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Forgotten Treasures - Shadows of the Dead
Author John "Kasaga" Sisk
Series Name Forgotten Treasures
Alternate Universe Name Project: Legion AU
Year Written August 5th 2020
Story Era Civil War Era
Alternate Future


Forgotten Treasures - Shadows of the Dead is this third installment of a galactic spanning SciFi / war drama set in the BattleTech Universe, the story was written by fan writer, John "Kasaga" Sisk. The backdrop of the story begins in 3062, when in aftermath of the Federated Commonwealth having been invaded by the Capellan Confederation and their allies, Free Worlds League.

However, in the wake of intergalactic war between the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere lies a hidden power. The Terran Hegemony in Exile, nation once thought to be lost or what it appeared to be so. Now seeing new threat emerging to threaten their ancient homeland, has now set them into motion. Having chosen once again to move move the intergalactic stage of events to their advantage, the Inner Sphere will soon see ghost walks among them.

The story continues into Book 3 of the story arc, <<Pending Completion>>

Main characters[]

  • Duke Michael Edward Ryan - Protector of the Hegemony in Exile and Commanding General of the Hegemony Armed Forces
  • Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion - Leader of the Federated Commonwealth, which in 3057 was sundered to only Federated Suns state.
  • Colonel Sarah Ryan - Marchioness of Nova California and Heir-Apparent to the Terran Hegemony-in-Exile Regency, 1ST Cavalry Division

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