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Ganesha (Combat Vehicle)
Ganesha Assault Transport
Custom Design
Designer Clan Hell's Horse
Production information
Manufacturer Niles Industrial Complex Beta
Mission Infantry Fighting Vehicle / Fire Support
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Mass 100 tons
Armor Ferro-Fibrous
Engine XL Fusion
Speed 56 km/h
Crew 3

Weapons List

BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 2,046[1][2]


Assault Class sized Infantry Transport, the Ganesha Assault Transport was designed and built by Clan Hell's Horses The vehicle was intended to be durable infantry carrier, while still packing enough firepower to keep other vehicles and opposing Battle Armor away so it may deliver it's play load of three Points of Battle Armor to it's destination.

Armament & Equipment[]

Clan Tech built Ganesha is fitted with a Sunfire 300 rated Extra-Light Fusion Engine, the vehicle can carry it's weight of 19.5 tons of Ferro-Fiberous Armor and troops to it's destination. While not intended to be a speedy vehicle, it's can handle significant amounts of damage and utilizing a Experimental Technology-level Armored Motive System, allowing vehicle to surviving crippling hits, while the giant machine while under fire. For it's primary mission, the vehicle Infantry Bay holds 15 tons, giving it the ability to unload 15 Battle Armor troopers into battle.

While not considered it's best aspect, the vehicle is lightly armed for it's size. It's primary weapon being a Large Pulse Laser, with 6-tubed Streak Missile Launchers all mounted in the Turret. To handle incoming infantry troops, the vehicle has three ammo-based Flamers with twenty rounds of fire, with two mounted front and one in the back. Decision to allow for ammo-feed flamer comes economic measure to limit the vehicle to 10 single heatsinks to cope with it's head, while economical, this also carry risk of flame/heat attacks on vehicle destroying it in battle as these heat sinks could easily be over whelmed. Additionally, the vehicle can bolster pair of Anti-Missile system, mounted forward and back. Rounding about it's defensive capacities, is it's ECM Suite, so it can mask it's self from being targeted too easily.


The Ganesha was created as part of the larger project, TRO: Project Zhukov, written by fan author Steve Cross.


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