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Fate Can be Cruel - Book 2 (Cover art by Ray Arrastia & various artists )
Fate Can Be Cruel - Book Two
Author 2ndAcr
Series Name Fate Can Be Cruel
Alternate Universe Name Hegemony AU
Year Written August 31st, 2020
Story Era Succession Wars Era


Fate Can Be Cruel - Book Two, is the second part in 2ndAcr's military saga of the Terran Hegemony. A what if story, taken place in the aftermath of the Rim World Republic's leader, Stefan Amaris assassination of the Star League's leadership and bloody coup. The second book tells the tale of the Hegemony's and its survival after the fall of the Star League of the original Terran Hegemony at the end years of the Star League Era.

The book covers stories that happened in background of the setting, which was not covered detailed. Originally Fate Can Be Cruel takes place in outskirts of the Periphery in region formally governed by the Outworlds Alliance, whom abandoned colonies and districts in wake of the fall of the Star League. As with the first book of the FCBC series, key individuals whom fought the war among these characters were not featured in Canon, but played a role which changes the course of the history of the BattleTech universe in this fan story. First segment of the story would evolve in spy warefare managing ever increasing difficult ComStar whom no longer pays homage to the Hegemony and growing threat of Children of SLDF Commanding General Kerensky.

2ndAcr would add some minor new variants of existing units (Mechs, Ships, Fighters, etc) as his story would progress into the second book. These units have been listed on the wiki so they maybe used for everyone's use. Also 2ndAcr has introduced technologies which have never been seen in canon.

This is the direct sequel of the original story, Fate Can Be Cruel - Book One and continues with Part Three.


A parallel history with some background changes which happens not general public except for the last years of the Terran Hegemony. Briefly shoring up the Inner Sphere home of the Terran Hegemony, it would collapse under the assaults forces signalling the First Succession War. Director-General Amanda Cameron her loyal Star League returned to their Periphery territories in secret. With SLDF forces arrival with the heir to the Hegemony, marks new era. Much of the first Succession War would remain the same with exception of the Star, with interactions of ComStar changed due to the influences of the Hegemony in the Periphery, while publicly no one is aware of continue survival of the Terran Hegemony.

Notable Characters[]

  • Commanding General Rita Mitchell
  • Director-General Amanda Cameron
  • Martin Zuni, Merchant Captain & Businessman

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  • Wiki Editor Note : This book's chapters have been edited by Outsider7724 to correct misspellings and grammar errors only.


  • Battles big and small have been played out in MegaMek, thus outcomes are not staged for the most part.


  • Advanced Technology developed by the Hegemony is equal to the Clans. If players wish to compare or use this setting for Campaign purposes, designate weapons on Mech/Aerospace Fighters/Warships, as Clan Tech.


  • Advanced Technology developed by the Hegemony is equal to the Clans. If players wish to compare or use this setting for Campaign purposes, designate weapons on Mech/Aerospace Fighters/Warships, as Clan Tech.

Unique Technologies[]

Slip Steam Jump Technology[]

  • Slip Stream Technology
    This is a technology unique to this fan Alternate Universe. This form of Faster than light engine. Which allows a Jumpship enter hyperspace and remain there for a duration verse instant travel. This can be seen as type of hyperdrive that allows for extreme speed in Jumpships / Warships and communications. Additionally these drives require ATAC computer to handle these jumps. There are three principle outputs of this technology the Hegemony is able to use;

    Slip Stream Tracking - Large Station mounted can detect inbound slip stream when ship is 270 LY away

    Ship Mounted - These are point use, meaning only warn of arrival when slip equipped ship is 90 LY away in same system

    Slip Stream Speeds: The drive can travel at a speed of roughly 7.5 LY per hour, maximum of 180 LY per day.
  • Author explanations of Slipstream: Slip Stream Travel is sort of like a Super Jump, BUT, instead of tearing a "hole" between to destinations for an instant arrival, it allows a ship to enter hyper space and remain in hyper space. A single charge on a jump core allows for 240LY travel, add a single LF battery and you can travel 480LY.

    Most long distance ships are equipped with up to 4 LF batteries. Range 960LY, using core plus 3 batteries.....4th battery for an emergency jump. Instead of instant arrival, a 960LY jump would take about 8 days to complete. Rate of advance is roughly 180LY per day, IIRC, have to check my notes which I don't have right now.

    Slip Stream travel also arrives at destination with little to no incoming jump signature since it does not use the massive amount of energy to "rip" a hole for near instant travel.

    Basically, distance is not an issue. Secrecy is an issue. IF they based at Taussen/Versailles, which is pretty central, the Hegemony could deploy to anywhere in the Inner Sphere and known Periphery in a week's time. IIRC, the Clan Home Worlds are roughly 1,300LY from Terra, to give you an idea of distance.

Rebuilding KF Drives[]

Same as in the original book, YardShips can remove WarShips & JumpShips KF-Drives and rebuild them either new ships or replace into the original vessel. Canon does not go into detail this process or how it is done.

ATAC Computer[]

Another significant developed over the course of the Centuries during the Succession Wars is the Artificial Intelligence based on the old Drone Ships, among best known is the M-5 Casper WarShip, which causes great harm to the SLDF when they original tried to retake Terra when in controlled by Stefan Amaris's forces. This new computer system, designed by the Hegemony took different direction to allow for navigation through hyperspace with the new Slip Stream Technology, which normal humans are unable to handle. Additionally new generation of Drone Warships would also be developed using this new version of the Casper for preparation to handle descendants of the SLDF who fled to the Periphery, the Clans.


  • The story is currently ongoing, with introduced of a unexpected faction that had not played active role in Canon.
  • The Hegemony, the focus of the story reaches technology level equal to the Clans. Technology achievements noted in the chapters for Book 2/Part 2 do not spell out the new technology is equal to Clans, performances exactly the same should someone wish to simulate / role play in this setting.

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