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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 237

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January 3072
Interlude: An ambassador for the Aurigan Coalition

Arano Spaceport
Cordia City
Coromodir VI
LAurigan Coalition

High Lady Kamea Arano watched as the dropship descended. Her trusted adviser and friend Alexander Madeira stood beside her and she had to chuckle at the slight frown on his now aged lined face. "Relax Alexander... I hardly think the Federated Sun's would invade with a single dropship. Even one so large as that."

"That's the point, Lady Kamea. They could. That dropship carries enough troops to seize the city at the very least!" He snapped back before raising a hand and running it through his now grey hair as he sighed tiredly and then continued with a rueful tone to his voice. "My apologies at my tone... But the concerns do stand."

Aurigan Coalition (Emblem)

Flag of the Aurigan Coalition

She placed a hand on his too thin shoulders and squeezed. "You never need to apologize for your tone with me, Alexander... Not after everything you went through for me. You know that. Still i didn't say they couldn't, merely that they wouldn't. I know it's hard for us to believe here in the Reach, but given the wealth of the FedSuns if the First Prince wanted to he could dispatch an entire RCT or two to conquer us if he so chose. To us this seems a massive invasion force, to the FedRats this is probably just a small honour guard... Just in case I have at least brought the entire Royal Guards here to honor the new ambassador, a full battalion of Battlemechs. And the 2nd Battalion of the 1st Aurigan Regiment are also standing by in their barracks along with most of the Coromodir Militia."

"Don't let them hear you calling them FedRats... They might take offense at the term..." Alexander warned carefully while trying to look less like he was in need of a seat from exhaustion. He had never fully recovered from his injuries and of late his strength was fading fast. The doctors said cancer, but there was little they could do about it. He did relax slightly knowing that it wasn't just the Royal Guards who were ready to defend the capital if need be. While the Aurigan Coalition Military only numbered a single regiment of Battlemechs in addition to the Royal Guard and the various noble houses units, they lived up to the tradition of the Aurigan Restoration and were well trained and as well equipped as the Coalition could afford. In the last two decades, they had been refitted with as many advanced weapons as the Aurigan Coalition could afford to buy at huge cost from their more technologically developed neighbors.

"I promise I will be polite to the new ambassador." The High Lady promised genuinely. "It wouldn't do to offend the first Inner Sphere ambassador that has ever been appointed to the Aurigan Coalition!"

Generic Aerodyne DropShip (Underway)

Conquistador Class DropShip

As the two old friends talked, the Conquistador Transport Dropship came in to land on the cleared landing pad of the spaceport. As heat shimmered along the worn and only slight cracked ferro-crete of the pad the ramp at it's back came down. As the assembled band began to play the national anthem of the Federated Sun's they suddenly faltered and faded as one by one two full companies of battlemech's began walking from the dropship. Each was painted in an almost bland primer grey that stood out for it's very lack of distinction or color. The first company from the dropship formed up, to the left of the dropship ramp, each one identical and of a design that the none of the assembled Aurigan dignitaries or guards recognized. The second company likewise marched out, again a design that hadn't been seen in the Reach before but this time a lighter design, and then formed up facing their compatriots in the first company so that both now formed a line leading away from the dropship as a massively overpowered guard of honour. As soon as the final battlemech had taken up position a single individual marched down the ramp and began making his way towards the waiting High Lady and her court. Tall and with a military style hair cut of smoke grey hair he might have been wearing a suit clearly chosen for the cool climate of Coromodir VI.

As he passed each paired Battlemech they turned carefully and precisely to face the podium on which the High Lady stood. Lt. Colonel Adam Marcel, now too old to be considered for front line combat in the cockpit of a Battlemech and promoted to command of the Royal Guards, muttered under his breath. "Parade ground soldiers..."

The High Lady shot him a quelling glower as Alexander Madeira snapped back quietly. "Parade ground soldier's that conquered the Confederation, smashed the Taurian Defense Force, humbled the Dragon and look like they will soon be victorious over the WOB... And pay attention... the ambassador comes forward alone. So sure in the power of his realm that he feels no need for guards or aides to make himself look important by having an entourage. That is power Lt. Colonel Marcel. Stated and unstated. Although I don't recognize the grey colour scheme as one of their regiments, maybe an ambassadorial guard coloring to avoid offense?"

As the new ambassador reached the three steps leading up to the short podium he bowed deeply. "Ambassador Dustin Reginald Rand, appointed by First Prince Victor Ian Davion, First Prince of the Federated Suns and Duke of New Avalon, first ambassador to the court of High Lady Kamea Arano, High Lady of the Aurigan Coalition and Countess of Coromodir. I welcome you in the name of my First Prince and the people of the Federated Suns High Lady in friendship!"

The High Lady gave a professional smile and then waved a hand at the assembled battlemechs. "Your words are those of friendship Ambassador Rand, but your escort could be considered by some to be unfriendly, even threatening..."

Battle Hawk Light BattleMech (in badlands - Painted Miniature by Nardyes)

Battle Hawk Light 'Mech

"My escort, High Lady?" A look of confusion so genuine flashed over the ambassador's face that in a moment the High Lady decided instantly that she would never play cards with the man for money. He suddenly gave a smile that almost glowed with warmth and half turned to glance back at the twenty four pristine grey coloured battlemechs he had just walked between. "Oh I understand the confusion now! High Lady Arano those are not my guards! Those are the First Prince's gift to you and the people of the Aurigan Coalition. A company of brand new Sentry class medium battlemechs and another of Battle Hawk class light mechs!"

Stunned silence greeted the ambassador's statement. Counting the Royal Guard's battalion the entire Aurigan Coalition Military numbered just four battalions of battlemech forces plus a few companies in the nobles guards and some small mercenary units. Most of whom's battlemech's were family heirlooms, battlefield salvage and rebuilt machines containing parts of half a dozen other machines. There weren't two companies of new battlemech's in the entire force! Composing herself the High Lady gave the new ambassador a truly genuine smile. "A princely gift, Ambassador Rand... Please extend my deepest and most heartfelt thanks to your First Prince and assure him that they will be put to good use guarding the reach against any who might raid it's worlds!"

Given the rise in Capellan and Canopian backed "pirates" in the region the Ambassador smiled back just as genuinely. "That is all my Prince asks High Lady Arano."

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