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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 230

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December 3071
Interlude: Cleaning House

Wendigo Moon
Free Worlds League

The Director of SAFE sat at his desk as he worked away at the various intelligence reports which were drawn to his attention. With the damn Davion's pushing hard against the Word of Blake in the Protectorate and the Captain-General's plans to intervene on the WOB's behalf and turn the tide he was a busy man. Too busy in fact, he had had to delegate far too many of his more routine roles on his daughter's order so as to free up the time he required to personally deal with the flood of intelligence coming in from the Davion Front. Still if he was to avoid letting his brother and daughter down Paul Marik knew his duty. He had to complete the intelligence reports that his daughter would rely upon when she sent the FWLM to the aid of her uncle The Master's forces defending Terra.

Off in the distance came a strange rumbling noise. For a second he dismissed it before the very impossibility of the noise struck him. His office was buried deep within the bunkers that made up the Eyrie, home off the Eagle Corp and Dark Shadow units of SAFE on an airless moon! No "background" noise should exist or be able to penetrate the huge armored walls and doorways that were built into what was a nuclear-proof fortress! Standing he slammed a finger down on the intercom summoning his aide into the room. As soon as the door to the office opened the background noises redoubled in volume. Now there was no mistaking the noise, explosions and heavy automatic rifle fire. "What in Blake's name is going on, James?"

Free Worlds League Flag (HBS version of Emblem)

Insignia of the Free Worlds League

"I don't know, Sir, it just started!" Suddenly behind his aide the door to the outer office slid open and two armored figures in Achileus pattern battle armor filled the doorway. One leveled his anti-personnel sub-machine gun on his left arm and released a burst of fire that tore Captain James Fong in half and splashed his blood through the open door to cover not only the Director's desk but the Director himself. Stunned at the brutal murder of his long term aide Paul Marik hesitated just a second too long to reach for the button to slam his armored office door shut again and the second battle armored trooper was already through and crashing into him, a clawed armored hand grabbing him by the throat and lifting him away from his desk.

Struggling futilely against the armored grip on his neck Paul Marik spat at the armored face plate. "You are a dead man! You might kill me, but my daughter the Captain-General will have you executed! You've signed your own death warrant you fool!"

As the spit slowly trickled down the armoured cheek of the helmet the soldier keyed his speakers. "I don't think so, old man. By the authority of the Captain-General you are under arrest Paul Marik... Davie, let Colonel McCormack know we have the traitor..."

It was only as those impossible words sunk in that the former Director of SAFE recognized the name of the commander of the Dark Shadow battalion, the primary defense force of the Eyrie and then realized that the emblem's on the Achileus battle armor of both troopers who were now in his office were Eagle Corp. His OWN special forces unit...

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