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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 87

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March 3068
Marriage Announcement

Preparing for Kali Liao[]

In early March the AFFS High Command became aware that Kali Liao had been released from her confinement. While they weren't sure why or how this had happened, given her death cult activities she was a person that the various Davion Intelligence Agencies always kept an eye on, so her release had been flagged up as a major event. In response all garrisons within the Capellan March were notified and ordered to stand up readiness just in case she launched some sort of lunatic attack with her remaining followers. Preparations were also made for specialists in chemical and biological warfare to be sent to the border planets most considered at risk of a Thuggee attack, while the St Ives, Comstar, Lyran Alliance, friendly FWL states & breakaway provinces, and the SLDF were also notified. Plans were developed to launch a preemptive attack on Highspire with the intent of seizing Kali Liao if she was about to launch an attack. At the highest level's within the AFFS some were made aware that while the Regular Army were considering seizing her, the DMI's MI6 Rabid Fox teams had a much more final solution to the problem of Kali Liao in mind during any potential "extraction". First Prince Victor Davion was not made aware of these alternate plans.

FedSuns Royal Marriage Announcements[]

During March the Victor Davion also announced that he would be marrying Isis Marik in July of 3068. While that wasn't much notice for a royal wedding of this magnitude, it was thought that given the uncertain state of affairs within the Second Star League and earlier marriage date would be preferable. Security which was already high was stepped up further across not just the world of New Avalon where the ceremony was to take place but also the entire Crucis March and even the 2 border marches. Invitations were sent out to all of the various rulers of the Inner Sphere and even beyond, but only a handful responded that they would attend in person. Archon Peter Steiner, Khan Kell, Duke Kai Allard-Liao and Lord Regent Baron Kithrong all responded they would attend - the last of which was something of a surprise. However a welcome one as far as the Ministry of Foreign Relations was concerned!

The various Free Worlds League's Captain-Generals all responded that they would only attend if they were the only Captain-General invited and given official recognition by both of the happy couple, as well as assurances of support both diplomatically and financially in any "future" civil war. Particularly from Isis Marik herself. Duchy of Oriente in particular was keen to push for her to support her half siblings rights to the office of Captain-General, while the Prince-Captain-General of Regulus was keen more for military trade deals in return for his attendance. All of these requests were refused, by Isis Marik herself in most cases.

Nobody, however was surprised by the refusal of the Coordinator of the Draconis Combine and the Chancellor of Capellan Confederation to attend. Particularly in light of not only the recent military actions by the AFFS against both states but also the still high tensions on both borders. The Coordinator's response was at least more polite than the Chancellors.

A final response came as something of a shock, when the President of the Outworlds Alliance, who had been invited almost on a pro-forma basis. He had requested to know if he could bring as his guest, Galaxy Commander Thorsten Magnus of the Clan Snow Raven's Alpha Galaxy. This caused something of a fit within both the High Command and Ministry of Foreign Relations. On the one hand it would be a major coup for the Federated Suns to have a major Clan figure like the Galaxy Commander attend, but the security risks were high! Some within the High Command however saw it as a way to gain information as to what had happened to their base on Farstar and ideally seek the return of any "bondsmen" that the Clan might hold. However it was unlikely that the Galaxy Commander would come without a heavy warship escort. Reports were clear that the Alpha Galaxy had attached to it the Swift Wing Naval Star. The Naval Star is built around no lesser ship than the CSR James McKenna, one of the last of the McKenna class battleships. A ship that the Federated Suns had no real counter too at the current time. After some hesitation President Mitchell Avellar is informed he may bring his guest and that the Federated Suns Ambassador to the Outworld's Alliance will enter into discussions as to an appropriate escort.

McKenna Battleship (by Shortpainter)

McKenna Class Battleship, CSR James McKenna

AFFS Naval & Troop Movement[]

The High Command orders the 26th Avalon Hussars RCT to leave it's garrison posting on Andalusia and head for their new post on the world of Moravian on the Capellan border. The 20th, 39th, and 42nd Avalon Hussars RCTs are also being considered for redeployment to the Capellan March. One suggestion is for their former garrison posts to be filled by newly raised Avalon Borderers LCTs.

Fox Class Corvette (Underway - BattleTech Space Wars Mod)

Fox Class Corvette

The Fox corvette ship that had finished at Filvelt in March had been considered to be sold, however instead it was commissioned as the FSS Remagen. Also finishing at Galax were the FSS Kittery II, FSS Mirach, FSS Logandale, FSS Weldon, and FSS Redfield. The FSS Remagen, FSS Mirach, FSS Logandale and FSS Weldon were assigned to the newly formed 5th Corvette Flotilla. The FSS Kittery II takes her fallen namesakes place within the 1st Corvette Flotilla, while the FSS Redfield was assigned to detached duties. The next ship laid down in the FSS Remagen's old construction slip is however offered to Comstar as a matter of contract.

The FSS Daring and FSS Dryad also commissioned at Galax. The FSS Durban completed at New Syrtis, bringing the total number of Davion III class destroyers up to 6. This allows Fleet Admiral Buchwald to bring the 1st Destroyer Squadron up to it's full strength by assigning the FSS Durban to it, while using the other 2 destroyers to form the core of a second Destroyer Squadron which is then assigned to a shakedown cruise of a particularly secretive nature and drops of the grid. The vacant slips at Galax then begin work on 2 new destroyers, but this time not for the Federated Suns Navy but for the Lyran Alliance Navy and Comstar, while the slip at New Syrtis begins work on the FSS Diomede.

Whirlwind Class Destroyer (Matt Plog)

Davion III Class Destroyer

In the Kathil System, 2 new Avalon cruisers are also completed and assigned to their shakedown cruises. The FSS Charles Davion and FSS Richard Davion are assigned to the 3rd & 1st Cruiser Squadrons respectively. The FSS Charles Davion is ordered to Tikonov for her shakedown cruise while the FSS Richard Davion is ordered to patrol the dead systems around the capital of New Avalon. The cruiser FSS Covenant, with her place within the 3rd Cruiser Squadron taken by the FSS Charles Davion. She is assigned to detached duties at Panpour and ordered to undergo an extensive refit in the same slip that has just completed refitting the Clan Wolves-in-Exile Battlecruiser Implacable. During this refit the last of her old crew are reassigned and their places taken by hand picked replacements.


The Federated Suns Terraforming Agency announces it's first major project on the 28th March 3068, with the First Prince's own fiancee in attendance at the press conference. They announce that they will soon begin work on the world of Rochester to return that world to it's Star League heyday. The large scale filtration systems that had once made this world an abundant and prosperous member of the Federated Suns would be rebuilt and put back into commission. Left unsaid was the huge economic benefit that the "Green Jelly Gold" that had been a byproduct of these filtration systems would bring alongside the huge boost to agricultural production on the world. Work will begin almost immediately with the first filtration centers going online by the start of the next year although it will take decades to return Rochester to what it once was. This announcement proves to be wildly popular within the Draconis March - although it does lead to a small upsurge in anti-Kurita feeling at the references to the destroyed filtration systems and the huge casualties that this had inflicted upon the civilian population of Rochester by Combine troops.

Developments in Industry[]

On Belladonna, the new Penetrator Heavy Battlemech line goes operational. Although initially planned to only provide battlemechs for the AFFS the High Command offer half the output to the ComGuards as a gesture of support given the plans to enter the war against the WOB.

Federated Suns Defense Industries saw an additional vehicle production line go operational in March, this time to produce military vehicles. The looted, reassembled and upgraded production line begins producing Light SRM Carriers for the various March Militias and Planetary Guards of the FedSuns. Even a handful of front line formations who specialize in urban combat seek to have some of these light vehicles assigned to them.

GM's Point Barrow plant also see's it's new Stealth Battlemech line go operational in March. Some thought is being given to adding a Blackjack-O line.

The new Blackstone Industries plant on Vandalia finally goes fully operational when it's third line, an Ostscout production facility goes online. While the other 2 designs built there have been less than hugely popular the AFFS snaps up as many of this superb recon mech as it can. Indeed given the demand the company may be forced to build a second Ostscout line.

Events elsewhere in the Inner Sphere[]

Within the Grand Duchy of Andurien, the various military leadership begins to receive reports of Capellan buildups along the frontier. Worse they also become aware finally of the two worlds seized by the Capellan's allies the Magistracy of Canopus. Concern turns to alarm when after having secured the worlds of Thurrock and Aspropirgos the Magistracy Highlanders move on and land on the worlds of Butzfleth and Fagerholm. Behind them Thurrock and Aspropirgos's new governments apply to rejoin the Magistracy. While the build up of CCAF troops and the movements of the Highlanders might not be related, only a fool wouldn't take precautions. The garrison's of the nearby Andurien world's are ordered to high alert just in case. Requests are also made to expedite the delivery of the military equipment from the Federated Suns to help found a 4th Defenders regiment.

Rather worryingly for Marshal Jeremy Brett, he also begins to hear reports of troop build ups within the Lyran Alliance's Cavanaugh Theatre. Spearheaded by the 4th & 6th Alliance Guards RCT these new troop developments are officially to prevent trouble spilling over the border according to the LAAF's press releases, but it's hard for the stressed Marshal not to see the possibility that the Lyrans might engage in the same sort of "peacekeeping" efforts as the Capellans...

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