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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 247

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March 3072
Interlude: Safe Passage

Republic Palace
Sian, Sian Republic
Former Capellan Confederation Space

The Lord Protector of the Sian Republic sat in the office from which House Liao had ruled a star nation and tried not to grind his teeth as he was notified that the Federated Sun's Ambassador was being shown through the last lair of security and would be with him shortly. The hands that were much more familiar with the controls of a battlemech gripped the edge of the ornate desk which he sat behind with white knuckle intensity. Had he kept the Highspire Tallwood desk of his predecessors within the office it is likely he might have damaged it, thankfully he had switched it for a more solid Sian Marble desk. Having to welcome the ambassador of the realm that had shattered the old Confederation into so many squabbling successor states while swallowing down the best parts of it for itself went beyond humiliating. Still all he had to do to remind himself that he had to take this meeting was look at the military status reviews of his own realm as well as the military intelligence reports of the strength of the AFFS. The Armed forces of the Sian Republic numbered the Red Lancers and Holdfast Guard both of which were rebuilding to almost full strength now, the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 10th, & 12th Sian Dragoons - who were all under strength and under equipped and little more than defensive units excepting perhaps the 2nd Dragoons, the 3rd & 7th Confederation Reserve Cavalry - who were resisting being merged into the Sian Dragoons as their 3rd and 7th regiments and Warrior House Lu Sann. Warrior House Imarra was still officially in existenced, but was little more than a cadre even three years after the overthrowing of the mad Sun-Tzu Liao. Excluding the Red Lancers and Holdfast Guard he simply didn't have the troops to consider offending the juggernaut which had crushed the CCAF only a few short years ago.

As the ambassador strode into the office Talon Zahn stood and welcomed him with a handshake, taking a small guilty satisfaction in gripping the Davion's hand in a vice like grip and squeezing till the man pulled his hand back with a rueful smile. "You have a strong grip, Lord Protector!"

"Years gripping the controls of a battlemech under heavy fire will do that to a man..." Zahn made light of his small power play. "Still I doubt you came here to compliment my grip ambassador..."

Ambassador to the Sian Republic, Sir Arthur Robertson of the Federated Suns Foreign Office, smiled and nodded as he took a seat as the Lord Protector sat himself. "True. Very true. I have received a communique from New Avalon that I have been ordered to bring too your attention. It contains a small request from the First Prince Victor Davion."

"And what does Victor Davion want with the Sian Republic?" Talon Zahn asked cautiously.

The ambassador nodded. "Oh a small matter. As you are no doubt aware we have always been against the occupation of the Duchy of Andurien by the forces of the former Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao of the defunct Capellan Confederation. And you no doubt know that we have for several years maintained the forces of Duchess Humphrey's in exile on New Andurien..."

Before he continued the Lord Protector interjected. "Not only maintained, but also expanded upon them... As I understand it the Andurien Armed Forces in Exile have grown to four under strength RCTs and two full strength LCTs... You must be aware ambassador that my own nation is in a state of hostilities with the so called Andurien Commonality which refuses to recognize my government as legitimate and still calls for the reunification of the Confederation, presumably under their own leadership or the leadership of the so called heir on Canopus..."

"We are aware of that yes and of the self proclaimed "Regent-Magestrix" Naomi Centrella." Sir Arthur managed a very professional scowl as he named the women who claimed to have given birth to Sun-Tzu Liao II who she had proclaimed the divine reincarnation of his unlamented father. "That should make our request even easier for you to grant. You see we are looking for permission for an AFFS task force containing both ground and naval units to pass through your realm in order to liberate Andurien from "Grand Duke" Baxter's forces... Said task force to include the Andurien Armed Forces in Exile, various AFFS units to aid them in their struggle and warship support."

Talon Zahn stared at the ambassador in shock that even all his years of working under the Liaos couldn't keep of his face. This madman thought that allowing a "task force" of indeterminate size but probably at least equal to his entire military through his realm was a small matter! The gall of the man! Before he could speak however the ambassador continued. "We are aware that said movement might offend certain parties within your realm Lord Protector and might even cause some unfortunate instability for your government. We are however prepared to compensate you for any difficulties this might create for you... Purely from a Federated Sun's perspective we are prepared to lower the export tariffs on agricultural produce and raw materials into your realm by half to only 5% of the value. We have also discussed the matter with Dame Humphrey's who has agreed that should you agree to our proposals and our joint efforts to reclaim her lost homeworld be successful she would recognize the current "Andurien Commonality" worlds of Frondas, Westerhand and Palladaine as belonging to the Sian Republic and recognize your conquest of Pella II..."

With an audible click Zahn shut his mouth from the instant refusal he had been about to snap out. Just the relief on the tariff's alone would be enough to cause an economic boon for the worlds of the Sian Republic. Fully 23% of their agricultural imports and 48% of their raw material imports came from the worlds of the former Confederation that were now part of the League and Capellan Marches. Halving the import charges on those materials would drive the price down and make it a lot more affordable to import those vitally needed raw materials and foodstuffs. Even without the addition of three new and heavily industrialized worlds to his realm this would be a huge boost to his realm's economy. While adding those three worlds and the recognition of his conquest of Pella II recently would increase the Republic from it's initial strength of eight worlds to twelve. Of course they already owned Pella II but nobody from the other various Capellan states to the FedSuns or Free Worlds League had recognized their ownership... Still perhaps other concessions might be wrung out of the FedSuns... "And the worlds rim-ward of Palladaine? Betelgeuse for instance is a rich and storied Capellan world that I hardly think would fit well within a reborn Duchy of Andurien..."

The ambassador smiled as he and the Lord Protector began talking over the finer points of any possible future agreement. While this was just an initial meeting and certainly no timeframe would be mentioned at this stage the fact that Zahn was prepared to negotiate and discuss additional terms told him that they would almost certainly get their approval for passage through the Republic...

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