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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

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The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 49

August 3065
Cave Ins

Prince Backs resurrection of Lost Factories[]

The First Prince having been looking over the reports on Comstar's investments in new factories and infrastructure in the early hours of the 1st of August found his attention drawn to the world of Ozawa and remembering an almost forgotten footnote in his long ago history lessons as August began. Calling up on his screen the pertinent details of that world's history and then bringing up the world of Torrence which had also recently received an investment to create a new factory producing Dagger-O fighters his attention was drawn to the defunct Veridian Dynamics, once a premier supplier of armored vehicles for not only the AFFS but even the Star League. A number of further computer queries at his terminal soon had him making notes for the following day's morning meeting with the Princes's Champion and Duchess Marik.

At breakfast on the 1st of August a visibly tired Victor spoke with Ardan and Isis and explained his research project of earlier that morning and explained that he wished them to look into what the exact legal state of the long defunct and shut down Veridian Dynamics was. Given it's military production history the Princes's Champion could lead said investigation while leaving much of the actual details to the by now well trusted Duchess Marik. At the current time the First Prince did not wish this matter to be raised formally in case it prompted questions he didn't wish answered or led to whoever did own the remnants of the company realizing of the Princes's interest.

Within 2 weeks the Prince received an update from his two investigators over a similar breakfast meeting. It appeared that Veridian Dynamics had slowly faded into the background of the Succession Wars. It's two main products had been relegated to the annals of history for different reasons. The Vali artillery tank had relied upon the advanced Arrow IV missile launcher and when this technology had been lost the production lines had been shut down and mothballed, while the ancient T-12 Tiger Medium Tank had had the opposite problem. Long considered obsolete by the very start of the Succession Wars it's limited production runs and small orders from planetary militias had finally made the production facility on Torrence no longer cost effective and the lines had been shut. The company still existed but as a very limited supplier of small mechanical parts and repair facilities for the local militia on Torrence.

The First Prince immediately called for other key advisers and soon a plan was put in place to resurrect the company and keep it in private ownership. Rather than buy the company outright the First Prince instead arranged for it's remaining corporate officers to be contacted and offered government subsidies and investments to upgrade and rebuild their long dormant factory lines and put both of their production lines into operation again on long term exclusive deals with the AFFS. While the Vali's design had been an SLDF design and had withstood the test of time well the T-12 had not. As such a new and revitalized design was immediately to be started at the NAIS's specialist facilities. More armor, ideally more range and a more modern weapon load out was the remit but at the suggestion of Ardan Sortek, 5 ton's should be shaved of the design so that it could fit in a light vehicle bay on a dropship - although retaining the AC/10 would also allow it to use the specialty ammunition that NAIS had developed. While the Tiger would never be a front line combat tank again all of the military officers could see the benefit in a domestically produced cheap tank that could be used to bolster second line militia formations in the Outback or behind the front lines. A team is dispatched to the company headquarters on Torrence to broker this deal by the end of August.

Chisholm Raider's Brigade Reformations[]

Marshal Amelia Fitzwilliam's meets with Marshal Arisota Neece of the 1st Chisholm Raiders to discuss the proposed reformation of the Chisholm Raiders Brigade. The meeting does not go well. The temperamental Neece flies into a rage at the proposed break up of her RCT into LCTs. Very little that her superior can say seems to have any real effect on the enraged Marshal who storms around the office shouting until Fitzwilliam's loses her own temper and tells her to shut the hell up and sit down. She then explains that Neece is already on very thin ice with the High Command. Her command style has been raised on a number of occasions and the issues that she had had on Klathandu IV with her subordinate Leftenant General Vega had not gone unnoticed. Frankly her superior officer informed her that her temper tantrum was more befitting of a child than a flag ranked officer within the AFFS and it was now making her question whether or not she should be commanding a RCT at all let alone a LCT! Combined with the other issues that had already been of concern Marshal Fitzwilliam relieves Marshal Neece of command there and then, pending charges of conduct unbecoming of an officer as will her "hatchet-man" Captain Harold Kerr. If she wishes to avoid these charges she can of course resign gracefully but the same offer is not extended to the captain who is also placed under arrest. In the meantime the commanding officer of the Brigade sends for Leftenant General Ryan Davion-Cole, executive officer of the 2nd Chisholm Raiders to take command. While she is loathe to break up the winning command team of the 2nd she feels it may be the only way to actually salvage the 1st and restore it to it's former glory. Until Davion-Cole arrives she takes direct and personal command of the 1st.

Raiding on FedSun/Capellan Border[]

On the 19th July, Jaffray's Own jump the border, having obtained confirmation that the 2nd Davion Guards RCT has moved from Axton and is no longer stationed at Bell, and make a full thrust burn for Bell. They've got exactly 6 elite rated pilots who had defected from the Northwind Hussars with them and those pilots are soon earning their keep, dog fighting with at first 6 fighters from the 1st Capellan Dragoons. While the former Northwind pilots have a slight edge in skill at first they are soon massively outnumbered as Light Commodore Ceola Jackson leads the rest of the 1st Dragoon Wing to the aid of the hastily scrambled ready squadron. The Crone herself leads her veteran pilots into the fray and soon the skies over Bell are filled with spiralling fighters and explosions. With only a slight edge in skill and outnumbered 3:1 the fighters attached to Jaffray's Own are soon swept from the skies, but they do at least manage to buy time for the dropships carrying the 4 mech companies to land.

While the 1st Capellan Dragoons ground components reform and reorganize around the Hasek Refit Center the 1st Bell Training Reinforced Battalion and it's supporting forces deploy to screen the facility and buy time for the heavier and more experience formation to get ready. Jaffray's Own smash into the Bell Training Battalion and soon scatter the green formation inflicting heavy damage on the battlemech companies in particular. However before they can reform from their charge the 1st Armored Dragoons battalions, which consists of new machines and as such doesn't have any units down for refit charges to join the Bell Battalion's supporting armor and close in around the Capellan/Northwind troops.

Holding of the armored forces probing and rushing in around them the elite Highlanders have no problem in holding their ground but any chance they had of rushing the Refit Center while the Dragoons were still disorganized fades and dies as they are pinned down by the armor battalions. Seeing the 1st Capellan's Dragoons 1st and 2nd Battalions moving to join the fray Colonel Jaffray calls a reluctant retreat to his dropships. He does manage to drag away a number of the cadet's battlemechs which his command disabled, but barely enough to replace the losses and damage he sustains in the retreat to his dropships and flight off world. When the total destruction of his attached fighters is added into the equation the raid has been an obvious flop. Still the report sent to Sian stresses the damage inflicted upon the Capellan Dragoons and Bell Training Battalion.

Although the report sent to Sian lists the damage to the Capellan Dragoons as almost their entire armor battalion and a company of battlemechs as well as 2 companies of cadets from the Bell Training Battalion and at least the same again in armored and infantry companies. The real damage is roughly a company of cadets and 2 mixed companies of armor from both commands. However most of these losses are material rather than personnel and are swiftly replaced. The few losses to the actual cadet corp itself are swiftly made up with an upsurge in anti-Capellan volunteers. The only major problem in these new recruits are that many of them expect to sign up on Monday and be launching attacks into the Confederation by Wednesday at the latest.

Refitting his damaged battlemechs and repairing what he can of the captured machines his unit actually see's a slight loss in operational ability. However his spirit in striking back at the hated Davion's does at least earn him some favor with some Capellan officers and a small number of replacement machines and even a handful of home guard mechwarrriors are diverted to his command along with enough spare parts to replace his losses. Although Jaffray's Own's fighters are not replaced at all.

Not withstanding the failed nature of the raid the Davion High Command on New Avalon and Duke Hasek on New Syrtis both agree that a message must be sent. Between them they begin preparing to send a clear and unequivocal message to Sian to reign in such adventurism in the future or face even greater reprisals and losses.

The news coming from the Federated Suns to Sian was made worse when Bergan Industries officially announced that they would begin construction of a new Wayland Mobile Base factory on the Federated Suns planet of Andalusia. Hints were made in the release that Locust production might also be considered for this new site. Hurried assurances were sent to Sian that no technical data will be shared with the new plant in the FedSuns!

Federated Suns Reprisal Raid[]

On 14th of August at a pirate jump point close in to the world of Highspire a large force of Federated Suns jumpships flicker into existance and begin disgorging a heavy task force of dropships. Leading the way is the 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry who streak towards the planetary capital of Crescent, while a secondary force consisting of primarily cargo dropships and conventional troop carriers also land some distance away.

Even as the noble's forces in Crescent prepare to fight of the elite 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry a large force of local militia bolstered by a number of battlemech companies with unknown markings come pouring out of the Chu-li mountains and head directly for the secondary force in a clear attempt to overrun this formation before their battlemech equipped companions can return to help them. Strangely the 1st FSAC makes no effort to rush to the aid of their compatriots and instead uses this expectation to slam through the disjointed and badly coordinated noble houses individual lances and companies. Breaking them up into their component elements the 1st FSAC make quick work of the mostly older model battlemechs piloted by lesser noble cousins and ageing retired veterans.

Meanwhile as the large force of infantry and 4 battlemech companies from the heavily populated Chu-li mountain's approach the landed dropships they run straight into a murderous crossfire from the 2nd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry. Having been snuck onto the world in the bellies of some of the cargo dropships the former warriors of the Federated Freemen have under cover of nightfall slipped from their transports and deployed along the route that the attacking militia were taking towards the dropships.

The veteran mechwarriors of the 2nd FSAC waste no time in concentrating their fire on the unknown mech formations leading the Capellan's counter attack and soon cut them to pieces, despite the surprising skill these unknown companies show, before turning their guns on the massed infantry formations which make up the bulk of the militia. Although inflicting horrendous causalities the 2nd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry has to call in air support from not only their own attached fighter wings but also the 1st's as the enemy infantry just keeps charging in human wave attacks more reminiscent of fanatical Kurita troops. These infantry formations as well as the 4 battlemech companies are later discovered to have been Thugee Cultists' sworn to Kali Liao herself.

With the last formations destroyed and broken up the two Davion units move into the city of Crescent and begin the systematic looting of the Liao palaces and properties there. Reclaimed and or rebuilt following Highspires return to Capellan control these luxurious buildings contain a treasure trove of antiques and treasure assembled to provide every possible comfort for the Duchess of Highspire, Kali Liao herself. All of these treasures are methodically stripped from the buildings before engineers demolish them. The same thing happens to the estates and palaces of every noble on the planet - with flying columns of FSAC battlemechs and vehicles escorting engineering troops to do the necessary work. Also looted are the casinos, hotels, banks and other establishments that cater to the nobility of the Capellan Confederation that visit the planet. Every single thing of value that can be seized is loaded into the dropships, including a phenomenal amount of the famed and much valued Highspire Tallwood. The officers and troops of the Federated Suns Armored Brigade are careful to limit their activities to the property of either Capellan national companies, the nobility of the Confederation or the Liao family themselves. The actual people are not subjected to any looting - however given the economic damage that is being inflicted it will have a knock on effect upon them.

As this looting is being conducted a series of fighter-bombing missions take place against a number of targets within the Chu-Li mountains. The officers of the two Davion regiments aren't foolish enough to lead their troops into the narrow valleys and ambush spots of the mountains but they have their aerospace formations carpet bomb all Liao/Capellan/Thugee targets. Military bases, small spaceports and even the underground cavern complex that Kali Liao uses to host her Thugee Cult activities are subjected to a saturation level bombardment from heavily laden aerospace fighters who control the skies. Only when a site is totally destroyed to the fighters move on - for instance the fighters continue to hammer the mountainsides around the Thugee complex with special bunker-buster munitions until a seismic readings show a number of serious cave in's within the region.

On the 28th of August, when the two military commands withdraw from Highspire with almost overloaded dropships they send a quick message to the shattered world's remaining defenders and governments. "Thank Jaffray's Own for this visit."

When word of this message reaches Sian the Chancellor has to temporarily imprison his sister to avoid her from traveling to Footfall and slaughtering the entire Jaffray's Own regiment with her own bare hands. He also has to limit his sister's contact with the outside world to ensure she doesn't pass on similar orders to her cultist friends and allies. In the meantime and just in case he orders Jaffray's Own to lift off from Footfall and head towards it's new garrison posting - New Roland on the Periphery-FWL border.

Both FSAC regiments have suffered only light losses that will be swiftly replaced as per the traditions of the Federated Suns Armored Cavalry. The 2nd is still somewhat under strength but is building up to full strength as quickly as suitably qualified warriors can be transferred to the command without weakening other regiments excessively. It is also scheduled for conversion to a reinforced regiment in the coming year.

The looted materials will be forwarded to New Avalon where the First Prince will have some of the less gaudy items picked out to decorate a "Highspire" room at Mount Davion (which will also be panelled in Highspire Tallwood), with the rest being either auctioned off and the proceeds given to AFFS related charities or sent to museums across the FedSuns. It will become a House Davion tradition moving forward that when informally meeting with ambassadors from other Successor States moving forward that these meetings will take place within the Highspire Room - as a pointed reminder of what House Davion is capable off if they are disrespected.

Ugly Rumors[]

During August, a number of personnel transfers will begin to take place within the Federated Suns warship fleet. The FSS Covenant will begin to have a number of established crew members leave the ship to join new commands and their replacements will usually be younger and often with few if any living relatives. A few doomsayers within the crew comment that the warship is being prepared for a suicidal mission, but these rumors are soon quashed by the officers. Although no official reason is given for the trend within the crew. However the trend will continue despite the assurances that the ship is not being prepared for a death ride.

Kirishima Class Cruiser (Matt Plog)

Kirishima Class Cruiser, FSS Covenant

Industry Activity[]

Challenge Systems will during August agree to the deal offered to them from Universal Air. Both companies will push ahead with plans to add a Monolith JumpShip production facility at Delavan as quickly as possible. They will be helped with this by full AFFS and Government support.

Challenge Systems will also during this time being constructing an additional warship slip at Panpour. With 2 slips already constructing Congress-D II and a 3rd large slip almost complete the 4th slip which is starting to be built is another medium sized slip suitable for cruisers or large frigates.

On Point Barrow the Flashman heavy Battlemech line at the GM plant came online. Immediately Comstar request access to that production line. However, they are told that this plant pre-dates any agreement with them for this battlemech design and will be exclusively for the AFFS. If any of the production exceeds the AFFS's needs then the excess will be offered to other parties - including Comstar who will be free to bid for them.

Comstar also offered the Royal variant design for the Demon combat vehicle to both GM and Kallon. Refusing a single contract supplier they insisted on offering both companies equal rights to produce the Gauss Rifle armed tank for the ComGuards. After some discussions the two companies agreed to not only produce the tank at their joint facility on El Dorado but also built them individually. GM would put the design into production at a new facility on Verde in the Draconis March (counting on subsidises being offered for new vehicle production by the Duke of Robinson to help fund the plant), while Kallon would add a Demon line to their already building plant on Belladonna. These lines would be split with the almost pro-forma 50% to the ComGuards and 50% to the AFFS.

Faced with the growing WOB threat and with little opportunity to strike back with his limited and now mistrusted warship forces the Interim Primus is forced to accept the logic of his Precentor Martial's advice regarding warship production. He sends word to New Avalon to this effect at the end of August. Along with a firm direction to the Precentor New Avalon to make sure that the deal obtained is the best one possible for Comstar and to oversee the Precentor Martial.

Resurrection of a lost Regiment[]

Within the Lyran Alliance, a number of experienced mechwarriors, armor crews, and infantry platoons and companies begin slowly being assembled on Tharkad. At the current time no suggestion is made of what the purpose of this gathering is, although many speculate that it is to reform the 10th Lyran Guard which had defected to the AFFS.

Awaiting the Emmissaries[]

On Luthien, the Coordinator awaits the Nova Cat emissaries he had requested and prepares guest rooms for them. As a show of strength and to honor them he prepares a reception committee of three Sword of Light Regiments plus his 2 Household Regiments and 2 cruisers in orbit.

Thomas Marik's Struggles in Parliament[]

The Captain-General of the Free Worlds League after a great deal of bartering and horse trading manages to get through an expansion of the Legionary Training Academy's facilities on Andurian to speed up the creation of new Free Worlds Legionnaires commands. He also formally brings the 8th fully online and authorizes the formation of the 9th as a training cadre - although he wishes to push for this command to be made active sooner than the others.

Thomas Marik is also facing strong questioning within the Parliament as to why the 3rd Free Worlds Guards remain on Caph. For now he is passing it off a a humanitarian mission or as peacekeeping forces. Although within the FWLM there are growing whispers that the command has "mutinied". Given the fate of the 4th Free Worlds Guard the other regiments of the Brigade are horrified at this potential betrayal and begin making plans accordingly.

New Aerospace Fighters in the Periphery[]

After nearly 3 years of construction headaches and technical problems the Dragonfly aerospace fighter reenters production upon Canopus. No fewer than 3 lines have been constructed to produce this venerable design, suitably updated for the modern age. This opening is trumpeted as a triumph of Canopian-Capellan-Taurian cooperation and the design will be produced for all 3 realms. A small team within the FedSun's will take note of this new design and consider the implications.

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