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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

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The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 31

March 3064
Special Session

Special Session of the Star League Council[]

The screaming matches between the various Successor State lords didn't end with February. It was all that Kai Allard-Liao was able to do to keep many of the various lords from storming out and threatening war. Sun-Tzu Liao in particular threatened to leave on several occasions, going so far as to attempt to storm out. However this "phase" of the negotiations was finally halted when Victor Davion commented to Sun-Tzu that if he wanted to leave, then he should just leave. Nobody was stopping him. However if he did so then the Federated Suns would consider that him a renegade and he might be forced to resume combat operations, perhaps with FWLM support. It had escaped nobodies notice that Thomas Marik and Sun-Tzu Liao's alliance had now been dissolved. After that things slowly began to calm down.

When Sun-Tzu Liao (more rationally and less theatrically) points out to the heavy loss of life and infrastructure to his realm there is a great deal of condemnation from the other lords... That is until Victor Davion counters with the reports from Talon of massacred space port workers and their families, even bringing along pictures of some of the war crime scenes. He also points out that this went far beyond a mere raid. A full task force consisting of 3 of the Capellan Confederation's premier combat units descended on a vital industrial world. The only thing preventing him from executing the captured members of the MAC as war criminals is the fact that they were obviously not involved in the blood thirsty slaughter behind the lines.

These pictures and reports undermine the Chancellor Liao's attempts to demand his 3 worlds back. Prince Davion and Coordinator Kurita avoid such a public discussion of the raids, but it is made obvious to the Coordinator that any similar attempts to the Chancellor to demand his worlds back will result in pictures of the atrocities on Robinson conducted by warriors in DCMS mechs and colors. Victor makes it very clear to Theodore he is having these discussions in private so as to spare the Combine any public climb down, as a mark of the personal respect he has for him. While unhappy about this situation Theodore Kurita agrees not to support the Chancellor's demands for a return to previous borders. He does however demand a further concession that Victor support him for First Lord at the next election, although his initial demand for the CEO of New Independence Weaponry to be returned to the Combine to face trial is refused point blank.

However, on the issue of the Federated Suns' counter attacks into the Draconis Combine and the Capellan Confederation there does appear to be a solid body of support for censure. Both the Chancellor and the Coordinator are furious at the attacks and require some way to save face. In this they are supported by the Captain-General of the Free Worlds League who see's it as an easy way to score a return mark on the First Prince for taking in his wayward daughter. Elected Prince Regent Christian Mansdottir also supported this as he felt that the Federated Suns had went too far in their reprisals, not withstanding the provocation.

First Prince Victor Davion was defended in this matter by his brother the new Archon Peter Steiner who pointed out openly and with derision the blatant hypocrisy of the Chancellor and Coordinator. Whom both have either ordering or allowing attacks to take place on civilian targets and then crying out when they were attacked in turn. Victor was admittedly somewhat surprised by his brother's strong defence but was grateful. First Lord Kai Allard-Liao while not as strong in defending his old friend and admitting that perhaps the response had been heavy handed did point out that the Federated Suns were in both cases the injured party and as such it was hardly appropriate to censure them!

With Comstar as usual abstaining from the vote, the tally was 4 votes in favor of censure and 3 against. As such the First Lord, despite voting against it, was forced to issue the Federated Suns a formal censure from the Second Star League. The First Prince took this in relatively good grace and made a non-committal response to it publicly. However within the Federated Suns, the Lyran Alliance and even within the St Ives Compact and certain Free World's League provinces this was seen as political manoeuvring against a warrior prince protecting his people. Particularly within the Federated Suns polling for support for the Second Star League begins to fall off drastically. Many particularly within the AFFS feel they have bled for the Star League and now they are being asked to stand by as their worlds are attacked. To a lesser extent this sentiment begins to grow in the Lyran Alliance as well. In some cases holo-news broadcasters begin suggesting that had it been up to Victor Davion it would have been the Jade Falcons and Steel Vipers Occupation Zone that was retaken for the Lyran Alliance!

Having been censured at Sun Tzu-Liao's request Victor is in no mood to be pleasant. As soon as the vote has passed he informs the Chancellor that he has captured 3 companies of mixed McCarron Armored Cavalry mechwarriors as well as some support troops. He is setting a ransom for them of 2 full companies of battlemechs - not Capellan designs but instead FWL or LA designs bought and paid for by the Chancellor but delivered to the AFFS. If not they will stand trial as pirates, renegades and complicit in war crimes. Particularly the officers. He will also make public to their parent formations that he had offered to ransom them back to the Chancellor who refused. Given these terms Sun-Tzu has little option but to agree or face the total mutiny of the entire Big MAC. Victor informs the furious Chancellor that as soon as he receives the ransom (and not a minute before) he will release the captured mechwarriors. With the begrudging agreement in place Victor gives orders for these designs to be shipped to Mitchel to be added to the 1st Mitchel Borderers, adding insult to injury.

In shadow of censure, deals are made[]

As the Special Session ends, Victor Davion and Anastasius Focht sit down to discuss Comstar's counteroffer. While Victor is happy to increase production of battlemechs within his realm he isn't impressed with the huge investment that would be required to build a plant producing all of these designs for Comstar and worse the production share that he will receive. He makes a few suggested alterations to the offer himself.

The first of these is that the production share be changed from 70/30 in favour of Comstar to 60/40 for the battlemech's and to 50/50 for the vehicles. In return for this he is prepared to have a variant Cavalier battle armour designed to be named the Lorica after the ancient Roman's armour. It will be functionally identical to the Cavalier but will have different armour mouldings. A small plant will be built on Defiance to meet the ComGuard's needs for battle armor.

The new vehicle plant will be constructed on Markesan. While he would prefer the plant to be in the Outback, he understands that the New Earth Trading Company prefer to keep their facilities as close to New Earth as possible. Notwithstanding this he is unwilling to place it directly on the border. Markesan seems a good compromise because of this and is a key logistical and command hub for the AFFS. Initially the plant will be constructed with 2 lines of Alacorn Mk IV tanks, 2 lines of Von Luckner tanks, a single line for Karnov VTOL transports and another for engineering vehicles. Although additional lines, particularly for the Alacorn and Karnov are discussed.

As for the battlemechs he suggests that if Comstar was to provide funds he would support the expansion of production on Tikonov to include the Thug design. While he would also support adding the Mercury and Hussar designs to Andoran Industries Ltd's plant on Broken Wheel. He also offers to set up a totally new facility on Defiance as requested to build the Nexus, Sentinel, Crab, and Flashman designs. Jointly owned by House Davion and Comstar. He points out that such a division will safeguard the plants from being taken out by a single strike, making the obvious point that this is what happened to Comstar when they lost Terra. To sweeten the deal he offers to allow limited sales of Clint and Guillotine (when it enter production) battlemech's from Andoran and Lycomb-Davion as well and to allow Comstar exclusive access to the Nexus battlemech.

In return for this sweetener however he wants a reduction in the cost of renting a Faslane yardship. The price that Comstar is requesting is astronomical and far beyond what the First Prince is prepared to pay. He is offering a steady supply of 4 vehicles, a front line omni-fighter, a suit of battle armour and 7 battlemech's and potentially limited numbers of 2 more to Comstar. All produced at secure locations deep within his realm. In return he expects some reduction in the cost of the Faslane.

The Precentor Martial does point out that the Federated Suns will see a major boost in sales income, revenue from sales taxes, increased jobs and have access to a number of designs they currently don't have. The First Prince does point out that he currently has a wide variety of battlemech's under production and while these designs would be a welcome addition they aren't necessary. While Comstar's production facilities are limited and are struggling to meet the ComGuard's needs. The two men part with the Precentor Martial promising to put the revised terms to the Primus and admitting he will recommend they be accepted to a man he once considered a potential successor. He also promises to stop on Ares and put the suggestion to Bergan Industries to build a Waylander production facility within the Federated Suns.

Unhappy Family Reunion[]

First Prince Victor had brought along as an adviser Isis Marik who had taken the opportunity to meet with her father the Captain-General. She insisted that she would not be returning to the Free Worlds League anytime soon and intended to make a place for herself within the Federated Suns. When ordered by Thomas Marik to return, she refused and pointed out that she had brought a friend along to make sure he didn't try and force her. The huge hulking elemental figure of "Captain" Nevversan didn't so much as smile as she stood grimly watching from the door. At this stage, Thomas threatened to put before parliament a motion to remove her from the succession, which the now much more confident Isis told him to do if he so wished. The two did not part on good terms.

A Visit in the Capellan March[]

By the 21st of March the special session has broken up and all of the various Successor Lords are heading home. As per his stated intent the First Prince immedietly headed for New Syrtis, only stopping in those systems which were garrisoned by AFFS or mercenary forces to inspect the troops. He starts at Kittery where he informs Leftenant General Deedee Faulkner and Major Raul Bethune of the 1st Kittery Borderers and the 1st Kittery Training Battalion that their quite service had not been forgotten. He informs General Faulkner that he intends for all three Borderer regiments to have additional support troops assigned. They will all have a full regiment of armour and a regiment of infantry along with two fighter wings assigned to provide additional support. Her own unit already has a regiment of armour and two fighter wings, but one of them is composed of conventional fighters. As such her command will be receiving 20 new fighters and the upgrading of a Kittery based militia infantry regiment to a regular army formation and assignment to her unit. While the Kittery Training Battalion will at the end of the year be upgraded to a 4 company reinforced formation.

After a few inspections and promotions (including the promotion of Leftenant General Faulkner to Major General Faulkner), Victor leaves Kittery on the 26th. With further stops along the way he will reach New Syrtis by the end of April.

Further Industrial Developments[]

By the end of March the Clyde shipyards at Firgrove are now entering full production of the Excalibar class dropship. Unlike the early models these are now fully worked up and ready for use and don't require refits before they can be deployed. A number of high profile units such as the New Syrtis Fusiliers and Avalon Hussars begin receiving these new dropships to replace older model Unions for instance. The Ceti Hussars are also to receive at least 3 of them each over the next year.

On Tikonov, the first line of the New Independence Weaponry plant comes online and begins producing Victors. Entirely built from salvage from Tao Mechworks the first production run goes to the Assault Guards.

Meanwhile on New Avalon, the new hover tank offering from Corean Enterprises is shown to the various supply officers and members of the High Command. The 4 pre-production models are put through their paces by tank crews from the 22nd St Robert's Armored Regiment of the 3rd Davion Guards' . After glowing reports from all concerned a report is sent to the First Prince recommending full production be pushed forward as rapidly as possible. It reaches him while he is still on Kittery and he gives the recommendation his agreement.

At the same time on New Avalon the CEO of StarCorp's Federated Suns branch arrives to meet with the First Prince. She is informed that she will have to await his return. Although treated with every courtesy Amanda Sanchez becomes worried when many of the officers she has met with (and bribed) are not available to meet with her.

The FSS Marduk and FSS Filtvelt slip free of their shipyards at Galax on the 11th and 18th of March respectively. Both ships are ordered to take up station within the Outback and begin patrols, while the FSS Bryceland and FSS Kathil are recalled. The newly empty slips immediately begin construction of the FSS Addicks and FSS Chesterton, while a new slip begins work on the FSS Tikonov. Many within the intelligence community consider the later two names to be chosen to deliberately upset the Capellans.

Capellan Ship & Troop Changes[]

Within Capellan space the CCS Zhejiang returns to service while the CCS Elias Jung begins a much needed refit. The CCS Aleisha Kris also has entered service bringing the strength of the Capellan Navy to 3 destroyers and 2 active and 1 refitting cruiers. Work on the new shipyards at Capella continues to progress but much slower than had been planned due to the huge disruptions of the recent fighting.

Laurel's Legion within the Capellan Confederation is autherized to begin raising a 2nd battalion, although slowly to maintain their experience level. At the same time a 3rd Confederation Defense Force is raised although only 4 companies are allocated to it. This raises questions about the still disgraced 2nd Confederation Defense Force and whether it will be disbanded.

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