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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 211

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August 3070
Interlude: Grumblings

New Foundation Spaceport
New Foundation, New Earth
WOB Protectorate (occupied)

Acolyte Gustav "Fritz" Muller was standing at the other members of his unit mostly sat and either played cards, smoked or just stared into space trying not to think about the horrors they had all seen and lived through for the last few months. Gustav, or "Fritz" to his comrades due to his birthplace in the Lyran Alliance and thick German accent from his homeworld of Horneburg, however seemed very taken by the dropships. Both the ones that were here to take him and the rest of the now reorganized 5th Army off to their next target and also the ones which had just arrived carrying the 26th Avalon Hussars RCT fresh from Hesperus to take over garrisoning the newly liberated planet and to continue rooting out any remaining WOB sympathizers. The frown on his face just seemed to be deepening.

Sighing, Adept Jonathan Thomas forced himself to his feet, his Lorica pattern battle armour humming slightly as he walked over to the Lyran born trooper and placed an armored hand on a similarly armored shoulder. "Got something on your mind, Fritz?"

"It is not right. It is not right, Adept. We won this world. We won it with blood." His accent turning each W into a V sound. "They should not be here, Adept Thomas."

"You were at the briefing, Fritz. The 5th Army is to keep pushing the Blakist scum. Hitting them as hard as we can and as fast as we can. We can't do that and also leave strong garrison forces here and elsewhere."
Jonathan explained to the younger man, having known that was what was bothering him.

"And so we give this world to the damned Davions!" More than a little dislike colored the last word. In fact it was almost to the same level of anger that Muller put into when he used referred to the WOB. He then blurted out. "We should keep New Earth. For Comstar."

"Okay, take it down a notch there. They are our allies. So get it under control." Thomas barked while deliberately not looking back as probably half the Level II looked up frowning at their comrades tone. The FedSuns born half of the platoon. He glowered and met the young troopers eyes until Fritz gave a half nod and looked away. "I get that you aren't too fond of House Davion, but just remember something... Look around you, Fritz. That new Mercury being loaded? I'd bet you a C-bill against a L-Bill that it is Fed made. In fact so is the armor the whole unit is wearing, Lorica pattern straight out of the factory at Chesterton. Half the damn 5th Armies equipment was built in the FedSuns and probably more than half of the troops were born and raised there. So if I hear you mouthing off like that about our allies you and I are going to have problems, Fritz. I don't want that, you're a good trooper and I'm not forgetting that it was you that took down that Gurkha during the last few gasps of the 6th Militia. But trust me you don't want it either, because if you and I have problems you will come out worse. So get your damn temper under control. As for us keeping it? That's the type of bull that the WOB want. You've read the Precentor Martial's standing orders regarding the fact we are liberating these worlds not conquering them... He doesn't think Comstar should be in the planet governing business and for what it's worth I agree with him, Fritz."

Muller didn't look up but nodded. "Okay, Adept. I just... I just don't like that this planet is being handed over to the Davions. It is a Lyran planet."

"And before that it was a Terran Hegemony planet. Flags change. We don't know what is going to happen here. Whether it'll be handed back to the Lyrans or whether the Davions will keep it. That's above our pay grade. Right now all we are to do is sit tight until some higher up decides its time for us to board ships and head to the next fight." The man who in most militarizes would be a sergeant let go of the troopers shoulder. "Now get back with your squad and stop working yourself up over this."

Watching the young trooper head back to his squad mates who threw him a ration pack as he sat down Adept Thomas sighed again. Fritz would need watching he could tell. The lad was angry at the news coming in from his homeland and was looking for someone to take it out at. Clearly he had decided that First Prince Davion and the FedSuns were a good target for his anger, but if he wasn't careful he was going to alienate a good chunk of the unit. That sort of crap could get a trooper killed when his "mates" didn't back him up fast enough. Like he didn't have enough worries to deal with just trying to keep his people alive through the next battle against the Toasters without having to worry about this sort of crap!

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