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Fighting Uphill (Cover Art)
Fighting Uphill
Author evilauthor
Series Name
Alternate Universe Name Fighting Uphill
Year Written August 2021
Story Era Succession War Era


Fighting Uphill is a Forum-Style written Fan-Fiction Story originally posted on the BattleTech forum thread started in August of 2021 by evilauthor.

Story is features the storied mercenary company, Wolf's Dragoons. The story is set in their earlier years fighting in the Inner Sphere while secretly on an intelligence collecting mission for the Clans in Deep Periphery. However, in this tale the Dragoons soon discover Inner Sphere more sophisticated and advanced technological than they had been Canon.

Differences in Canon[]

The Wolf's Dragoons arrive in Inner Sphere during first decade of the 31st during what should be Third Succession War. However, they end up facing enemies who's technology has not eroded due to wars unlike canon, but facing enemies with advanced and very different technology. The Technology level presented in this story is similar that which is found canon would be similar Standard Technology as of game year 3067 and beyond.


The Wolf's Dragoons arrive in Inner Sphere during first decade of the Succession Wars, where they are conducting a recon mission for descendants of the Star League Defense Force.


Fighting Up Hill
Chapter 01 - Welcome to the Inner Sphere Chapter 02 - A More Honest ComStar Chapter 03 - Mixed Messaging Chapter 04 - Wac over the Head Chapter 05 - First Report
Chapter 06 - Max Info Chapter 07 - Old Comrades Chapter 08 - Aborted Triangle Chapter 09 - Holes that Need Filling Chapter 10 - The Great Purple Turkey Shoot
Chapter 11 - Peace in Our Time Chapter 12 - Moving in Behind You Chapter 13 - Picking Your Fights Chapter 14 - Intermission Chapter 15 - I Call Dibs!
Chapter 16 - Victory Chapter 17 - Victory Reaction Chapter 18 - Pillow Talk Chapter 19 - The Battle With Frustration Chapter 20 - Reflection
Chapter 21 - Bob Your Uncle? Chapter 22 - The Next Gig Chapter 23 - The Bug Problem Chapter 24 - State of the Inner Sphere Chapter 25 - The Marauders
Chapter 26 - Hi Everyone Chapter 27 - Base Trading Chapter 28 - Covering Your Hindquarters Chapter 29 - Wolves on the Prowl


  • This story has been poster on the wiki with permission of it's author, evilauthor.

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