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Custom Design
Designer RagTag
Production information
Manufacturer RagStar Military Industries
Model GLG-89S
Class Heavy
Cost 6.266.399
Technical specifications
Mass 70 tons
Chassis Standard (RackRag H)
Armor Starshield
Engine 280er Standard
Speed 64.8 kph
Jump Jets none
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 1093


The Gilgamesh support 'Mech was conceived by RagStar Military Industries as a partner to the En Ki Du, providing long-range cover for the lighter in-fighter. Named for two heroes of Sumerian mythology, the fire team is highly effective at covering all range-brackets of a Succession Wars-era battlefield. RagStar started production of the two 'Mechs shortly after making a name for themselves by introducing the Ban Tang and sales to mercenary troops and minor nobles were successful enough to expand business, open a research and a conventional weapons branch and become a dedicated manufacturer for military hardware on the Periphery/Inner Sphere border.

The Gilgamesh features standard ground speed for a heavy 'Mech of it's time but also boasts 12 tons of armor protection, making it a very well-protected supporter. The relatively small amount of backup-weaponry is a flaw only to be marked by the short-sighted, as the 'Mech was intended to always have his AC/20-armed companion by his side.


Two massive launchers, each capable of darkening the sky with twenty missiles, form the core of the Gilgamesh's arsenal. A classic long-range layout also seen on 'Mechs like the Archer, the amount of missiles that can be delivered to a target is sufficient to overwhelm most 'Mechs, while anything not shred to pieces or punched with holes has to face the Gilgamesh's companion. Two tons of ammunition for each launcher is also considered average by most standards. The backup-weaponry is somewhat lighter than most, only two medium and two Small Lasers(mounted rear) are at hand should any enemy dash within the missile's minimum range.


  • GLG-89SXS - A Solaris-based version of the Gilgamesh, the XS is meant to work alone in the brutal surroundings of arena-combat. Swapping each LRM-20 for four SRM-4 launchers and adding two tons of ammunition, the two Small Lasers are upgraded to mediums and a thirteenth heat sink was added as well. This version completely lacks long range weaponry, but it is a gruesome arena-fighter.