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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

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The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 27

December 3063
All Quiet

In the Federated Suns[]

With both of the Federated Suns' traditional enemies licking their wounds a quite descended upon the AFFS and FedSuns. The various military units along both frontiers continued to patrol in case the fighting resumed and within the various cadet Training Battalions, Cadres, and such the graduating classes began receiving their postings and leaving even a the next classes from the academies made their way to take their place.

It was interesting to note for many that a large number of the Filtvelt Academy, Kilbourne Academy and Point Barrow Academy's Training Battalion graduates were being combined to form the new 33rd Avalon Hussars RCT. Listed from the start as a reinforced regiment the various graduating cadets were dispatched to Woodbine where they would meet their officers and supporting forces and begin training at the Combat Training Centre there.

The Dragonlords Brigade was officially formed on the 4th of December, with a command staff and offices reactivated within Mount Davion. Although still only nominally the 1st Dragonlords the orders had already been cut for a large number of graduates to be formed up on New Avalon to reactivate the 2nd Dragonlords. In the meantime the 1st Dragonlords were dispatched to Novaya Zemlya to continue their training there. This pattern for new Dragonlords regiments would be followed in the future, with the fully formed unit being dispatched to Novaya Zemlya to complete their training while the new unit would form on New Avalon. Each of the Dragonlords RCTs would follow the pattern laid out by the 1st, with a reinforced battlemech regiment, an aero regiment, 2 armoured regiments plus an auxiliary regiment and 2 regiments of battle armour. Although the weight classifications of the units would vary. Each Dragonlords unit would be twinned with a Davion Guards RCT which led many to believe that the First Prince intended to form eight Dragonlords commands in time.

Following the announcement of the new units to be formed the First Prince meets with Marshal Waters of the Avalon Hussars again. The Marshal is of course happy to hear that a new 33rd Avalon Hussars will be formed up and is overall delighted with the expansions of his brigade. From a low point following the Clan Invasion of a mere 6 RCTs he now commands the single largest brigade in the AFFS with 13 commands. Although many of them are still expanding to full size. During this meeting there is some further discussion about seeding off existing battalions to form the core of further commands as the First Prince did to form the 1st, 12th, 34th, and 36th Avalon Hussars initially. Both the 20th and 42nd Avalon Hussars have returned to almost full strength of 4 battlemech battalions and could again break off a battalion to form the core of a new unit. While the 17th and 41st are both at 100%, but are only regular sized battlemech formations.

Prince Victor agrees with the Marshal that such options are available, although he states a wish to allow the troopers of the rebuilt 20th and 42nd at least some more time to integrate before they are used in such a manner again. He doesn't want to dilute the Avalon Hussars traditions by breaking off battalions which are still effectively learning the ropes. He suggests waiting at least another year before considering this and the Marshal agrees. The First Prince is also against reducing the fighting strength of the 17th and 41st at the current time and again Marshal Waters agrees with this decision. Although the Marshal leaves without further units he had hoped for he at least is aware of the value that the First Prince places upon the Avalon Hussars brigade and it's traditions and with a commitment to potentially 2 new regiments in the next year.

On Axton, the Wangker Aerospace expansion to double Corsair AeroSpace Fighter production is finally finished. Just in time for contracts which would require the plant to be increased by another 50% of it's new size, or effectively tripling it's original plant. This would actually enlarge the plant to beyond even it's Star League era size. Not only that but New Avalon wishes Wangker to not only continue with the new factory it is building on Filtvelt but to add a similar sized factory on Sun Prairie in the Draconis March. From an initial 2 lines of Corsair fighters on Axton, Wankger is being asked to increase production to 6 lines on Axton and another 4 on Filtvelt and 4 more on Sun Prairie. While the Board are initially horrified at this further expansion and the costs the contracts being offered by the AFFS will more than offset these and promise huge profits for the company once the new facilities come online. As such on the 19th December the new contracts are signed.

Fighter production is helped when the Lycomb-Davion plant on June formally enters production of Stukas although production wont reach full scale until June in 3064. However the expansions to Lycomb-Davion's established plant are also about to enter production. The expanded facility on New Avalon and new facility on June will triple production of the venerable, but still incredibly powerful Stuka fighter. The Hellcat and Lightning lines are scheduled to be added to the June plant, while the New Avalon facility is being expanded to add battlemech production again.

Also on the world of June, the Corean Enterprises Valkyrie line begins producing battlemechs. Unlike with many new lines the plant has already formally been run in with building spare parts and so the machines coming off the lines will be of an extremely high quality. A Centurion line will now begin construction alongside it. With the expected increased in profits and with the massive expansions of the AFFS Corean Enterprises brings forward plans to build a new tank, the Musketeer. The CEO wants prototypes ready to be shown to the AFFS by March with the possibility of a new facility to be ready to enter full production by August if the trials go well. Showing confidence in the new design work begins on the new plant.

On Filtvelt, the new industrial mech facility begins stockpiling raw materials in preparation for the plant coming formally online on the 1st of January 3064. By the time it comes fully online in June the plant will be churning out a tremendous number of industrial mechs.

On Kestrel, the Atlas Assault 'Mech line for New Independence Weaponry enters production. A number of minor faults require to be fixed in the completing assault mechs due to the line having been rushed into production, but the AFFS is more than happy to have a source of new Atlas battlemechs. The glitches in production are soon resolved. New Independence Weaponry has went from not existing prior to what is being referred to as the Galtor War to a company that has a facility coming into production on Kestrel and another new facility approaching production on Tikonov, with further expansions planned.

Work on upgrading the New Syrtis yards to be fully capable of warship production is approaching completion. Provisionally two slips are being set aside for Fox corvette production with further expansions being discussed.

ComStar Contract Orders[]

On Tukayyid, the Precentor Martial sits down with the Primus and discusses the First Princes proposal. A Combine born and sympathizing individual Primus Mori nevertheless is forced to confront reality. With the recent fighting and defeats that the Combine has faced, the upheaval within the Lyran Alliance, the FWL's pro-WOB stance and the Capellan's recent reversals... The FedSuns is one of the only real stable suppliers for advanced weaponry and equipment available to Comstar. Particularly given the recent investments in increasing military production.

It hasn't escaped the notice of the two leading lights of Comstar that the new facilities that Victor is looking to have built are for vehicles not battlemechs, which the ComGuards also requires a source off. Although the offer to sell them Dagger OmniFighters even in limited numbers is one that both agree is a welcome one.

After a series of meetings in which other leading members of Comstar are brought in, the Primus informs the Precentor Martial that at the special session on St. Ives in February-March 3064 where he is to make the First Prince a counter offer. Comstar will agree to use it's influence on the New Earth Trading Company to have the vehicles that the First Prince wish constructed at a new plant within the Federated Suns, namely the Alacorn, Engineering Vehicle, KarnovVTOL, and the Royal variant of the Von Luckners. They will also make his offer to Bergan Industries for a new plant to build Wayland Mobile Bases. A Faslane Yardship will also be made available to rent to the First Prince, although at an extremely high cost. In return he will support the production of a new battlemech factory.

This new facility will be built on Defiance and will see it's production split between the ComGuards and AFFS at a 70/30 level, although the Primus accepts Focht's position that he may have to reduce this. It is to initially begin construction of the Nexus, Mercury and Hussar Battlemechs, with additional lines to be built for the Crab, Sentinel, Flashman, and Thug. All of which will be built to Royal SLDF specifications. The ComGuards also wish battle armor to be produced on the site and will request that the AFFS consider building their Cavalier suits there for sale to the ComGuards.

The agreement to support Victor's vehicle factory ambitions is to be dependent upon him agreeing to the battlemech facility as well. He cannot have one without the other.

The ComGuard's Faslanes may be considered for a move into FedSun's space, however no permanent yards will be built at the current time. Mori doesn't trust the Davions not to seize such vital and hard to replicate infrastructure.

McCarron's Armored Cavalry Reorganizes[]

Within the Capellan Confederation, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd MAC congregate on Menke. The 4th remains on station on Ares, but requests a transfer to Menke at the earliest possible opportunity. Even with three regiments on paper now defending their homeworld the battered remnants of the McCarron's Armored Cavalry make up barely a single full regiment.

As a sign of his support, the Chancellor dispatches the 2nd Sian Dragoons to bolster the defenses of Menke. The derision the battle hardened veterans of the Cavalry show for the green warriors of the 2nd Dragoons doesn't exactly do much to help integrate the Sian Dragoons into the planets defenses.

Factory Construction in the Free Worlds League[]

Within the FWL Parliament a bill to support the construction of a new battlemech factory on Elgin is narrowly defeated. However when it is brought back a second time at the end of December with a promise of WOB funding and them pressuring Mitchell Vehicles to provide two designs for the new plant the bill is narrowly successful. It is only successful with a rider attached from the Sirian Concordance that a similar facility be built on the original Mitchell Vehicles site on Graham. Parliament had been asked for one battlemech factory, refused, and subsequently ended up funding two.

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