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Field Report AFFS (TKU) (Cover)
Field Report: AFFS (Kapteyn Universe)
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Author Matthew Brown
Development Matthew "Blacknova" Alexander
Primary writing Michael "Drakensis" Brown
Pages 45
Cover artwork Ray Arrastia
Illustrations Doug Chaffee
Anthony Scroggins
Viereth (Deviant Art)
Punakettu (Deviant Art)
the Unit Color Compendium
Alex Iglesias
Kevin McCann
Franz Vohwinkel
Ray Arrastia
Various Others
Publication information
Publisher (Fan-made product)
Product code KU05 FR: AFFS Download Link
First published 2018 / 2024
Era Post-Succession War Era
Timeline 3032
Series Kapteyn Universe AU
Preceded by Field Report: HAF (Kapteyn Universe)
Followed by Field Report: LCAF (Kapteyn Universe)


Field Report: AFFS is a Fan-Made book part of The Kapteyn Universe (abbreviated KU) created by Battletech Fan Matthew "Blacknova" Alexander and written by Michael "Drakensis" Brown. The book is part of series of Field Reports of factions written in the style of canon Field Reports produced by Catalyst Game Labs.

The book is set 10 years after the events of the three Fan-Fiction Novels, where the Federated Commonwealth's creation was stopped by allied Capellan Confederation, Draconis Combine, and Free Worlds League.

This book acts as in-universe military intelligence for the new Terran Hegemony and their report on the current state of the Federated Suns' armed forces (including major regiments/brigades), FedSuns Navy, Current Structure of the AFFS's Military and it's supporting military-industries in 3032.

The Kapteyn Universe (AU Cover Art)

Part of the Kapteyn Universe AU

Publisher's Description[]

"'Once the dominant power in the Inner Sphere, the Federated Suns has suffered significant reversals in the last decade. The alliance with House Steiner was never made whole through the physical uniting of the Commonwealth and the Suns, and now House Davion faces rejuvenated foes on all sides.

Within this volume, is a detailed accounting of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns and the Federated Suns Navy. Brigade and regimental summaries, industrial listings, strategy and operational thinking, as well as the newest WarShips in the FSN inventory are all detailed.

Book Structure:
Field Report: AFFS is a Kapteyn Universe fiction supplement designed to offer information on the state of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS) following the Fourth Succession War and prior to the coming of the Clans of Kerensky.

The first section of the report—Federated Suns Overview—provides a short look into the current state of the AFFS’ present condition and efforts, broken into three parts. The Strategic Update details the military’s current objectives, while Future Plans provides some potential insight into the future of the Federated Suns and the Federated Suns’ Navy discusses how the AFFS is rebuilding its warship forces.

The second section, Industries and Support, presents a overview of the Federated Suns’ military industries, production and fleet after the end of the Fourth Succession War.

Line Units presents a short update on the history, current status and notable facts for each brigade of the AFFS.

Also included are details on the new WarShips of the Federated Suns Navy and a map showing the deployment of the AFFS and FSN.

NOTE: This is an updated version of the previous KU Field Report: AFFS.'


  • Credits / How To Use This Book
  • Introduction
  • Federation Overview
    • Rebuilding an Army
    • Strategic Update
      • Operation SIGURD
    • Future Plans
  • Industries and Support
    • Federation Suns Industries
    • Military Industrial Products
  • Federated Suns Navy
    • Condition and Units
    • Deployment
  • Army of the Federated Suns
    • Davion Guards
    • Avalon Hussars
    • Syrtis Fusiliers
    • Ceti Hussars
    • Deneb Light Cavalry
    • Crucis Lancers
    • Robinson Rangers
    • Federated Suns Light Horse
    • Kentares Light Dragoon
    • Academy Cadres
    • Independent Commands
    • March Militias
      • Crucis March Militia
      • Outworlds March Militia
      • Periphery March Militia
      • Draconis March Militia
      • Terran March Militia
    • Mercenary Forces
  • Davion III (Destroyer)
  • Armed Forces of the Federated Suns Deployment Map, 3032

Download Links[]

[ Wiki Backup Copy - Download Link The original version of the FR: AFFS - Download Link


Originally released in 2013, however book was incomplete, however in January 3024, the book was going fully completed with other members of the scheduled series. The original book is still available from load page.