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Custom Design
Designer RagTag
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Hells Horses
Model OmniMech
Class Heavy
Cost -
Technical specifications
Mass 75t
Chassis Standard
Armor 11t Ferro-Fibrous
Engine 300 Standard
Speed 64 kp/h
Jump Jets none (Base)

30,5tons of Pod Space

BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


The Gauntlet was only produced in limited numbers by Clan Hells Horses before their ill-fated attack against Clan Ghost Bear in 3063. The same council of warriors who would later be responsible for the proposal of the Novasurfer had designed it, but the badly scarred Khan never fully accepted it. After Malavai Fletcher was "removed", the new Khan saw the whole potential this design had and ordered new production runs worth almost a Galaxy of 'Mechs. The Gauntlet is slow, but incredibly sturdy, as it mounts a standard fusion reactor and considerable amounts of ferro-fibrous armor. All of its configurations feature torso-mounted missile-systems in shoulder-mounted pods similar to the famous Mad Cat, on which the design is based.


The Prime configuration mounts an ER PPC in each arm, backed up by two ER-Medium lasers. The torso-mounted rocket pods include two LRM-15 with Artemis support and four tons of ammunition. An AMS is mounted in the center torso, generously fed by two tons of ammo, while an ER-Small Laser, mounted rear, provides some peace of mind. The twelve double heat sinks are barely enough to counter the heat load, however.


A: The A-variant of the Gauntlet is the only jump-capable configuration. Corresponding to its 120 meter jumping distance, it mounts three Medium Pulse Lasers, two large ER's and a pair of SSRM-6's in its rocket pods, giving them a generous supply of two tons. The AMS and its ammunition are retained. Two double heat sinks are also mounted alongside the two basic models. This 'Mech is a gruesome controller of the battlefield, though just as "hot" as the prime config.

B: The B-configuration adresses the serious heat problems found on other variants. Its primary armament consists of two class-5 ultra-autocannons, supplied with two tons of ammo each. Two LRM-10 launchers fill up the rocket-pods while four torso-mounted ER-meds form a reliable back-up array. The AMS is retained, but one ton of ammunition was removed in favor of AC-ammo.

C: The last known version of the Gauntlet is somewhat of an oddball-config. All other variants are symmetrically arranged, with identical weapons mounted in its arms. The C approaches the Gauntlet's heat problems by mounting a Gauss Rifle in its right arm, supplied with 24 shots, and twin Large Pulse Lasers in the left. It also replaces the AMS with an ER Small Laser and reduces the missile-based weaponry to two standard SRM-4. This configuration is especially popular with MechWarriors who are teamed up with infantry and vehicles, because it provides accurate low-heat firepower at long ranges.