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"Fullerene Endochassis" is a creation of Seth Kennon. Original article (Kennon Continuity) was written on an associate's account. The Shattered Veil continuity is a joint effort.

Shattered Veil Continuity (Current)[]

The Fullerene Endochassis was designed somewhere between the years 3146 and 3151, primarily for use by the Spirit Cats and Steel Wolves in their conflict against the Society.

Composed primarily out of Fullerenes as the name implies, this Endochassis is produced in "generations", each new generation superior to the last in some aspect. The unusual properties of certain carbon allotropes mean that in addition to being lighter and stronger, the new chassis improve a mech's effective heat dissipation by around 20% (rounding down).

The first generation is about two-thirds the mass of (and 50% stronger than) a Standard Chassis without adding any additional bulk; the alloy content of first generation Fullerene skeletons is still relatively high compared to later incarnations, leading them to be frequently dubbed as "Ferro-Fullerene".

These older "Ferro-Fullerene" skeletons also come in in Fullerene-Endosteel and Heavy-Fullerene Variants; the former is, unsurprisingly, a third the mass of a Standard Chassis in exchange for increased bulk, and the latter is two times as strong as a Standard Chassis in exchange for a one-third increase in mass.

Kennon Continuity (Discontinued)[]

The Fullerene Endochassis, aka "Bucky Bones", was designed by Kennon Meteorworks in 3068 using recovered scientific knowledge in an ancient Pre-Star League archive. Composed entirely out of Fullerenes, as the name implies, it weighs a fraction of the weight of an Endosteel chassis while being no bulkier than a standard chassis. At the same time however, it can withstand a great deal of punishment, much more than a reinforced endosteel skeleton.

Because public knowledge of fullerene-based construction techniques would lead to ComStar attempting to shut down Kennon Meteorworks , since the former had worked so hard to make this information inaccessible by the rest of humanity in the first place, they were used in secret and weren't officially marketed until near the end of the Jihad. However, the cost to build them was astronomical, and finding investors proved to be very difficult since few people were willing to risk their entire designs around the faith in something composed entirely of carbon.