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Chapter 19 - Where Angels Fear to Tread[]

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Dinner and a Conclusion[]

1/3047 - Masamori, Hachiman, Draconis Combine

Two Moons Country Club sprawled astride a ridge overlooking the Two Moons River, a tributary of the larger Yamato River, and ongoing joke because Hachiman had three moons. White snow covered the ground as far as the eye could see. Masamori’s lights were dulled by distance and partially covered by tranquil forested hills. Antennae clustered between a saddle hill their faint red lights a warning to the helicopters that regularly shuttled VIPs into this exclusive space from the bustling city.

Miya kneeled beside a low table wearing the bold winter Kimono from the Mondavi. Franklin refilled her drink from the iced Gan Singh Gemfruit bottle always with the label up. As she sipped the cool beverage, they looked at the damage between them. Its surface filled with discarded shells, crab legs, and every type of dish they could conceive of. A bronze tea brazier positioned close enough to keep Miya comfortably warm on the cushions.

Franklin gently returned the bottle to its ice bucket, then wiped his hands on a napkin “I can’t believe you ate more than I did.”
“I’ve been fasting since yesterday in anticipation.”
“I had to use my Isesaki connections to even hear about this place. Let along get a reservation.”
“And I heartily appreciate it. You must be a major mover and shaker at Isesaki considering how often you use them.”

“It’s been more shaking than moving these days. The Draconis Combine is suffering without COMSTAR’s jumpships. Our grandfather’s death won’t help matters in the short term. Have you heard anything about when my brother would return?”
“He is due back next week according to the MMK. Are you certain we should tell him? It might be more dangerous for all involved.”

He looked out over the snow-covered wilderness beyond their window contemplating the gravity of their situation. Soft light from above and flickering coals from the tea brazier below played across his face the only color against the black kimono he wore.
“I haven’t really thought about how I would tell him. It’s a tough thing to confront a past you didn’t even realize you lived, particularly when other people know and want you for it.

Until a couple weeks ago I was a blue-collar criminal looking to earn a white-collar life and put my little brothers through college. Now I’m a potential heir to the Coordinator, and I have a Clan I’m actually related too.

The Sakamotos were welcoming but they never accepted me as their own.”

“You’re not the only one,” tears moistened the sides of her blue eyes, “I saved Isoroku’s life without knowing he was my father.
My biggest concerns when he invited me to dinner was whether he wanted to sleep with me and where to get a dress in time.
Genzo and his band are the only family I’ve ever known. Hopefully some remain by the time I return.”

She offered up her cup, “A toast for an exciting new year. Of hopefully little family drama.”

Miya finished her cup and refused a refill, instead reclining on the cushions. “Geez, I’m stuffed.
Going to sleep good tonight.
Thank You Franklin, it’s been a wild couple of days.”

The manager saw they were done and summoned busboys to clean the table. He handed a richly textured bill on a silver platter to Franklin. “Your bill, Sir.”

Franklin looked over the bill summing up the total cost. He reached into his pocket and pulled forth a small gold bar. The man looked at the bar in confusion before realizing what it was, “That should cover everything.”
“Aye, sir.”

He patted the man on the cheek and smoothed the lapels of his jacket. “Keep the change.
Buy yourself something nice.”

“Of course, Sir,” the manager bowed to them, “thank you for your business. Please come again.”

As the manager closed the door Franklin caught Miya’s eyebrow twitching, “Franklin.”
“Yes, Miya.”

“That wouldn’t happen to have been a five-hundred-gram gold bar from the Togura Mint, would it?”
“It’s a common investment vehicle for gold in the Draconis Combine.
Worth almost nine thousand Ryu.”

“I know.”

“You know, Miya. There is an old saying, ‘Gold has no Providence.’
So, if it were to say be part of a hypothetical bribe given to an active-duty MMK officer,
working under false papers in exchange for her silence by a respected member of society,

and meant to buy herself out of blackmail to a despicable, now dead man.
Well, no one would be able to prove it.”

“Franklin Sakamoto, you are a damn scoundrel. I won’t forget this.”

Franklin put his thumbs together and held his hands like an 'S,' which she recognized as the Isesaki Shipping Scoundrels gesture "Scoundrels for life."


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Note from the Author[]

AlphaMirage Notations
Well that's it, Hachiman, Hard Boiled/Warring States/Red Oni, Blue Oni is complete. Epilogue previews below:

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Epilogue 4 - Graeme's Ambitions feat Constance, Graeme, and Omiko Kurita<br>Epilogue 5/Preview - Veni, Vidi, Victoria feat Minoru Kurita, Riva Allard, and The Liaos

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