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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 240

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January 3072
Second Landings

HPG Network disruptions causing across the Inner Sphere[]

Trade disruptions continue[]

The situation in February within the Free Worlds League continues to cause concern at all levels of the Federated Suns Government as more and more worlds go dark - either their own HPG station going offline or simply no longer able to reach others which can pass the message on. Those on the border which are in range of the FedSuns and Lyran stations continue to transmit what news they can. This ironically leads to an economic boost for those systems as much of the trade that would have went deeper into the League instead ends up going to these worlds where at least orders and requests can be obtained. This has the ironic effect of beginning to tie many of the border worlds of the Free Worlds League more into the wider economies of the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns than their own inner worlds.

Welcoming FedSuns Troops at expensive Lyran allies[]

The arrival of the 1st Revenant Guards RCT on Thorin see's an almost festival level of welcome by the local population. Perhaps due to the Colonel of the BattleMech regiment being a native of Thorin or perhaps simply becase the Revenant Guards are seen as "Davion Lyrans" they are greeted to cheering crowds and applause. Jokes are made within the Revenant Guard's that they couldn't buy a beer in a local bar if they tried and it isn't entirely inaccurate. The 3rd Ceti Hussars RCT's two Combat Commands on planet, already relatively popular themselves, soon see a similar level of support spread to them. Left out from this entirely is the 16th Lyran Regulars who more and more are beginning to feel that they are in a hostile garrison posting. When Duke Alfredo Sakuma throws a welcoming ball for the officers of the 1st Revenant Guard and invites the officers of the 3rd Ceti Hussars and the local militia while pointedly snubbing the 16th Lyran Regulars the message is clear.

Welcoming FedSuns Troops at expensive Lyran allies[]

On Murphid, without a regular LAAF presence, the local government collapses and the Duke appoints an openly pro-Davion government as the new government. While this government stops short of requesting to join the Federated Suns they do send a pointed message to the First Prince requesting that he intervene to free their member of the Estates General. They also begin reforming their local planetary militia which begins to refer to itself as the Murphid Planetary Guard - the same title used by militia forces within the FedSuns. The use of Lyran ranks is also ceased and a more AFFS style rank system instituted.

New Formations Needed for Worlds Gained[]

With reports coming in from Sirius within the newly formed Graham PDZ of the training exercises involving the 1st & 2nd Provisional Divisions the think tank within Mount Davion present a preliminary report to the Marshal of Armies. In it they suggest that the AFFS begin allocating two Avalon Hussars RCTs and a single Deneb Light Cavalry RCT to form "Cavalry Divisions". The report also recommends that a divisional command unit of roughly LCT strength be formed to command the new Cavalry Divisions as well as a Chisholm Raider LCT for extra flexibility. Jackson Davion sends the report back after a week requesting some additional work and clarifications as well as whether they are recommending only Cavalry Divisions be formed or if additional types of Divisions should be raised and whether or not larger formations than Divisions should be considered in the future.

Capella Unrest Ends[]

On Capella, the protests continue but begin to die down with the overwhelming AFFS presence being displayed on the streets. The 8th FedSuns Dragoons make up the largest part of this garrison presence, but make every effort to include the Capella LMM in their deployments to help prevent bad blood. Arrests continue of those identified as leaders of the protests, but unlike under the previous government they are not simply disappeared, but instead held for trial.

New AFFS Troops outshine Veterans[]

The initial combat exercises between the 9th Avalon Borderers and the 1st Sherwood Foresters ends in disaster for the 9th Avalon. In a three day exercise the Foresters effectively wipes out three quarters of the unit for only light losses. Fully expecting to be royally chewed out by Marshal Bradford the members of the units are beyond surprised. When in the after battle review the Marshal points out the few bright areas of the exercise and then goes on to explain how they have to now get better so that when it isn't paint rounds and targeting lasers they don't end up in the same situation. He makes a point to the assembled troops that everybody makes mistakes even him, a point that gets an almost surprised laugh from the men and women in front of him given his well known history, and that the Sherwood Foresters have been training on Defiance for months and know the ground and have come together as a unit. They were bound to be a tough opponent in this first exercise, but that doesn't mean that the 9th Borderers can't improve and get better and take the fight to them.

Developments in Industry[]

New Independence Weaponry formally announces that they will be placing their new Victor-O into production at their various facilities within the Federated Suns. The first two lines to be converted are to be the single lines on Edwards and Kestrel. Once they have been upgraded then the design will be rolled out to the other facilities scattered across the FedSuns. They are immediately contacted by GM, Hildco Interplanetary and Tao Mechworks to discuss licensing the new design. New Independence is of course loathe to hand over the specifications for their new flagship OmniMech. They are however contacted in late February by representatives of the Quartermasters Office that suggest that licensing the new Omnimech design to at least GM and Hildco in the future would be very favorably looked upon by the AFFS, Government and House Davion. Duke Cunningham after some discussions with the First Prince himself is reluctantly persuaded that the company will have to license the design or face accusations of being unpatriotic (although he does hold out for a licensing agreement which will at least strongly benefit New Independence which the First Prince has no issue with). Given that between them House Davion and House Cunningham own 40% of the stock of the company this gives a powerful block of shareholders in favor of the move. Worse from the point of view of those who are opposing any license agreement the Duke of Tikonov who has bought up roughly 4% of the stock of the company after they invested in a facility on his planet makes it very clear that his votes will be at the disposal of the First Prince. This means that the First Prince-Cunningham-Tikonov "block" only requires another 6.1% of the shareholders to pass any motion. CEO Judith Hotchkiss (who owns 20% of the stock herself) is much less enthusiastic about licensing the design but is aware that she owes the First Prince for his support in setting up the company and indeed for the absorption of the "old" Independence Weaponry plant on Quentin. For now the company is reassured that they will not be pushed into this licensing agreement until they have all their own facilities upgraded and they have had time to establish themselves with the Victor-O. Very little has been said about licensing the design to Tao Mechworks.

On Brockton the Zibler Refit Center goes operational and begins work immediately on the BattleMechs of the 1st Brockton Reinforced Training Battalion. While the four companies of BattleMech's are almost half new construction at this stage the older half are amongst the most broken down and ramshackle BattleMechs within the AFFS. When these refits are finished elements of the Anjin Muerto CrMM and Filtvelt Academy Training Regiment are scheduled for refit next.

The final Centurion line on June is upgraded to the new Centurion-O OmniMech version within the Corean Enterprise factory. With three Centurion-O and two Valkyrie-O production lines the facility is now one of the most high tech production sites within the entire Federated Suns let alone the Outback. Given the high quality of equipment being produced there and the still ample room to expand the company commits to a fourth Centurion-O line which is expected to complete by January 3073.

At Deneb Kaitos the third Kiso IndustrialMech line goes operational with a fourth expected to follow shortly in May. Already the formerly exclusively Draconis Combine industrial mech is being shipped from Deneb Kaitos to interior worlds within the Draconis March and beyond. Indeed it is so popular that several companies have approached Dieron based Draconis March Heavy Industrial Mech Company for licensing agreements.

Ranger BattleMechs on Verde announce that in honour of the founder of the 12th Vegan Rangers, Duke Lawrence Helmund Nelson, they would be working to put his chosen BattleMech the Wolverine into production. It was expected the production line would go online sometime in February 3073.

Outback FarmMech's receive a production license from Robinson Standard Battleworks for the Sentry class design. Already producing the Watchman class medium BattleMech it is considered easily within the companies ability to add a Sentry line. While some question why Robinson is allowing this it is simply that they are already mass producing the Watchman and Sentry second line BattleMechs at their own plants and don't want to divert additional resources to expanding this production - and demand in the Outback remains steady. A licensing agreement benefits both companies.

Sabre Aerospace Fighter (In Flight - 3D Miniature)

Sabre Light Aerospace Fighter

FedBoeing announce that they intend to add a DropShip production facility at their JumpShip shipyards over June. For now they intend to limit production to tried and tested designs - the Mule, Union and Leopard class DropShips are slated to begin construction. However, few doubt that should the demand for DropShips continue to grow (as it has every year since the First Prince announced his plans for the Outback over a decade ago) then additional civilian designs will be put into production and probably additional military designs as well as every shipyard is producing military transports as fast as they can for the expanding AFFS.

Tengo Aerospace in a surprise move announces that it will be investing in a new production facility for the Sabre class light aerospace fighter. Rather than expanding their existing plants they have instead opted to spread their production out and intend to build a new plant on Verlo within the Capellan March. This shocks many even further as it is the first production facility the company will have outside of the League March and it isn't even being built within the former Capellan worlds of the Grand Base or Victoria PDZ but instead within the "Old CapMarch". However, given the industrial planet of Verlo's advantages and the tax breaks being offered not only by the local government but also the Duke of New Syrtis the decision is clearly beneficial for the company and their share price goes up following the announcement. The company intends to build two lines to produce the versatile and cheap light fighter at the plant.

The first Clan Nova Cat production facility goes online on the 15th of February on New Barcella - a full week ahead of schedule. For now production is limited to Ocelot second line Light BattleMech production at this facility but other lines are approaching completion at other sites. Two further Ocelot lines are almost complete on New Barcella. As a gesture of good will some of the BattleMechs are sold not only to Clan Sun Jaguar, but also to the AFFS.

Clan Troop Movements[]

Timber Wolf (Diamond Shark Livery by vertexnormal)

Timber Wolf Heavy OmniMech, painted in Diamond Shark livery.

Clan Nova Cat and Clan Sun Jaguar agree provisionally to settle a world jointly. It is agreed the world will be named Nova Circe and will be split 50/50 between the two Clans. While they each have their own Clan capital they agree that for administrative purposes Nova Circe will be considered their joint capital and a place that they can engage in Trials without risking them escalating. Some talk is given to inviting the Diamond Sharks to establish an enclave there. They also suggest that the Timber Wolf production facility that First Prince Victor has gained the licensing rights for should be based there and the production split between both Clans and the FedSuns. Colonization is scheduled to begin in November.

Galaxy Commander Katrina Steiner arrives on the now border world of Liezen and immediately contacts Clan Hell's Horses to discuss safe passage or "safecon" through their new territories. However, before she can receive a reply an unknown force jump into the system. The force identifying themselves as the Beta and Zeta Prime Galaxies of Clan Ice Hellion. They themselves request safcon to meet with the local Clan Wolf leadership to discuss matters. Not identifying that she is in the process of deserting Clan Wolf Galaxy Commander Steiner agrees and welcomes them to the planet. She even sends word to Tamar about the development.

Troubles in the Lyran Alliance[]

The Protectorate of the Rim annexes the world of Winter in February. Jerangle and Kowloon both declare their joining of the Protectorate at the end of February as well. This gives the newly seceded realm two BattleMech production facilities and six worlds. Duchess LaRue is formally declared the Grand Duchess of the Protectorate. She immediately nationalizes all militia on the planets and uses them to form the 1st & 2nd Protectorate Guard to help defend the realm, although both formations are little more than battalion sized. With the three battalions of the Blackstone Highlanders who have pledged their allegiance, and her own Grand Ducal Guard, a battalion sized force, she has almost two regiments of BattleMechs under her command. She also appeals to the Chahar MTM and Neerabup MTM to join her cause.

In Odessa, the traitorous Duke Fisk is awoken in the early hours of the 18th of February to be told that the 2nd Royal Guards RCT has just jumped into the system accompanied by the 11th Donegal Guard and the 17th Donegal Guard RCT. Worse they are being escorted by the LAS Angela Franks, a Fox Class corvette. To face two RCT, a free BattleMech regiment and a Corvette he has two under strength and low quality BattleMech regiments. He orders his defensive forces and what militia he can to fortify New Bealton the capital city and prepare to resist the invaders "to the last drop of their blood". An order that causes a great deal of scepticism within the Odessa Regulars. The landings of the Tharkad loyal task forces goes almost entirely unopposed and the 11th Donegal Guards is soon approaching the hastily erected defences of the capital with the other two units close behind as the month ends.

On Coventry, Grand Duke Kell meets with Duke Bradford and together they agree to go to Tharkad to confront the Regent about the arrest of their relatives. Both men send word ahead to their worlds office staffs that they will be arriving shortly and that they should prepare to help them in the release of their Honored Representatives.

The Free Worlds League War with the Word of Blake[]

Rim Commonality breaks off the League[]

Within the League the situation continues to deteriorate. Things get so bad that the Rim Commonality declares it's independence from the "broken Free Worlds League" on the 21st of February. The Commonality is soon joined by Romita, Goth Khakar, Ghaziabad, Karachi and Gatchina. With functioning HPG stations on Tematagi, Lesnovo and Karachi the newly independent state works furiously to try and repair the HPG facilities on Romita and Campoleone which are only lightly damaged while also sifting through the captured WOB personnel to see if any can be trusted to run the stations. Diplomatically they reach out to the nearby Niops worlds and the Magistracy of Canopus for recognition and aid.

Battle for Gibson[]

Over Gibson, the FWLM Warships begin a saturation bombardment of any even suspected WoB ground installations at the start of February. On the 10th, the 1st Orloff Grenadiers commit to a full planetary assault. Every single BattleMech within the regiment is dropped from a dangerously high orbit in rare and expensive drop cocoons and is soon plunging towards the planet below. Only a single enemy facility comes online and attempts to stop them, getting off only a single shot before they are hammered by waiting Free Worlds League WarShips and Aerospace Fighters. However, that single missile detonates and wipes out a full company of dropping BattleMechs caught within it's blast radius.

Still the 1st Orloff manages to touch down with almost 90% of their regiment intact (although many have light damage or minor injuries from the drop itself) and they begin forming a secure perimeter. With a toehold established additional units begin shuttling down. Always in fast and light dropships, never more than a company at a time but slowly building up the FWLM presence on the planet. For now the various WoB units don't seem to be anywhere within the vicinity of the Landing Zone. A handful of surviving members of the first planetary assault begin trickling into the FWLM's lines. All of them have been hunted and harried since surviving the initial drop and few of their BattleMechs are fit for anything except scrap. Indeed almost all of the painfully few survivors are themselves immedietly removed from active duty due to the severe mental trauma they have all suffered and are declared medically unfit for duty. Their stories however merely harden the resolve of the assembling troops that the WoB will pay for what they have done to their comrades.

By the end of February the FWLM presence on Gibson has expanded from just the 1st Orloff Grenadiers to include the 4th & 8th Free Worlds Legionnaires, 6th Free Worlds Guards, 12th Atrean Dragoons and the 1st Marik Militia. Additional units of the Marik Militia, Oriente Hussars and Fusiliers remain in orbit for now.

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