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Frederick Steiner Class Battleship
Production information
Manufacturer Semier Data Tron - Lyran Commmonwealth
Use Frontline Combatant
Command Ship
Armed Troop Transport
Tech Base Inner Sphere Experimental
Cost 46,263,420,000 C-bills
Introduced 3145
Technical specifications
Mass 1,750,000 tons
Length ????
Sail Diameter 1,200 Meters
Fuel 8,000 tons (20,000)
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 4
Top Thrust 6
Sail Integrity 7
KF Drive Integrity 34
LF Battery Yes
Armament Ship Weaponry
  • x20 Class 25 Naval AutoCannons
  • x40 Class 55 Naval Lasers
  • x40 AR10 Capital Missile Launcher (Capital missile launcher)
  • x40 Laser Anti-Missile System (AMS)
Armor Lamellor Ferro-carbide armor
DropShip Capacity 10
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters
Crew Crew: 91 officers
548 enlisted/non-rated
140 gunners
892 bay personnel
432 BA marines
Grav Decks 4 (250 Meter diag each.)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 0 / 300
Heat Sinks 4790 (9580)
Structural Integrity 120
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 292,506[1]


The Frederick Steiner-Class Battleship is a WarShip. This ship were conceived by Fan Writer, Cannonshop, while assisted with stats by kindalas. The Battleships intended for the Lyran Commonwealth Navy, have used in multiple Alternate Universes written by Cannonshop. The most prominent is Administrator AU and the Alternate Ngoverse.

Frederick Steiner class vessels are named for deceased members of House Steiner.

Administrator AU Description[]

Ship Description[]

These ships were originally constructed in a Shipyard in the Duran System Star System by Semier Data Tron for the Lyran Commonwealth in the The Administrator AU. Part of Fleet Admiral Sharon Ngo's master plan to rebuild the Lyran Commonweath Navy's WarShip Fleet mist the nation crisis as two Clans and other Inner Sphere forces wage war against it and each other.

When Admiral Sharron Ngo ordered a squadron of the 46 Billion Kroner vessels, Julian McQuinsoton (owner of Semier Data Tron) was shocked that the high price sacrificial equipment was included in the order. He was convinced that the revised LCN budget would exclude either the Lithium Fusion system or the extensive Docking Collars.

The Battleship was 500kt heavier then the Mjölnir Class Battlecruiser, last WarShip to be built in seventy years. The ship was to be equipped with a HPG, a Lithium Fusion Battery, a Naval C3 system and Ability to carry ten dropship docking collars.

He did laugh sadly at her choice for a name. The Boondoggle was a small pill to swallow for the dramatic increase in business. However, he would manage to go with his company's internal name for the project, the Fredrick Steiner.

Alternate Ngoverse AU[]

Built during the Jihad Era, these ships would fight along with other coalition forces to route out the tyranny of the Word of Blake. The ships were part of the AU's version of Operation Scour, the invasion Word of Blake's Terran held nation, the Word Protectorate.[2]

By 3091, most of the six Battleships would be laid up in Tharkad's Lockheed/CBM Shipyard. These ships would be sabotaged by rebel Lyran favoriting former Archon Prince, Victor Steiner-Davion in attempting install him as ruler of the Lyran Commonwealth.

Armaments and Capacities[]

Intended as frontline combatant, which could to sustain heavy damage in pressure of combat, the ship was fitted with 4,200 tons of Lamellor Ferro-carbide armor. Each armored flank would tolerate considerable punishment, with equally fitted armor protection. The ship is capable of 3Gs of acceleration and while it moved it's heavy mass covered with a heavy layer of expensive L-Ferro Carbide armor.

Its main weapon array consists of 80 heavy Naval Lasers, which were selected for their ability to target Aerospace Fighters and Pocket Warships and 20 Naval Auto-cannons for targets that decide to encroach on the Battleship.

It's secondary weapons array is 40 AR10 missile launchers supplied by 400 Barracuda and White Shark missiles. Each launcher has a single salvo of Santa Anna and Peacemaker warheads to be deployed "as needed" against targets of value.

A defensive layer of 40 laser anti-missile systems was added to avoid the ammunition requirements of conventional AMS systems.

The vessel has a regiment (432) of battle armor equipped marines (steerage quarters) and space for a second regiment for boarding actions (bays) supplied by the 20 small craft. A fighter regiment (72) was included to provide CAP for the ship.

The Naval C3 system is capable of being linked to supporting dropships or fellow warships.


The Class was design with the intentions to work with additional ships being constructed for the Commonwealth's Navy, with support of four Marsden II-Class Cruisers. However, Frederick Steiners were built prior to the design and launch of the the Marsden IIs, (launched in 3160). The Battleships would relay on two Squadrons (24 in all) of the tiny Kowloon style Cutter (WarShips) until cruisers were made available for deployment.

Each of the Battleships served as a 'flag command', which in turn were assigned to a regional position within the Commonwealth. Two battleship groups tasked with supporting exploration and colonization on the antispinward periphery of the Commonwealth. Other deployments included as 'show the flag' missions to near-periphery states and other duties.  This designation will rotate periodically to provide active service in peacetime and prevent 'neglect rot' in the ranks of the Fleet.

In peacetime, one flag command will stand down every 2 years for refit and updates, at which time component crew will be tasked with assisting shipyard personnel in making updates and changes as technology and mission requirements change.


  • Bay 1: BattleArmor (IS) (108) 1 Door
  • Bay 2: Fighter (72) 12 Doors
  • Bay 3: Small Craft (20) 10 Doors
  • Bay 4: Cargo (33110.0 tons) 3 Doors

Notable Ships of the Class[]

  • Panzerschiffe 1/BB 001 - LCN Frederick Steiner : Lead Ship of the Class, launched in 3147.
  • Panzerschiffe 2/BB 002 - LCN Hermann Steiner : 2nd Hull built, commanded by Captain Linda Sithers-Minh in 3148
  • Panzerschiffe 3/BB 003 - LCS Cynthia Steiner :
  • Panzerschiffe 4/BB 004 - LCS Jonathan Steiner :
  • Panzerschiffe 5/BB 005 - LCS Kailen Steiner :
  • Panzerschiffe 6/BB 006 - LCS Tatyana Steiner :
  • Panzerschiffe 7/BB 007 - LCS Ross Steiner :
  • Panzerschiffe 8/BB 008 - LCS Nondi Steiner :


  • Wiki editor note: This ship was designed by kindalas, whom had accepted the challenged to bring the ship which fan writer Cannonshop had written to life. The original posting of the ship was flawed due to missing Double Heat Sinks, which was correct.
  • Wiki editor note:' The ships retain their names regardless of the universe their in.

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