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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 251

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February-March 3072
Operation Harvest - Wave 6

Wave 6 of Operation Harvest
- Status Report

By Wave 6 it was obvious that the end was in sight for the Word of Blake Protectorate. However, a number of strongholds still remained. While the Terran system was clearly the preeminent redoubt the WoB still was holding onto the Rigil Kentarus system. While holdout elements of the WoB and their allies continue to plague a number of worlds. Active combat operations continued on a number of worlds but the AFFS organized a task force to take out the last Protectorate world outside of the Terran system during Wave 6.

Existing Operations

New Home[]

With the death of the WoB's commanding officer on New Home and the collapse of organized resistance the world of New Home's pacification continued apace during Wave 6. Combined with the specialist anti-partisan infantry brigade assigned to the world the 1st Robinson Chevaliers, the Davion Old Guard, and the 27th Avalon Hussars remain on planet as the garrison with orders to continue mopping up the WoB forces, while the remaining forces are dispatched elsewhere. Work also begins on preparing New Home for integration into the Graham PDZ and setting up a militia force.


With the surrender of the holdouts within the rebuilt Castle Brian on Procyon pro-WoB forces that remain across the planet begin to surrender. Similarly those who had been involved in the Protectorate government swiftly begin to attempt to distance themselves from their previous loyalties. The AFFS forces on the planet began preparing the world for integration into presumably the Graham PDZ.


The pro-Davion government continues to maintain that they have seceded from the Lyran Alliance. A few elements of the planetary militia attempt to declare for the Lyran Alliance but were swiftly dispersed by those forces loyal to the planetary government. The 6th Robinson Rangers RCT was able to intervene and prevent any large scale fighting but they avoided getting drawn into the fighting or debates.


The provisional government of Pollox that formed during Wave 5 formally requests admission to the Federated Suns in March. It is immedietly granted and the world is formally allocated to the Graham PDZ.

Devil's Rock[]

The massive garrison of Devil's Rock is tasked with providing forces for the invasion of Rigil Kentarus. The 1st Kathil Uhlans, 1st El Dorado Tercio RCT, 22nd Avalon Hussars RCT, 6th and 7th Chisholm Raiders LCT, 2nd Davion Guards RCT, and 2nd Ceti Hussars RCTs are withdrawn from the planet. The remaining two regiments of the Northwind Highlanders, the 8th Chisholm Raiders LCT and the Sun Jaguar's Delta Galaxy , the Galaxy continue to garrison the world. At least for now.

New Earth[]

The pro-Davion government of New Earth follows Zosma's lead and formally secedes from the Lyran Alliance and applies for admission to the Federated Suns. Like Zosma the application is for now left unanswered. Which doesn't stop the New Earth government from acting as they they already are a member of the Federated Suns. AFFS style ranks and uniforms are implemented for the local militia forces that are forming.


The Davion and Clan forces on Oliver continue to push forward in the face of stiff resistance from the WoB 12th Militia and the 1st & 2nd Oliver Protectorate Guard. With the Brigadier facility on planet disconnected from power sources and the repair facility at Warez City now held by the AFFS the WoB forces are reliant upon field repairs - although they are able to draw on the significant stockpiles of equipment and weapons at the Brigadier factory. For over a month they are pushed slowly back, giving ground with extreme reluctance, but the superior numbers of Allied troops gives them no option but to fall back or be cut off. The Nova Cat's Delta and Tau Galaxies act as roving forces, drawing out isolated WoB formations and destroying or routing them. Whenever the WoB attempts to form a defensive line they are forced back when one or both Clan Galaxies outflank them or Clan warships in orbit drive them back with orbital fire. Finally at the start of March the remaining WoB forces (still numbering almost two full Division's worth of troops) fall back on Gordon and the Brigadier plant to dig in and begin a siege.

With the enemy now in a compact position that can't be outflanked and with the civilian casualties likely to be enormous if orbital bombardment is used the AFFS forces begin construction of siege lines and preparing for a fierce battle. Large stockpiles of ammunition, spare parts and humanitarian supplies are dispatched to the world by the High Command. Plans are put in place for converging thrusts from the east and south to isolate the Brigadier plant and roughly a third of the city. Each thrust will be spearheaded by a Clan Galaxy with an AFFS RCT in support. The remaining two AFF RCT's will be continue to keep pressure on the general lines and exploit any weaknesses. The operation is scheduled to take place at the beginning of April. The delay is as a result of the fact that the 11th Avalon Hussars RCT, 1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs, and the Sun Jaguar's Alpha Galaxy are being sent to reinforce the Oliver based troops from New Home and should arrive at the end of March.

New Operations

Rigil Kentarus[]

Word of Blake and Davion forces clash on planet developed into a major engagement known as the Battle of Ketarus

ComGuards/AFFS Operations[]


As the noose tightens around the WoB's bases on Bryant their ability to slip raiders out decreases. Faced with every patrol they send out potentially leading the enemy back to their hidden bases the WoB 8th Division takes a new approach. They go dormant. All of a sudden, as of the 11th of February there are no encounters with WoB forces on the planet. The Blakists have drawn their patrols in and are hiding within their bases in an attempt to wait out the AFFS and ComGuards troops on the planet. Until the 3rd ComGuards Army and the 2nd Dragonlords RCT can find the enemy bases they are stuck patrolling the storm wrecked wastelands of the nearly dead world.

ComGuards Operations[]

Alula Australis[]

Anti-partisan efforts continue throughout the whole of Wave 6. Rotating troops to hunt down the pro-WoB forces remaining on the planet Focht continues to reorganise, reequip and refit his troops in preparation for what he knows is coming: the liberation of Terra. Each of the twelve divisions on the planet see their equipment upgraded, repaired BattleMechs exchanged for factory fresh machines or at least rebuilt as good as new. The AFFS even dispatches a number of their Waylander Mobile Bases to help in this process.

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