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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 229

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December 3071
Interlude: A Regent is appointed

Great Assembly, Government's House
The Triad, Tharkad City
Lyran Alliance
24th December, 3071

Those who had met General of the Armies Adam Steiner before the Battle of Arcturus, they were used to the tall powerfully built officer's crisp stride that caused many around him to have to almost scurry to keep up. That powerful gait was nowhere in evidence as the General marched into the Great Assembly of the Lyran Estates General on Christmas Eve. As he advanced slowly and haltingly down the rich Steiner Blue carpet of the aisle towards the speakers podium the extent of his injuries were driven home to the assembled Representatives. He was clearly still adjusting to the cybernetic legs that have replaced those he lost from a missile strike on his cockpit during the closing seconds of the battle and given the tightness around his eyes was still in extreme pain. Similarly while the cybernetic arm that replaces his left arm is both top of the line and cosmetically fashioned to resemble his real limb as much as possible there is something about the way he holds it as he walks that gives away that it is not his natural arm. Still when he reaches the Speakers Podium to receive a bow and a few welcome words from Speaker himself even those considering how he might be weakened by his injuries are forced to acknowledge he stares out at the assembled Representatives with commendable steel in his gaze.

Bracing both of his arms upon the podium the General stared out at the Estates General and cleared his throat. "Firstly I would like to thank the Honored Representatives for allowing me to address them here today. I am aware that with it being Christmas Eve there are many demands upon your times, both professionally and personally. I would also like to thank you for the patience you have shown while I made my way to the front. As you have all no doubt surmised I am still attempting to master the replacements for my legs and arm that I lost in battle. While I have been told that it will almost certainly be impossible for me to ever pilot a Battlemech again, I can assure you all of my resolve to continue with my duties in defending our great nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic."

While nobody was so crass as to turn their heads and stare at the Honored Representative for Odessa and his small group of fellow Katherine Steiner loyalists, but there was a general shuffle and low level murmur at the General's choice of words. As soon as the noise died down he continued. "I and the rest of the LAAF stand fully willing to defend our realm, Honored Representatives, however we are I acknowledged stretched thin. We are beset upon all sides by enemies, the League, the WOB, the Wolves and Falcons to name but a few... Yet we are not without strength. We proved that at Arcturus. We crushed the best that the Wolves had to throw us and slew their famed Khan. We have strong ground and naval forces. We have allies, the Wolves-in-Exile under their Khan Phelan Kell who himself led the counter attack and crushed the Ice Hellion invasion and the Federated Suns who came to our aid at Hesperus. We are not alone to face our enemies."

"Yet in these dark times strong leadership is required. We cannot allow ourselves to become splintered and divided, lest we fall individually to our enemies where we might have triumphed had we remained united. We must remain united ladies and gentlemen." Adam Steiner paused. "It is for that reason, and only for that reason, that I stand here today requesting that you elect me as Regent of the Lyran Alliance in addition to my role as General of the Armies. So that I might better serve the Alliance and it's people and better protect them. The time for half measures and words is over, Honored Representatives. We must now take action and for that to happen we must have a strong and united leadership."

In a clearly choreographed move the Speaker stepped up beside the General of the Armies and spoke into the microphone. "Honored Representatives it is my belief that the General is right. As such I am calling a vote on the matter of appointing General of the Armies Adam Steiner as Regent of the Lyran Alliance! Today. Now."

Over a hundred voices cried out at that statement some in support but many at the procedural impropriety of such a vote taking place with no warning or even time for proper debate. The Speaker allowed the bellowing to continue briefly before taking his gavel and hammering down on his podium with the microphone still on and set to full volume. When the last roars and calls finally died down the Speaker spoke again. "I realize this is an extraordinary measure, however there is no other option. As such Honored Representatives given the disquiet and lack of decorum being shown in this hallowed chamber I will call the vote now! Please indicate your votes... Any further such behaviors and I shall have the Representative removed from the chamber!"

A sullen silence descended over the chamber as the vote began. All the while Adam Steiner stood at parade rest at the side of the Speakers podium watching them with level eyes. Finally after nearly ten minutes the voting was done and the Speaker glanced down at the screen built into his podium. "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen... I can announce that the motion to appoint the General of the Armies Adam Steiner as Regent has passed by majority..."

As the Great Hall filled with shouting voices one rose above them all the Representative from Arc Royal deep voice calling. "Mr Speaker! Mr Speaker! What was the vote tally?!"

"That will be released in due course Mr. Kell. Now... General... or should I say Regent?" The Speaker turned to Adam Steiner.

"Thank you, Mr. Speaker." Adam Steiner turned slightly and spoke into a communicator. Seconds later the doors opened and members of the 8th Donegal Armoured Infantry marched in and spread out throughout the hall. While the bulk of the unit maintained over watch positions, squads broke off and directly approached various Honoured Representatives. Politely, but firmly the infantry troopers invited the Honored Representatives to accompany them outside. Those few that resisted were swiftly dragged out anyway. Shocked the various other members of the Estates General stood or sat as over a hundred of their number were led away. To nobodies surprise Leon Fisk was one of those dragged out, although many were shocked when the Honored Representatives from Thorin and Murphid were amongst those dragged out. As the newly appointed Regent spoke again they turned back to him. "Those members who have been asked to leave have long been under investigation for corruption, treason, etc... They will receive a full and fair trial at which they will be entitled to legal counsel. Those who are found innocent will of course be readmitted to this august body. I thank you for the support you have given me here today. I swear before you all that as soon as this emergency is over I will stand down as Regent and stand accountable for all of my actions done in the name of the Lyran State. Thank you again."

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