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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 80

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October 3067
Preparing for Whitting

Reunion & Expansion of the Jaguars[]

Even as the situation escalated throughout the Inner Sphere there was some small cause for celebration at least for Clan Sun Jaguar. The 6th Wolf Guards Cluster arrived upon Valois and after a small "Trial of Possession" were absorbed into the Sun Jaguars' Beta Galaxy as the 6th Sun Jaguar Dragoons, a roughly 70% strength unit with elite status. This meant that while Alpha Galaxy was still larger than Beta Galaxy due to the addition of both Keshiks. The Beta Galaxy had the largest concentration of elite and veteran warriors within it's ranks. In the meantime work continued on building the infrastructure the Clan would require to continue as a viable entity. As well as the work undertaken to build the 2 lines for the Daedalus industrial mech the Clan had also began a major construction project for a genetic repository worthy of a Clan, as well as a facility to begin producing Iron Wombs. Both projects were actually ahead of schedule due to the fact that the Khan herself had instigated a tradition that when Warriors weren't training or in combat then they would often help with the work of actually working on building these 2 key facilities - a tradition that had been suggested to her by Paul Moon who remembered having actually enjoyed his work when he was a bondsman to the Eridrani Light Horse on Huntress. A handful of traditionalists refused to undertake such "menial" labour but most of the Warriors were coming around to the new ways of doing things - helped by the fact that most of the traditionalists had been pummelled into submission in a series of brutal trials since the visit of both duchesses, Yvonne Davion-Sandoval and Isis Marik. Another facility in the plans was a cutting edge Clan medical center, but for now the repository and Iron Womb facility took precedence.

FedSuns Formations Restructuring & Expansion[]

First Prince Victor met with the entire High Command and various other high ranking officers of the AFFS on the 3rd of October, prior to his leaving for the Whitting Conference. In an open discussion they discussed the potential conflicts and the AFFS's response. He explained that his plans for the coming year was to limit the entirely new regiments created from scratch to just 2 regiments this year - namely the 6th Dragonlords RCT and a new Avalon Hussars RCT - the 15th. The graduates who would usually have went to form a third new regiment would instead be used to plug holes in existing regiments - particularly those of the Avalon Hussars Brigade which has a large number of commands under strength.

However, in addition to the 2 units formed from graduating cadets from the cadres, there would be 2 new units formed from drawing upon the veterans of the AFFS, the 3rd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry and the 1st Kathil Uhlans. He explained that while he had initially thought to raise 2 FSAC units he had been convinced by both the Duke of New Syrtis and the Marshal of Armies that now as the correct time to rebuild Morgan Hasek-Davion's old command. The Tancredi War College's graduating cadre unit would be used to form the core of a new 2nd Tancredi Loyalists LCT and along with the 1st Tancredi Loyalist LCT would be used to form the basis of a new brigade.

Meanwhile, the a Galtor Borderer Training Cadre would be formed in a similar way to those of the Bell, Brockton, and Conroe Training Cadres. In time it was hoped this new unit would relieve pressure on the Galtor Thumb and allow other Regular Army units to be deployed offensively rather than tied down in defensive deployments.

A final unit to be formed would be the 1st Avalon Borderers LCT. The First Prince (who had been well briefed) began by explaining that at the current time the Marshal of Armies, Prince's Champion and himself saw a greater need for a number of LCT style units for rapid redeployment and rear area cover. As the various Training Battalions were already organized along the lines of a LCT it was felt their graduates would be ideal to fill this role and as such the graduating mechwarriors and troops of the New Aragon, Kittery, and Mitchel Training Battalions - along with a company from the over strength 1st Mitchel Borderers would be used to form this new unit. This unit would be formed as a new independent command but later expanded into it's own brigade of LCT units...

This was as far as the First Prince got before Marshal Deedee Faulkner interrupted and informed him that surely this new formation should be part of her own brigade. She had been promised as such! The officers on either side of her slowly edged away as the focus of the entire room turned to the furious Marshal. A quick glance at Jackson Davion and Ardan Sortek, from the First Prince quieted them before they could jump to their feet at the interruption and he invited the Marshal of the Borderer Brigade to make her case. She then began to explain how her unit was best placed to absorb this new unit - but not as a LCT but as a full Borderer regiment which could then be used in the manner that the First Prince required. Future units could also be formed within her Brigade, using the graduates from her Training Battalions and this process could be sped up if the First Prince was to assign the 1st Sheraton Knights and it's Training Battalion to her command...

At which point, the First Prince held a hand up and sought clarification from Field Marshal Kouranth of the Department of Military Education as to whether or not the Training Battalions were actually assigned formally to the Borderers Brigade and Marshal Faulkner's command. The grey haired Field Marshal quickly informed the First Prince that no, those units remained within her own department. After thanking the Field Marshal the First Prince then turned on Marshal Faulkner who was hurriedly explaining that she had perhaps misspoke, to tell her to sit down and listen. He explained that he would not tolerate small minded "empire building" within the AFFS. Something that she seemed to be doing a great deal of lately. He explained further that he had been warned by both the Marshal of Armies, Prince's Champion, Field Marshal Gregory Sykes and Marshal Todd Revon that she was likely to object to these proposals. They had also warned him that she had been told that the 1st Sheraton Knights were not going to be assigned to her brigade and yet constantly attempted to bring the subject back up. All of this, plus her own comments here had confirmed to him that it was time for the Marshal to retire. With honor and gracefully, rather than continue on the downward path of politicizing and empire building she seemed to be determined on. She was relieved. Now. He then turned to Todd Revon and asked him to notify Marshal Jimmie Kirston of his promotion to command the Borderer Brigade.

Now that that was dealt with, the First Prince finished explaining his plans for the Avalon Borderers to be a new LCT style formation. He then informed them that he would be going to the Whitting on Tharkad with the 1st Davion Guards RCT and the 1st Cruiser Squadron - although the FSS Ian Davion would be detached to guard New Avalon. In it's place he would be taking the 1st Destroyer Squadron as escorts. He also informed the various officers that he intended to take the opportunity to showcase the Davion III class destroyer as he intended to offer a number of them for sale to the Lyran Alliance and the ComGuards. With 11 of the destroyers building for the Federated Suns Navy the First Prince was of the view that further expansions in slips could be used for foreign sales to bring in more hard currency for the Federated Suns. Both the Lyrans and Comstar were desperately in need of a medium weight ship that could be used for close in work. At over 4.3 billion c-bills per ship at just basic cost the income could be used to help fund the Davion's own naval production. While Fleet Admiral Buchwald is less than keen for warships to be sold that could go to his own naval forces he has to concede that such funds if put back into the Navy will allow additional ships and shipyards to be constructed.

After this meeting the First Prince heads off towards Tharkad. He leaves his Prince's Champion in charge on New Avalon with the Marshal of Armies Jackson Davion and Duchess Isis Marik to advise him. He takes with him Marshal Galen Cox and Colonel Caradoc Trevana. Added to his security detail at the last minute is 2 points of Elementals from the Sun Jaguars. Khan Nevversan who herself had been the First Prince's bodyguard feels that she still owes a duty of protection to Victor Davion personally and assigns 10 of her finest warriors to his personal protection detail. While some within the AFFS are upset at this suggestion they cannot protect their own First Prince, most are welcoming of the added layer of security. The Prince Victor himself welcomes the additions as another visible sign of the integration of the Sun Jaguars.

Developments in Industry[]

After the First Prince has left, on aboard the cruiser FSS Melissa Davion, the Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion announces that the AFFS will be accepting the Dervish-O for service. He extends contracts to Achernar Battlemech's to refit their 2 existing Dervish medium 'mech production lines on New Avalon as well as their Dervish lines on Chesteron and Filtvelt.

At the same time Kallon Industries announces that it will be adding an Enforcer III line not only to their plant on Kirklin. It is expected to go online in August 3068.

On El Dorado, two Ajax OmniTank lines are added to the cooperative plant there. The Templar-O line that is being constructed isn't expected to go into production until December later that year. Still the addition of 2 more Ajax lines is a welcome one to the various armored regiments of the AFFS.

Lycomb-Davion announces on the 23rd of October, that they would be returning production to Demeter - their original base of operations. They initially would be building a plant to construct Guillotines exclusively for the ComGuards and SLDF (with the blessings of the First Prince), but with plans to expand production their to other designs.

Stinger Light BattleMech (Battlefield - by Justin Kase)

Stinger Light 'Mech

The new facility on New Damascus for the new company Federated Suns Defense Industries has it's first line go operation in October. A Stinger battlemech production line made from salvage from the Taurian Campaign goes online and begins production of an updated Stinger design. Even with the updates to this venerable mech, the production goes mostly to training units and March Militias. The new facility on New Damascus for the new company Federated Suns Defense Industries has it's first line go operation in October. A Stinger battlemech production line made from salvage from the Taurian Campaign goes online and begins production of an updated Stinger design. Even with the updates to this venerable mech, the production goes mostly to training units and March Militias.

Maltex Corporation announces that they will be creating a new facility on Brockton within the Outback. This facility will initially consist of a single line to produce the Wyvern medium battlemech. Initially they had considered building a Thug line, but that design already has some redundancy with the Earthwerks plant on Tikonov also building it, so the Wyvern is considered the priority by the High Command who press for that design to be built first.

Thug (Blender Battletech - Lake Area)

Thug Assault 'Mech

The General Dynamic's plant on Ozawa finishes construction of the Sentry class battlemech. Although popular the widespread nature of the Sentry design means that the AFFS authorizes the company to offer up to 50% of the output of the Sentry to the ComGuards. While not a cutting edge design it is rugged, durable and easy to learn to control for novice battlemech mechwarriors.

On Robinson, the Ostsol line goes operational. This updated design is immediately an instant favorite for heavy companies who often operate far away from supply lines given it's all energy load out. Using the First Prince's industrial policies the Duke of Robinson has turned what was once very much a secondary supplier of battlemechs for the AFFS into a major defense company. From it's roots of a single Watchman line the factory now encompasses 11 lines at it's primary factory and has a secondary site on Woodbine with another 5 lines and with a sixth building. Still he has noticed a distinct lack of fast light battlemech's within his companies offerings, with only the slower Battle Hawk line being produced on Woodbine within the light battlemech category. While he could easily obtain access to a "bug" light battlemech design like the Locust, Stinger, or Wasp the Duke instead sets his sights on either the Javelin-O design from Jalastar or the Scarabus axe wielding design from VEST/Coventry.

The Duke is however was pleased to hear that the first Overlord-A3 pocket warships are being laid down at Verde within his March. The plan remains for these dropships to be paired with a Vengeance class fighter aerospace carrier and assigned to Tramp class jumpship equipped with LF batteries - with 3 Tramps equipped with this way providing a major aerospace force where a Fox isn't available. A supply train will be provided to these ships by a Mule Cargo DropShips escorted by a handful of Avenger assault dropship on a Merchant class jumpships.

However many within the Federated Suns Navy are unhappy with the supply arrangements and they are pushing for a more dedicated transport than the Mule. As such FedBoeing offers to restart production of the Cargoking and Cargomaster class freight dropships at their facilities on Galax and Filtvelt. The Duke of Robinson does manage to get this offer extended to include the Verde dropship yard.

Star League Member States gather for Whttier Accords on Tharkad[]

Across the Inner Sphere various rulers begin leaving for Tharkad. Kai Allard-Liao unusually remains on St Ives, but instead his mother Candace Allard-Liao takes his place and heads for Tharkad, while Coordinator Theodore Kurita makes arrangement to travel with heavy escort. He leaves his son in command of the Draconis Combine. Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao heads to Tharkad aboard the CCS Elias Jung alongside Lord Protector (in Exile) Grover Shraplen. No representative is sent from the Taurian Concordat's official government who have no interest in the Second Star League, particularly as they are too busy trying to hold their realm together. However, the Magestrix Emma Centrella sends her daughter, Sun-Tzu's lover, Naomi to represent her.

Tellingly no representative comes from the Free Worlds League. The League is far to busy trying to tear itself apart to care about interstellar politics. Various provinces are still declaring their allegiances or holding back, but this month the Silver Hawk Coalition swears they will follow the heirs of the murdered Thomas Marik and pledge their loyalty to the government on Oriente. As do a number of worlds between the Ohren Province and the Duchy of Orloff. The Ohren Province itself, perhaps feeling the threat of Capellan forces announce they too will support Oriente's candidate.

Actions in Free Worlds League Space[]

Impavido Class Destroyer (Delane's Fighting Ships 3061)

Impavido Class Destroyer, Phrygia

Perhaps feeling momentum slipping away, the Prince of Regulus orders his 2nd and 9th Regulan Hussars along with the Impavido Class Destroyer FWLS Phrygia. The task force is escorted by 3 of the 4 Zechetinu II Class Corvettes sworn to his service to attack and seize the shipyard facility at Clipperton. He would have preferred to annex the much larger and more vital shipyards at Ionus, but he still isn't sure just what is left of the 1st Fleet at Atreus which seem to have sworn loyalty to the new government there. Plus the system will be an ideal stepping off point for seizing Gibson from the WOB.

Lola IV Class Destroyer (Space Background)

Lola III Class Destroyer

The operation is a disaster. There are 2 WOB Lola III class destroyers at Clipperton - namely the WoBS End of Wisdom and WoBS Faith's End. These 2 ships immedietly attack the Regulan force with nuclear tipped missiles. However they are met in kind when the three Zechetinu II fire back with the same warheads. Going head to head the corvettes are actually able to fire 6 White Shark between them to the Blakist's 4 and are concentrating their fire on only 2 ships rather than 4. However, the Lola IIIs are bigger and tougher ships than the fragile Zechetinus and both sides are firing full nuclear volleys. No less than 5 volleys are fired in the space of a short and heated battle that leaves both sides hammered. Both Lola III vessels are destroyed in nuclear fire, but they have taken with them the FWLS Phrygia and 2 of the 3 Zechetinu II corvettes as well as significant portions of the escorted transports. With 2 few troops and only a single damaged corvette left the Regulans know they cannot take the planet or shipyards, so instead the FWLS Morava launches it's few remaining missiles at the shipyard and destroys it and the Agamemnon class cruiser building within it before withdrawing.

This defeated invasion and nuclear exchange results in the independent world of Camlann, famed within the League for the Camlann vs Free Worlds case which has splintered the power of the large provinces, announces that it will be obeying Oriente and the rightful heir to the Captain-General Thomas Marik. They go so far as to request additional protection from Oriente and welcome the Duchy to station troops there in preparation for attacks upon the nearby Principality of Regulus.

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