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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 207

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July 3070
Interlude: Caph's Reorganization

On Caph, the various units continued to hunt down any remaining Word of Blake presence on the planet while safeguarding the civilian population centers, industrial, sites and also the continent of Steam's priceless ecological treasures. Due to the still widespread nuclear and biological contamination of much of Caph much of the patrolling of the world was undertaken by aerospace fighters, who at the first sign of trouble would call up ground support.

At the same stage, the new Duke of Caph continued to form his world's new garrison unit, the 1st Caph Grenadiers. Deliberately and openly mimicking the vaunted 1st Kestrel Grenadiers RCT (one of the strongest and largest Regimental Combat Teams in the AFFS) the unit will at full strength consist of four Battlemech battalions, four armor regiments, four battle armor regiments and four regiments of fully mechanised infantry along with attached aerospace support. For now it is organized as little more than a Light Combat Team, but plans are in place to expand it to a full "Grenadier" RCT as soon as possible and already elements of the former Protectorate Guard who can be screened properly are being considered for expanding the unit. The Duke also applies to both the Robinson, Tikonov and New Avalon based academies for scholarships for Caph natives who can then return to serve in their worlds new unit.

Osprey Medium Mech (In Combat in desert - paint by Philbobagginzzz) WIP

Osprey Medium 'Mech

The Federated Suns government also takes possession of the various industrial concerns that have been secured from WOB possession on the planet. Browning-Corning Limited has much of it's upper management inspected for WOB sympathies, but on the whole is given a clear bill of health and is welcomed into the Federated Suns's industrial powerhouse with open arms. It's widely respected Oppie Hazmat Recovery Vehicle is immediately ordered by the AFFS in large numbers. All existing contracts with the WOB Protectorate are declared null and void and production contracts are then signed with the FedSuns.

Martinson Armaments and Skobel MechWorks however are two very different kettle's of fish. Both are Terran based companies with longstanding ties the WOB since that organization seized control of Terra from Comstar. Their factories have provided huge quantities of war material to the WOB and the companies are widely suspected of being in bed with the Blakists. As such there is little appetite for allowing them to continue to operate their facilities on Caph and potentially either sabotage them or pass intelligence to their home offices on Terra to be passed onto the WOB. However instead of selling them off the two plants are combined to form the basis of a reborn Stormvanger Assemblies Unlimited. The shares in this newly reborn company are divided between the House Gustafson, House Davion, a special trust set up to help the people of Caph with detoxifying their planet and any heirs of the original companies shareholders who can provide proof of their shareholdings.

King Crab (Fan Trailer for MWO - by RoA Nitrox)

King Crab Assault 'Mech

The "Skobel" plant of the new company continues to produce the Mercury light Battlemech (the bulk of which is diverted to the ComGuards), Osprey Medium Battlemech and EXC-CS varient of the Excalibur heavy Battlemech. However, the Vanquisher, Legacy, and Grand Crusader assault 'mech lines would be retasked/retooled along with production lines build the Nexus II and Jackrabbit light BattleMechs. The two Grand Crusader lines begin work to retool to produce the Spartan class Battlemech (after the initial production run from Sapphire Metals have been tested and found to be a valuable addition to the AFFS) while the Legacy is retooled to produce the Cyclops command Battlemech that Stormvanger had once been famous for and the single Vanquisher line is retooled to produce King Crabs due to the similarities between the two assault 'mechs. The while the Nexus II and Jackrabbit lines are all shifted over to produce Mercury class battlemechs, giving the AFFS an over abundance of this versatile design to the extent that the bulk of the production is routed to the ComGuards. Nearby March Militia units are also soon receiving Mercury scout mechs.

Wolverine (In Combat)

Wolverine Medium 'Mech

At the "Martinson" plant, Stormvanger has more retooling to do. Only the rebuilt Spartan assault line continues in operation, while the Lightray and Initiate are designated for retooling. The Lightray line is shifted over to the always popular Wolverine class battlemech. The Initiate's two lines are shifted over to produce royal variant Sentinel class Battlemechs exclusively for the AFFS - the existing lines on Defiance split their production between the AFFS and ComGuards.

Javelin (In front of waterfalls - Alex Iglesias MWO version)

Javelin-O Light OmniMech

Duke Gustafson contacts Jalastar Aerospace as Stormvanger begins it's process of rebirth and reorganization and discusses with them obtaining a license for the Javelin-O Light OmniMech for his world's reborn industrial giant. Given that Stormvanger owned the production rights to the original standard Javelin, before House Davion gifted a production license to make new Javelins to Jalastar in order to maintain their numbers of the popular light battlemech the new Stormvanger could certainly begin construction of new Javelin's, however the demand at the current time is clearly for the new Omnimech derivative of the old design. While he knows Jalastar will be reluctant to grant a license for their flagship light omnimech he is keen to work out some sort of arrangement with them.

He also contacts NAIS in order to seek their support for a joint project to rebuild the Caph Institute of Technology as perhaps an off world specialized campus of the NAIS. He hopes to revitalize his world's educational establishment and has in mind a facility that specializes in the sciences involved in cleansing damaged worlds of the legacy of centuries of war, nuclear, biological, and chemical as well as terraforming sciences.

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