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Chapter 3 - The Heist[]

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High stakes Heist[]

06/19/3046 - Location: Yoshi-Town - Hachiman, Draconis Combine




The ferroglaz view screen was dark and damp as Franklin Sakamoto lay supine inside his Powerman waiting for a signal as warm summer rains poured over him. Waiting for action was arduous so he practiced his defensive strikes and listened to 'classic,' at least to his Bosos, music. He leaned up to drink from the hydration pack mounted overhead. “The classics are such for a reason.”

Through his headset he heard Yugon, his driver. “Looks like more traffic, Franklin. Are you sure we can still accomplish the mission?”

“It will settle once shift change finishes. Like it always does.” he told him

A cryptic message came over his comm-pad. “Our agents are in position to take control of the dropshuttles.”

“Are you certain the DCA can't intercept?” he asked

He tapped on the mech's control yoke although the padding of his data-gloves made no sound. “They won't want to move that Masamune (Achilles) Assault DropShip above us or scramble fighters as long as the Gunji-no-Kanrei is in town. In case this is a feint by Isoroku. If they change their mind. We get forced down and probably executed.”

“What's your opinion on the whole dispute?”

“I have none.

Isoroku, Takashi, Theodore.

They'll all the same as any Oyabun or Warlord. Only as good as the people following them will deal with. I'm content as long as I have my brothers, the Kwaidon, and a healthy bank account.”

“It will be healthy after we are done.”

With a chance to steal four VOX 330 Supercharged Extralight Engine it would be. Each was worth almost ten million Ryu to the right buyer and he already had those lined up. More importantly it would be a set back to the Jirigawa syndicate muscling into Yoshi-town.

Two hours later, Roars of spacecraft previously drowned out by cars filled the urban canyons adjacent to the spaceport. “Your bosozuko report that traffic has eased.” he ordered

A flick of a switch activated the Omni 175 fusion engine at the heart of his Powerman. The power plant, typically used in the speedy Panther LAG variant, was more powerful than most IndustrialMechs were designed to handle but the frame was a hardy one. It had taken his small gang cell almost a month to modify and install it for just this mission.

Through Franklin's IR capable goggles he could see his partners PowerMan start and received a quick diagnostic read out from its DI computer. He cinched the neural band under his soft cap. “Looking green across the board, Shan.”

Shan's Tikonovian accent had still not left him despite living on Hachiman for most of the past year. “Time to get up and going, Franklin.”

Both Powerman IndustrialMechs came alive on the flatbeds. Each removed a mech sized rifle concealed within its armored box. With a smooth motion the massive hands worked an over-sized bolt as water dripped from its barrel. “Now we're just waiting on Yugone.”

The lead Sherpa armored truck revved its diesel engine spewing black exhaust from the stacks on either side of the cab. Kabuki masked Shatei soldiers detached the flatbed from it and hitched it to the second truck. Finally they took up positions behind the armored containers on both flatbeds and readied their sub-machine guns.

Four gangsters sat under their only protection at the gatehouse, a flimsy tarp awning held up with bamboo poles. “I hate summer in this place. Monsoons all the time.”

One of them perked up at the sound of a heavy engine. “What's that sound?”

A group of youths on motorbikes with colorful lights onboard passed at high speed as the traffic continued to abate. Their eyes drawn toward the colorful lights they didn't see the darkened truck speeding toward them until it was too late. It's dozer blade smashed into their barriers pushing them aside to allow a second truck entry.

Rattles of sub-machine guns rang out over the street causing the youths to rush away from the gunfire.

Franklin and Shan rushed forward into the breach stepping over the wreckage. They kicked down small guard towers like sand castles sending Jiri soldiers falling to the pavement.

Firebee (In City Battlefield)

Firebee Light BattleMech

Jumping over barriers a Firebee, darkly angled like a mechanical insect, caught their attention as it arrived to provide support to the embattled soldiers. It was their peer in weight and agility, but carried more firepower. “Looks like they brought some souvenirs back from the Confederation.”

“So it does.” Franklin aimed the lightweight 57mm auto-cannon at the intervening mech. “We should give them some love courtesy of the FedSuns.”

Both machines opened fire sending forth bursts of high explosive filled shells that stitched the wall behind the Firebee. Brass cartridges fell to the tarmac creating small impacts on the ground. Its pilot saw this as an opportunity to finally see some action.

Its deadly large laser exchanged fire at range while the pilots used containers as cover. The Firebee jumped between them to ruin fire solutions and close into the effective range of its SRMs.

Trusting his battlemech against the apparent unworthiness of the up-gunned IndustrialMechs the pilot got cocky. Their armor held firm against the onslaught. After frantic minutes of maneuvering and untold collateral damage the Firebee took a hit to its gyro grounding it.

Enhanced with triple strength myomer Franklin's Loadermech delivered a powerful push kick to the fallen mech as it struggled to rise and bring its laser into play. The impact shattered armor and sent its downed form flying across the tarmac and into a concrete pillar.

That impact was not the loudest noise at that moment. His team had planted demolition charges that weakened the exterior walls. Sheet metal bent under the pressure of the bulldozer blade ultimately yielding with a horrid screech as the found its hole. Yakuza soldiers exchanged fire with heavier machine guns mounted on their trucks.

Dull thuds from the IndustrialMech's rifles scattered the Jiri soldiers until the weapon ran dry. They used the machine's rear hoist to hold the autocannon in place and free their hands. Hands that reached into their left torso's cargo compartment for a fresh magazine of Anti-Personnel ammo.

With a rough click the magazine was set in the well by the skilled puppeteers using their datagloves for the fine movements. A pair of discarded magazines fell to the ground as the rifles rose once more to spread death downrange.

Minutes and three more magazines later the Sherpas and Shantai soldiers returned to see the carnage wrought by the LoaderMech's handheld weapon. Both Loadermechs had run dry or had the lightweight auto-cannons damaged by weapons fire from Jiri Wasps and Urbanmechs. Their secondary weapons SRM-2s, shaped like disks connected by something resembling a knuckleduster, filled both hands.

UrbanMech (In Combat)


Shan's voice came over the intercom as Yakuza soldiers filled the armored trucks. “We will only have machine guns soon enough.”

Franklin saw more Jiri soldiers arriving via light vehicles that flew over the rain slick streets. These were equipped with only the barest of heavy weapons, machine guns and grenade launchers. A threat but not a major one that lance of light mechs with green pilots had been thought enough protection by the Jiri Wakagashira.

“That's fine we won't need these much longer. Quick we'll take one of those reactors off your truck so you can maintain speed.” Franklin tol them

“Every bit counts.”

Both Sherpas took up position behind the LoaderMechs as Franklin and Shan swiveled their cockpit chair behind them to look at the controls and display for the lift hoist built into the LoaderMech's back.

The supercharged VOX 330XLs came inside a cage that protected them during shipping and made it easier for LoaderMechs and gantry cranes to maneuver the heavy constructs. Franklin identified the distinctive markings of the manufacturer, Tanadi Power Systems, and its rating to ensure they had taken the correct container. There were no take-backs in the underground.

Their lift hoists strained under the mass but pulled the cage into position. With the massive reactor on its back the Powerman looked like a field worker pulling sacks of grain over their shoulders.

“We'll see whether they will shoot us in the back or risk hitting these valuable reactors, Franklin.”

“I suppose we will, Shan. Everyone to the shuttles now!”

Jiri Shantai harried them with small arms as the Sherpas and their trailers put the pedal to the metal. Tires screeched as they drifted into turns. Once Yugon cut the turn so tight the trailer almost tipped over and only the fast reflexes of Franklin slapping it back down stopped the vehicle from ruining their getaway. He and Shan struggled to maintain control on the slick pavement with their unbalanced loads. Both Powermen shot missiles behind them to keep the enemies at bay but their eyes were ever forward.

Warehouse canyons opened up to the slick black tarmac of the Astroplex. Four Hana (K-1) dropshuttles waited for them with their cargo ramps lowered to the ground. More ground troops waited for their arrival opening fire on their pursuers at long range with tripod mounted machine guns.

Finally the Jiri soldiers broke off the attack outmatched as Franklin and Shan unlimbered the reactors. Their handheld guns were retrieved by heavy industrial exoskeletons and stowed while the LoaderMechs carefully loaded and secured the reactors before crawling into the cargo bay.

Minutes later the Hana dropshuttles took off into the iron gray clouds on columns of white hot plasma. Franklin looked out of the engineering console's viewpoint. The gray clouds yielded to blue skies as the curve of Hachiman became apparent and they yawed toward their destination.

“Its good to be back on top.” Franklin commented as they climbed into orbit and beyond.

Investigation Report[]

06/20/3046 - Location: Yoshitune Spaceport - Hachiman, Galedon Military District

Draconis Combine Port Authority Findings

At 01:45 Local Time, 4 Hana Dropshuttles, registered to Yoshimatsu Chemicals, were hijacked on the tarmac while preparing to load a regular shipment of chemicals to Srinagar. Their security teams were attacked by masked men using CS irritant gas and bludgeons. Once incapacitated they were tied up and left in a nearby warehouse.

These hijackers utilized the approved take off window and course but deviated due to 'mechanical difficulties' halfway through before dropping off tracking RADARs. Based on ballistic projections DCPA Security Teams were dispatched to find the missing vessels and if possible apprehend the attackers. After seven hours PAST agents located them, finding them empty and smelling of ammonia and bleach.

During this time there was a live fire engagement between the Jirigawa Syndicate and unknown attackers, certainly in league with the hijackers, in the warehouse district. An unknown quantity of material was removed from the warehouse, likely to the dropshuttles. PAST is however finding them, “less than cooperative.” (sic)

ISF Planetary Commander Thomas Yoriake has been notified but has determined it an internal feud between Yakuza Clans. The investigation file will remain open to be followed up on after the Expo attendees depart. Masamori Metro Police have been put on high alert for retaliatory engagements between rival syndicates. Security around the Expo Center is still deemed acceptable until the Gunji-no-Kanrei departs on the 25th.

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