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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

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The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 37

September 3064

Investigation of StarCorp[]

On Crofton the investigation of StarCorp continues, with almost constant attempts by the upper and middle management to derail the enquiries. However the fact that the investigatory team has the former CEO helping them and the presence of a entire combat command from the 42nd Avalon Hussars RCT to back them up prevents any real large scale protests. Even as the investigation continues production continues.

Sun Jaguars Refugees[]

Meanwhile on Defiance the second wave of Sun Jaguar dropships arrive. If anything these are in even worse state than those that made up the first wave. In fact one of the civilian dropships barely manages a "controlled landing" that is about 30 seconds away from a full on crash and ends up damaging the dropship landing pad it "lands" on and causing 100s of injuries to the packed civilians within it. By now however the AFFS troops on the ground have hit their stride for helping the refugee Clanner's from the dropships and getting them cleaned, fed and in receipt of medical attention. Another large segment of the base on Defiance's barracks are opened up for the refugees while large stockpiles of MRE's and water are prepared. The 1st Sun Jaguar Militia arrive escorting this group. Officially a 2nd line cluster of troops they are in fact a single combined arms reinforced trinary of ageing warriors in barely functional equipment. They do however make up the entirety of Clan Sun Jaguar's Omega Galaxy.

Even as the refugees begin filtering into their new homes their saKhan arrives. Tiaret Nevversan immedietly throws herself into organizing the refugees and warriors of her new Clan. One of her first steps is to comb the refugee civilian population for failed warriors which are immedietly offered provisional 2nd line warrior status and used to bolster the 1st Sun Jaguar Militia's ranks. In this way she is able to bring the Miltia cluster up to roughly 3 trinaries, although their equipment levels remain shockingly bad. The failed warriors she recruits are promised that if they serve with honour they will be given a 2nd Trial of Position after a year against 2nd line opponents to see if they will retain their status. Although at this time the saKhan doesn't inform her Clan that the First Prince has been discussing with her his reluctance to continue live combat trials of future warrior sibco's. She is waiting to discuss this with the Khan when he returns.

Troop Movement[]

On the WOB front, Marshal of the Armies dispatches the 1st FedSun's Dragoons to Epsilon Indi and the 2nd Crucis Lancers to Errai while the 4th and 5th Deneb Light Cavalry are to prepare to leave their garrison posting on Deneb Kaitos in the event that the First Prince wishes to intervene on the developing situation on Caph and Northwind. The Corvettes FSS Antrim, FSS Brest and the FSS Murmansk are dispatch to the conflict. The High Command was hoping to free up an Avalon cruiser but given that there are only 4 active and 1 refitting and they are required to protect key worlds. However this situation is expected to be improved when the FSS Andrew Davion and FSS Hanse Davion come into commission in 3065 while another 2 cruisers are scheduled for commissioning in 3066.

Also in line with strengthening this border the Achernar CMM and Nanking SMM are listed for bringing up to full strength as soon as possible. Preferably drawing recruits from the Tikonov Martial Academy and the various Training Battalions within the two PDZs.

Despite still undergoing therapy for her injuries Yvonne Steiner-Davion leaves New Avalon alongside her still secret fiancee Tancred Sandoval and heads towards Defiance. Going with them are elements of the 2nd Robinson Rangers and the FSS Fox to ensure their safety. Privately, the First Prince has asked them to visit the Tortuga worlds after they finish at Defiance. Although he has not explained the purpose of this request, he's already sent word to the troops on the Tortuga worlds to prepare for the visit.

On Lexington, the training elements and dependent's begin to arrive having been given priority through the Federated Sun's. When they arrive they are met with not only a delegation from the local government and people but also a full battalion of combat engineers who have already started to renovate Fort Ballycastle and build up a small city or large town around it. It had already been decided in honour of the long service of the Lexington Combat Group/Guard that the streets be named for historical officers and hero's of the unit. Local construction companies have also pledged their time and support in the construction of the new homes for the LCG.

While training together on Novaya Zemlya the 1st Dragonlords RCT and 5th Davion Guards RCT have managed to have their status upgraded to Regular and Veteran respectively. The 1st Dragonlords will soon be ordered to take up a permanent posting on the Taurian/Capellan border and their place taken by the 2nd Dragonlords when the next unit - the 3rd - is founded on New Avalon. This cycle of Dragonlords units is expected to continue until the brigade reaches full strength. Whatever that strength may be. The 5th Davion Guards RCT had previously been scheduled to head for the Capellan Border but is now ordered up into the Addick's PDZ. The new 2nd FedSuns Dragoons RCT are scheduled to replace the 5th Guards as a way to help them fully integrate into the AFFS and their own conventional forces.

Developments in Industry[]

On June the new Corean Enterprises semi-automated plant to produce Musketeers begins construction. Many acknowledge that even a few years ago the world would not have been able to support the construction of such an advanced industrial facility. However with the experience of building the original Corean plant as well as the Lycomb-Davion's fighter production facility the world is able to now manage this project. This is helped by the fact that it is now much more strongly tied into the basic trade networks and logistical chains of the FedSuns rather than being a periphery border world with little to offer skilled workers and companies. The planet is undergoing an economic boom as are many other worlds with new factories being built upon them and to a lesser extent the worlds around them who are their long standing trade partners. In many cases these "islands" of growing prosperity and expanding and beginning to overlap. For instance almost all the worlds around Filtvelt and Broken Wheel are showing major signs of economic improvement.

Also during September, the First Prince and Marshal of Armies contact Achernar Battlemech's and Robinson Standard Battlework's that their Argus design which had originally been an omnimech before the Department of the Quartermaster rejected it and made them resubmit it as a battlemech should now be returned to it's omnimech origins. Although this will cause a brief pause in production as the plants retool it is felt that adding a new omnimech to the AFFS's Table of Equipment is more than worth that delay. Victor and Jackson Davion both have a number of other thoughts on increasing omnimech production with the FedSuns, seeing these as the way forward.

Victor Davion also sends word for one of his "cousins" to come and visit him on New Avalon. He requests that Duke Roger Sanromea-Davion come to New Avalon at his earliest convenience so that the two men can have a discussion. The invitation is deliberately left vague but every courtesy is extended to the head of the fabulously wealthy branch of the Davion family tree.

Actions in the former Chaos March[]

On Caph the resistance is being hounded from hiding hole to hiding hole. Any isolated group of pro-Davion or Delta Regiment or Highlanders found is swiftly eradicated. A single WOB Division is on planet, but in orbit a damaged Zechetinu II and the WOB Deliverance provide almost unlimited fire support as required.

The situation on Northwind is little better with constant "light" orbital bombardment's being conducted on The Fort. The orbiting WOB warships seem to be keen to avoid large scale damage to the surrounding city of Tara but continue to effectively harass the defenders with pinpoint naval laser strikes while fighter's dispatched from orbit hammer any Highlander mech or troop formation that they can find. Ominously a large number of troopships arrive with a further Zechetinu II corvette as escort at the end of September.

On Outreach, the Wolf's Dragoons are joined by the 1st Kearny Highlanders, who promise that MacLeod's Regiment and the Northwind Hussars are also on their way. However Jaime Wolf doesn't think they have time to wait. Adding the 1st Kearny Highlanders as well as the 1st and 2nd Dismal Disinherited to his own Alpha, Beta and Epsilon regiments as well as the Wolf Spider's and Zeta Battalions along with Lindon's Battalion. Jaime Wolf personally leads the force off world. The WDWS Beowulf, WDWS Nelson, and WDWS Athena go with them to provide protection. This large force jumps from Outreach on the 30th September taking with it a large number of transport dropships carrying enough ammunition and spare parts to fight a small war. The Wolf's Dragoons' Gamma Regiment and 3rd Dismal Disinherited along with a number of smaller allied commands and the warships the WDWS Alexander and WDWS Mars remain at Outreach to protect the world.

The sudden gathering of this impressive force and it's departure from Outreach was impossible to hide. The WOB Precentor Martial was made aware of it immedietly, not only from his own operatives but also from the Capellan Confederation. Even as the information came in he was on Sian engaged in discussions with Sun-Tzu Liao about a potential secret alliance against the Federated Suns. Taking a brief break from these talks he sent word for his forces to muster at Terra in case the Dragoons struck there.

Fleet Movement[]

The FWL Navy also dispatched a heavy warship presence to the Sirian Holds and Free Tikonov Province just in case. No fewer than 2 Thera Carrier battle groups were the backbone of this force.

Thera Aerospace Carrier (Underway - Deep Space)

Thera Class Aerospace Carrier/Warship

Within the Free Rassalague Republic the ComGuard's fleet split with a large force heading towards the former Chaos March/Terra...

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