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Transport Link, SS Vintage Russian Soul (Verne-class Submarine)
Hahira, Anjin Muerto Operational Area
Crucis March, Federated Suns
9th March 3101

The Devalis Devils had been deployed to the backwater world of Hahira in the Anjin Muerto Operational Area helping local militia forces prepare their defenses as part of their deployment the unit had taken advantage of one of the militia’s Verne-class Submarines which was a ten-thousand-ton submarine capable of transporting more than three thousand tons of cargo. Standing at the foot of her Marauder C, Captain Anna Devalis stood on the cargo deck of the Verne’s massive cargo bay. It felt strange to be underwater inside such a large vessel the Goliath Scorpions deployed submarines like this in the Clan Homeworlds but she wasn’t a great fan. She knew vessels like this had been around since humanity was restricted to Terra but hadn’t spent too much time onboard them, here on Hahira with its extensive waterways and large polar ice caps she saw the utility of them for this particular deployment they were traveling under the northern cap.

As she leaned against the foot of her Mech Eric approached “an old ship but capable one” he reported “speaking with members of the crew apparently House Davion has modified some of these in the past as artillery batteries sitting off the coast of a battle and pounding the enemy.”

“Before they disappear beneath the seas when a counter attack arrives.” Anna Devalis commented it was not an honorable method of combat but it wasn’t a surprising tactical option given the methods she’d seen the Inner Sphere use before.

“Affirmative, they’ve also weather proofed it for the colder than normal oceans here on Hahira so there is a little over-engineering in this ship to protect it further from the elements. They have a construction facility for them on the southern continent.” He explained “it’s based on a Star League-era base which originally served the Star League as the wet navy’s construction and maintenance facility for the region. House Davion only use it locally” he said glancing around them to see if anyone else was nearby “but from what a few of the techs said the facility is capable of servicing any navy vessel currently constructed on Hahira and then some.” He said joining her leaning on the foot of the Marauder glancing up at the roof of the vessel almost picturing the water and ice above them the additional construction capabilities which were on Hahira suddenly made the world sound interesting and useful. His words trailed off as one of the crew of the submarine moved past pulling a pallet truck with supplies built up on it. “I personally wouldn’t want to spend time in them, with the water above, not a nice feeling.”

“Agreed, even though we spend much of our lives on DropShips, I’d much rather the fast-cold death of space than the slow water grave you’d face on this thing.” She said “I was speaking to the Captain he has agreed with my plan to surprise the militia have everyone check their environmental sealing before deployment.”


Hours later the Verne arrived in the port of Franzika which served host to a large shipping port and was home to part of the planetary militia with multiple blue water naval vessels, large hovercraft and smaller water-based vessels calling the port home. For this three-month deployment the Devils had been tasked with learning how these integrated into the militia and helping local forces, who lacked BattleMechs of their own, track down a group of raiding BattleMechs which had caused issues recently.

The main cargo bay doors of the SS Vintage Russian Soul opened and Captain Anna Devalis took charge of the BattleMech moving it from its position in the cargo bay towards the doors behind her three other Mechs followed. They stepped out of the cargo bay onto Franzika’s primary harbor pier, when Devalis said primary she noted there were half a dozen piers with various types of vessel in the harbor including a large military dreadnought covered in artillery cannons. The ship looked like it was straight out of an ancient war film and that it belonged in a museum but also looked deadly. Turning down the pier she marched her Marauder C towards the collection of militia vehicles while sending an encrypted message to Eric Storm as per Devalis’ agreement with the submarine’s captain seven of the Devils had been deployed off the ship before they’d arrived in port and circled around the militia. Now with her message sent Anna Devalis approached the militia battalion that was arrayed waiting for them she didn’t understand why the full battalion of armor and infantry were here waiting for them it was a critical defensive error in her mind. Reaching the militia force the three Mechs with Anna deployed on her flanks her own Marauder C and the Awesome on one side the Hammerhands and Thunderbolt on the other.

“Welcome to Franzika Devalis’ Devils” the militia commander transmitted “I am Major Megan Brands, we expected more BattleMechs? Still what you have brought will be enough to counter the enemy forces we have had trouble with.”

“And we did not expect to be met by your full Battalion given recent pirate activity I deployed Mechs before arriving here, as an enemy force could do if they had a DropShip.” Devalis explained “Now as you are arrayed here your territory is left undefended.”

“We have had no reports of pirate activity today…” She began as the other seven Devalis’ Devils BattleMechs arrived around the militia force surrounding them.

“BattleMechs allow you to deploy anywhere, in any environment, each of our Mechs are capable of traversing various hazards to get to a target’s location. Major today you have placed your forces at my mercy, fortunately we are friendly but your people must be careful.”

“As should your own, check your back, Captain” Brands suggested from her transmission Anna Devalis believed the woman was smiling, given that she’d just surprised them that shouldn’t be the case. Turning her Marauder C she saw the dreadnoughts turrets were turned towards her four Mechs with enough firepower on them to wipe out her lance the firepower would heavily damage the port as well but it made attacks against the port very costly for any opponent.

“Impressive display” Devalis accepted turning her Marauder back towards the militia forces “hopefully they are ready for some action, let’s hunt some pirates.” She made a mental note that the naval forces on Hahira were not just for show and transport.


Hours later Anna Devalis was heavily engaged with at least a company of enemy BattleMechs of various size and capabilities. Even with the militia forces in support they were being pressed to destroy the enemy forces they were fighting so far, she’d only lost MechWarrior Hattie in her Wasp which had been caved in when it encountered an enemy Enforcer the larger Mech demolishing the Wasp with its autocannon, but it was only a matter of time before she lost more. “Lucifer One, Major Brands we need artillery assistance to break their line!” Devalis called out glancing over at the Major’s Demolisher Tank.

“We do not have artillery ready.” Brands replied Anna Devalis quickly glanced at her range to the harbor it was less than three kilometers well within the range of the cannons on the dreadnought still parked there.

“What about that damned Warship of yours?”

“We don’t generally use it…” she began to explain before Devalis interrupted.

“Do the guns work?” She asked as a particle cannon slammed against her Marauder’s armor Eric Storm stepped his recently salvaged Snake between her and her targeted enemy giving her time to talk to Brands.

“Affirmative, but the crew are inexperienced in fire support missions.” Brands reported which infuriated Anna Devalis having such a resource available it would make plenty sense to use it in all situations it was needed not just as an intimidating force in port.

“Time to rectify that, send them the coordinates of the enemy’s lines and those trees on the eastern flank. I want a volley of fire on that line then we’ll adjust their fire accordingly.” Anna Devalis ordered. Within a few minutes Anna Devalis was closer to the enemy’s lines than she’d have probably liked as the artillery barrage began slamming into the ground all around the enemy BattleMechs the fire was inaccurate but they made up for it with firepower. “Lucifer to Brands, have them vary fire between that range and five degrees upwards and fire for effect along the same line as previously requested, we’ll hold them in place with the artillery as we drive home the attack.”

Within a couple of moments, a near continuous barrage of fire began landing between where they’d tested their fire and across the enemy lines. Some of the shots appeared to cause more of an explosion than others but they all did enough to keep the enemy forces uncomfortable. With an obvious and determined force against them the pirates kept trying to disengage but the artillery was holding them in place. Between a rock and a hard place several of the pirate Mechs were disengaging their targeting systems giving up on the battle walking through friendly lines under the guns of the militia. As soon as pirates began to surrender the battle was over in the end it came down to the pirate leader and one of his lieutenants who fought to the end before their Mechs were completely destroyed by the massed firepower of the militia and the Devils.

Following the battle Anna Devalis claimed one of the pirates’ Mechs for the Devils, as per their contract agreement with the Federated Suns, a Bushwacker BattleMech. The Devils didn’t have a MechWarrior for the Mech with the death of Hattie in her Wasp but Devalis would find a way to use the Mech. As they had additional time on Hahira the Devils spent time rotating through the various facilities and settlements on the world including the submarine production and maintenance facility. Eric Storm’s findings during their trip on the SS Russian Vintage Soul were correct the facility was capable of maintaining several water vessels at the same time and during their visit a new submarine was under construction for civilian use on another of the Federated Suns worlds. Anna Devalis could see both a civilian and military use for the vessels and for the facility on several of the Nova Cat worlds there were bodies of water which could be used for transport by her Clan with the right tools.

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