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The Federated Suns Reborn
Chapter 4

3061 - Interlude: Victor's Arrival and Rebirth[]

As soon as Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion arrived on New Avalon, he was hurriedly transported to the Fox's Den. There he met with the various leaders of the Federated Commonwealth. Both March Lords had hurried from their respective capital worlds - Duke Sandoval on the very jumpline laid down for the returning prince, and they had joined the High Command members already there. Along with the various members of the AFFC a number of Dukes and other civilian leaders were soon sent for and joined in the deliberations. Excluding routine commands sent out to deal with the remaining problem spots across the Federated Suns Command little further was heard from the Fox's Den and the leaders it contained for almost the remainder of April. Rarely for such a conference of high ranking officials there were no leaks and almost no staff members beyond the various leaders themselves were present for almost the entirety of the discussion.

However, when Archon-Prince Victor emerged from the Fox's Den on the 2nd May, 3061 to address the people of the Federated Commonwealth and the rest of the Inner Sphere it was clear that much had been decided upon. Alongside Victor, stood the entirety of the High Command in Federated Suns style uniforms, his sister Yvonne Steiner-Davion, the Privy Council, the representatives of the High Council and representatives from almost every one of the various Davion family lines - although most were represented by members who were already there due to membership of the aforementioned organizations.

The first thing that the Victor Steiner-Davion announced was a number of changes. First, he was declaring the Federated Commonwealth to be disbanded and reforming his realm into the Federated Suns. Second, he was renouncing the title of Archon-Prince and taking up his father's mantle of First Prince. Along with this change in title, he was for the remainder of his lifetime and for all of his future descendants renouncing the second name of Steiner and would henceforth be known purely as Victor Davion. Although he stressed in this particular deceleration that this only applied to himself and not to any of his siblings who were more than free to make their own decisions regarding this matter. As his first act as First Prince of the Federated Suns, he was announcing a general pardon for any and all who might have been swayed to treachery by the machinations of his sister. So long as they stood down and made no further attempts to resist the legitimate authority of himself as First Prince. He then assured the people of the newly reborn FedSuns that he had returned from the Clan War's victorious but that he would now stay within the Federated Suns and lead it in a new renaissance of glory. He promised to expand the economic power and opportunities within the realm not only through expansions of the military industrial complex, but also the civilian one also, during this part of his speech he made a point to address the people of the Outback "the Federated Suns long forgotten children", who he would now make every effort to integrate into the realm properly. No longer would their worlds be a source only of men and material for the Federated Suns and a target for pirates, but now the government upon New Avalon would invest in their economies and in their defense. As a single example of this he announced that within the next quarter he would put before the people of the Outback a plan to build a new aerospace megaplex within the Outback to produce dropships, jumpships and perhaps even warships in time. Such a new industrial concern would require protecting and he assured them that the defenses of the Outback would be strengthened accordingly. Using this as a springboard he also announced that he intended to recall all "True son's and daughter's of the Federated Suns home" from their long term garrisons within the LA while returning those Lyran units which wished to go home, although acknowledged that this transfer would take some time so as not to weaken either realm's defensive borders.

After having mentioned the Lyran Alliance he then spoke directly to it's people. He first of all apologized. For his failure to properly lead them and for allowing his sister to seize power. He went on to explain his motivations behind the decisions which he now with hindsight realized were a mistake. Although now formally ceding his claim to the throne of Tharkad and his Steiner name he wished the Lyran people and realm nothing but the best and continued to consider them family. During a long and clearly difficult part of the speech he then explained that he had come into evidence that the true culprit behind his mother's murder was none other than an assassin hired by his sister Katherine Steiner-Davion. He admitted that many would find this impossible to believe but that he had prepared evidence and would submit it to the Star League's ruling body at the next Whitting Conference in November. He would then lead it up to them to decide his sister's guilt or innocence and if guilty her punishment. He beseeches the people of the Lyran Alliance and the members of the LAAF in the meantime to remain calm, to follow the legitimate orders of authority and not to fall into panic and civil war. He went so far as to instruct any who still valued his advice to follow the legitimate orders of General of the Armies Nondi Steiner. Although he did suggest to his aunt that she might wish to consider forming a government of national unity and include individuals such as Grand Duke Morgan Kell and General Adam Steiner within it, perhaps even including his brother Peter Steiner-Davion. He promised that no units under his command would attempt to attack any unit sworn to his sister or under the command of his aunt, but asked that this be reciprocated. That the Lyran and Davion people's had been brother's in arms for decades and that he did not wish this chapter to end in needless bloodshed.

He then moved on briefly direct himself to the people's and leaders of the other Successor States and realms. He promised that he wished nothing more than to live in peace and harmony with them within the framework, yet in a pointed indication towards the current fighting in the St. Ives Compact, he reminded them that the Federated Suns although newly reborn stood strong and firm in it's determination to resist tyranny and aggression on any and all fronts, and perhaps most tellingly that it would stand by it's allies and friends until victory was secured no matter the cost. No direct threat was made, no names were mentioned, yet only a fool would have missed that this was a message aimed directly at Sian.

First Prince Victor Davion finished by promising his people that he would continue to work to protect and better their lives and that they would see many more announcements on both economic and military matters in the coming months and even years. The Federated Suns had been reborn and it's First Prince would lead it into the future!

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