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Fate Can be Cruel (Cover art by M Valle) Main Cover.jpg
Fate Can Be Cruel
Product information
Type Fan Novel
Publication information
Content Drama
War Stories
Political Intrigue
Era Star League Era
Timeline 2766 - 3050


Fate Can Be Cruel is a military-campaign drama set during the Star League Era, set in the Hegemony AU. Written by BattleTech fan writer, 2ndArc. This was originally written in a Forum-Style, with the story's progress being told month by month, with some featured characters interactions, action, political intrigue, and description of the campaign.

This is focus as background story center around supporting characters operating behind the scenes of the original canon story of General Kerensky leading the SLDF to put down the Periphery Uprising and the eventual turn to fight the devastating Star League Civil War to reclaim the capture Terran Hegemony from the clutches of Stefan Amaris.

The story was told in two large books. This wiki is in the process of making a word document/PDF of the books as whole, but also provides online entries broken up per year/chapters of the books.


  • Book 1 / Part 1 - 2ndAcr's first book takes place beginning in 2765, center around serving officers of the Star League army units having gone rogue due to orders disband due to military losses in the Periphery Uprising. However, it they slowly come together centering in the Outworlds Alliance when it becomes apparent something terribly has gone wrong in the Terran Hegemony at the heart of the Inner Sphere.
  • Book 2 / Part 2 - 2ndAcr's second book taking place in the aftermath of the Star League Civil War, where the remains of the Terran Hegemony in the periphery rebuilds itself in secret as the Succession Wars rages in the Inner Sphere. The nation watches as part the former Star League and the now dead Terran Hegemony, while working in background attempting set stage of Hegemony's return to Terra.
  • Book 3 / Part 3 - 2ndAcr's third book taking in the aftermath of the Hegemony revealing it's existence to the Inner Sphere and it's after effects..


  • Book One - Periphery Uprising and the Star League Civil War
  • Book Two - Aftermath of the Star League Civil War.
  • Book Three - Return of the Terran Hegemony
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