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File:Field Manual The Outer Colonies
Field Manual: The Outer Colonies
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Author Starbug / JA Baker
Pages 106 - Online
Publication information
Publisher (Fan-made product)
Product code [Download Link]
Era Civil War Era
Timeline 3067
Series Outer Colonies AU


Field Manual: The Outer Colonies is a Fan-Made book part of the The Outer Colonies Alternate Universe created by Battletech Fan JA Baker (also known as Starbug). The field manual was created as a virtual one, where it is strung out on a website.

The book sets the stage for a far flung colony region established by the Star League, which manages to survive the down fall of the League in the Deep Periphery. Isolated, not suffering from the technology slide which would accrue in the Inner Sphere, the Colonies and their surviving SLDF troops survive in to modern BattleTech times, arming themselves to fend off the descendants of the Star League Defense Forces, the Clans.



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