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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 221

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October 3070
Interlude: Instructions

Imperial Palace
Luthien, Pesht District
Draconis Combine

The now undisputed Coordinator of the Draconis Combine knelt under a cherry blossom tree as he watched as the head of the Internal Security Force approached and bowed deeply. Sinking into a kneeling in prostration using the old form of Dogeza before sitting facing him at a languid wave of his lord's hand to rise. Both men were dressed in the traditional Hakama that befitted their ranks, but neither wore any visible rank insignia or weapons. Minoru Kurita sat without speaking for almost a full ten minutes on the face of it watching a heron fishing in a nearby garden pond. Finally he spoke. "My brother is dead."

"Yes my lord. It has been confirmed." Ninyu Kerai Indrahar answered.

"Murdered." Minoru's placid exterior belied the anger in his voice.

"Assassinated, My lord." Ninyu clarified before boldly continuing. "His death has brought much of the fighting to an end. Already several commands which had sworn to him have offered their surrender to your authority Lord Kurita and requested to make atonement..."

Minoru Kurita turned to face the head of his intelligence service and stared at him for a long moment with cold eyes before speaking with a dead monotonous tone. "They murdered, My Brother. A Kurita."

"Yes, My Lord." This time Indrahar didn't add anything.

"This insult cannot go unanswered." Minoru said in that same tone. "My brother must be avenged."

"Of course, My Lord." The head of the ISF raised an eyebrow and at the Coordinator's almost imperceptible nod waved one of his aides forward to bring him a file. As the aide quickly retreated Indrahar bowed from his kneeling position and placed the file before his lord. "Operation Hayai Kaze, Lord Kurita."

Taking up the file Minoru flicked through it as he skim read it. "Bold."

"Lord Hohiro's shade deserves no less." Indrahar responded.

"Agreed. Approved. You will implement Hayai Kaze III." Minoru chose the most expansive of the options available within the folder. "You may draw upon whatever resources you need to complete the operation to my satisfaction."

Bowing again Indrahar made no effort to rise, knowing his lord was not finished.

Minoru despite himself smiled slightly in approval. "It is a prize beyond compare for a lord to be served by able men who are able to anticipate his needs and desires. As long as said servants do not overreach." With the commendation and warning delivered he continued. "I wish you to begin gathering the Son's of the Dragons. One thousand candidates at each of the District capitals and another thousand here. And Indrahar?"

"Yes, My Lord?"

"Use the gathering to bring me my nephews Shinjiro and Vincent. Unharmed." Minoru added the last word with steel in his voice. Remembering previous advice from the head of the ISF suggesting that the two boys have convenient accidents in the event their father died.

"Your orders will be obeyed, Lord Coordinator."

"See that they are." Minoru waved a dismissal and at least on the face of it returned to contemplating the beauty of the garden around him.

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