level IVs. This 800-1000 Level Is force is seldom operates together. Typical Com Guard deploys it's Level IIIs together to allow for flexibility and ease of transporting the formation.[24]
Cooling Vest (Equipment)
This a piece of MechWarrior gear a pilot using typically a BattleMech wears. These vests are essentially for the pilot's survival while fight in combat. When a unit such as BattleMech over heats from excessive use, it he super heats where it could kill the pilot. A MechWarrior would plug in this vest which coolings the soldier using the vehicle so they may survive when a vehicle fires all its weapons. When outside the 'Mech, the cooling vest can act as a limited ballistic flak vest.[25]
Coupled (Clan Term)
This is Clan term for having sex.
Circinus Federation
In canon is a Periphery nation which is situated on "western" part of the Inner Sphere's borders of the Lyran Commonwealth and Free Worlds League. The nation culturally seen as a pirate nation and was taken over by the Word of Blake in 3060s. It was destroyed by the end of the Jihad by mainly fragmented forces of the former Free Worlds League in 3081.
Cluster (Clan)
This is third largest combat formation used by the Clans. Clusters consists of usually 3-5 Tinaries or 3-5 Binaries, Supernovas, and/or Supernova Trinaries. This size formation usually commanded by a Star Colonel. Another form of a Cluster is the Provisional Garrison Cluster (PGC). Toops, This is considered a "temporary" formation, used as garrison force for a planet. Usually staffed with older or new blooded inexperienced warriors.
This an augmentation (also known as bionics) of a person with mechanical parts. Uncommon in the BattleTech universe, usually forego due to taboos or bias towards persons with replacement for lost limbs due to varying degrees of accidents or injury inflicted in combat. Typically, this bias comes from the Free Worlds League worlds, where past leaderships whom had been enhanced faster injury turned bad and gave bad impression. The Jihad war period, the Word of Blake special troops, namely the Manei Domini were terror to both soldiers & civilians alike whom though themselves above mere weak "flesh" people cemented this negativity / bias towards individuals augmentation with bionics. However, not all share this personal. Battletech prior to the Jihad had 5 levels of bionic replacements from simple hook to fully flesh-like covered limbs replacements. The 3060s saw rise of more advanced (or Lostech) mechanical enhancement where Intelligence & Special ops troops (primarily Word of Blake) purposely replaced injured troops damage/crippled limbs or other organs with mechanical ones with superior abilities, strength, and even beauty improvements for their intended missions/job profiles. See Manei Domini for further information.


Dark Caste
The Dark Caste is an unofficial designation for people who live outside Clan society. This caste are also known as "Bandits Caste". They are considered to be outcasts and criminals of the Clan society. While not definition of these individual people. They sometimes raid Clan settlements for supplies. While groups Dark Caste can vary, they do tend to live primitively, with little technology. However, some of the Dark Caste has technology (stolen or salvage) and can travel between worlds, which is rare. Clan politics uses the Dark Caste to as means for Warriors to hunt like animals when not otherwise engaged with other clans in official trials. Warriors seldom use their tradition of Zellbrigen (fighting with honor rules) when hunting bandits of the Dark Caste.
1) The main ruling family name of the Federated Suns, these are given the title of either First Princes or Princess. The family known to be the primary movers in the politics of the Inner Sphere. There are splinter off of the family, including Steiner-Davion, whom went on to directly & indirectly influence nearly every major nation in the Inner Sphere. It should be noted that there are "cadet" off shoots of the family, which uses a hybrid name examples; Hasek-Davion, Green-Davion, etc. 2) (Slang) A reference who is a citizen of Federated Suns, who is under the rule of House Davion family.
"Death From Above" (Tactic)
This is a tactic used by MechWarriors with 'Mech equipped with Jump Jets. A desperate gamble, seen as unhonorable by some among the Clans. This is when a Mech uses their Jump Jets to go airborne above another target and then cut their jets to allow the weight of their machine crush the target below them. However, this is dangerous maneuver which requires good piloting skills as well luck that target's pilot is not better they are. Resulting them moving out of the way causing only damage to the dropping Mech.
Demi-Company (Formation)
This is a "half" Company usually consisting of six units, such as BattleMechs or Combat Vehicles. In some factions, Demi-Companies are also known as Reinforced Lance, which is a combined arms formation usually consisting of two types of combat units; example BattleMech lance of 4, augmented with pair of Combat Vehicles, pair Battle Armor squads. The ComGuard uses Demi-Companies in their basic formation known as Level I, where all six units of the formation are interchangeable with all types combat units found in BattleTech.
This is a Clan term/slang for Disgrace. A person with no honor. Which Clans hold honor above all else.[26]
This is status of disgrace for a MechWarrior. Where the warrior has lost his 'Mech in combat or other reason. This is considered a dishonor and disgrace among MechWarriors. While government troops in less risky times can re-assigned readily available 'Mech, however during the Succession Wars and even Dark Age Era this would be point no return. Where during earlier wars, the pilot would need capture a 'Mech for themselves from enemy forces or die as infantryman which was highly likely thing to occur.
Division (Formation)
A large military formation consisting of three Brigades troops (9 Regiments). These very large military formations were almost exclusively used by SLDF, the armed forces of the original Star League. Due to the sheer size and logistics required to these formations into a combat area, Inner Sphere powers do not have means to move or even man such staggering size force in modern BattleTech times. A alternate version of the Division was used by ComStar & Word of Blake's armed forces in the 31st Century. These Divisions consisted of (formally named Level IV units), 216 combat units. However a unit could be an type of troops/vehicles/mechs/aerospace vehicles, thus a combined arms formation. While SLDF was known not mix their forces together beyond regiment size.[27]
Docking Collar
A Docking Collar (sometimes referred to as DropShip Collars) is a common mechanism found on JumpShips and WarShips. This device allows smaller DropShips to mate with large interstellar vehicle to be transported to another solar system and be able to detach once it reaches it's destination. Docking Collars can not handle strain of interplanetary engines, Military JumpShips / WarShips must release their DropShips from it's collars or risk it being torn away from the vehicle once it's big engines start moving.[28]
Draconis Combine
This is the of one the major interstellar nations of the Inner Sphere located Northeast of Terra/Earth. Draconis Combine is a communist style nation, which whom culture is heavily influenced by pre-World War II Japan. They are generally ruled by House Kurita (family) and their supreme leader known as the Coordinator. The soldiers of the nation follow strong Bushido/honor not unlike Japanese Samurai culture once followed. The nation symbol is the Dragon, which it's leader, the Coordinator, is referred to as the Dragon.
Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery (DCMS)
This the name for the overall armed forces of the Draconis Combine. Commonalty known as the DCMS, they are charge up holding the honor and defense of the dragon. They are known to in some time periods to prefer to duel their opponents for personal honor. The DCMS like all armed forces is broken up by it's divisions; Draconis Combine Admiralty [DCA] (all things Aerospace; rare Warships, DropShips, and Aerospace Fighters are among other units that this branch handles.) Regular and Regional Forces. Typically, they are named for the Region they are assigned to defend and raised from.
DropShips are the most common interplanetary spacecraft with the ability to land on surface of a planet or other type of object. They largely employed as form of transports for civilian or military equipment. They range from 500 tons to maximum of 100,000 tons. These ships come in two forms, Sphereiod (circular/ball shaped) or Aerodyne (like a plane, with wings). DropShips can externally dock with interstellar spacecraft known as JumpShips, to allow them to travel across the Inner Sphere. Prior to the modern JumpShips, these primitive DropShips (known as DropShuttles) were restricted to the maximum weight of 5,000 tons due to limitations of Primitive JumpShips. Dropships are organized by roles;

"Transport" for any type vehicle/mech/Troops. Passenger/Civilian/Cargo (Sometimes referred to as Carrier/Cargo Ship).
Carrier/Fighter Carrier - Special purpose Aerospace Fighter carrying ship.
Assault - (combat ship - Dedicated Attack vessel, sometimes carries its own troops/mechs/fighters)
Tug (moves larger vessels, or space bound objects),
Pocket WarShip (Which has =capital and subcapital weapons dedicated to anti-Warship combat).
Drop Port
This is a form of paved landing area that used principally to handle DropShips, and other instellar commerce. While extend of facilities can vary depending on the development of the planet, these space ports generally will have super damage resistant Ferrocrete pavement, with controller tower. Vertically landing Spheriod shaped Dropships (Oval / Circular Shaped) have special landing pads, while a landing strip is made for aerodyne Dropships and other winged vehicles. These ports may as few as one or two per world, which also can act as inter continental travel points for DropShips and smaller vehicles to travel in sub orbital travel around a planet. These Drop Ports are usually house warehouse for commercial traffic and finds itself target of invasion or raids conducted hostile forces.


Exarch (Title)
This the title given to leader of the Republic of the Sphere, whom a council of Paladins of the Sphere vote among their own peers.
Term for self-contain settlement established by a Clan. A Colony with it's own industrial & defense functions, with housing and self-defense assets. Like most Enclaves, these city-states relay on other such Enclaves or trade to sustain itself. Clans have been known to keep it's citizenry (castes) contained in these cities. Many which can starve due to lack farm lands.
Element (Combat Formation)
Name representing smallest component of a military formation. Sometimes referred to as a Unit. Elements can represent; Platoon Soldiers, Individual Battle Armor, one Combat Vehicle, a BattleMech, an AeroSpace Fighter, or singular combat oriented component found in fighting forces.
1) This is a generically engineered human intended for infantry world created by the Clans. They are extra large humans, sometimes seven feet tall, with massive muscles and highly intelligent. They typically are associated with use of Battle Armor, a type enhanced powered combat suit. 2) Type of Medium sized Clan Battle Armor, which is the standard model Battle Armor for Clans to deploy.
Electronic Warfare Suite (ECM)
This device found range of vehicles, Mechs, Aerospace vehicles, and Battle Armor.[29] In terms of BattleTech game, Electronic warfare is intended to jam sophsicated equipment from establishing lock-on or strong-signal to locate user of the ECM. Typically, referred to ECM Suite, or it's brand name Guardian ECM Suite on Mechs, planes and combat vehicles build by the Inner Sphere powers. ECM can undo-jamming caused by ECM (called ECCM ) as well create a "Ghost" element causing radar and other sensors to see double image of the target. More advance ECM exists as well the "standard" Guardian ECM or the ECM Suite typically found on Clan built units.[30]
Endo Steel
This is a Chassis component communally used in BattleMechs which is used to lower weight of the design to allow heavier components/weapons/etc to be fitted. This a light weight skeleton structure created by Star League Technology. Usually in canon, this is only created in space/orbital factories verses on the planet.[31]
Era is measurement of time in the BattleTech universe, where measured amount of years/centuries is labeled due to a significant historical event that accrued during this time period. Time is also broken up by "Sub-Eras" which has major event that warrants notice within the Era. Currently the canon Battletech Universe has 7 known eras.
  • Star League Era - Age where the rule of the Star League, it's dominance of all humanity from it's formation and it's downfall. This era ushered in new technology, some in which has gone unseen before and since it's demise. Like hidden treasures, some this technology is referred to as Lostech.
    • SubEra - Age of War - Early Time period the where all Inner Sphere powers fought for dominance and formation of the major nation emerged as the newly formed Terra Hegemony , which guide it's former colonies to stop their destructive Total Warfare and eventually come under their leadership as head of the Star League superstate.
  • Succession Wars Era - The centuries of war which destroy much of the technology advances made in the Succession War as all the major nations war for dominance and ultimately control of the Inner Sphere to reform a new Star League under their rule.
    • SubEra - Golden Century - This is a time period after the establishment of the Clans and reclaiming the Worlds of the Pentagon Cluster when technology and economic improvements rose to heights not seen by the Star League, seen by the people of the Clans of pinnacle their culture's development. Despite end of individual freedoms and purges of various Clans such as Wolverine, Mongoose, and Widowmaker being removed for various reasons.
  • Clan Invasion Era - Time period that the Clans, descendants of the Star League self-exiled armed forces returns in form of Warrior ruled Clans to conqueror the Inner Sphere and restore the Star League.
  • Civil War Era - All major Inner Sphere powers turn on each other.
  • Jihad Era - Second Star League, which was formed to defeat the Clans and maintain peace in the Inner Sphere is dissolved due to the events of the Civil War Era. The Word of Blake, their main purpose to reform the Star League goes on blitzkrieg and strikes capitals and major industries of the Inner Sphere in attempt restore the lost League and carve new nation at center of the Inner Sphere for themselves.
  • Dark Age Era - This time period where the newly form Republic of the Sphere is formed and governors in the name of peace until 3132. This is when the Inner Stellar communications network is destroyed, causing the Inner Sphere to turn from peace to war . Causing old rivalries and ambitions pent up from 70 years of peace to turn malevolent.
    • SubEra - Republic Era - Formation of the Republic of the Sphere and wars it fought in early days to establish itself and the moves try to stabilize its nation and promote peace across the Inner Sphere.
  • IlClan Era - Manifest destiny of the Clans is fulfilled, where one Clan takes Terra forming the IlClan, the replacement for the fallen Star League. However, it's early years were plague with chaos as old century old factions continue to crumble and new smaller micro nations emerge offer security/safety.
Escorpion Imperio (Faction)
This was a Clan / Periphery nation, in Periphery. Fusion and conquest of the two Deep Periphery nations by Clan Goliath Scorpion. Ejected from Clan Space, the Clan travel it's entire Touman to Nueva Castile and the Umayyad Caliphate. These low-tech factions had been locked in war for centuries. Once conquered in 3080, the Imperio would quietly rebuild itself as it prepared to conqueror the neighboring Hanseatic League in 3140. This conquest result in nation changing itself into Scorpion Empire. Little is known beyond the conquest since itself has cut ties with the Inner Sphere completely, as it fends off probes done by the Clans in old Homeworlds of the Kerensky Cluster. By 3142, the nation had renamed selves as the Scorpion Empire as the conquest of the Hanseatic League.
Exodus (Events)
In Canon BattleTech history there been five events named "Exodus". The original one is not often referred to as the "Exodus". 1) Exodus (2102) & (2313) - These events were named alternately First & Second Exoduses. This extremely early mass migration from Terra in late 23rd Century which lead to colonies that would later become future Succession States and Periphery states. This was when the K-F Drive was initially invented. Second Exodus was result of the rise and fall of Terran Alliance. As people left Terra for new worlds. This lasted until Alliance's political upheaval which lead to isolationist party of the government to issue the Demarcation Declaration which cut off all contact with colonies beyond 30 light year radius. 2) Operation Exodus, which is also referred to as the Exodus. This is when the SLDF abandoned the Inner Sphere, lead by Commanding General Kerensky in to the Deep Periphery. After year travel and hardship they would colony small cluster of habitable worlds known as Pentagon Worlds establishing the Star League in Exile. 3) Known as the Second Exodus, this was lead by Nicolas Kerensky, son of the Commanding General, whom lead loyal SLDF forces from the chaos ensuing the Pentagon Worlds to the expansive colony region where he would found the Clans and train his people for conquest of the Pentagon Worlds.
Exodus Road
This is the course the SLDF Fleet (also known as the Exodus Fleet) had used through the Deep Periphery to reach region of space they would settled. The Exodus Road is highly protected and guarded from non-clan. Originally, not even the crews of the JumpShips used to move along the Road have complete course that makes it up, or it's is locked in the NavComputers. Exodus Road is also a Clan cultural & historical significant event, since it part their eventual founding.
This is a device that used to enhance individual person's strength. Typically in the BattleTech universe, these mechanical suits use Myomer muscles and metal skeletons powered by batteries. Mainly intended use for civilian handling heavy objects such as small cargo and moving heavy objects. Police use these devices as "poor man's" Power Suit, for conditions where they need added strength and ability carry heavier loads such as worn armor and infantry size weapons.[32]


Federated Commonwealth (FedCom)
Was a interstellar superstate, a nation that existed during the 31st Century in 3028 till 3067. Second largest interstellar state of the Inner Sphere since the Star League. The nation consisted of two existing Succession Houses, House Steiner & House Davion. Briefly merged with the heir of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner (now Steiner-Davion) being head of the new nation. Known also as the FedCom, the Fourth Succession War declared in 3028 at marriage of Hanse and Melissa as part of plan to allow both states to merge with borders secure and sunder any nation that stood in it's way. By 3057, enemies of the FedCom mounted a invasion that would destroy region linking House Steiner and Davion. With the House Steiner half of FedCom declaring it's independence from FedSun half, calling itself the Lyran Alliance, lead by Katherine Steiner-Davion. Archon Katherine (Styling herself after grandmother as Katrina) would take over the House Davion half with her bother, the Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, leading the reborn 2nd Star League against the Clans. On his return within few years of abuse to his people on both sides, Katrina, tyranny growing, Victor would declare war. Victor begun the gathering forces under collective name of Federated Suns, stating FedCom was dead. By 3067, the FedCom Civil War[33] was over, with both nation states with new leaders and FedCom now formally dissolved. FedSuns portion of the FedCom would revert back to it's name, Federated Suns once more.[34]
Ferro Fibrous
Ferro Fibrous (Abbreviated as FF Armor) is a type combat armor used on various type of ground and aerospace vehicles. While not stronger than Standard Armor, it is lighter. This allows for additional heavier equipment to placed in a unit which has it. Trade off is the armor takes up room inside (critical spots) which cuts down on number things that may be mounted on the vehicle. There are other types of FF Armor, such as Light Ferro Fibrous armor and Heavy Ferro Fibrous armor.[35]
Ferrocrete is a high grade construction & pavement substance used commonly by modern Inner Sphere & Clan societies. It is a super tough material in construction of buildings as well as pavement. Where older concrete would crumble under the weight of repeatively heavy vehicles, such as military and civilian Mechs which routinely 100 tons in some cases.[36]
Federated Suns
A interstellar nation founded in the (southeast) from the center (Terra) of the Inner Sphere. Open culture, capitalist nation, which has French/British influences in their culture. They are referred to as being "Good Guys" of the BattleTech setting, but since changed. They are known for their most democratic of Inner Sphere nations. They are lead by leader titled, "First Prince". The nation broken up in large border realms known as Marches ruled by Dukes/Duchesses, while smaller regions are referred to Combat Theaters and PDZ. These smaller zones help better organize worlds from invasion and it's defenses.
This is a people whom live in secret in the Republic of the Sphere since founding til it's fall in 3150. Knowledge of the Fidelis is unknown to the Inner Sphere in general. The people of the Fidelis are descendants of the last of the Clan Smoke Jaguar. In order to survive, they removed all signs of their people's former identity. During their time since 3061, they lived in secret roving world to world, becoming highly skilled at any job they take. Treating its people equally. They would during the Jihad in 3070s, enter into the service of Devlin Stone's Coalition Arm. This would eventually lead the group into the service of the Republic of the Sphere as a secret special ops group only known by Republic's top leader. They will undertake services for the Republic as debt paid for allowing them to settle in secret on the world of New Earth. They would remain in service until their debt to the Republic was paid, allowing them the freedom to choose their destiny. Their armed forces among the Fidelis were the most skilled, even comparison to the Clans by the end of the Dark Age Era. Their people's leader known as the Custos (Latin for Custodian) guides his people until the day they ma reveal to the Inner Sphere who they really are.
First Lord
The title of the individual whom rules the Star League, the intergalactic empire that once ruled the entirety of the Inner Sphere & surrounding Periphery.
First Prince
The title is designated for anyone whom rules the Federated Suns and short-lived Federated Commonwealth (as Archon Prince). The use "First" harkens back when each of the
Flamer (Weapon)
This is a high-powered form of flame thrower which is usually powered by Fusion Engine of a unit, while non-fusion power vehicles / troops use chemical ammo. This ground weapon typically does not much damage to large units such as BattleMechs however, they can cause target to heat up cause them to be sluggish or non-functional. Combat Vehicles or other units without Heat Sinks to obsorb flame heat can cause target to be burn of and be rendered destroyer. Classically, the weapon has been used to burn woodlands or other flamable objects for purposes create cover. However, the weapon is used as well anti-personal weapon.
Force Commander (Rank)
This a Free Worlds League rank which is equal to common designation of Major. Individual who usually second command of a Regiment, under a Colonel. Force Commanders like Majors are also found commanding Battalion size forces.
Fourth Succession War
See Succession Wars
Free Guilds
This is a loose group of merchants which reside lowest reaches of Clans' Society. Wild considered to be a tolerated version of the Dark Caste, which acts like formal version of the Merchant Caste. They are also necessary group within Clan Society that supports it. They would eventually be reaved (reduced) in Wars of Reaving in early 3090s by remaining Homeworld Clans.
Free Worlds League
A interstellar nation founded in the (southwest) of the Inner Sphere. Open culture, capitalist nation, which has Greek/Indian influences in their culture. Originally a democratic nation, ruled by a Parliament, the nation politics' is highly fragmented, in cases of emergencies, the Captain-General is given powers to rule the country. However centuries past, the position became semi-permanent.
Free World's League Armed force is Free Worlds League Military (FWLM).
Freeborn (Term)
This is a natural born human, which this term is used with the Clan society. This sometimes used as insult used by Trueborn (artificially created humans) against one another, due to Clan society viewing Trueborns are superior genetic stock in skills, abilities, strength and intelligence. However, Freeborns / normal human can be just as equal to Trueborns, surprising them.
Fuel Cell (Engine)
This is a uncommon powersource used typically used for low-end commercial & combat oriented vehicles, and in rare case Industrial 'Mechs. Unlike conventional internal powered engines (ICE), this is a type of hybrid of fuel & electrical engine components which essentially an conventional fuel generator. Like ICE engines, they do need power amplifier to power energy devices. Power Cell saves weight, tempature management, and costs. However, its is not as poweful as a Fusion Engine.[37]
Fusion Engine
This is the principle power source used by all combat units (Mechs, Aerospace Fighters, Combat Vehicles (Tanks), WarShips,) in the game that has room to fit it. A form of Cold Nuclear Fusion, this is a type of "Safe"/Low Radiation power source. They vary in size with engine/power ratings. There are four variations of this type power source aside from the standard fusion engine; Light Fusion Engine (Lighter than standard engine, allows more speed and weight savings to add equipment.), Extra Light Fusion Engine (Known as the XL Engine, it is similar to the newer Light Fusion Engine, but its weight savings takes extra room. Notorious known for taking up room in the side torso of 'Mechs, making them more vulnerable being damaged/crippled.), Compact Fusion Engine (Also known as Compact Fusion, it is heavier than standard engine, less vulnerable to being damage.) The Clan versions of the XL Fusion is not easily crippled by engine damage.


Galaxy (Clan)
This is the largest military formation the Clans fields. Each Galaxy typically consists of four to six Clusters. Usually commanded by a Galaxy Commander.
Galaxy Commander (Rank)
This is a Clan officer, whom is in charge of a Galaxy formation of Clan troops. This is the second highest rank in the Warrior Caste of the Clan's military. Star Colonels report to the , while the Galaxy Commanders reports to the Khans of the Clan.
Gauss Rifle
This is a ballistic weapon that uses series of electromagnets to propel solid nickel slugs long range at targets. It was made with both Inner Sphere and the Clans technologies. Typically it can be used on all combat type units in the game that can fit it. There are variants of this style weapon system; Light Gauss Rifle (Long Range, less damage), Heavy Gauss Rifle (Medium Range/Short Range with heavy damage when in close range), Improved Heavy Gauss (Slightly Less Damage than Heavy, however high damage at all ranges.), Naval Gauss Rifles (Large scale weapons only mounted on WarShips, with three size-types).[38]
Galatea (Planet)
This is a traditionally a House Steiner held world, which was famed for being heart of the Mercenary trade for the Inner Sphere. It had been known in early 31st Century and the Succession Wars as the "Mercenary Star". The world main industry is catery to mercenary units new and old providing facilities for training, housing, basing, equipment purchases, and hiring halls for prospecting clients and mercenaries to make deals for contract work.[39]
This is a unique ore found in the BattleTech universe. This substance is what makes Faster Than Light travel possible. Germanium is used to create a JumpShip's KF-Drive and acts as the spine of any JumpShip or Warship. The ore is very rare and highly prized. The Germanium additionally is core element used build Hyperspace Pulse Generators, the one two methods of communicating between solar systems within days.
Guerrero, Operation (Military Operation)
This is a short four month as a joint military operations conducted in 3057 by The Free Worlds League & Capellen Confederation against Inner Sphere spanning Federated Commonwealth. This was a bid to recover lost world's conquered in 3028 during the Fourth Succession War. The surprised attack struck what was referred to as the Sarna March. While not all worlds were recovered, this severed FedCom was shattered in two halves, Lyran state would be seized by Katherine Steiner-Davion to form Lyran Alliance. While remaining part of the FedCom would remain in name FedSuns state. The unclaimed region which was Sarna March would become the Chaos March, independent lawless woods near and around Terra.
A honor in Clan cultural, where DNA samples from individual whom performed their duties to their Clan honorably. Their genetic samples are used to breed the next generation of Warriors for their Clan using the Ironwomb and Scientist matching the DNA to other deceased Warriors whom had as well Honors of Bloodname and deeds undertaken.
Gravity Deck
As known as a GravDeck, it is artificial gravity area found on JumpShips and WarShips. These areas are vertical disks-like wheel/tubes that spin at high rate of speed. This can simulate gravity to a degree. They're sizes vary depending on the size of the vessel fitted with them.
Great Houses
This is a nickname to the collective ruling families of the major Inner Sphere nations; House Cameron (Terran Hegemony/Star League), House Davion (Federated Suns), House Liao (Capellan Confederation), House Kurita (Draconis Combine), and House Steiner (Lyran Commonwealth).
Gray Monday (Event)
This this was a day in 3132, where all the Hyperpulse Generators in the Inner Sphere failed systematically. Either by virus placed inside the core systems that transmit messages to other worlds (in turn passed the computer virus) or attack by unknown assailants0
Great Refusal, The (Event)
This is an series of combat trials fought between nations of the Inner Sphere against the Clans in Trial of Refusal over the invasion of the Inner Sphere in the year of 3060 on the Clan's capital world in Clan Space, Stacha Mechy. The outcome would result in the ending of the invasion of the Clans, but does not prevent them from carrying out their war against the Inner Sphere.[40]
Translated from Japanese (Kurita) "Debuty of Military Affairs", this is ultimate commanding officer of the Draconis Combine Mustery Service, traditionally this position is given to the Heir-Apparent for title of Coordinator of the Draconis Combine. In past prior to the 3030, it was a largely ceremonial role and typically vacant during the history of the Combine. The title is above that of District Warlords.[41]
Best known as a device used in BattleMechs to regulate their means of standing like normal human. When destroyed, a BattleMech is unable to walk.


Hanseatic League
This is a Deep Periphery nation located Coreward, Anti-Spin. ("North" of the Inner Sphere), it is a mercantile nation founded principally by former Lyran Commonwealth citizens escaping the devastating Succession Wars. The nation focus on trade, was known player in having it's neighboring deep periphery nations attack each others. The nation most advanced of the three nations ( Umayyad Caliphate and Nueva Castile), employing barely Succession War level technology if not scarcely BattleMechs at all like it's neighbors.
This is special gel like substance which can repair any physical component of machine which may have been damaged when it hardens. Typically this used in Clan Battle Armor to temporary repair the suit and it's occupant. Also, it is with spacecraft fill in gaps when hull is breached. Casually, BattleMechs are repaired, but it not common.[42]
1) House Steiner / Lyran Commonwealth german name for the rank of Captain. 2) Name of a canon Heavy OmniMech used by Lyran Commonwealth & Alliance in 31st and 32nd Centuries.
Heat Sink
This is a device that regulates heat in a various fusion power machines found in the BattleTech universe. Often associated with BattleMechs or devices that creates high rate heat from using energy base applications. This is similar to a automobile's radiator, they govern fluids through them which can be toxic. Other version of the Heat Sink were created, most common these is the Double Heat Sink, (double heat obsoption), Compact Heat Sink (Smaller, heavier) and Radical Heat Sink (Able to remove all heat for so many turns before possible failure).
Heat Sink, Double
Variant of the standard Heat Sink, this version doubles efficiency of cooling effects for a machine's heat issues. Prototype and earlier version of this device are sometimes known as freezers.
Hegira (Term)
This is the Clans word for request for honorable retreat from the battlefield. An opponent would gain all that is on the battlefield itself as well the objective of the Trial that was fought if Zellbrigen was called.
This is a designation for individual who in line of succession of a political position. Typically a younger individual who is younger member of a ruling family or dynasty controlling from a land hold to entire Succession State.
Hesperus II (World)
This is a key military manufacturing world lying in the Lyran space. Originally established by the Terran Hegemony as part their shared worlds, this planet became key BattleMech manufacturing plant built into the planet's famed Mountain rages that dominates much of it's surface. The factory fortress became target of faction over the course of the centuries only having fallen to the Word of Blake during the Jihad Era briefly. This became the House Steiner's most important of worlds as part of their backbone of the their defense forces means to replenish their losses.
It is a device that projects 3D image on computer projection table. Typically these devices are use strategic planning board.
Holy Shroud, Operation
This was Succession Wars Era undercover operation conducted by the Comstar. This operate was meant to accelerate the technological decline of the Inner Sphere's nations by killing the majority of the leading scientist. This was done in order usher the time where they would no longer be able to build technologies which only Comstar would hold. Once the nation were to be unable wage war, not even travel between worlds...Comstar had planned execute plane of mass take over to save humanity, no one would be able to stop them.
Hyperpulse Generator (HPG)
Better known as the HPG. This is a specialized technology which allow gravity pulses to be sent through hyperspace to allow communication between the stars. The technology is related to JumpShip's K-F Drive. A HPG is capable of sending message not unlike the Telegraph, but with more advanced ones using visual recordings, however very expensive. Most common HPG is planet base, named a HPG Station. The HPG Station consists of massive control dish which it must align itself planet or orbital body which has another Hyperpulse Generator Station. There are different grades of these stations which handles message traffic. Basic communication is text, while higher grade is video messaging, while in very rare occasions, highest grade of stations can be made create a Real Time communication, but disrupts message traffic tremendously due main power, and individual stations needed to make the connection. Clans and the Star League developed smaller Mobile HPG
Hyperpulse Generator Network
This a massive network of HPG Stations build and used by Star League and more notably ComStar throughout the Inner Sphere and bordering Periphery nations. The Clans also had maintained it's own network of HPGs, some more advanced and not connected to older Inner Sphere Network. These stations consist of massive dish which aims to hub station which relays message traffic to it's destination through hyperspace.
Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle (Weapon)
This ballistic weapon, better known as the HAG, is a variation of the Gauss Rifle. Seen as a Mech-sized Shotgun, which it fires small caliber slugs instead of traditional Gauss Rifle's large shells. The HAG usually is more accurate in close range, than long. These weapon was developed by Clan Hell's Horse in 3068 during early years of the Jihad Era. The weapon excels when used against small targets such as Infantry / Battle Armor or Combat Vehicles. The weapon is mounted on variety of large vehicles, Mechs, and aerospace type fighters or larger. The weapons classified by how many barrels the weapon comes in. These include Class 20, 30, or 40.


Improved Advanced Tactical Missile (iATM)
Variant of the long range ATM system, it was developed by renegade scientists known as The Society in 3070 during the Wars of Reaving. Called the Improved Advanced Tactical Missile (or iATM), they have same type missile tubes/launchers (iATM-3, iATM-6, iATM-9, & iATM-12) but use Streak SRM (fire & forget) technology and unlike SRMs can used for indirect fire. The iATM uses same warheads as the regular ATM, but included two additional alternate ammo types; Improved Magnetic Pulse Ammunition and Improved Inferno Ammunition.[43]
This is designation for Clans of Kerensky of the one Clan that shall lead others. To designated the IlClan, this clan would need to conquer Terra, which would usher the reestablishing the Star League by conquest of the Inner Sphere.
This is a Clan title for a State Messenger who goes between Clans as representative. This is not unlike function of an ambassador. This is a unique position created by Clan Blood Spirit, as part their founder's efforts to encourage good relations between war like Clans. However, this position was abolished as possible Clan-wide due to increasing aggressiveness nature of Clans had evolved to being "UnClan-Like". Despite this, Blood Spirits kept for Clans they had friendly relationships with. It's unknown if the position was maintain beyond Blood Spirit's annihilation in 3084[44][45]
This a civilian type of 'Mech, intended generally for commercial uses or non-combat labor. They are sometimes referred to as "WorkMechs". Their roles include; Salvage, Cargo handling, Agriculture, Ammunition handing, and Security. Typically these machines are powered by Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) and usually are fitted with industrial grade armor which isn't as strong as standard armor found on BattleMechs. However, they can be armed in desperate situations. Mechs modified in this fashion are designated with MOD (if their formerly civilian models), signifying it's a armed IndustrialMech. However, planetary militias do field what term as purpose built MilitiaMechs, which are low-tech combat mechs. These "combat" versions of the IndustrialMech can be fitted with heavy industrial armor and added military grade equipment which are more survivable than IndustrialMechs retrofitted with weapons. SecurityMechs are have similar abilities, but not as significant as a MilitiaMech. However, if either design faces modern BattleMech, they would not be able last in combat for but just short while.
The Inferno missile is a warhead used with SRM launchers. They contain a flammable plasma warhead that explodes into head and damage. While not damaging warhead, heat from the weapon can cause unit being stuck to suffer from possible shutdown or utter destruction due to intolerance to flammable warhead. Only SRM Launchers may fire Infernos. Similar non-missile launchers include Flamers type weapons.
Inner Sphere
This is given name of the BattleTech universe's setting in side the Milkyway Galaxy. This region does not consisting of entire galaxy. However, it does include a massive part of it. Anything beyond heart interstellar civilization is considered to be Periphery (on the border if the Sphere) and the Deep Periphery refers to anything beyond borders of the Inner Sphere. After certain point in BattleTech's universe, most deep space exploration & mass colonization on whole ceased. Center of the Inner Sphere is Terra (Earth).
Abbreviation for Intelligence, in military organizations it is information on opponent actions.
1) blocking / intercepting of good and services to a intended party. 2) This is blockade of communication via HPG Network. This prevents a planet or nation from using the faster-than-light communication network strung across the Inner Sphere. This was generally used by ComStar when hostile actions were taken during the time when they had no army to defense it or organization's lostech communications network. This made nations vulnerable to attack, especially during the Succession War Era.
Internal Security Force (ISF)
The Internal Security Force (abbreviated and better known as ISF) is Draconis Combine's official spy agency and secret police force. Aside operating in the shadows conducting assassinations, sabotage, and surveillance in the name of the Combine. They are also the secret gatekeepers, whom holds the integrity of the Draconis Combine together regardless of it's supreme leadert's wishes, the Coordinator. They are also compliment and counter with House Kurita's other and unofficial spy organization, the Order of Five Pillars (O5P).[46]
Interstellar Expeditions
Also known as IE, This is a privately funded organization dedicated to exploration, usually for profit. Formed during the late 30th Century originally by hobbyists. However, by the 31st Century it became organization was used probe into the Deep Periphery as well as mysteries of the Inner Sphere's past that maybe profitable.[47]
Iron Womb
This is the name for the device that used to birth the Clan's genetically engineered Humans as possible Warrior candidates. The devices maintained by Clan Scientists using the DNA of previous genetically Blood-Named Warriors (referred to per sex, Gene Mother, Gene Father) who earned right to contribute their genes to creating new generation of warriors. Different or multiple individuals can be used to contribute to the creation of a child. Including of the same sex.
This is the Clan term for spoils of war or battle. This can be set as a prize for a Trial or winning a battle. This can include individual warriors who showed honor & skill opposing them to entire planets. Depending on the circumstance.


This was a time period of war (3067 to 3081) in the Inner Sphere where the Word of Blake. Tech-influence religion faction angered with collapse of the Second Star League, would launch strikes at all the major capitals of the Inner Sphere and engineered sub-factions to fight one another. In meanwhile, they would make their own land grab forming a new nation in center of the Inner Sphere, with Terra as it's capital. Though this name of era, Word of Blake waged war against everyone, thus sometimes over all time period is though of a War onto itself. Sometimes being referred to as the "Jihad" or "Blake War". However, this is inaccurate due to the many different small conflicts & short-wars were accruing during the Jihad until the end.
Jump (Term)
This shorten word for the Hyperspace Jump. This is the faster light transportation used in the BattleTech universe. Vessel using this technology are generally termed as JumpShip. Developed in 22nd Century, the technology allows vessel enter a parallel universe known generally as Hyperspace. Which shortens the journey between one star to another within a person life time within moments (Minutes) this "Jump" is implemented. Jump term derides from how this to the crew a jump works. When sufficiently charged (typically takes 3 - 7 days), the ship will only take moments in realtime to arrive at it's destination. Modern JumpShips can travel to maximum of 30 Light Years reliably. Early JumpShips, referred to as Primitive JumpShips range was limited to 15 light years. A Jump if not calculated properly or equipment is good repair can result in a MisJump. This is the term when a ship has malfunction. Resulting ranges from damage to the ship (typical thing which happens), injuries or death of the crew, vessel being crippled unable jump again, wrong destination, arriving centuries late in some rare cases or the misjumping ships are never seen again. Hyperspace Jumps can effect humans with Transit Disorientation Syndrome. TDS causes people being ill. However jump technology reliably safe. Experiments have been made attempt to increase the jump range beyond 30 light years. While possible double range of a JumpShip, sometimes referred to as Super Jumps. This experimental technology usually results in the destruction of the KF Drive.[48]
Jump Infantry (Unit Type)
This is a specialized type of Infantry. Seen as elite of infantry before the development of the Battle Armor, these troops are fitted with minature man-made Jet Packs and able carry heavy infantry weaponry such as Lasers & SRM launchers. They've been used for the role of anti-infantry role, being able fly / hope over 90 meters.[49]
Jump Jets
Jump Jets are form of vehicular type equipment typically found on 'Mechs or Battle Armor. They are form temporary jet booster, that helps a unit to be propelled into the air for short period and lands certain distance depending on how many Jump Jets are fitted on the unit. This method of movement is consider to be a "Jump" as a person would do. They are typically powered by a unit's Fusion Engine, giving significant mount power to do this Jump. Jump Jets cannot be used while in water if the jump jet nozzles in water itself. Jump Jets can be used in space, though additional "fuel" can be fitted for more sustain flight. While rare, Combat Vehicles can be fitted can be fitted special jump jets. Game mechanics have made this rare, to give Mechs and Battle Armor more uniqueness in the game. There are three types of Jump Jets; Standard Jump Jets (which have no distinction from Battle Armor, BattleMech/OmniMech), Improved JumpJets, which double distance (and heat) a unit may move, Vehicle Jump Jets (rare form, only Combat Vehicles/OmniVehicles may use), and Jump Jets found on LAMs, which are form of Super Jump Jets only these transforming BattleMech may fitted with.
Jump Point
A jump point is area in space which a JumpShip safely exit and enter hyperspace. These regions of space labeled are usually area with no gravitational influences. Such factors cause MisJump and resulting harm to the ship conducting the jump. The Zenith and the Nadir of a star's gravity well usual designated Standard Jump Point used by interstellar commerce. However, other such places such as "Pirate Jump Points" which are found inside the Star's orbital plane, near worlds. However, Pirate Jump Points can be highly dangerous due to changing influence a star's gravity. Typically only desperate spacers or foremention pirates would risk such a jump. Normally attached DropShips must detach from the JumpShip and undergo some cases days of travel to the interior of the solar system. JumpShips are limited to using station keeping engines, must not move due to economics of their constriction and their frailty. Jump Point of a Star is more economically better solar system, with space stations, notably charging station. Which collects solar energy from a large sail, like the JumpShip. This can almost instantly recharge a JumpShip, once it's moved by tugs to receive power directed from the station. Jump Points can be great distance form Solar System due to varying sizes of solar systems.[50]
A form of Starship used by Human civilization in the BattleTech Universe. The ship final component of a 2 segment transportation system. They can not move quickly in normal space, require stay in area without any gravitational influences. These ships use massive amount power which they need to leap between measurement of distance to reach their destination instantly. However, they must use massive solar sails known as Jump Sail to recharge their batteries. Charging can a Jump Ship using the sail depends on the star, but on average 5-7 days. In some cases special batteries can be added to allow a double jump. JumpShips since destructive Era of the Succession Wars, JumpShips are fairly rare, near taboo to destroy due to loss of means building them in large numbers.


Kapteyn Accords
See Concord of Kapteyn
Kearny-Fuchida Boom (KF Boom)
This is a part found on all DropShips. In short, this component allows docked DropShips to safely travel with a JumpShip in hyperspace. They act as external connector, that plugins into a DropShip when it connects with the Drop Collar of a JumpShip. Without KF Boom, drop ship would not travel through hyperspace and result in it's destruction once a ship jumps. Only Primitive DropShips lack KF Boom, must be docked INSIDE ships equipped with DropShuttle Bays.
Kearny-Fuchida Drive (KF Drive)
This is a large, cylinder like device made from titanium-germanium container with other electronics in side that allows for large spacecraft to jump into hyperspace. The device requires rare element of germanium, which is not easily cultivated/mined. Due to the nature of hostile universe BattleTech is, JumpShips became fewer during the Succession Wars Era, thus the titanium-germanium would be incredible valuable to what individuals can acquire raw materials, making them rich. The KF-Drive requires vast quantity to charge so it may open a hole in hyperspace. While travel in hyperspace is almost instantaneous, charging the KF Drive can take a week depending distant the from the sun a Jumpship need to collect solar energy from. Using Fusion Reactor about a ship to charge (Hot Charge) is possible and done in early age of exploration. Its not recommended, due changes of damaging the KF Drive. A charge from KF Batteries or / KL Batteries can provide safe charge for the Drive to be used.[51]
Kell Hounds (Mercenary Command)
This is a historical and one the most revered of the mercenary companies that were formed in the 31st Century at the tail end of the Third Succession War. Formed by brothers Morgan & Patric Kell, whom were cousins of sister-in-law Archon Katrina Steiner, leader of the Lyran Commonwealth. The Hounds were an elite mercenary unit whose exploits were well noted in the Inner Sphere for fighting smart and quick to adapt situations. Based on Lyran world of Arc Royal, the Kell's were part of the royal family whom ruled this world and eventually a region in later generations. Kell Hounds despite working for whom their contracted with, were always loyal to rightful rulers of House Steiner, eventually House Steiner-Davion. The company grew from 3018 to two Regiment force, whom has close ties to Clan Wolf-In-Exiles whom called Arc Royal home.[52]
Kentares Massacre (Event)
A First Succession War tragedy, genocide of a Federated Suns world committed by Draconis Combine. Every man, woman, and child put to death by Draconis Combine troops due to the assassination of their Coordinator while visiting the world.
Kerensky Cluster (Place)
This is a star cluster of settled worlds occupied the Clans. These worlds were originally settled by the SLDF, and however initial civilization collapsed due to ethic fighting, forcing son of General Kerensky to form the Clans and conquered these Pentagon Worlds and later expanded to habitable stars near the original Pentagons Worlds. Collectively, this region named for both Kerenskys and part overall region known as Clan Space.
Kerensky (Bloodname)
This was the surname of the founders of the Clans, Andery and Nicholas Kerensky. Like all Bloodnames, the founder names are earned through Trials of combat known as Bloodname Trial. Providing they earn proper degree of honor and do nor do they disgrace themselves; their DNA samplings are mixed with that of the founder and other Bloodnamed warriors of the same heritage of Kerensky, namely Andery or Nicholas. The bloodname of Kerensky is the most revered of 800 bloodnames of the Clans, since Nicholas Kernesky is the creator the Clans as well the first unified leader, the ilKhan.
Kerensky, Aleksandr
Last commander of the Star League Defense Force and the Protector of League during future leader Richard Cameron rearing. He would face the League's greatest crisis, where President Stefan Amaris of the Rim Worlds Republic would usurp the throne of the Star League and conquers it's core, the Terran Hegemony for himself with his nation's armed forces. General Kerensky leads the SLDF retake it, after being fooled into putting down a Uprising created by Amaris to lure the SLDF from Hegemony. After conquering Rim Worlds Republic, Kerensky would lead his forces in bloody campaign to retake Terra and Hegemony. However, the Hegemony in ruins, the Star League members voting to dissolve the Star League itself for their own purposes. Not wanting to risk greater war, Kerensky leads SLDF on Exodus from the Inner Sphere where he would found the Star League in Exile, which would sunder to political forces within SLDF and devolve into Warrior lead Clans after his death.
Kerensky, Nicholas
Son of Aleksandr Kerensky, and founding founder of the Clans. Because of his life experiences growing up as part child of general and resisting Amaris Empire on Terra, his brief tenure as officer in the SLDF in Exile, Nicolas in envisioned a society based on "Honor and Strongest Leads", using trial combat containing conflict between humans while regulating them into caste system. He accomplished this by reforming the former SLDF who followed him in 2nd exodus into society of Clans, lead by Warriors. He would designate himself "IlKhan", put end to the Pentagon Wars, home colonies of the SLDF had settled that turned to war. Its greatly suspected he himself suffered from mental illness and had engineered the Pentagon Wars to gain control and escape his father's shadow.
This a Clan designation of a formation intended for a Clan's senior leadership, its Khan and saKhan. These formations can vary in size, from Binary / Trinary to Cluster of troops.
KF Jump
This is informal name for a JumpShip to make "Jump" to Hyperspace. A jump itself using the Kearny-Fuchida Drive for the occupants of the JumpShips is a brief operation. Jumps are essentially quick moves for a ship, as long there sufficient power for the KF Drive. Unlike other science fiction settings, Jumpships moves instantaneously from one place to another. Though gravity disruption can be detected upon arrival a ship from hyperspace.
Highest rank of a Clan. Lesser ranks include, saKhan (second in command), OvKhan (Term of respect of a higher rank individual, also a term for a Commander of a group ships of Clan Sea Fox in Dark Age Era), and ilKhan, highest rank of all Clans.
This is the Clan organization which consists of a collection of fleet ships (warships, jumpships, dropships). Khanate acts as a Sub-Clan within a Clan. In canon, during the Dark Age Era, Clan Sea Fox was reorganized using Khanate, due to lack of worlds. These Khanate have their own Khan, referred to as ovKhan, whom answers to Clan's Khan & saKhan. Khanate can act on their own, growing, trade, they can add their own list of properties, by worlds, enclaves (city settlements) which are few on planets. Khanate are not strictly military formations, they are consist of it's labor/tech/science castes living on retired/converted JumpShips/WarShips/gutted DropShips into massive habitats they can cobble together. Khanate consist of five smaller fleets known as Aimag. They're warrior caste of a Khanate are arranged like traditional clan formations, but nothing larger than Clusters. Khanate takes the place of a Galaxy in Clan's Touman organization.[53]
This name / designation for "Sub" Clan which is exclusively found within Clan Fire Mandrill. Due to the fragmented nature of the Clan, Kindraa are formed based on the Bloodnames leading it. Kindraa are typically named for the leading Blood House that leads it. Kindraa fight among themselves instead for whole of the entire Clan. This fragmented nature would lead to it's demised.
1) Family name of Ruling Family of Draconis Combine. 2) Slang for a individual whom is associated with the Draconis Combine. Sometimes referred to as Kuritian.
KLONDIKE, Operation
Early Succession War Era military operation (war) in the Deep Periphery. The operation was when the first generation of the Clans, formerly SLDF, wage war against rebellious factions had formed in the original settle space of the Star League in Exile, Pentagon Worlds. This is operation where the Clans cement their control Pentagon worlds, placing the settlement in warrior-centric culture envisioned by founder Khan Nikolas Kerensky.


Land Air Mech (LAM)
A LAM is a type of Mech which is uniquely able to reconfigure itself into a aerospace fighter and a hybrid of the two. They are extremely rare type of Mech the know how to build them was lost during the Succession Wars, with last vestiges of the type or ability to manufacture them ceased at the beginning of the Clan Invasion in early 3050s and briefly 3060s by the Word of Blake exclusively and properly lost again. Only Light & Medium Size BattleMechs could be built as LAMs. The type 'mech was actually phased out of use from BattleTech due to lawsuits & game balance issues.
Landmine (Weapon)
This is a autonomous explosive weapon typically buried underground to ambush unsuspecting troops. These weapons use pressure plates to activate once stepped on. The manner explosive varies in choices, from using non-lethal gases to knock out troops, to Inferno (fire explosive) type warheads. There large varies of of the Landmine used from anti-infantry to anti-BattleMech. Additionally there are sea based version of the mine, Sea Mine used for anti-ship/submarine defense. These weapons can be deployed by burying them by troops, using quick dispensary methods such as Thunder Long-Range Missile dispensers [LRM] (rockets crashing into the field), or special purpose-built vehicle normally referred to a Minelayer. Typically these weapons are used defensively of guard facilities or important locations which do not have enough defensive weapons. Minesweeper type equipment found on Combat Vehicles or firing Long-Range Missile Launchers into the suspected buried minefield will prematurely detonate these weapons. Enhanced versions of the landmine fired by LRMs are enhanced so they will react to targets more throughly. There is also version of the landminds that have command detonation via remote control radio signals or wired.[54]
Lance (Formation)
This is smallest basic organized military formation for vehicles/mechs/aircraft found in the Inner Sphere based militarizes. This consist of four combat units, BattleMechs, Combat Vehicles, Aerospace Fighters. The number of combat oriented units can vary, depending on their function. Basic Lance of 'Mechs or Combat Vehicles consist of 4, while Aerospace Fighters/Conventional Fighters only consist of 2, and is usually referred to as a "Air Lance". House Liao employs Augmented Lances, which six units with primary units and two supporting elements such as 4 Mechs, 2 Combat Vehicles or Combat Vehicles, Two Mechs.[55]
Lithium-Fusion Battery (L-F Battery)
The LF Battery is a powerful energy storage unit associated with JumpShips and WarShips. This battery can storage enough power to allow for a JumpShip to able to conduct a second jump into Hyperspace at a moment's notice. They require charge time same as it would be for charging a Kearny-Fuchida Drive.[56]
1( Ruling family of the Capellan Confederation. 2) Alternate name for collective citizens of House Liao of the Capellan Confederation.
Liberation of Terra (Event)
Star League military campaign during the Star League Civil War, which General Aleksandr Kerensky lead the SLDF reconquer the Terran Hegemony and dispose of "Emperor" Stefan Amaris.
Light Combat Team (Formation)
Better known by it's abbreviation LCT, this is a form of a large scale combined arms in 'Mech centric universe of BattleTech. The formation usually consists of reinforced Battalion of (3 companies + Command Lance) of BattleMechs/OmniMechs, with regiment of Infantry/Battle Armor, Regiment of Combat Vehicles, and enough VTOL Ground aircraft to airlift the Battle Armor and act as scouts for the formation. The formation appears after 3081, invented by the John Davion in wake of the destruction of the Jihad. Unlike the Regimental Combat Team, a single Star Lord JumpShip can be used transport entire formation via Overlords Dropships and other battalion-scale transport DropShips.[57]
Long Range Missiles (LRM)
This a common direct-fire missile system found in use in the BattleTech universe. The missiles and it's launcher are typically referred to one in the same name. Commonly known as LRM, this weapon intended Long Range combat situation. Twin to Short Range Missile launcher (SRM), due to long range nature, it carries a less destructive warhead than it's Short Range variant, the SRM. However, the missiles are not exclusively fired from it's own LRM tubed launcher. They're are other launchers, typically multi-missile launching launchers (MML), Extended Rangee LRM [ELRM - Double range of standard model], Enhanced LRMS (NLRM) [Can shoot closer ranges, than standard model] and small man-portable launchers that can fire SRMs. There are different types of LRM missiles, some do not allow to be fired from its typical launchers (LRM-5, LRM-10, LRM-15, and LRM-20), and require a special launcher to be used. These Optional LRMs warheads include; (Clan) Streak Missile Launcher (Fire & Forget Launcher), One-Shot Launcher, Smoke (fired at ground leaving smoke provides cover from enemy fire), Thunder LRM (Deploys Minefield via Missiles.[58]
This is the designated person who officiates Clan Ceremonies. They study the rules and judge trials and disputes.
This is term for any hyper advanced technology which was lost during the fall of the Star League and early Succession Wars. This technology ranged from typically battlefield weapons typically found on SLDF Royal Mechs, to type units, such as the WarShip, or the means to make such products such type mechs, or technology. Some more extreme cases such as ability to Terraform a planet into a habitable planet, or do things more automated. The Succession Wars as total warfare as it was, provide cover for ComStar to kill scientist to usher a new Dark Age. Their original plan was to have masses of humanity suffer technology loss so badly, that so they in turn could weight out as not even JumpShips could be made and the would take over all and save the InnerSphere as their saviors they would rule. This did not happen. Hidden bases or forgotten relics of the pass are found periodically, causing individuals to have advantage over others or become rich. However, ComStar during the Succession Wars Era, would quietly remove such items (capture, destroy, or even buy) hands of individuals, but not all.
Capital world of the Draconis Combine and House Kurita, it's ruling family. The world been nicknamed the "Black Pearl" due to the pollution of factories darkens it's skies in the past.
Lyran Alliance
Was a major interstellar Nation of the Inner Sphere, located the northwest from Terra/Earth. Formerly part of the Federated Commonwealth as part of two insterallar sub-sections. The nation was formed when the Capellan Confederation & Free Worlds League invaded the vital corridor of worlds in 3057, the Sarna March that connected it to it's sister sub-section, Federated Suns. Lead by Archon-Princess, Katrina Steiner-Davion, she would invoke the treaty, to sever her inherited part of the Commonwealth for her to rule. Originally, A highly capitalist nation known to value wealth. Ruled principally by Steiner family. Like the original Lyran Commonwealth it once was, the Lyran culture has normatic/german influences would be greatly be magnified as well unfounded hatred for diminished Federated Commonwealth and it's leading family, House Davion. However, it's leader not ruling for best interests of her nation, as she secretly had assassinated her own mother and later use her troops enforce her rule in face of multiple Clan invasions by the Jade Falcons and ultimately FedCom Civil War After she is removed from power in 3067 by her bother Peter Steiner-Davion and coalition of troops. A peace would be restored, only to be broken again by the war known as the Jihad conducted by the Word of Blake. In 3081, the nation state would cease being known as the Alliance and be renamed by it's third and last ruler, Adam Steiner, to Lyran Commonwealth.
Lyran Alliance Armed Forces
Better known as the LAAF, this was armed force of the Lyran Alliance. While it's former Lyran Commonwealth, mainly used regiments forces, organized per fighting units (BattleMech, Combat Vehicles, Infantry). The LAAF is structured much by it's days as member-substate of the super interstellar nation, the Federated Commonwealth. The forces were structured featuring four Regimental Combat Team Brigades, protecting regions of the Alliance. Unlike it's former sister state, the Federated Suns, its has minimal Navy. Suffering from shortage of JumpShips & DropShips to move it's armies effectively. Additionally, it's Naval arm only handful of Warships left over from it's days as part Federated Commonwealth. As part legacy of it's old Lyran Commonwealth days, the armed forces is rifled with political insiders whom themselves are not effective as senior leaderships, known as "Social Generals."
Lyran Commonwealth
A major interstellar Nation of the Inner Sphere, located the northwest from Terra/Earth. A highly capitalist nation known to value wealth. Ruled principally by Steiner family. The Lyran culture has normatic/german influences. The nation was briefly known as the Lyran Alliance (3057 - 3081) after union with the Federated Suns ended as the Federated Commonwealth. It is protected by it's army, Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces (LCAF). The nation's smaller sections were originally ruled by powerful dukes, whom ruled three major interstellar states the Commonwealth was originally formed from. After it's reformation as a Commonwealth, it would be weaken power & wealth by end of the Dark Age Era (Mid-32nd Century) and nearly severed in half by Clans and poor decisions made by it's Achons.
Lyran Intelligence Corps (LIC)
This is a Lyran Commonwealth / Lyran Alliance spy organization used for intelligence missions including assassination against foreign and domestics threats to the Lyran homeland and it's rulership.[59]


Machine Gun
Standard ballistic weapon used to kill infantry type and low armor targets. Unchanged from it's creations since the 20th century. Maximum range of 90 meters (3 hexes), these weapons are prone to causing the user mech being destroyed due to ammunition explosion. There are three variants of the standard Machine gun; Light Machine Gun (longer range, less damage), the Heavy Machine Gun (less range, more damage).[60]
Master Unit List
Better known as the MUL, this is the official BattleTech online reference list (for tabletop type games) for combat and non-combat elements (Battlemechs, AeroSpace Fighters, WarShips, Battle Armor, and anything vehicle wise.) in the BattleTech Universe. It is the official reference website for BattleTech when identifying, introduction dates, battle values of individual units played in the game.
Magistracy of Canopus
This is a moderate size interstellar nation which lies south of Terra (Spinward) on the Inner Sphere's border with Free Worlds League. It's natives known as Canopians, this nation was established by individuals flee Terra during the Age of War Era, it would became female lead nation. It's leader always woman, holding the rank of Magestrix. While free nation, the Canopus was known for it's medical and entertainment venues. Canopus is known for female angle leadership, it's military in early times (some cases still does) buy its ranks, but not often. Historically, Like all Major Periphery nations bordering the Inner Sphere, it was force to join the Star League in the Reunification War, where it forces were grounded down. It along with other Periphery States as they were known tricked into joining the Periphery Uprising to cast off financial burdens placed on it by the major states (Great Houses) of the Star League. Namely taxes and other economic concerns by Rim Worlds Republic. The Republic had created the Uprising, for it's own ambitions. Namely, it's leadership take over the Terran Hegemony and Star League by coupe. While fairing better than most Periphery nations, it along with the Inner Sphere would suffer from technological decline during the Succession Wars. By 31st Century, the Canopus's crafty leadership had join string alliances and established itself in larger role as it's ruling family married into Capellan Confederation's leaders creating strong bond. By the 32nd Century, the nation had also joined alliance in former Free Worlds League principality, Duchy of Andurien.[61]
This is a form advance technology transportation found on some planets used to heavy materials or people on form of Magnetic track. This track allows the train to leviate about the track to allow for higher speeds than ordinary train or locomotive. This advance for of the train is highly expensive to maintain and only found few places in the Inner Sphere due to the destructive Succession Wars ravaging much of the human space higher grade of technology. They are found usually on key worlds where industrial need or capital worlds.
Manai Domini
This was a an elite class of fanatical soldiers whom were in service of the Word of Blake. These were soldiers whom were cybernetically enhanced by with special and exotic technologies exclusively to them. These men and woman earn their spots by being maimed in combat in the service of the Word, being elevated and "Reborn" as Manei Domini soldiers. The group was originally special operations group operating in the early 3060s in the Chaos March region found in the center of the Inner Sphere. There in course years in secret they would learn their trade and expand their ranks to include using cybernetic enhancements from strength, hidden weapons, enhancements to their senses, bodies in some cases greatly changed, with abilities not possible for normal human, and most notably direct neural interfaces to control vehicles, mechs, battle armor and other combat related units with uncanning control. Unlike normal humans, its believed these cybernetically enhanced troopers have a short life span but, this is unclear. These soldiers would emerged from secrecy at the dawn of the Jihad. They would be formally organized into their own frontline combat formations known as Shadow Divisions, but these combat formations would be the elite of the Word of Blake's military. These soldiers capabilities would be further enhanced by having their own dedicate series of OmniMechs, Battle Armor, Aerospace Fighters, and Combat Vehicles. Unlike other Word of Blake soldiers, the Manei Domini answered only to individual known as the Master. The Master, formerly Thomas Marik, whom was secretly kept his real identity secret, with substitute agent masqueraded as him in public and ruling the Free Worlds League in his steed. The Manei Domini reign fear down on all who opposed them, viewing normal humans as "Frails" They would allegedly meet their demise as organization by end of the Jihad War in 3081. With many who remained hunted down, while others disappearing along with portion of the Word whom had not been ousted from the Inner Sphere and killed.[62]
1) Ruling family of the Free Worlds League, better known as House Marik. 2) Nickname for individuals hailing from Free Worlds League.
The Master (Character)
This notable and secretive individual whom was Thomas Marik, was the heir of the Free Worlds League during the 31st Century. However, due to assassination attempt via bombing, he was disfigured in 3035. He was part of the secretive organization of the Comstar, later Word of Blake. Due to nature of the disfigurement, a imposter was sent to pretend to be real Thomas Marik. He would rise through ranks to be known as the Master, leading the secretive organization within the cybernetically enhanced Manei Domini. Ultimately, he would guide the Word of Blake via the shadows through the Jihad Era.[63]
This is the name of the Capellan Confederation's spy agency. Russian word that translates into English as "disguise".
Slang for BattleMech, OmniMech, or a civilian IndustrialMech.
Mech Bay
This is formally known as a BattleMech Bay or Repair Bay. This is found in range of locations, usually a fix structure found from DropShip's bays dedicated to 'Mechs, Repair Bases where technicians have dedicated tooling and supplies to totally restore, rearm, reconfigure, or fully repair 'Mechs. These bays have gantry that towers as tall as 14 meters however, some sizes vary. Other repair bays are mobile vehicles as well.
The official title of individual who pilots a BattleMech or OmniMech for combat purposes. Sometimes referred to as a Mech Jock.
MechWarrior: Dark Age
This was a collectable game miniatures tabletop game devised by WizKids in 2001. The company was founded by BattleTech co-creator Jordan Weisman. The game was set in 3132 in the BattleTech universe, was largely a new time period yet explored by the original game line which was frozen in 3067. Weiseman revived original Battletech tabletop game, allowing it to continue. Game would cease being made by bankruptcy of the company however, the original Tabletop game would continue and move into the what term as Dark Age Era (3085-3150) time period and absorbing much of miniatures and fiction MWDA game created.
Medium Range Missile (MRM)
Better known as the MRM, this a brute force style missile launcher. Developed by the Draconis Combine in 3050-3060s, these weapons were intended to bridge gap between ranges LRM & SRM launchers. Unlike the older weapons, MRM have large volume of missiles that can be fired per volley. MRM launchers are arrange of tubes of 10 (MRM 10, 20, 30, & 40), if not counting Battle Armor/man-portal launchers. These smaller launchers have less tubes than vehicle/Mech type uses. Unfortunately, the trade off for large volume of fire is accuracy. Where percentage shorts fired tend to miss unless enhanced by a Apollo Fire Control System which cuts down shorts miss and difficulty to hit.
Memory Core
This is a piece of technology developed by the Star League. Officially known as a Star League Memory Core, this device is form of computer memory used to store all the technology, research, knowledge of all types, and other assorting information related to the League. Due to League's destruction, technology was lost due to wars of the Succession War Era, which was secretly pushed by ComStar, whom destroyed memory cores when they were uncovered to prevent technology (lostech) being recoverd so they could ultimately dominate the Inner Sphere, reforming the Star League in manner they wished. However, in the 3028 a memory core was discovered and it's contents of lost technology was spread across the known Inner Sphere reviving it's technology base. Three memory cores had been recovered in canon history, including 3028 discovery known as the (named for world it was found), Helm Memory Core. Others include; New Dallas Memory Core (which notably revealed ancient technology & designs forgotten the Inner Sphere) and Graus Memory Core, recovered prior to the Clan Invasion.[64]
A soldier for hire, whom can acquire great wealth. They have unique skills and property/tools to accomplish military tasks while another in government service may not or need for supplement existing forces. While individuals can freelance their services with their own personal equipment, typically they form mercenary companies (organization / business vs size of force). Also known as Mercenary Commands, these companies can formed around any type of military machines such as; combat vehicles, Aerospace Fighters, Dropships, and However, more so commonly companies consist primary of BattleMechs. Persons and groups whom enter the mercenary trade can range from discharge soldier at the end of their service, abandoned soldiers with possibility of harm should they return their nation of origin, nation is destroyed (such as the original Star League) so they've kept their force intact carry on as mercenary company/regiment etc. In some case, they will be group of individuals whom work well together and wished keep that way or keep their way a life (freedom). Mercenary companies (business not, size of force) can grow as large from 4 unit Lance to rare multi-regimental size brigades. Mercenaries can under take missions an potential employer may need, typically choosing these missions by "neutral" parties such as the Mercenary Review Board sponsored by large organizations or national interests. The latter is dangerous, such as nations try to permanently attain the services for mercenaries by making them in-debt to the employer via "Company Store". The "Store" tends to easier mean to access replacement parts and equipment, but with loans which can easily bankrupt the company. Mercenaries are vulnerable to being going into debt, forcing them pray on industrial / civilian targets without contract. When this is found out, they can be labelled as Pirates, loose credibility working legally.
This is a result of accident accruing when a JumpShip is making the jump to Hyperspace. A misjump can result in injury to the ship's crew, navigational displacement of vessel through hyperspace in completely different star system not planned for, minor to catastrophic damage to the jumping ship, and rare and dreaded cases, the destruction of the ship. Typically it is a navigational displacement, however, multiple things mentioned can accrue at same time.
Multi-Missile Launcher (Weapon)
Communally known by it's abbreviation as MML, the missile system is a fusion of both Long-Range (LRM) and the Short-Range Missile Launchers (SRM) used in the Inner Sphere. The system is designed to take combination of both systems and fuse them into a system that can switch from one kind of launcher to another. The system was intended cut down number different kinds of launchers. However, they are heavier than their original cousins and require separate ammunition bays per type of ammo required. The launcher allow for firing of any type special ammunition barring need for guidance system such as Artemis IV which needs to be added on. Streaks ammo type missiles cannot be used in a MML nor can torpedoes which both require specialized purpose-built launchers. There are four size (missile tubed) launchers available for the MML; MML-3/MML-5/MML-7/MML-9.[65]
This is a artificial muscle which are used in 'Mechs, Battle Armor, and medical applications such as replacement limbs for people.[66]


Narc Missile Beacon
Homing system which comes in a form of a type missile launcher/missile system. When a Narc missile strikes it's target, it acts as a radio beacon to draw in specialized long-range missile (LRM) ammunition to increase probability of the them to hit. Ammunition used can also feature an explosive verses a non-damaging homing device. Guardian ECM Suite can jam the signals of the Narc however, does not prevent the variant explosive type from detonating.[67]
Naval Autocannon
Naval Autocannons (abbreviated NAC) are form of ballistic weapon used by large spacecraft and large planetary defense batteries. The weapons are the among most powerful ballistic type weapon used, typical for WarShips. Their destructive power is 100 times more than typical weapon found in normal BattleTech on a BattleMech. Example: AC/10 (Autocannon 10) does 10 damage to standard armor, while Naval Autocannon / 10 does 100 damage. These weapons are typically larger than anything a DropShip or smaller could ever hope to mount. There are five classes of these weapons used; NAC/10, NAC/20, NAC/30, NAC/35, NAC/40.
This hand weapon used kill unarmored persons. The weapon uses chunks of plastic, which it fires high velocity at the target in shreds. These shreds of plastic will tear a human flesh on contact. It useless against anything armored.
A Slang found in Clan culture for Negative, which was originally a military term for No.
This is a helmet used by MechWarrior to allow a BattleMech and other vehicles to take advantage of a Human's sense of balance to allow it move with more accuracy. A neurohelmet uses person's inner ear/sense of balance for any kind of 'Mech from not falling over while moving. This operates in addition relying on using a Mech's Gyro. These helmets are bulky and are placed over the shoulders as well as the pilot's head. These helmets have been known to be used with pilot of other vehicles such as AeroSpace Fighters.[68]
New Avalon
The capital world of the Federated Suns. Seat power of its ruling family, House Davion. It is the home of the nation leading research school, New Avalon Institute of Science, factories that produce Legionarie and the Valkyrie BattleMechs among other things. Mount Davion found in the old capital of Avalon, was military headquarters of that coordinated the Sun's military forces, better known as the "Fox's Den" in early 31st Century until it's destruction in 3070s by Word of Blake.
New Avalon Institute of Science (NAIS)
The is the arguably the most prominent leading school & research facility of the Federated Suns. The Institute (better known as the NAIS), has been was founded by Hanse Davion in early 31st Century as part the effort to recover Lostech and innovate resurgence new technologies to help people of the FedSuns.[69]
Niops Association
This is a tiny space nation lying on the edge of the Inner Sphere. The single star periphery nation is noted for being hold out colony of the original Star League, having retained much of the the scientific knowledge lost during the Succession Wars, while avoiding hidden agenda of ComStar to eliminate all high technology for their long term plans to "save" the Inner Sphere from itself with their secretly long held knowledge of Star League Technology. Individuals from the Association are referred to as a Niopian. The Niops however is resource poor nation, never employed anything larger to be a threat or to spread technology it long since held.[70]
The Northwind Highlanders (Combat Unit)
This is a storied canon mercenary unit which has existed since early 24th Century (2362). They draws it's cultural identity from the [Clans of Highlands of whom originated from old Scotland on Terra. Though most of it's modern history, it has been a multi-Regimental formation, which exists far before BattleMechs existed.[71]
Nova (Clan)
1) (Military Formation) This is a small Clan combined arms formation where two different types Stars consisting typical of BattleMechs/OmniMechs and Elemental Battle Armor are assigned together. This type formation is commanded by a Star Commander (sometimes referred to as a Nova Commander or Nova Star Commander) This formation trains to work together support each other in combat. Larger version of this formation is known as a Supernova. 2) (OmniMech) The Nova is the Clan name for a medium OmniMech, which was renown for it's armed mounted weapons and maneuverability. While popular, it's production facilities had been captured by the 29th Century, their numbers would drop to unmaintainable levels by late 31st Century during the Clan Invasion Era. However, by the 3070s, during the Jihad War, a non-Omni/non-modular version of the Mech would be placed into production, however not as flexible as the original.
Noteputer (Device)
This is BattleTech universe of a combination of a Laptop & Tablet style portable computer It used used for administrative purposes (office work). [Note: BattleTech invented this device before the concept of small portable computers existed.]


This is a ceremonial position held by a Clan Warrior who acts as judge of a Clan Trial. In small or informal Trials, anyone of whom is judge to be honorable or perhaps available would act as Oathmaster. These individuals give rulings of actions that may come up. Additionally, more permanent Oathmaster can be nominated whom act for their Clan or Counsel of Clans. However, in these higher rank and responsibilities, they need learn rules to govern Bloodname or judge crimes. They end up requiring to conduction Trial of Position for Clan's Oathmaster position.
Occupation Zone
This is the designation for area of space control by a Clan after the initial invasion of the Inner Sphere in 3049. These areas are found Spinward from Terra. Originally known as Invasion corridor.[72]
Ortillery (slang)
This is a slang used for action of having Capital Weapons or Sub-Capital Weapons being fired against targets surface of a planet. A hybrid of words Orbital & Artillery.
These are highly modular version of the AeroSpace Fighters. With allotted tonnages dedicated to weapons or specialized equipment for their choosen missions. Similar in nature of modularity to the OmniMech, these modules are referred to OmniPods. Unlike conventional vehicles, refit to different "Configuration" suiting the missing, only takes matter minutes than hours or days.
This is modular version of the BattleMech. Where refitting changing out weapons and equipment on a BattleMech means redesigning the Mech, taking considerable amount of time to do. OmniMech uses OmniPods which are containers that allows weapon or equipment plugin into the OmniMech in short amount time. Typically due to balance issues (weight or game balance) OmniMechs usually patterned amount of "configurations" weapons usually found on a OmniMech per model or class of mech. OmniMechs themselves, have fix amount of weight of Podded equipment they can carry based on their size and allotted room. Equipment that cannot be moved, that is permanent to the OmniMech is usually referred to fixed equipment. OmniMechs are knowns to require more maintenance than normal BattleMechs (this was game mechanic to balance out differences between OmniMechs and standard BattleMechs.)
OmniPod (Technology)
This is a form of modular equipment that's contained inside a "Pod". These Pods allows for weapons and equipment to be easily added to vehicle/'Mech/Aerospace Fighter which was designed to be modular. Purposes of OmniPods for the easy customizing or changing out needed weapons to suit the mission or easy repair/replacement damaged ones. Such Units are designated with word "Omni" on them, such as; OmniVehicle, OmniMech, OmniFighter. The technology is design for technicians to install desired items into a unit. Limitation is the weight capacity a chassis to receive Omni-Pods. Example a Tomahawk II Assault OmniMech, whose chassis capacity is 56 tons. Thus 56 tons of weapons and equipment can be placed in pods and mounted where ever there is pod fitting on the 'Mech. Typically, this the arms, legs, torsos, and sometimes the head. It is standard naming practice to have any given unit's primary weapon/equipment load out (Most common) to be designated as the "Prime", differentiating weapons/equipment load outs are known as "Alternate Configurations". Standard units (regular construction) call their related designs variants, but these can not be changed unlike omniMech. Omni-based vehicles are known to require higher maintenance and cost. <Wiki Note: <This was done for game balance purposes, so not to obsolete standard built units in BattleTech>[73]
This is modular version of the Combat Vehicle. Sometimes referred as a "OmniTank", they are like other Omni-based vehicles. They are able to take various modules "OmniPods" containing weapons, equipment, sensors, engine enhancements, based on allotted amount of carrying weight they have and room for critical component slots.
The famed world of the Wolf's Dragoons during the 31st Century, which during their rule during the century prior to the Jihad, was a mercenary world. A place where mercenary soldiers make contracts and sell their services to any who wish to hire them.
Outer Reaches Rebellion (Event)
One of the earliest events of Age of War prior to the Inner Sphere nations having to form. Due to over taxation of world of Freedom, the Outer Reaches Rebellion would turn into out right war (2236 - 2237) when the Terran Alliance needed to put down rebellion down. Other neighboring colonizes hear the plight of Freedom began rebel as well. Poorly armed colonist began inflicting heavy causalities against the Alliance troops due to unorthodox tactics and aid from various parts of colonized space. By December 2237, the Alliance's political parties squabbled, with the Liberal Party blocking military funding for the war from the Expansionist party. Ending the war by attrition of the Liberals. The wake of this political squables would lead to the Terran Alliance with drawing all support to colonized space and leading to creation of the modern nations of the Inner Sphere but not without great suffering and failure of many colony worlds whom were dependent on the Alliance support to survive.[74]
Outworlds Alliance
A periphery nation situated on the Draconis Combine & Federation Sun's joint border. A pacifist like nation, which invests in AeroSpace Fighters more than BattleMech forces due to their nature wish only to defend and not invade. They were best known for having the best AeroSpace Fighter pilots in the Periphery and Inner Sphere. They would be later taken over by the late 31st Century by Clan Snow Raven in a forced merger of two groups, with the Snow Ravens best known for one of the "naval" focused Clans among Kerensky's Children.


Region of Space that borders the Inner Sphere, where host of smaller nations or independent worlds exists. Largest of these nations were the Rim Worlds Republic, Magistracy of Canopus, and the Taurian Concordat. This region is regarded backwater of humanity, with less technology advanced and wealth in comparison to the nations residing in the Inner Sphere.
Periphery, Deep
The Deep Periphery is largely unexplored region of space far from the settlements of humanity in the Inner Sphere. However, some established powers have settled some places such as the Clans's Kerensky Cluster & Pentagon Cluster. Other minor periphery powers have also settled in the Deep Periphery to avoid the repetitive and highly dangerous conflicts in the Inner Sphere, such as the Hanseatic League.
Periphery, Minor Nations
These are minor nations that are on fringes of the Periphery border of the Inner Sphere. These are small micro-nations of perhaps from 1 to half dozen worlds unified under some sort of governmental/directorship. These include;

Calderon Protectorate - Breakaway Taurian Concordat nation (Late 31st Century to mid-32nd Century)
Rims Collection - "Western" Border of the Inner Sphere, consisting of half dozen worlds with their frontline military in form a former mercenary company, Able's Aces
Fronc Reaches - "Southern" Nation nesseled between the Taurian Concordat & the Magistry of Canopus, which was jointly colonized by both until independent in 3060. Famously protected by Marshals, whom independent MechWarrior / Police
Periphery Uprising (Event)
Sometimes referred to as Periphery Rebellion, this was a historical event which was staged during the last years of the Star League Era in 28th Century. The three of the four major Periphery States of the Star League would secretly be supplied weapon and means to restore their militarizes try rebel against unfair taxing and unfair treatment they have received form the major Star League Member States, aka The Great Houses. However, rebellion was a ruse to draw away the SLDF from the League's central nation, Terran Hegemony, and force them to send entire Star League Defense Force. The Rim Worlds Republic would use this as means to stage a Coup and kill the Star League's leader, Star Lord Richard Cameron and cease control of the League itself installing the Republic's leader, President Stefan Amaris.
Pentagon Civil War (Event)
This was conflict fought by five original worlds settled by the SLDF in region known as the Pentagon Cluster in the Deep Periphery. War was fought by ethnic groups who were reclaiming their old Inner Sphere heritage. The chaotic conflict forced the majority of the armed forces of the SLDF retreat to Strana Mechty, one of the then colony worlds This retreat was called the "Second Exodus" which was implemented by Nicolas Kerensky. The War provide a convenient means for Kerensky reform Star League in Exile into the Clans. As the Clans were forming, the Pentagon War fragmented society greatly on the 5 worlds of the Cluster, reducing them to mix of primitive technology and warring states. The situation would not be resolved until the Clans had fully formed and returned invade and force Clan way of Life on to the people of the Pentagon. Its suspected that the war itself was engineered by Nicolas Kerensky.
Pentagon Worlds (Place)
Sometimes referred to as the Pentagon Cluster, these worlds are located in Clan Space. A cluster consist five worlds, which were first to be settled by the Star League in Exile lead by SLDF Commanding General Kerensky. Majority of the population of the Exodus Fleet of the SLDF settled on these five worlds. Over course of years, wars broke amongst the settlers forming mini-factions modeled after the nations of the Inner Sphere. This lead to the creation of the Clans, whom returned after twenty year absence and conquered the worlds and modeled them after their new Clan system. These worlds are named; Arcadia, Babylon, Circe, Dagda, Eden
1) A person who pilots a air vehicle of some kind. Usually small vehicles, not large Aerospace DropShips or larger vessels, whom are simply crew. 2) Clan geneo type, person who was genetically modified from their artificial birth (Iron Womb) to tolerate riggers of piloting a air or space small vehicle. These individuals are usually shorter in height and have slightly bigger heads which this physic allows them tolerate gravity or G forces high speeds. However, it's been shown pilots aren't as superior to normal human pilots. Typically Clan pilots whom fail their Trial of Position can still become a ground based Warrior / Pilot. After passing second Trial, they can end up prepared to use a ProtoMech. This is 'Mech like Unit which is less than 15 tons. However, a ProtoMech Pilot must undergo surgery with special implants so they may control a ProtoMech with their minds. However, the combination of using surgery and special medications shortens their lives.
This is a group / faction that exists in the BattleTech universe. They are raiders, whom are considered be thieves, killers, lawless individuals who attack worlds for resources, wealth, slaves, and illegal mercenary work. Unlike classic sea going pirates, they are not limited to spacecraft. Their typically known to be more form of raiders, whom do not work for any recognized official faction. They are best known using BattleMechs when attacking worlds, stealing what they can. They are sometimes former military units gone rogue, wanted individuals whom are not able to hold job. They are the most ruthless of factions in the BattleTech universe, with no morals. Like any illegal factions, they are typically hunted down by contracted or nationalize forces to restore peace. Pirates usually operate as bands, groups of individuals working for Pirate Captain or with larger formation "Lord". While not typical, pirates seldom have lands of their own. However there are some from single, to multiple world named nations which are havens or run by these pirates.
Pirate Point
This is navigational reference used for Hyperspace travel. A Pirate Point is a unstable location inside the gravity well of a solar system for a JumpShip to move to that close to a planetary body, such as a planet or other locations. This hazardous location inside a solar system go to due to the potential of the gravity of planets, moons, the stars in the system could destroy the a JumpShip. Usually pirate points allow for vessel's smaller ships such as DropShips to days to weeks off their trip inside the solar system. Pirates tend to use these unstable Jump Points quickly go in and out of a target with less chance being intercepted by opposing forces.[75]
Platoon (Formation)
This is the second smallest infantry type formation found in the Battletech universe. Commanded by a junior officer of rank of Lieuteuant, with Non-Commission officer assisting. Each platoon typically consists of four 7-soldier Squads. The Platoon's squads have roles they understakes, a typical combat foot platoon of 28 men will 3 maneuver squad, and 1 support squad. Platoons organized for specic rules include; Mechanized (Small vehicle mounted troopers), Medical, of elite Jump Platoon, which have jet packs, no support squads, and typically has 21 soldiers.[76]
Pocket WarShip
This is a sub-type of DropShip type ships used in the Battletech Universe. Similar in role of the Assault style Dropships, these vessels are focus as type of Attack Ship. However, Pocket Warships are armed with limited number of Warship grade Capital Weapons and number of Sub-Capital Weapons. They are meant to fill the vacuum left with absence of standard WarShips. These vessels are typically substantially cheaper and easier to obtain in comparison to a Warship which could be worth of planet's entire Gross Domestic Product [GDP] (how much money it generates).
Point (Clan Formation)
This is smallest organized group of Troops used by the Clans. There are part of a larger formation called a Star and 5 points may be attached to a Star. A Point depending on the type of unit/troops it consists of; single 'Mech, two AeroSpace/Conventional Fighters craft, 25 conventional infantry lead by a Point Commander, two Combat Vehicles, Single DropShip/JumpShip/WarShip, or prominently team of 5 Battle Armor, lead by officer known as Point Commander.
Point Commander
This is a Clan officer, whom is in charge of a Point formation of Clan troops. This is lowest officer rank in the Warrior Caste of the Clan's military. Basic Troopers, Battle Armor Troopers, Combat Vehicle units, and Aerospace Fighter Pilots report to the Point Commander, while the Point Commander reports to the Star Commander.
Power Armor
This is the militarized version of the Exoskeleton-suit, a machine that human wears to enhances their physical strength and allows them carry additional equipment normal soldiers are not able to wear. Power armor are lighter and less bulky than Battle Armor which are uprated and more advanced suits in comparison to the power armor. Power Armor is also referred to as PAL (Power Armor, Light). Typically these suits are used in infantry formations to enhance their performance, and prove to be less expensive and more flexible in some cases to the Battle Armor. They usually do not have integrated weapons, sometimes has Jump Jet fitted to them.
Precentor Martial (Rank)
This is the highest military rank within the military arm of both ComStar & Word of Blake Militias. Commander & Chief of all military operations goes to this person. Whom is only answers to the Primus and the First Circuit Precentors.[77]
This is label used for outdated & obsolete technology. At first when introduced, they were and still are superior to anything that came before them as far combat firepower and abilities. However, when technology found in the 25th Century and beyond was introduced and became "Standard" Technology, this early generation of 'Mechs, Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, and so forth would end up being referred to Primitive (Unit type). Example; 'Mech made with Primitive Technology, is referred to as a Primitive 'Mech. Ths is due to modern 'Mechs are superior in every aspect including engines, heat absorption, weaponry and so forth. Many these "Primitive" type technologies would be become "Commercial grade", be used for other proposes.
Primitive JumpShip
This is an obsolete form of the basic JumpShip. These vessels, like regular JumpShips are able to move between the stars. However, unlike modern JumpShips, they are hybrid of both WarShips and what became JumpShips. These craft infact have Interplanetary Engines, allowing them move to planets or other bodies within the Solar system, however at great cost. Increase range of it's KF Drive requires to use more space than modern KF Drives. These ships typically have no Solar Sails or Drop Collars, which permitted externally docked DropShips to dock & jump with the ship into hyperspace. Smaller, more primitive types of DropShips, known as DropShuttles would need to dock inside a Primitive JumpShip so to be transported. Primitive JumpShips had very limited range, from 15 to 25 Light Years depending on size. Like all Primitive Technology based vehicles, the Primitive JumpShip would suffer from obsoletion due to cost to maintain a vehicle no longer in production. Example of a Primitive Jumpship is the Aquilla. As of this writing, there no stats for a armed Primitive Jumpship setup for combat. This is due to decision made in fictional background of BattleTech.
This unique type of 'Mech which are economically small in comparison to 10 to 13 meter tall BattleMechs. A Clan type of Mech, not unlike Ultralight BattleMech in weight. These Mechs can range from 5 to 15 tons. With any ProtoMech 10 tons to 15 tons are considered to be "Ultra Heavy". The heaviest of ProtoMechs are nearly on par with the abilities and firepower of a light BattleMechs. Their potency in combat is due to their nature, they may strike singular target in groups consisting of Points. Warriors whom are recruited to use these machines are typically ones who failed pass their Trial of Position to become a Pilot. Those whom pilots of these machines require special surgery and special cocktail of drugs allow them to interface with these mechs. When used by the Clans, ProtoMechs operate in groups of 5 in formation known as Point, like Battle Armor employed by the Clans. While inexpensive, these 'Mechs are unpopular due to shortening of the lives of the pilot and psychological issues they develop.


Quiaff (Term)
Clan slang term used to ask for positive confirmation, similar to adding "yes?" to the end of a sentence, originating as a portmanteu of "query affirmative?". For example: "These pirates are unworthy of zelbrigen, quiaff?"
Quineg (Term)
Clan slang term used to ask for negative confirmation, similar to adding "no?" to the end of a sentence, originating as a portmanteu of "query negative?". For example: "It is strange that we of the Clans do not use contractions, but portmanteus are acceptable, quineg?"


Rasalhague Dominion
The Dominion is a fusion of both a Inner Sphere nation "The Free Rasalhague Republic" and Clan Ghost Bear. The Republic was invaded in 3049 by Clan Wolf & Clan Ghost Bear in the part of the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere. The Ghost Bears being enlightened to it's new Inner Sphere citizens, allowed more freedoms than most Clans occupying the Inner Sphere. By 3060, the Ghost Bears Occupation Zone became the Ghost Bear Dominion, showing signs of progress/change in the the Dominion as it was called, with Clan leadership governing it still like has been with Clans. In 3070s as the Jihad War raged with the Word of Blake, Remains of the Free Rasalhague Republic was attacked, which triggered the Bears to invade and invite the Republic back with it's kin in more formal merge. The Republic agreed, over course war up to 3090s the Dominion make up would change. 3101 would mark nation change to the Rasalhague Dominion, with fusion council of lower castes, politicians of the Rasalhague citizenry and Clan Ghost Bear's warriors. The Dominion very defense nation, only waring when it needs to. Many times having wars with Draconis Combine whom still has conservative elements wishing to reclaim former Combine worlds from the Dominion.[78]
RAT, Operation (Military Operation)
This was the code name for the Federated Sun's military operations in their invasion of the Capellan Confederation in 3028 for war later named Fourth Succession War. This operation would prove to be successful, severing the Succession State in half. Limiting it means to build / rebuilt its military forces and threaten the new Federated Commonwealth posed to form.
Raven Alliance
This is a hybrid nation state in the Periphery bordering the Draconis Combine and Federated Sun. Formerly known as the OutWorlds Alliance, the aerospace oriented and low-tech pacifist state merged with the Clan Snow Raven. The two became slightly uneven hybrid nation with the Clan leading them. Specialized in Naval & Aerospace warfare, the nation weak in combat on the ground. The Remains of the OA's ground forces were used as planetary guard forces, while the Ravens for the most part focus on the air. The nation formed during the Jihad in the 3070s. The Snow Ravens themselves since then, shown their management would be poor of the former Alliance worlds and later conquerored Draconis Combine & FedSuns planets, being poor resource wise.
Reaving (Term)
1) This is the Clan terminology for removing Bloodnames warriors and their generic heritage. In some cases killing any gene-children (artificially created children descending from the warrior) to "purify" whatever crime or flaw a faction has deemed intolerable. This is a grave action for any Clan to undertake, highest of crimes. Only the original blood named warrior/founders would be left intact or any before the subject cause of the reaving.
Recognition Guide
Recognition Guide (RG) is Clan name for the Technical Readout publication used identify combat & civilian machines/mecha/vehicles/etc in the BattleTech Universe. The term was first introduced at beginning of the IlClan Era. Published by Clan Sea Fox in 3150, at the dawn of the invasion of Terra.
Refusal War (Event)
The Refusal War was a Clan conflict that accrued in the Inner Sphere between Clan Jade Falcon & Clan Wolf in 3057. A destructive conflict fought to prevent Clan Jade Falcon from prematurely restarting the Clan Invasion after years of frustration. The conflict would leave both clans depleted, with segment of Clan Wolf going into exile to the world held by Inner Sphere, becoming Clan Wolf in Exile. Clan Jade Falcon would be in ruins, claiming "last" Clan Wolf Warrior, Vlad Wolf, as bondsman in ruins. It would turn out that Jade Falcon's Khan political underhandeness would lead to resurrect of Clan Wolf for his own plans as "Clan Jade Wolf" with majority of the former Wolves in it. However, Vlad Wolf would take a Bloodname and kill Falcon Khan due to his deceit and murder of Ulric Kerensky, ilKhan. Ward would resurrect Clan Wolf, but posted to enemy of the Inner Sphere.
This is a large military formation, where units within this formation number (108 BattlMechs or Combat Vehicles). Usually formation this size require at least 4 assault size DropShips to transport, such as Overlord-Class DropShip. Another variation is the Aero Regiment, which solely consists of Air vehicles such as Aerospace Fighters[79]
Regimental Combat Teams (RCT)
This is a large formation of Regiments teamed up serving as one entity. Originally RCTs consisted or four Regiments, 1 consisting of BattleMechs, other consisted of Combat Vehicles/Armor Formations (Tanks) and supporting elements of transportation & supplies. Federated Suns would create new model of RCT which would be common in the Inner Sphere in the 31st Century, consisting 1 Regiment of Mechs, three Regiments of Combat Vehicles, five regiments of Infantry, two Aerospace Fighter Wings (36 fighters each) and battalion of Artillery. Further RCTs would be changed and refined as newer combat units, such as Battle Armor is introduced.[80]
This is a living document of history maintain by each of the Clans of Kerensky, better known as the Clans. The document is not unlike epic poems maintain by ancient Vikings of Europe, which chronical the history of a clan with entries of heroic deeds and other assorted events a Clan experiences. Warriors and potential warriors are required to learn this document. To have entry of one personal deeds is considered a HIGH honor among the clans, next to passing a individual DNA to make next generation of Warriors. Many who are unable to earn Bloodname, are just as honored to be remember of their own actions in their Clan's Remembrance. The document is maintained by a Clan's Loremaster.[81]
Alternate Clan name for a Civil War, which Clansman have cultural issues using this name. Example of this is during the 3136 when Galaxy Commander Malvina Hazen fought Khanship from sitting Jade Falcon Khan, Jana Pryde in 3136.
Republic of the Inner Sphere
This is a nation that was formed after the defeat of the Word of Blake in 3081. Formation of the Republic came about by the influences of David Lear and Devlin Stone, the general whom lead coalition forces to defeat manic Blakist. The Republic in the canon universe stood from 3081 to 3150. They were largely free and capitalist multicultural nation, which was twp branch government of Senators and Paladins whom all answered to the Exarch. Elements people of all factions in the Inner Sphere would join the nation until it's demise at hands of the Inner Sphere based Clans.
Reunification War
This was first war fought by the Star League between the years of 2577 - 2597. The conflict was part efforts of the Terran Hegemony's Lord Cameron using the conflict against the Periphery States to unify the League. Initially Periphery was high resistant to being forced to join the Star League, seeing no benefit of the union. As weak attempt to resist, they formed loose alliance known as United States of the Periphery, consisting of the Taurian Concordat, Magistracy of Canopus, OutWorlds Alliance, and Rim Worlds Republic. The war would be drawn out, ultimately leave the periphery in ruins, under the control of the Star League which rebuilt them to Territorial States of the League (essentially junior partners).[82]
REVIVAL, Operation (Event)
Operation Revival was a Clan name for their invasion of the InnerSphere beginning in 3049. This led several Clans that conquered much of the Anti-Spin (Northern) portions of the Inner Sphere, inside control areas called Invasion Corridors. The invasion ended in 3051 with the Battle of Tukayyid, where ComStar's ComGuard army to stop the invasion in by besting Clans in open warfare.[83]
Rifle (Cannon)
This is a early ballistic weapon used typical on Combat Vehicles or BattleMechs, which is technically a Primitive Technology piece of weaponry. They are precursor to the modern autocannon. When used against standard armor, they do less damage than their modern autocannon counter parts. However, it will do normal damage if firing on Primitive or what in modern times as Commercial Armor. There are three size classes of this weapon type. Light Rifle, Medium Rifle, and the Heavy Rifle (similar damage to Large Laser).
Rim Collection
In canon, this is originally a seven planet/star system Periphery nation that lies on the "western" border of the Lyran Commonwealth. Small nation that first formed by planets centuries before were part of the Rim Worlds Republic but abandoned during early Succession Wars after the commonwealth's invasion. Formed in the 3060s, as form of mutual defense against pirates,it's most notable factor is it's military is main force consists of a mercenary unit named Able's Aces, which has based itself in the nation as it's primary defender and aids in raising local planet militias to defend each world of the collection.
Rim Worlds Republic
This is was a large expansive nation that exist along "North-western" regions of Inner Sphere's Periphery region. The nation streches along the Border with the Lyran Commonwealth. This was a largest known Periphery nation that existed from Age of War Era to end of the dawn the Succession Wars. Its leadership at the end of the Star League Era committed hostile take over of the Terran Hegemony and left nation open to invasion by SLDF. Disarmed by era's end, the nation would mostly taken over by the Lyran Commonwealth while it's outer borders wither away into pirate states, while others would disappear due lack of support.[84]
Ristar (Term)
This is Clan speech for "Rising Star", designation usually referring to a Warrior who has risen above the ranks with potential of becoming noted figure in their respective Clan.
1) Piece of Equipment found on BattleMechs and other types of piloted units. This provides a recording not unlike a Black Box for real life aircraft of the unit's performance & record of it's activities of it and it's pilot/crew. 2) A Intelligence / Spy department/section/division of a organization affiliated with ComStar and Word of Blake. They are range from special Ops soldier using combat vehicles/mechs/aircraft to specially trained soldiers/spies conducting actions in secretive missions.


Safcon (Term)
This Clan term is truncated word for "Safe Conduct" or safe passage. Which is an agreement during a Trial or safe passage to a destination held by potential hostile force. Usually after negotiations between individual parties does this come into effect. When safcon is not agreed on, hostile actions are taken.
SCOUR, Operation (Event)
This was the Military Operation which signal the liberation of Terra from Word of the Blake. A multi-international operation with military forces from Clans & Inner Sphere dedicated to destroy the Word's capital world and liberate it from their oppression. The accrued in 3077-3078. The result of the operation was principle ending of the Jihad, with ushering a new nation in the place of the Blakist held nation, Republic of the Sphere.[85]
Screen Launcher (Equipment)
This a aerospace piece of equipment designed to create a defensive field of interference between launcher and enemies attempting shoot at the vehicle it's on. This is a type of short-range projectile (like a missile) that can be compared to real world Chaff launcher. This creates a field of disruption at the target space fired (table top), making more difficult to firing through this area. These devices can be mounted only be on DropShips or larger Aerospace type vehicles, such as WarShips. (Note: Space Stations maybe equipped with this device, but none have been done canon).[86]
Seyla (Term)
This Clans term for when agreement is made or close of a ceremony. In real world terms, this is translated to "So shall it be.". The actual word originating from the Hebrew version of "Amen" (orig. selah), this is a Clan equivalent of the word.
Short Range Missiles (SRM)
This a common direct-fire missile system found in use in the BattleTech universe. The missiles and it's launcher are typically referred to one in the same name. Commonalty known as SRM, this weapon intended close-in combat situation. Twin to Long Range Missile launcher (LRM), it short range allows for more destructive warhead. Due to their compact size in comparison other Mech scale weapons, it the launcher can deep missile bays and multiple similar size SRM launchers can be mounted. However, the missiles are not exclusively fired from it's own SRM tubed launcher. They're are other launchers, typically multi-missile launching launchers (MML) and small man-portable launchers that can fire SRMs. There are different types of SRM missiles, some require to be fired from specific launchers, while others only can be use the classic typical launchers (SRM-2, SRM-4, SRM-6). These variant SRMS include; Streak Missile Launcher (Fire & Forget Launcher), One-Shot Launcher, Head Hunter (Rare, allows for all missiles hit same location on a target), Tandem-Charge Warhead, and Clan technology variants. Special Note: Short-Range Torpedo Launcher (SRT), while similarly named to SRM launcher, it purely a torpedo launcher (water-base weapon) it's torpedoes can't be launched from SRM launchers.[87]
Capital world of the Capellan Confederation. With its capital city, the Forbidden City.
Sibko (Term)
This a group of children (natural born or artificially grown via Ironwomb) which are raised to be potential warriors in Clan society. Many cases they have a harsh uprising depending on the Clan, to make them best possible warrior for whatever Clan they were born into. Those who fail tests and trials, would be regulated to other casts depending on their temperaments intelligence and physical attributes. Freeborns or naturally born children are not normally raised this way due to most clans & scientist preferences in creating children from the DNA of success blood-named warriors. Sibko of children from blood of deceased or successful warriors is one primary goals among Bloodname Warriors. Typically children raised in groups, thus they regard each other Sibkin and Sibmates. Name given to children raised together. Still referred as such privately when they are adults.[88]
Small Craft
This is a "shuttlecraft" which averages between 100 to 200 tons. This type of "shuttlecraft" which can act as a small troop transport, cargo relay vessel to planets, even as attack craft in earlier times. As assault role, it is rare due to the use of AeroSpace Fighters which end up being superior due to their firepower and speed in some cases. Usually work horse of a vessel for any large spacecrafts and space stations.
Society, The (Faction)
This was a rebel faction arise within in Clan society in 31st Century. It mainly consisting of Scientist Caste. The Scientists of the Society were trying break free from iron heel of the Warrior Caste, which is the caste rules each individual Clans. Eventually by the late 31st Century, the Society would institute a war where they would use their own warriors they raised using technologies the Warrior caste would never allow. The renegade Scientist had scant resources to plot their uprising. This war was triggered in 3072, when ilKhan began his reaving/purges of certain bloodhouses. Seeing this as interfering with the Scientist Caste, this triggered their rebellion. The Society allied themselves with much of the more organized elements of the Dark Caste, used them throughout the time period in Clan Space known as Wars of Reaving, where Clans were utterly fighting among themselves without centuries restraint of honor used keep warfare from being destructive. The Society was not unified organization, but one that operated in small cells of troops/people. The Society would be hunted down and wiped out by end of 3070s.[89][90]
Sneak Suit (Equipment)
This is a special infiltration suit. Made from special materials which allows for the suit masks the presence of the person wearing it. The suit while itself has no weapons or extra armor, is able to hide its user's body heat and has a active camouflage system to allow it to blend to it's surroundings. Devised during the Star League Era for the SLDF, it would be one few high tech pieces of technologies to survive the devastating Succession Wars. It would be rare but effective tool for all major Inner Sphere factions intelligence agencies.[91]
This a Clan name of warriors older than 30 years, which are deemed to be too old be "useful" to the Clan as warriors. Such warriors are given garrison duty or used as "meat shields" so they may die in battle to give them honorable "retirement". Warriors will resist such a status change, by doing Trials of Refusal and Trials of Position to retain their status as frontline soldiers. However, such trials are refused depending on the Clan or the status of the Warrior. To be sent to the Solahma, is death in their eyes. However, some are sent to lower-castes, but seldom do warriors allow that. Typically Clan society views death as far more appropriate and honorable than dying in bed.[92][93]
Solaris VII
This is a world located in the Lyran space whose primary industry is Gladiatorial combat. Better known as the Gaming World, Solaris VII features series of arenas that came into being during the Succession War Era. After the planet other industrial industries were razed by the Succession Wars, Center in the world's capital city Solaris City, gambling on battlemech fights in ruins of the war and purpose built arenas arose. Where gambling and would-be down on their luck MechWarriors can make name for themselves. By the end of the Succession War Era, small custom mech industries would open up, fighting gaming stables of organized fighters, as well expansion of gladiatorial combat to other types of military fighting units beyond using Mechs.
Space Defense System (SDS)
A Space Defense System (abbreviated as SDS) is a series of Anti-WarShip weaponry which are networked together. They can be on planet base, large mobile structures, & some cases in space based. These system can also include more conventional weapons including automated Drone / AI fighters to WarShips. These systems are rare, found originally in the core worlds of the Inner Sphere. Namely in the former Terran Hegemony, though some unconfirmed reports of them being on Inner Sphere nation's worlds. They can come in form of WarShip base Capital Weapons, namely Naval Lasers or Capital Scale Missiles which routinely can take out enemy ship entering orbit for hostile action, which includes orbital bombardment. By the 31st Century such SDS were EXTREMELY rare, only found in Canon on Terra. However, the Clans also in the 31st Century had such systems for their own home worlds in the Clan Space. They are sometimes referred to as "Reagan Systems".[94]
Spheriod (Slang)
This is a slang used by Clans and people of the Periphery in reference to people residing in the Inner Sphere.
Spirit Cats (Group)
This is a offshoot of Clan Nova Cat. These were Clansman who originally settled in the Republic of the Sphere between 3081-3090s. While not fully seen as official Clan by the Clans. When Gray Monday accrued in 3132, the group's leadership formalized the Spirit Cats into armed force beyond defensive militias for the the Republic. Of rough size of a Clan Galaxy with extensive use of Combined Arms and armed civilians Industrial 'Mechs & Military vehicles, the Spirit Cats went on campaign to find safe haven for Spirit Cat people. By the 3140s, the Spirit Cat's parent Clan cousins in Clan Nova Cat would get involved on the losing side of Civil War in Draconis Combine and be Annilihated, pressing the issue find safe haven. In 3139, the last of the Spirit Cats would settle with aid of the Merchants of nomads of Clan Sea Fox, settle on Marik in newly reformed Free Worlds League as it's permanent settlement. Forming Clan Protectorate in joint alliance worlds, becoming providence within the League.
Squad (Formation)
This is the smallest common infantry formation found in militaries in the BattleTech universe. These 7-soldier formations are lead by non-commissioned officer (NCO). These formations are typically armed with small arms or other infantry type weaponry or specialized role such as fire support weapons. However, they usually same type weapon per squadmate. A squad typically operate with other squads to form a Platoon, which four squads usually assigned. Other type squads consides of small vehicles which have small number soldiers assigned to them, such as Mechanized, However or Wheeled.[95]
Sprint (Maneouver)
This is action take by a 'Mech/Ground Vehicle/Naval Combat Vehicle which allows the pilot push for additional speed. However, a sprint does not allow for a pilot/MechWarrior/crew to be able to shoot it's intended target while rapidly accellerating. (Note: This is a Tabletop maneouver, sometimes reflected in Canon stories. Not necessary in other actions in other medias.)
Star (Clan)
This is a Clan formation consisting of 5 points of troops. Usually large units such as BattleMechs / OmniMechs only 1 unit per Point in a Star, while smaller combat units such as Combat Vehicles or Aerospace Fighters will number 2 units per. Infantry or Battle Armor troops will number 25 troopers per Star, broken to 5 troops per Point of such a formation. A Clan star is commanded by a Star Commander. Large formations consisting of multiple Stars, the overall commander becomes a Star Captain (2 Stars or Three). Naval Star is formation of Large AeroSpace vessels, such as DropShips or WarShips. Each point of the 5 points of the Star consists of single unit (DropShip or WarShip). JumpShips do not operate in Stars normally.
Star Admiral
This is a Clan officer, whom is in naval rank equal to Galaxy Commander. They are in charge of a Star formation of WarShips & troops and/or major WarShip. Star Commodores report to this officer, while the Star Admiral only reports to the Khan of their Clan.[96]
Star Captain
This is a Clan officer, whom is in charge of a two to three Star formation of Clan troops. Star Commanders report to this officer, while the Star Captain reports to Star Colonels and above.
Star Colonel
This is a Clan officer, whom is in charge of a Cluster formation of Clan troops. This is the third highest rank in the Warrior Caste of the Clan's military. Star Captains report to the Star Colonel, while the Star Colonel reports to the Galaxy Commander.
Star Commander
This is a Clan officer, whom is in charge of a Star formation of Clan troops. This is second lowest rank in the Warrior Caste of the Clan's military. Point Commanders report to the commander, while the Star Commander reports to the Star Captain.
Star Commodore
This is a Clan naval officer, whom is equal in standings to a Star Colonel. They can be in charge of Star of DropShips or JumpShips, or a single WarShip. Star Captains report to this officer, while the Star Commodores reports to Star Admirals and above.[97]
St. Ives Compact (Faction)
A short lived splinter state from the Capellan Confederation. Originally providence St. Ives Commonality and one founding nations of the Confederation. The Compact was formed in wake of the devastating out come of the Forth Succession War, becoming allied nation to the newly formed superstate, Federated Commonwealth in 3029. Chinese culture nation lead by Duchess Allard-Liao her capital world of St. Ives. She with her son Kai Allard-Liao lead their nation until it was subjugated by Confederation in a 4 year bloody named St.Ives-Capellan War. The conflict ending in 3062, with the small nation reverting back to being a heavily controlled Commonality of House Liao once more.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag The swear is hybrid of Russia language which breaks down to "Independant Birthing". Which in Clan culture is insult to Trueborn Clansman. When in used in content to another individual, view them negatively. A person who is very stubborn and has the mental agility of a plant.[98]
Structure (Component)
The structure is component of a combat machine's chassis found in BattleTech. The bones of the vehicle so to speak. BattleTech units use different kind chassis per type vehicle it is (BattleMech, Combat Vehicle, Aerospace Fighter, VTOL, Space Station, and WarShip). However, the base line chassis is called "Standard" or "Standard Structure", while on flying or Aerospace vehicles is refer to as Structural Integrity (SI). Difference is how much weight for it allowed on the vehicle (Parts of the vehicle) and how much durability vehicle can take if damage destroys a vehicle/mech's outer armor. There are different types of chassis; Standard, Endo Steel (more weight, less room for parts), Endo Composite (Better weight savings, takes less room, however more expensive, rare, availability varies from Jihad/Dark Age Eras and beyond), Reinforced, and Composite (Lightest, takes less room in criticals, double damage when hit directly.)
Sub-Capital Weapons
SubCapital Weapons (or abbreviated SubCaps) are DropShip/WarShip weapons developed in the 3070s by the Word of Blake. Their weapons can do Capital Weapon damage (WarShips mounted weapons) however, small enough to fit on DropShips and other smaller units (They can be mounted on any large Aerospace Vehicle). They come in three types, SubCap Lasers, SubCap Cannons, and SubCap Missiles. All which do Capital grade damage but, not as greatly as Capital Grade ones. Each type also has three grades of weapon. These weapons, like Capital Weapons, have penalty to hit vehicles smaller than a DropShip (500 or less tons) with the exception of SubCapital Missiles, which like it's Capital size counterparts have better tracking abilities to hit small targets.[99]
Sub-Machine Gun (Infantry Weapon)
This is a common known as "SMG", its a rapid firing ballistic weapon. A design which is the same as it was when introduced in the 20th Century. It common use by commando teams and other sorted organizations. The weapon like most trooper type weapons are unable to penetrate modern Succession Wars Era Standard Armor.
Succession Wars
This is the name for time period that covers two centuries of brutal interstellar conflicts in aftermath of the fall of the Star League. Series of wars is played out from 2785 to 3049 where members of the former Star League fight for domination of the Inner Sphere, with dreams of it's leadership to be named the next Star Lord. There were four wars which this time period gets its name, while smaller conflicts are also fought before end of the 3049, when the Clans invaded the Inner Sphere.
Succession War, First
This was first war of the Succession War era, where all five remaining Star League member state, at the peak of the their military build up and technology unleash total warfare against each other. This would the conflict where brutal strikes each other left millions dead from worlds being annihilated from devastating planetary bombardments and use of nuclear weapons. By the end of the conflict a considerable amount of factories are destroyed and technology levels of all the combatants begins to slide downwards, with countless millions dead on all side, what was former Terran Hegemony lay in ruins as mass land grab among other moves.
Succession War, Second
Mere decades after the First Succession War, the Second would begin. The remaining forces with enough military strength and consternation Star League level technology is thrown in to final throws of battle for domination in effort try make gains before the mighty nation is expended. This is era where Star League technology levels would go extinct, where last of the Inner Sphere's WarShips would be lost in efforts hold one another off from tipping tables to the other winning a conflict before troops make their land fall.
Succession War, Third
This is a war would lasts centuries. However, during this time period, the Inner Sphere's Succession States as they would become to be known as would only periodically muster enough BattleMechs and troops to casual raids for resources and rarely launch massive invasion troops mustering beyond a Regiment (105 BattleMechs). Considered to be raid wars, where only company of 12 'Mechs would use try to acquire fleeting resources found and ever increasing rare technology.
Succession War, Fourth
The final Succession War in name and the shortest one, with war being fought from 3028 to 3030. This would be war where Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth would commit to alliance to merge their states into nation not seen since the fall of the Star league. Where they would Federated Suns conduct massive invasion into the Capellan Confederation and Lyran Commonwealth would move towards Terra cutting into the Draconis Combine and Free Worlds League where they would secure the borders between the two nations. The three other Succession States having formed an written document forming alliance known as the Kapteyn Accords, failed to work together to prevent Federated Commonwealth from forming, resulting Capellan Confederation being cut in half, leaving the Free Worlds League in chaos.
Successor States
The Successor States (named as such due to their being the "Successors" of the Star League) are the major military powers of the Inner Sphere, each governed by one of the Great Houses and with its own customs and culture. After House Cameron was wiped out in the Star League Civil War, the five remaining Great Houses spent the next several centuries fighting each other to determine who would succeed as the next First Lord. By the 31st century the Successor States found themselves bloodied and no closer to their original goal when the Clans invaded. In response to this new threat the Successor States set aside their differences, eventually forming a Second Star League to beat back the invaders. This peace was only temporary though, and with the dissolution of the second Star League the Successor States have continued their struggle for dominance into the 32nd century.
Surkai (Noun)
This the Clans word forgiveness; to ask for mercy for a crime. If accepted, the guilty must do whatever penance required. This can range from doing a task (from simple task (cleaning) to death.)
Squadron (Formation)
Typically a Squadron is a formation of 6 aerospace or conventional Fighters or even VTOLs combat units. However, this term can be applied to other vehicles such as rare Large Naval Vehicle or WarShips. These types of units seldom appear beyond the Succession War Era due to the devastating losses to vehicles and means of producing them.
Supernova (Clan)
1) (Formation) - A Clan Supernova, is a military formation that combination of two Nova formations. This usually replaces a Binary or Trinary formations. Supernovas center around a Binary Star of Mechs to form a larger combined arms group. Like the Nova, such a formation can include a Star of Mechs, teamed typically with Star Battle Armor (OmniMechs can carry Battle Armor). As with novas, Supernovas are not restricted to just Battle armor and Mechs, while they can include Combat Vehicles (10), Aerospace Fighters. Or truly mixed Star which its Points included completely different units, such as ProtoMechs, Battle Armors, Combat Vehicles. Usually such a mix relays on more Omni-design machines that can help provide organic transportation for the slower units. A Keshik or a Galaxy's command formations are usually Supernovas. 2) (BattleMech) A Supernova is a assault size BattleMech, designed during the 29th Century, with large array of ER Large Lasers. They were known for the durablity and awesome energy based firepower, but not renowned for their speed The Star League Era King Crab Assault Mech said to be it's inspirational predecessor.
1) A cute monkey like creature found in Clan Space, which lower-castes of Clan society keep as pets. 2) Insult, referring to another person who is largely unless like a surat.


A type of ground-based Combat Vehicle, sometimes referred to as Armor/Armour. The oldest form of armored combat vehicle, in the BattleTech universe, these are used frontline combat units prior to the rise of BattleMechs. While 'Mech replaced these machines, they continued to be used support them. Typically, these machine are armed with array of weaponry, usually aimed with a singular turret (some rare cases, more than one).
Target Acquisition Gear (Equipment)
Better known as TAG, this is a special laser spotting device used for guided weapons found in the BattleTech universe. Typically this device is used to guide Artillery (Homing type), Semi-Guided LRMs, and some rare cases Orbital weaponry found on Pocket WarShip and WarShips.
Targeting Computer (Equipment)
This is used on Combat Vehicles and BattleMechs, which allows pilots/crews to hit with more accuracy that they would regular systems. This device allows under certain conditions, to precisely aim for certain sections of a target. It can only be used for Ballistic or Energy based weapons.[100]
Task Force Serpent
This was multi-national Inner Sphere expedition that was formed under the flag of the Second Star League. Formed in 3059, the force consisted of multiple Regiments & brigades for sole task of destroying Clan Smoke Jaguar's homeworld. The Task force consisted also small squadron of WarShips providing cover for the ground forces. Serpent's was one of two Task Forces ordered to annihilate the Clan. By 3060, the Serpent nearly destroyed when it's reinforcements arrived from Operation Bull Dog, lead by Victor Steiner-Davion. This ultimately lead to the Jaguar's ultimate defeat by the Inner Sphere forces.
Taurian Concordat
Is a Periphery nation located (south/anti-spin) of the Inner Sphere, bordering the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation. Oldest surviving nation outside of the Inner Sphere, the nation was founded principle of suborn resistance against anyone who may try take their freedoms. They have continuously had a antagonistic relationship with it's neighbors, namely Federated Suns. Over time leadership and many key political driver have border on paranoia of possible invasion using any means to defend itself including nuclear weapons.[101]
Technical Readout
This a type of in-universe publication (actual table top published source book) which acts as a guide to civilian & combat units ('Mechs/vehicles/aerospace/battle armor) that appears in the BattleTech Universe. These guides, are published names are traditionally use game year or Era its representing. Example "Technical Readout: 3025" or "Technical Readout: Succession Wars". Some specialty publications of this kind do not use year/era reference as part of their name, but by what focus of the publication. Such as "Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex" which specialized on civilian type vehicles or secondary vehicles on frontline combat units.
BattleTech organizes Technology in game levels (which changes per Era due to the length the game's universe history), which extends over a 1000 years. Two major meta group factions have their own technological levels, the Inner Sphere and the Clans. However, technology is also different per time spans / eras and is measured as such. There are four official technology levels and one unofficial. This is breakdown of these levels. It should be noted that, game since forming 1985 has different ways measuring technology. These technology level were setup and reflect game rules of what grade of equipment could be used. Please see the canon wiki for more details on the subject Technology Levels and here for Rules Levels. Below is breakdown on basic current groupings.
  • Primitive Technology - This is beginnings of galactic wide technologies, still more advanced in some cases from 20th Century Earth. Primitive describes technologies and equipment (mainly military) which are the prototypes to technology found in modern eras. Primitive also can be classified as Industrial/Commercial since its used by civilians verse military. Early AeroSpace based vehicles, ground based vehicles including 'Mechs of both Industrial & Battle variety, as well early weapons. Many these weapons are also prototypes which have negative effects or less than effective abilities. While not cutting edge, this technology is also classified as Experimental Technology.
  • Standard Technology - This is sometimes referred to as Level 1 in older rules, this is better known as Inner Sphere Standard or Inner Sphere Technology. This is baseline technologies were used during the Succession Wars Era and during the earlier Age of War Era. Technology here is baseline used in the BattleTech as of game year 3025 till 3050. In some cases, the tech is lesser known as Succession Wars Technology due to lack history of it being used before the Star League era.
  • Advanced Technology - This is higher grade of weaponry which is by all counts cutting edge. Both only available in limited numbers or have high cost in currency or game Battle Values. WarShips are considered to be Advanced Technology in the game due to difficulty building them and the technology used to make their Interplanetary Engines.
    • Clan Technology - Clan Technology is superior to the Inner Sphere's tech, like Inner Sphere Advanced, Clan Technology Advanced is has limited availability while virtually impossible to obtained by Inner Sphere factions in 31st Century when Clans first appeared. This is technology solely developed by the descendants of the SLDF based on older Star League Technology. Noticeable Improvements include; Increase range of weaponry, better accuracy, decrease weight weapons & equipment, clone/bio-engineering technology (Iron Wombs) creating /improving humans soldiers, further development of Power Armor into Battle Armor, Modular designs for Weapons & Equipment ("Omni-Pods") for vehicles/Mechs, and limited self-repairing technology called Harjel as examples.
    • Star League Technology - Star League Tech was form of advanced tech only available to the Star League and later ComStar until the 3040s when Helm Memory Core was discovered allowing Inner Sphere factions once again access to Advanced Technology. This technology allowed for Warships to be created, extended range lasers, specialty vehicles and mechs such as Land Air-Mechs.
  • Experimental Technology - This is highly technology, high expensive and rare. While normally cutting edge, not completely perfected. Earlier technology such as Primitive is also classified as experimental due to them the beginnings of technology was primitive and not fully perfected (Standard Inner Sphere). Advanced stealth equipment which does not take much room in unit it's equipped in is another example such experimental technologies. In some cases these technologies are only briefly available and then extinct to be never be duplicated again.
Terra Alliance
The Terran Alliance was 1st interstellar nation formed by Human kind. Center on Terra, the democracy lead nation would usher age discovery with invention of the K-F Jump Drive, creating countless worlds across space. However, as humans colonized space, old political unrest continued on Terra, created divisions among it's political standings, eventually leading to isolationist taking over the leadership of the Alliance and cutting off most it's colonies encircling Terra. As Terra turned on itself ending in a Civil War, it's own military would turn it's guns against the unstable democracy in a coupe lead by Admiral James McKenna. This coupe would form a new nation with limited elections called the Terra Hegemony.
This is the name used for Earth in the BattleTech universe. It is center of all human culture and once the seat of power for Terran Hegemony, later the Star League, ComStar, and Republic of the Sphere. For most of it's existence, it has been the mostly the most technology world in human space. In later eras, Terra would be again the capital of the Republic of the Sphere and ilClan's version of the Star League. Only casually the name "Earth" has appear in canon which directly refers to the planet itself.
Terra Hegemony
This was the 2nd interstellar nation to form centered on around world of Terra. Lead by the Director-General, the nation was quasi-Monarch (Director-General) and mix regional governors and elected Hegemony Congress. The nation would become force to be reckoned with, after the fall of the Terran Alliance, reclaiming center of what be known as Inner Sphere. The nation would be host nation of the Star League, until it's end in 2781 due a Civil War.
This is the lostech created by Terran Alliance and later Star League government, which thousands of worlds were transformed into "Earth" style worlds for human colonization. This technology would be lost with destruction of the Star League. While method is not clarified (in rules or other wise) this method is done or how long it takes.
Capital world of Lyran Commonwealth, Lyran Alliance. Tharkad City is seat of power, home of the Triad, governing body of nation.
Tortuga Dominions
This is a six-world Periphery nation lying spinward corner of the Inner Sphere (southeastern of the Inner Sphere). Minor Nation, however the home of number of Pirate groups. Many nations have sent expeditions to clear out the pirate nation. The capital world is Tortuga Prime, in the city of Raider's Roost.[102]
This is formal name for Clan Military force (Organization) as a whole. The entire army. Inner Sphere militarizes referred to their armies as Armed Forces of (nation name). Clans use the term to refer to the entire military force.
Transport Bay
This is type any internal space aboard a military or civilian vehicle devoted to short- or long-term human habitation or cargo. Generically known as "bays". Another type of bays are informally referred to their function. Such as a Infantry or Passenger area is designated as Infantry Bay or Cargo Bay (most common of the bays, these show maximum capacity held by metric tons of cargo stored there.) Each Bay typically has "Doors" assigned to them, which allows Fighters, Small Craft to launch, and Cargo to be removed from. A Infantry bay can also door so they may exit in faster manner for combat purposes. Transportation bays can be on any aerospace, vehicle, large unit that can fit them.[103] Another type of bay is the informally known as the Weapons Bays, which are used mount (and fire) a DropShip or WarShip's weapons, mainly known for the ladder. Weapon Bays are named for what type weapons they have and depending on the construction limits in posed on the vehicle it's mounted on. Weapons mounted in these bays typical can be bundled / mix combo of weapons in them. Laser Bay, may have 2 Large Lasers and 2 Medium lasers, or Capital Missile Launcher Bay which as White Shark Capital Missile Launcher.
Transit Disorientation Syndrome (TDS)
This is a neutral logical reaction that accrues to individuals after a Jump through Hyperspace on a JumpShip. This reaction known also as TDS, can cause number of reactions. From Throwing up, to being nauseated, irritable and disoriented. Further and more severe reactions can end careers of various individuals who use Neuralhelemets including MechWarriors, Aerospace Pilots, and other who may use and operate JumpShips.[104]
Trials (Traditions)
Trials are form of Clan culture of honor, where tradition of resolving issues for land, resources, ending conflict, obtaining position or rank can be resolved through a trial. Most common trial is through combat, however trials can be done with feats of ability. Generally most common are as followed; Trial of Possession (goal obtain something), Trial of Position is to obtain or retain military rank , which is process of elimination to whom, is strongest, smartest, or still able retain their rank. Trial of Refusal[105] (A party refusing to accept the results of a judgement) Arguably the most common trials conducted on normal basis. Battling it out because decision was made, the opposing party refutes it. In a extreme condition a Clan can attempt to take over another "weaker" Clan, by calling for a Trial of Absorption. The most famous in canon the trial of Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere's Great Refusal. Trial of Grievance (Angry party fights to right the wrong done to them.) are trials used by mainly Warriors. Non-Combat Trials can be conducted by non-Warriors, such as scientists or Merchants, where they use their own abilities to resolve an issue. These civilian castes can ask have a warrior caste to resolve issue that requires fighting. Trial of Annihilate (Total destruction of a target) This is arguably the worse trial to be under taken aside from a Reaving. This where no mercy, no honor rules of Zellbrigen are used. Brutal killing all in and any associated persons/things of target of a Trial. Famously done to Clan Wolverine after defining Clan Counsel and Nicholas Kerensky, the ilKhan.
This is a Clan military formation consisting of three Stars of troops. Typically of Clan formations usually stays consistent with same type of unit (Mech/BattleArmor/Infantry/Combat Vehicle/Fighters). This formation is commanded a Star Captain. Combined arms version of a Trinary include a Supernova Trinary, which includes Star of two different type of troops, typically Mechs and Elemental Battle Armor. However, other types units may mixed per point.
Triple Strength Myomer (Technology)
This is special version of the metallic-like material used create artificial muscles for various applications. Better Known as TSM, this variant of myomer when heated to correct temperature, will triple the strength of Mech using it for as long as it's at specified temperature. Sole found on use BattleMechs, however a commercial version of this myomer is used but not for combat applications does not have same power as the TSM.
Triple Strength Myomer
Better known as TSM, this is a type of 'Mech Muscle used on BattleMechs, that can increase physical strength and speed of a BattleMech should right temperature be reach while operating. It is made from a special version of the metallic-like material used create artificial muscles for various applications. When activated it will triple the strength of 'Mech using it for as long as it's at specified temperature. Solely found on use BattleMechs, however a Created in the early 31st Century by House Davion scientists, this technology did not get perfected until much later in the century. Originally vulnerable to gases which break down the myomer, standard version requires a player/pilot to fire weapons or regulate their 'Mech heat in order to activate the TSM. A commercial version of this myomer is used but not for combat applications does not have same power as the TSM.[106]
Tripod (BattleMech type)
This unique type of 'Mech; either IndustrialMech or BattleMech which uses three legs. Unlike a four-legged BattleMech, this type of BattleMech has arms and upper torso of a humaniod type 'Mech. A obscure design concept, Tripods can be any weight class. Standard weights that uses Tripod style, require a Pilot & a gunner to use, while normal 'Mechs only need one MechWarrior to do both. Larger Superheavy 'Mechs have three person crew (Pilot, Engineer/Commander, Gunner). This additional crew allows for a Tripod to do more than one person 'Mech. the three legged design allows it to tranverse terrian quicker than normal machines.
TriVid (Device)
This is a common appliance used for entertainment in modern BattleTech universe. Sometimes referred to as Holovid, its a holographic form of Television. A broadcast medium send air ways for TriVid set receives it or by direct cable connection. This device project a 3D rendering in color of what recording device used focus on. Object can area, such wall with a persons in a scene or can focus on a speaker's head. The ratio can be adjusted for such. TriVids have been used as communication devices, but in general they are a receiver purchased for entertainment.[107]
Trothkin (Term)
Formal name for members of the same sibko. It is the closet term in Clan society to being "Family". Which is foreign term to Trueborn Clan people.
Trueborn (Term)
This is formal name for Clan a genetically engineered Clan warrior created using dead DNA of past warriors. These warriors can vary, from the muscular Elemental trooper, small wiry and large headed Pilot, to the MechWarrior, whom is supposedly balance of all the three. Each genome type warrior has advances in battle or their expertise. Typically Trueborns are culturally raised to look down on natural born humans, known as Freeborns. However, there are cases where Freeborns can gain upper hand such as pilots warriors. Some specialty trueborn have been created periodically, including that of Hell's Horse Tankwarriors whom specialize in working as team (which is usual for Clan's monophonic possession individual honor. However, Pilot types are raised from Sibkin with a Point man/woman as form of team as well.[108]
Tukayyid (Planet)
A Inner Sphere farming world, which acted as proxy planet for Trial of Possession between Clans and the Inner Sphere for Terra. This would be the site where the ComGuard Army would hand the traditional bounded warriors of Clans a major defeat. Triggering a 15 year truce (3067 when it expires) causing Clans to be unable to fulfill their destiny which would lead to years of turmoil in their ranks for generation. The Truce bought the Inner Sphere time develop technologies to combat the Clans equally.


This singular / one or formation consisting of a fighting machine, which can be a combat vehicle / BattleMech / Aerospace Fighter / Battle Armor Squad (typically 4 soldiers).


Vibrabomb (Weapon)
(Also known as a VibraMine) This a type of anti-BattleMech weapon used to defend facilities or placed in strategic places for ambushes. They are type of Mine which detonates when specified weight class of BattleMech steps on it. The weapon effectiveness is limited to weight class it set to trigger. If should be close to the weight class it has change of detonating. Infantry or weights far exceeding the specific weight class its set to explode will cause it not to activate at all. This weapon senses the vibrations of the foot falls of a mech movement, thus will not go off should a tank of the same weight should pass over it. Usually these weapons clustered together like ordinary Minefields.[109]
Verigraph (Technology)
Developed by the Star League, this is type of device that relates to communicated messages sent by HPG. It is a fool-proof system that is design to encode message video or written into a tablet system. Usually encoded via the person DNA. Usually a finger print is the only action needed to unlock the device's message. It is one few things which are considered to be Lostech that survived the Succession Wars. Usually these messages cost considerable amount of money to send due to the security they provide, which was handled by ComStar. These messages during the Succession Wars and until the end of the Dark Age Era were unable to be read, including by handlers.
Void Signature System
This is a Experimental Technology level of Stealth system developed by Word of Blake. The 'Mechs fitted with this system are rendered invisible on most sensors. It's stealth system requires use of ECM suite, and slow to no movement to void detection. It is based on Star League's Chameleon Light Polarization Shield and the Null Signature Systems. The technology barely survived the Jihad Era, exclusively belonging to Republic of the Sphere until its fall.[110]
This is type of Combat Vehicle which is basically a type Helicopter, however vertical Launch able can Aircraft be also designated under this type of designation.


Warbook (Software)
This is computer software used to identify combat units that sensors detect. Based on information sensors pick up from magnetic (judging weight detected by movement), visual, and other associated information. The program gives percentage from 0 to 100% on the probability of the identity of what it detecting. New or units never programmed into the Warbook would cause it guess what it is based on data it knows. Essentially, classic example was the appearance of the Clans in 3049 at beginning of the Clan Invasion where the TimberWolf, a Clan heavy OmniMech. The Warbook used existing information and pieced together / assigned its own id. Given the Timberwolf's appearance similar to arms of a Marauder and body of an older Catapult Missile Support Mech. The Warbook noted as similarity assigned name "Mad" "Cat", where Timber Wolf gain it's more famous name, as fusion both Mech's names.
Warlord (Kurita Rank)
Also known in Japanese later times as Tai-shu, this is third highest rank found in Draconis Combine. The a political / Military position where the Warlord governs a Military District, and is the absolute military commander in that region. The rank Warlord was changed to Tai-shu by Theordore Kurita in mid 31st Century with his many reforms. However, Warlord rank is sometimes used.[111]
Warrior House (Military Organization)
An exclusive specialized Capellan Confederation military order which uses Chinese philosophical and spiritual methods to home their skills in service of the Chancellor. Dedicated to the art of warfare and to House Liao. These are elite warriors, fanatical to the service to their house leader. They are normally organized in battalion size force formations, live and work together. They are identified as Warrior Houses, each having name.. These Warrior Houses are lead by a Warrior House Leader, whom themselves answer to Grand Master of the Order and the Chancellor of Capellan Confederation.[112]
Wars of 3039
This was a war waged by combined alliance of Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth against Draconis Combine. This was FedSun's First Prince Hanse Davion's bid to destroy the Combine to secure his borders with Lyran half of soon to be merged superstate, Federated Commonwealth. However, Theodore Kurita, the son of the Coordinator and it's commanding general in later years was able to coordinate the conflict despite his father's traditional view of combat which had lead to disaster many times in the past. With secret aid from ComStar whom wished not see the "FedCom" merge to succeed, gave Star League era BattleMechs to Combine to successfully fight both allied states to stand still.
Wars of Reaving
This was a Clan major conflict which was fought between 3067 to 3081 by Clans based in the Clan Space (Kerensky Cluster & Pentagon Worlds). The war or wars was a conflict fought unlike any other war fought by the Clans. Where in parallel to the Inner Sphere's Jihad conflict, the Wars were originally in focusing on removing influences of Inner Sphere, cleans the Home Clans being "Tainted". When fought, battles were fought without Rituals nor without Honor usually, where Total Warfare (nothing holding combatants back) ravaged worlds and peoples of the Cluster. Where remaining clans were be forced to be exiled, ravaged, or destroyed completely with remaining people of former Clan sterilized. While warring among themselves, other factions would emerge. The Dark Caste, the shadowy outcasts of Clan society rise in arms, with Scientists who in secret alliance tried to over turn rule by the Warriors of the Clans. Collectively known only as the Society, the faction used the war strength it's own base. However, due to their fractured / terrorist cell nature. The Society was not well organized group, and fought less effectively. Troops being experimented on ranging from specially raised warriors obedient to the Scientists or manipulated warped men and woman that were experimented on by the Scientists. They would ultimately be ran aground shortly before Reavings had burnt out Homeworlds leaving few Clans left in the aftermath. The remaining Homeworld Clans would sever contact with their kin in the Inner Sphere and enforce armed embargo in the Deep Periphery to eliminate any who try intrude on their worlds.
This is a rare type of JumpShip, which can move between planets unlike normal JumpShips. Armed with array of massive weaponry, that can destroy anything they encounter smaller than themselves. These ships are typical armed with their own kind of weaponry in additional to standard weapons, these devastating weapons are referred to as Capital Weapons. Incredibly costly to make and maintain, technology know how to build them is fleeting (due to the focus of the tabletop game on ground combat and BattleMechs). Warships are classified by size and by role they perform. The later most noted. Size there are Small Warships (Less than 750,000 tons) and Large WarShips (750,000 tons or greater). Roles or Types is what warships are generally referred to. The following is canon listing of Warships Types/Category found from smallest to biggest.

Surveillance (Scout) - Vessel designed to scout and survey without being noticed by appearing as normal ship.
Corvette - Light escort vessel, seldom equipped with dropships. Intended for quick interdiction, raiding, and scouting.
Destroyer - Light escort vessel, intended fight ships its size or smaller. Operate as a unit as part formation of Warships, Also used for defending systems from attacks.
Frigate - Large than the Destroyer, principle used as heavy escort vessel and used picket vessel like the destroyer but modestly armed fitted carry some dropships for support.
Light Cruiser - Long Range scout, squadron leader for lighter units and known to be fast as well escort for larger WarShips.
Heavy Cruiser - Principle combatant, able handle combat alone or in company of friendly ships. They typically handle most ships its size and smaller alone if not outnumbered or outgunned by larger ships.
Cruiser - Hybrid of both Heavy Cruiser & Battlecruiser, these are long-range independent warships able go into battle alone and support fleet of mix type vessels.
Battle Cruiser - Principally attack other ships, often used as command ships, for raiding, and assault.
Battleship - Largest type of Warship known, carrying typical most powerful weapons into battle only counter by large numbers of smaller vessels.

There are other "WarShip" designs that do not meet category to size, since they can be any for their role. These include;

The Aerospace Carrier (any weight class/size, in some cases is hybrid type such as the Destroyer-Carrier) used to launch Aerospace Fighters
The Transport (These modest to lightly armed vessels are used in tasks from freighter to Planetary Assault Ship dropping 'Mechs and other troops on a planet.)
The Yardship (mobile repair yard & assembly site). Able to repair most Warships in the field, however, the ship parked inside it's pressurized yard/dock must have a KF Core removed if the Yardship needed to jump. It has small assembly plant onboard, some cases large quanity of 'Mechs intended move components of the ship needed to be repaired. From DropShips to largest of Warships (within it's pressurized tonnage capacity.)
ArcShip - This is a heavy modified existing an existing WarShip of varying class/type. They are reconfigured into mobile communities/habitats/factories for fleets of ships owned by the Sea Foxes. These ships, are generally were Transport types of Warship, principally Potemkins Class Warships (which have doubled their DropShip capacities (half are permanently mounted) it's tonnage increased. However, there are small ships converted in this function.
Watch, The
The Watch is the designation for the Clans spy service, a shadowy organization that is not revered by the Clans, but necessary to collect intelligence on likely revivals and enemies of for the Clan the branch works for. They do investigational work as well as police civilian & warriors. They aren't often spoke of in public due to lack of honor for their work. Each Clan maintains it's own Watch, while not organized into formal combat units, they do use all methods of getting their task done. This is including using combat vehicles, 'Mech, and other armed units. They do engage in sabotage and dealing with gray & shadowy part of their Clan society which is that formally is ignored.
Wing (Formation)
A Wing is a Aerospace formation, which consists of multiple Squadrons (typically 3 Squadrons which can vary in how many fighters per faction. Typical is 36 fighters). Only formation larger than Wing is a Aerospace Regiment or Aero Regiment.[113]
Wolf's Dragoons (Combat Unit)
This was a early 31st Century multi-Regimental mercenary unit operating in the Inner Sphere between 3004 to 3151(?). The unit was famed for it's skilled pilots and large formation. It's initial commander, Colonel Jamie Wolf was famed leader and MechWarrior who lead his unit along other what became famed pilots of unit most notably Natasha Kerensky, of Black Widows Company. They would offer their services to all the major powers of the Inner Sphere. However, eventually settling with Federated Suns owning the world of Outreach. By 3051 they announced to the entire Inner Sphere, that they were infact originally Clan reconnaissance mission to collect intelligence on the state of the Inner Sphere who were also descendants of the SLDF which had gone in exile just before the Succession War Era began. They would gain most noted unit in the BattleTech universe, being greatly devastated including the loss of their world of Outreach to the Word of Blake. They would take nearly century to recover from loss nearly most of their Brigade of combat units to small groups of Combined Arms Battalions would end up rejoining Clan Wolf & their Wolf Empire to fight Clan Jade Falcon by 3151. The Dragoons were perhaps the most famous of all mercenary commands featured in Battletech. Thus most notably noted here in the canon wiki.[114]
Wolf Empire, The
Established in 3139, this is a Clan nation state established in then former Free Worlds League principality, Marik-Steward Commonwealth. A deal struck by Lyran Commonwealth Archon, Melissa Steiner, would allow them aid to relocate from the Wolf Occupational Zone to the former League Space, for in exchange of removing old enemy and potential resurrected one from the Steiner's borders. However, betrayal by the Steiners lead to Wolf Empire turning on Lyran Commonwealth, taking portion of the Lyran Spinward borders worlds along with portions of the resurrected Free Worlds League. The Wolf Empire runs not to dissimilar to the Rasalhague Dominion, where they co-govern the worlds under Clan Wolf's paws. It's leadership, would be solid by raise of the Alaric Wolf turn Alaric Ward-Steiner, trueborn genechild of Katherine Steiner-Davion. The Empire, continues to push into the center of the Inner Sphere with ambitions of taking Terra. They would reach Terra by 3150 and engage Jade Falcons and the remaining Republic of Sphere armed forces for control of Humanity & the original Star League homeworld.
Word of Blake
This is religious political organization first formed within the ranks of ComStar, the maintainers of the Inner Sphere's interstellar communication. Known for their fanatical devotion to the teachings of its founder Jermony Blake, the WoB would evolve into force of it's own once ComStar faced the Clans in 3051, when in 3054 the WoB itself and it's sub-political components would divorce itself from ComStar due to its change of becoming non-political identity. They're military would become the Word of Blake Militia, created by defectors from many of the former ComGuardmans after the split. The faction would eventually retake Terra for itself, In years to follow it's capture of Terra, slowly captures / pursade worlds around Terra to join their Protectorate at the heart of the Chaos March. The Word would lead charge to continue to repulse the Clans from the Inner Sphere. However, after series of civil wars in the Inner Sphere, the quasi-2nd Star League collapsed in 3067 as the moment they were to formally join. Angered at their faction's goal of Star League being formally resurrected, WoB would try punish the major Inner Sphere factions in a cost of a massive war n the magnitude not seen since the First Succession War. The conflict known as the Jihad, would be used as cover to expand the Protectorate to size of the original Terran Hegemony. Using every means of terror weapon to force the States & Clans to comply to it's will. It would be lead ultimately to it's demise in 3081, with both by Clans & Inner Sphere States would form a coalition to hunted down them down until their seemly extinction.
Word of Blake Protectorate
This was a short-lived nation residing in the heard of what once was called the Chaos March, the very center of the Inner Sphere. From Terra, the Word of Blake began in 3066 to expand the protectorate through initially treaties with neighboring planets and eventually through coups engineered to cause the planet to fall into the Word of Blake's control. With fall of the Second Star League, which enraged the political powers of the Word of Blake, military forces struck most of the Clan Occupation Zones and Inner Sphere Nations capitals. This allowed for the Protectorate to enlarge taking worlds belonging to Federated Suns, Lyran Alliance, Draconis Combine, Free Worlds League, and the Capellan Confederation. Not unlike the ancient Terran Hegemony, these worlds were cemented by native troops of each world forming Protectorate Militia backing up frontline Word of Blake Militias and their recently revealed elite regiments belonging to the Shadow Divisions of the Manei Domini. The Protectorate would last until a Coalition multi-national forces was gathered together formed large military task force liberate worlds of the Protectorate starting in 3076-3078. By 3079, the WoB Protectorate would end up being occupied by this Coalition forces. It was governed under the name "Terran Protectorate" briefly until Coalition leadership convinced it's international and Clan partners the benefits of having a neutral but strong nation holding the Center of the Inner Sphere from further aggression. Thus transforming the former Protectorate into the Republic of the Sphere.






This is the Clan honor based Ritual of Combat. Where opposing warriors will duel one other. In this ritual can specify locations, what weapons maybe used, and the prize for victory. Zellbrigen is used as frame work to obtain goods or resources, obtaining ranks, settle disputes, win glory for from individual to entire Clan.[115]


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