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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

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The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 26

November 3063
Raised and Voices

Taking Stock of the Aftermath of the Reprisals[]

November began with the AFFS and affiliated mercenary units falling back from their targets and with the CCAF taking stock of their losses. The AFFS however didn't fall back on Mitchel, Jacson, and Yuris but instead continued to fortify and make efforts to integrate these three worlds into the Federated Suns. Usually such efforts would have been hampered by raids by nearby CCAF forces attempting to set up resistance cells and supply cut off hold outs but in this case these efforts were almost entirely missing. Leftenant General Russel Ito of the Sirdar CMM was loudly heard to remark that the "Cap's have learned better than to test us!" when asked why such counter strikes had not occurred. A few of the units involved in the actual attacks felt that the glory seeking commander of the Sirdar CMM which hadn't actually taken part in the strikes was perhaps out of line to make the comments, but few actually disagreed with them.

The various items of loot and salvage taken by the returning forces were quickly checked by teams of NAIS scientists and AFFS technicians. Small samples of stealth armor taken from the Tao Mechworks in Styk were immedietly sent to the NAIS for study. Clearly the factory had not been set up to mass produce the armor but apparently had been working up to producing it for some new designs. Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion made reverse engineering the armor a major priority.

The rest of the loot was also quickly divided. All units that took part in the strikes whether AFFS or mercenary were issued large amounts of salvaged and seized equipment, ammunition and spare parts. The First Prince had already granted the Arcadians and 1st Federated Freemen a company each of light BattleMechs and similar gifts were made to each mercenary regiment that had seen sighting. This was on top of the generous salvage and payment terms already offered by the AFFS for these offensive strikes. The Vanguard Legion while not having been deployed offensively was also included in this gift, with a pair of Templar OmniMechs being granted to the unit. Many amongst the mercenary units employed within the Federated Suns began at this time to refer to the First Prince as the "Mercenaries Prince", noting how he would often deploy their regiments alongside his own troops but wouldn't leave them hung out to dry or without support and always rewarded good service. Within the officers messes of the Arcadians, Federated Freemen, and Screaming Eagles regiments it became a major social faux pas not to toast the First Prince at least once while at dinner.

The First Prince didn't only reward the mercenary troops who'd fought for him. All of the units which had taken place were promised their losses would be replaced and with the finest graduates and equipment available. The 5th Davion Guards were particularly singled out with notification that they would not only be rebuilt to full strength but would be expanded into a reinforced regiment during this rebuilding. Similarly the 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry (FSAC) were informed that as they were rebuilt to full strength they would see their Auxiliary expanded into a full armored regiment and their 87th FS BAB expanded to a full regiment. As usual with the 1st FSAC soldiers from other elite regiments were drawn almost instantly to bring the unit immedietly back up to strength. These would largely be drawn from the 3rd and 7th Crucis Lancers and the 1st Argyle Lancers. Other units would receive upgraded equipment. The 7th FedSuns Dragoons RCT was for a brief period of time considered for deactivation due to its heavy losses with it's now elite warriors to be used to bring more combat effective units back up to strength, but both the Marshal of Armies and First Prince publicly quashed this idea and stated that the 7th would be allowed to rebuild at it's own pace in order to retain it's current rating and skill. This would cause a friendly rivalry with the 1st FedSuns Dragoons RCT which was merely rated as veteran. The 1st FSAC and 1st Kestrel Grenadier RCT were also promised an increase in their fighter strength to a full aero regiment each.

As the dust settled, the 1st Davion Guards was withdrawn from the Galtor Thumb and returned to take it's usual place on New Avalon. Replacing it would be the 4th Davion Guards RCT, who were happy to be back in their accustomed garrison position along the Draconis Combine border.

While the Davion Assault Guards and 1st Tikonov Cossacks returned to garrison Tikonov. Along with them went over half the salvage they had taken from Tao Mechworks where it would be reassembled to build a new plant which was granted/sold to New Independence Weaponry. This new Tikonov factory would start producing Victors from their first line by March 3064 while BattleMasters would begin walking off the production lines in July 3064. Those parts and facilities which had been taken relating to the production of Crusader BattleMechs would be sent to Kallon Industries plant on Kirklin to provide the basis for a BattleMech line there, although initially some considered Nanking as a better and closer option. Kirklin's added security being so far from the various borders however was the deciding factor even though it meant additional delays.

Crusader (Unseen version by SU-SMD)

Crusader Heavy 'Mech

Shifting Fortunes[]

The loot taken from the almost strip mining of Menke's industrial complexes would be sent to Novoya Zemyla. Much of it would be used to create a huge new manufacturing plant for various missile systems and ammunition as well as armor plating to be used at the new Kallon Industries and Johnston Industries plants. Enough would be left over however when combined with the equipment "acquired" from the StarCorp facility to bring forward the Cavalier battle armor's factory opening from August 3064 to April 3064 and the Templar OmniMechs line from March 3065 to January of that year. However, CEO Amanda Sanchez of the Crofton based Federated Suns' branch of StarCorp Industries would head for New Avalon to formally protest the theft of StarCorp property to the First Prince. A trip she would come to singularly regret making.

Rebuilding and forming new Units[]

During November, the First Prince in consultation with his High Command finalize the next years graduates destinations. Of course many units are requiring cadets to be helped rebuild but it is felt it is better to slowly rebuild them to allow the new graduates to adapt rather than lower the skill level of battle hardened units. As such no regiment will receive more than a company of graduates or 10% of it's full strength at a single intake. This will give the officers of every unit time to integrate up to a company at a time rather than be flooded with whole battalions of academy graduates. In emergencies or when units have been particularly hammered this rule will be relaxed.

In the meantime, the First Prince confirms to the High Command that a new Avalon Hussar RCT is to be formed along with a new Dragonlords command which will be used to reform the brigade rather than merely have the Dragonlords within the Independent Command roster. The final formal addition in the coming months is to be a rebuilt Broken Wheel CrMM. Although it is considered a lesser priority to many than say a new front line command for the Draconis or Capellan Marches the First Prince has decided that it is to be a symbol for the Outback that they have not been forgotten. Particularly given the possibility of the Sun Jaguar's being settled in that region.

However, he also announces that the salvage drawn from the McCarron's Armored Cavalry regiments that have been smashed will be grouped together and used to raise a 1st Mitchel Borderers on the same model as the Kittery and New Aragon units. Retiring AFFS officers and a handful of carefully screened locals will be used to form the basis for the unit. Although some respectfully suggest that Jacson is at the "tip" of the bulge they've just taken into Capellan territory the First Prince and Jackson Davion point out that given that Mitchel is, or was, a possession of the Big MAC it is likely any counter attack will prioritise this planet. A Training Battalion will also be formed on the planet, while New Aragon will get another Training Battalion. The ad-hoc Training Battalion on Galtor will also be formally reformed as a full time Training Battalion. The 1st Sheraton Training Battalion will be reformed to the new combined arms standard agreed with Field Marshal Kouranth, as will all three of the new units. The Bell, Conroe, and Kittery Training Battalions will be brought up to this standard at the end of 3064.

The Armstrong Flight Academy on Filtvelt Academy, Robinson Battle Academy, and Warrior's Hall will all saw their class sizes increase in the 3064 intake, with the first increased class sizes graduating at the end of 3066. All three of the ground based academies would see their graduating class increase to a full regiment of cadets.

Given these expansions, the First Prince also informs the High Command that he will be making efforts to expand production of jumpship and dropships across the realm. Delavan's Universal Air and Galax's Federated-Boeing would be the main recipients of this, but Monolith JumpShips production at Panpour would also be expanded once again. A large new order for the latest combined arms transport the Conquistador would also be issued to Galax. The initial dropships would be sent to the Davion Guards brigade of course, but also the Ceti Hussars brigade which was felt to be a good fit for the new design.

One final area that the Marshal of Armies pointed out to the assembled High Command was the huge advantage in their recent operations that air superiority had played. As such he requested (as previously arranged) the First Prince to look into further expansions in aerospace production both of carriers and fighters. An assurance the First Prince was more than happy to give. Acting upon this request the First Prince spoke with the representatives of the Ministers of the Capellan and Draconis Marches and informed them that a further increase in Dagger OmniFighter production was going to be required, but that it would be subject to at least one of the expansions taking place within the Crucis March.

Star League Court Disbutes[]

On the 7th of November, the news broke that the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation had requested a special session of the Star League Council to address the issue of First Prince Davion's invasion of his realm. On the 19th the actual wording of his request was leaked to a Lyran based holo-news company and immedietly went viral. The response within the Federated Suns is either derision that "Little Sunny" thinks he can stand up to their First Prince, to fury at his insulting terminology. George Hasek, firmly in the derision camp goes on record to say that if the First Prince says the word he'll bring "Mad Max's Mad Grandson to heel in 3 months". Colonel Khorsakhov of the mercenary regiment Khoraskhov's Cossacks very publicly requests permission to teach the Chancellor some manners.

The First Prince responds in an attempt to calm things by pointing out that he himself would welcome a special session to bring to it's attention the unwarranted aggression that his realm has suffered from it's neighbours in the last year. While it quietens calls for another set of reprisal raids it's becoming evident that the Second Star League is beginning to lose popularity across the FedSuns, although the First Prince remains committed to it. One of the few things propping up the Star Leagues popularity in fact.

On the 23rd the First Lord agrees and calls all of the various member realms leaders to attend on St Ives by the 28th February 3064. Kai Allard-Liao a long term friend and ally of Victor Davion attempts to strike a moderating tone in his agreement to the session but even that irritates the hardliners on both sides.

One area of support that nobody had anticipated for the First Prince comes from the unlikely source of the Duchy of Andurien. With long histories of wars with the Liao family and perhaps feeling squeezed between the growing alliance of the Capellan Confederation and the Magistracy of Canopus the region spoke out in favor of "The Davion Princeling smacking down the Chancellor!", which was given more formal voice when Duchess Dalma Humphrey's commented that perhaps Isis Marik had shown more sense than her father in befriending Victor Davion. Of course practically, the redhead duchess uses the discussions to suggest that the FWLM also reinforce the Capellan border... Perhaps with a new Andurien unit. Which cause uproar in parliament.

Reprisal fallout in the Capellan Confederation[]

Within the Capellan Confederation the fall out continues. The mauled 1st and 3rd McCarron's Armored Cavalry limp into Confederation space. The 1st has been reduced to an elite battalion and command company while the 3rd is filled with shaken veterans who can barely muster a single battalion. When added to the other shattered MAC units the 4 regiments and their command company can't muster 2 full regiments between them. While the remnants of the 5th remain in AFFS interment camps.

The Prefectorate Guard is however almost instantly brought up to 75% of it's strength with the transfer of a battalion from the Red Lancers and receive another from the Holdfast Guard. It is felt that keeping the Capellan Hussars brigade's regiments at combat operational strength is vital particularly with the recent disasters.

Work begins on Styk, Victoria, and Menke to begin rebuilding. Although particularly on Menke, the "rebuilding" takes the place of almost entirely new construction. Lord Baxter insisted that the plants being rebuilt instead of relocated deeper within the Capellan Confederation. This pointed out in support of this that the factory workers at least are still present on Menke. Unspoken was the likely response of the bitter McCarron's Armored Cavalry units if their world was slighted by moving the remaining factories. Another demand that the commanding officer of the Armored Cavalry makes is that the Capellan Confederation makes every effort to ransom back his troops taken prisoner on Talon. Again this demand is agreed given the likely alternative is to have the Big Mac at best return to mercenary service and at worse go into open mutiny.

Victoria is further reinforced with increased numbers of Fa Shih battle armor ordered from Ceres Metals and Hellespoint Industrial's to be dispatched to the underground tunnels of that world. Their mine laying ability is considered a welcome addition to the defences there.

Kali Liao leaves Highspire at this time and begins making her way to Sian to meet with her brother. She wishes to introduce him to her new friend who she thinks can help her brother rebuild the Capellan Confederation and humble the Davions.

End of the Ghost Bear-Combine War[]

On the Draconis-Ghost Bear front the battles are starting to die down. Not through any wish for peace but from simple mutual exhaustion. Hohiro Kurita during November agrees to a trial to take place on Courcheval to decide the outcome of the war. The trial is to take place on the 1st of January 3064. The Ghost Bears agree to this as on the 17th they are attacked by the Hell's Horses.

Jaguars Gather[]

On Antallos the various assembled Smoke Jaguar bands hear the terms of the First Prince from his representative Captain Tiaret Nevversan. Some respond with fury, but most listen in silence. Most of the assembled warriors are the shattered survivors of the First Princes operations in the Occupation Zone, but others are refugees from Clan Space. They've watched Victor Davion smash their Clan when it was at the height of it's power. Their conqueror is now offering them honorable, if difficult terms and furthermore making it clear these terms will only be granted once. If they refuse them his forces will shoot on sight. Captain Nevversan leaves them in no doubt about that. Where many would take this threat as an insult to the warriors of the Smoke Jaguars this is a display of strength in a leader they can respect.

Finally, it is put to the vote. Over 2/3rds of the assembled warriors agree to the First Princes's terms. The remaining dissenters splinter. Around half of them immedietly storm out while the others attempt to point a Trial of Refusal. A Trial that Star Colonel Showers insists they face with only the proportion of troops which have stayed. Which leads a number to defect from the dissenting group and agree to follow the majorities decision. By the time the "Trial" takes place there are only a handful of dissenters remaining to contest the result and they are swiftly destroyed.

The remaining Jaguars who are now attempting to refer to themselves as Sun Jaguars then decide to elect a new leadership to serve under the First Prince. It is no surprise to anyone when Star Colonel Fredrick Showers is elected as the Khan of the Sun Jaguars but when he nominates "Star" Captain Nevversan for his saKhan there is a great deal more shocked faces, no more so than hers. Still the nomination is agreed almost unanimously. At which point the still protesting saKhan is ordered by her Khan to go back to the First Prince and pledge him the loyalty of the Sun Jaguar Clan. The Khan will reform the remaining warriors into provisional units and organize the transport of as many of their civilians castes as he can and move towards the Federated Suns Outback. He will attempt to bring their Clan to the world of Defiance by March 3064. He will also send out word to more far flung groups of the formation of the Sun Jaguars and invite them to make their way to the FedSuns to join the new Clan. Although he can't promise that he will arrive on time even with the more local forces. The rendezvous point is chosen after saKhan Nevversan explains that is the jumping off point for Task Force Serpent. Where the end of the Smoke Jaguars began the new Sun Jaguars will be reborn.

The new saKhan of the Sun Jaguars begins to head back to New Avalon with a small "Keshik" of a combined arms star of 3 OmniMechs and 10 Elemental's. She should arrive sometime in January 3064.

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