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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

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The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 65

October 3066
A new OmniMech

Touring the Tortuga Worlds[]

n October the 2 duchess's traveling through the Outback arrived at the former Tortuga worlds and began a quick tour of the worlds. Already signs of improvement in the quality of life was evident on all the worlds, with new infrastructure being built which was providing jobs and investment, with mines opening and new water purifiers being installed throughout the former Dominion to help solve the long standing problem of a shortage of drinkable water on the planets. Not surprisingly Duchess Yvonne Davion-Sandoval was extremely popular particularly on Tortuga but even Duchess Isis Marik got loud cheers from the former slaves and servants of the Tortuga pirates. Both Duchess's also inspected the newly formed 1st Tortuga Borderers who were roughly a battalion of battlemechs with similarly proportioned supporting forces as well as the 1st Tortuga Reinforced Training Battalion and it's attached training conventional forces. When they reached New Haiti they had a similar welcome and inspection of the 34th Avalon Hussars RCT which had been deployed to that world. During this visit Isis Marik made a point of "dropping" the news to the Marshal in charge of the 34th that his RCT was listed for upgrading to a reinforced regiment in the coming year by her "friend" the First Prince in the rolling upgrade of the Avalon Hussars Brigade as a mark of favor for their work here in the Tortuga worlds.

Regimental changes in AFFS[]

At the same time the 34th's commanding officer was being given the happy news of his command's expansion the First Prince and Marshal of Armies were again meeting with Marshal Roger Williams Waters of the Avalon Hussars Brigade to discuss the next step in the continued rebuilding of his storied brigade. The 2nd, 20th and 33rd were listed for having a battalion of Battlemechs and some supporting forces broken off to form 3 new commands, while the 34th would be joined by the 4th and 41st Avalon Hussars in being upgraded to reinforced status. The Marshal also pushed for for a new command to be formed as well as had become the standard practice. Given the vital role the Hussars play as the backbone of the AFFS both Victor and Jackson Davion were happy to give an assurance that a new Avalon Hussar RCT was certainly in the plans for the coming year.

Other discussions would take between various Marshals and the First Prince and his Marshal of Armies about what other regiments might be formed. It was widely assumed that a 5th Dragonlords RCT would be amongst the units formed, but the question always remained as to what other regiment would be either formed or reformed. The Capellan March officers were largely pushing hard for the 1st Kathil Uhlans to be reformed, while other groups wished for a new Deneb Light Cavalry RCT within the Draconis March or a new FedSuns Dragoons RCT or even a 4th Ceti Hussars. There was even some talk about reforming either the Kathil CMM or the Point Barrow CrMM or a new Tortuga CrMM. What made the choice difficult was the fact that all of the above suggestions had merit and would in their own way strengthen the AFFS and FedSuns. The problem was that there was just not enough graduating soldiers to do everything as well as keeping up with the more routine replacement's which were required to keep the AFFS up to strength - replacing retiring troops or medically discharged troops. Even the large scale expansions of the academies that the First Prince had put in place wasn't going to see a huge increase in new units formed as many of the graduating classes would have to be diverted to just keeping the expanding AFFS up to strength.

Javelin OmniMech[]

Jalastar Aerospace also unveils in October to the Davion High Command and various technicians, quartermasters and logistics officers the new Javelin-O that they have been developing. Built around the basic frame and structure of the JVN-11D Javelin that was so recently debuted in 3062 and has been a huge hit with the officers of light lances throughout the AFFS and it's loyal mercenary forces the new OmniMech is built upon a tried and tested battlemech. Indeed the Primary variant of the new Omnimech is created around the popular JVN-11D design. Other variants will hark-on back to the SRM roots of the design, with at least one long range fire support variant swapping out the traditional SRMs within the chest for LRMs. A full lance of prototypes are ordered delivered to New Avalon for testing at NAIS. If these tests go well Jalastar is not only promised that they will receive orders to convert their existing Javelin lines to Omnimech production but will receive funding to increase the lines producing this new omnimech.

Javelin (In front of waterfalls - Alex Iglesias MWO version)

Javelin Light BattleMech

This news from Jalastar irritates the various board members of Achernar Battlemechs greatly as they had been pushing to unveil their latest omnimech ahead of the Panpour based firm, but have been beaten to the posts. This does cause them some concern that the AFFS will not be that interested in a new omnimech so soon after the Javelin-O is unveiled, but a few carefully worded inquiries assures the executives that unlike in the "bad days" of 3057-61 when new omnimechs were being rejected out of hand the AFFS is currently open to expanding it's stable of omnimechs. Provided they are sufficiently effective in combat.

Developments in Industry[]

New Independence Weaponry announce that they have traded a license for the Atlas Battlemech to Grumium Creations in return for the rights to produce the CP-11-G Cyclops command battlemech. They will be beginning a new line at their Kestrel plant immediately to begin constructing the well respected command mech and hope with proper funding and support to have the first war machines walking off the production line by late March of early April 3067. The AFFS confirms to New Independence that they are more than happy to sign a contract for a steady supply of this specialist Battlemech for their various command companies, although stress that they don't see it as a mainstay of their assault companies in general. New Independence Weaponry had anticipated this and so are planning to limit their construction to a single line to keep up with demand. They are still in negotiations with DefHes for a license for the Zeus. The company also announces that their Atlas line on Tikonov will enter full production this month and the first lance of Battlemech's will be donated at cost to the Davion Assault Guards RCT who are the primary garrison of Tikonov and it's vital factories.

Corean announce that having considered the matter they will be adding two more Centurion Medium Battlemech production lines to their production facilities. The first will be built on New Avalon and is expected to come online in July 3067, while the second is to be built at their new factory on Northfield and is expected to enter production in September 3067. This follows the strongly recommended policy from Mount Davion that no single design should be built in only one place so as to increase redundancy. The Centurion is now being built on New Avalon, Panpour and June with the future plant on Northfield meaning it is produced or will be at 4 separate locations.

In an attempt to help the loyal Ozawa based General Dynamics the First Prince requests that Duke Sandoval of Robinson grants them a license for the Sentry or Watchman class battlemech. Either of those 2 designs are staple "Draconis Marcher" battlemechs and will likely result in more acceptance of the firms production due to the hostility that their Kintaro has received - at least from the bulk of the AFFS, the ComGuards are buying every single machine they can, including those that the AFFS are rejecting. In return New Avalon promises to fund the updating of a new Ostol Battlemech design (and it's licensing from Kong Interstellar Corporation) and the production of this venerable heavy battlemech at both Robinson and Ozawa. The Duke agrees to these terms and orders that the General Dynamics be granted a license for the Sentry class battlemech. He can always use more Sentries for his March Militias and training units.

The Duke of Robinson also pushes for the dropship yard at Verde to be upgraded to not only provide transport dropships like the Union, Overlord, and Colossus designs but also at least 1 assault or pocket warship design. Given the existing infrastructure for Overlords he suggests that Overlord A-3s be built at the yard. This is taken under consideration but no firm commitment given.

Events else where in the Periphery & the Inner Sphere[]

On Valois, the various lower castes leadership approach the Khan and discuss their recent impressions of the industrial mech's that their Davion allies have used. They request permission to look into the Clan itself using them for construction work. While this is somewhat against Clan tradition the technician caste representative does point out that the Elemental armor the Khan herself uses is a derivative of a civilian caste Goliath Scorpion diving suit which is still used in the Home Worlds. She finally agrees they may look into the matter, but withholds giving consent for them to be used at the current time.

Within the Free Worlds League, angry voices are raised at the Captain-General's total silence on the recent raids by the WOB using the League as it's base of operations. Demonstrations are mounted on a dozen worlds including Atreus demanding that Thomas Marik at least condemn the raids and the abuse of the hospitality of the League, although more than a few call for the expulsion of the WOB altogether. These demonstrations are given voice within Parliament by various MPs, many of them from the Regulan worlds. The only response is silence from the Captain-General's office. On far away Terra, the WOB leadership smile at having put a muzzle on their rebellious puppet.

On Sian MASK is ordered to investigate the Jaffray's Own regiment for any disloyalty. If any is found the traitors are to be apprehended and executed. Any resistance either by Colonel Jaffray himself or any of his troops are to be taken as a sign that the entire unit is disloyal and should be crushed. Warrior House Lu Sann and the 3rd Sian Dragoons are dispatched to nearby Repulse to await word from the MASK investigators.

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