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The Federated Suns Reborn
Chapter 2

December 3060

After the events on New Avalon on the 22nd December, 3060 the Davion High Command moved quickly. Units which were off dubious loyalty were swiftly isolated.

Controlling the flow of information through formal channels the High Command swiftly ensured that the news of the traitor's failed coup did not get out. They were in no doubt's that some of the more "Lyran" units within the Federated Suns Command had been contacted prior to Katherine Steiner Davion's arrival upon New Avalon and were likely merely awaiting a signal to help in her takeover. So they maintained a communication blackout for the rest of December and into the early days of 3061.

Meanwhile, coded transmissions and JumpShip carried message packets went out to those commands upon which the High Command knew they could rely implicitly. As well as to both Field Marshal's and Commanders of the Capellan and Draconis March's. Diplomatically the High Command did not send them orders, merely a list of suspect commands and suggestions that these commands be isolated and steps taken to ensure they did not rebel against the legitimate command structure of the Federated Commonwealth. They left it to the Duke's of New Sytris and Robinson themselves to make sure that no rebellions occurred within their March Commands. One area that was an exception to this was the Achernar PDZ of the Capellan March - the theory behind this was that it was a vital strategic location and had relatively recently been added to the Capellan March Command after the fall of the Sarna March in 3057 as well as being the location of a number of questionable units.

The following units and locations had been listed as being potential flash points;

Federated Commonwealth - Troop Actions[]

Draconis March[]

Addicks PDZ

Although the 6th FedCom RCT had spent a considerable period of it's existence within the Lyran Command it was not considered a threat due to their refusal to join the LA in 3057 and the continuing command of Hauptmann General Isbella Rahn.

Kentares PDZ

The 5th Lyran Guards RCT had of course been listed as a potential risk and this was included in the lists sent to Robinson. This would be countered by the forming of a task force formed around the 8th Crucis Lancers RCT and the Fighting Urukhai's 8th Striker Regiment backed up by an armored brigade of conventional troops in early 3061.

Raman PDZ

The 5th Donegal Guards RCT would be countered by the reinforcement of the 41st Avalon Hussars on Benet III by a combined arms combat command of the Raman DMM and the Robinson's Academy Training Battalion supported by a mixed conventional brigade drawn directly from Robinson. Facing off against 5 battalions of BattleMech forces and a full RCT's worth of conventional forces the 5th Donegal Guards wisely agreed to stand down after a tense few days.

Le Blanc PDZ

As befitting the PDZ containing the capital of the Draconis March there was little if any trouble within the Le Blanc PDZ. All of the commands assigned to this PDZ were either already unquestionably loyal to Archon-Prince Victor or to the Duke of Robinson himself. Indeed a number of units from this region would be used to help contain possible flash points elsewhere, although Duke Sandoval was reluctant to leave his March capital bare even if there was a current detente with the Draconis Combine. He would additionally contact a number of FedCom RCT units who he had previously been the brigade commander off and use his influence to maintain calm.

Dahar PDZ

This was another PDZ which had few if any large Katherine loyal commands. The Sakhara Academy Training Battalion swithered on the edge of being considered a potential rebellious command, but the well known loyalties of it's staff were enough to have it bypassed as a potential rebel unit. The High Command and Robinson wisely left the teaching staff of the prestigious academy alone to deal with any issues in the cadet classes in their own way.

Bremond PDZ

With the Bremond DMM the only unit within the PDZ and it solidly behind it's March Commander no concerns were raised for this PDZ.

Bryceland PDZ

The 3rd Lyran Regulars were another unit which was considered a liability of rebellion by the High Command and upon seeing it upon the list of questionable commands James Sandoval concurred. He immediately ordered that the 1st Ceti Hussars RCT detach two of it's combat commands to support the 3rd Davion Guard RCT as well as the Conroe Training Battalion in moving to take the unit into custody. Faced with nearly twice it's numbers in BattleMechs and also facing nearly a full RCT of support forces the 3rd Lyran Regulars wisely stood down. Even then roughly a battalion from the unit attempted to breakout and make for the spaceport but were swiftly run down by Combat Command Alpha of the 1st Ceti Hussars. A few warning shots and the breakaway unit stood down.

Mayetta PDZ

A similar situation arose within this PDZ to that of the Bremond PDZ but it was complicated by a number of questionable reports about the officer corp of the Mayetta PDZ. A MIIO led investigatory team backed up by a number of personnel from the Department of Military Justice were sent out in early 3061. They were to be backed by the nearby Bremond and Milligan DMM if need be.

Milligan PDZ

The Milligan DMM found itself in the same position as the Bremond DMM in that it was solidly behind it's March Commander and no further steps were taken for units within this PDZ.

Kilbourne PDZ

The Kilbourne DMM was ordered to surround the Kilbourne Academy and it's Training Battalion and call upon the cadets to stay calm - given the well known dislike for the High Command this was considered a potential flash point. It was thought that using their "local" March Militia which had strong ties to the academy was less likely to provoke a reaction and this proved to be the case. Beyond a few demonstrations with placards denouncing a military coup the academy remained quite. This also freed up the 1st Crucis Lancers RCT to deploy from the PDZ to support more volatile spots.

Capellan March[]

Achernar PDZ

The Achernar PDZ was considered a special case and in this particular PDZ the response would be coordinated from New Avalon and not the local March Capital. If Duke Hasek took offence at this he kept quite about it and simply threw himself into containing other potential flash points. The Davion Assault Guards RCT was the lynchpin to the response here and was ordered immediately to move from it's posting on Tigress and take up position on Tikonov. Particularly within the capital city of Tikograd and it's key factories. It was to be reinforced by a number of known loyal conventional commands that would almost triple it's conventional forces.

Meanwhile, the 1st FedCom RCT was ordered to take the command staff of the Nanking SMM into custody and promote officers who were known to be more loyal to the FedSuns as a whole rather than the Tikonov Region. Having done that they were ordered to leave a combat command upon Nanking to support the FedSuns loyalists and move the rest of their command to Achernar and do the same with the members of that world's Achernar SMM. Marshal Swanson of the 1st FedCom was authorized to leave Leftenant Fritz Tull of the Nanking SMM in place only if she was confident that he would stand by his oaths of loyalty to the FedCom - it was perhaps telling that the same authorization was not granted in relation to the Achernar SMM.

Marshal Stromp of the 1st Kestrel Grenadiers was ordered to take full command of a task force consisting of her own unit and all 3 Vegan Ranger's mercenary units and reinforced by at least 2 infantry brigades of conventional forces. Using this sledgehammer she was to dive her forces in two and to descend upon Kansu and Algol and take disarm the 1st & 2nd Republican units after which she was to move to Yangtze and disarm the under strength 3rd.. With her own reinforced regiment of 'mechs and 3 mercenary regiments it was felt that she would easily be able to force the two under strength Tikonov Republican Guard units to stand down, particularly the 2/3rds strength 1st. Unfortunately this proved to be optimistic and both Republican units put up a fight when the Kestrel Grenadiers and 12th Vegan Rangers attempted to force them to stand down. Although they were both swiftly crushed and forced to surrender their stubborn attempts (which lasted into late January 3061) to fight did buy enough time for Tikonov sympathizers within the PDZ to warn the 3rd Republican which managed to flee into space and disappear, going rogue. The damage to the 1st Kestrel Grenadiers was soon made up and orders cut to absorb some of the conventional troops to upgrade the unit to a full RCT while the Vegan Rangers were rewarded for their loyalty with the pick of salvage of the two destroyed Tikonov units.

Valexa PDZ

Stripped of the Alpha Regiment of the 12th Vegan Rangers to support operations against the Tikonov Republican Guard units Duke Hasek had fewer options than he might have liked within the Valexa PDZ. Judging the 3rd FedCom RCT to be the greater threat he ordered the 5th Crucis Lancers RCT, reinforced with 2/3rds of the Valexa CMM and the 1st Bell Training Battalion to reinforce the 1st Aragon Borderers on New Aragon. He was proved right when the 3rd FedCom facing nearly 3 times their firepower stood down and accepted the situation with grudging compliance. This did however create a further rift between the 3rd FedCom RCT and it's sister RCT the 5th FedCom RCT, who had long had a "yellow" reputation within the AFFC. This reputation, at least to the members of the 3rd FedCom was now without question - as many of the unit felt that the 5th had betrayed them by not rushing to their aid. As it was the questionable 5th FedCom RCT was largely ignored both by Duke Hasek and the loyalist commands in the PDZ. For once this disregard was welcomed by the 5th. Although the assignment of 2 free armored regiments in February 3061 to bring their RCT up to strength was considered by many within the 5th FedCom RCT as a reward for their standing down without being forced to do so.

Kathil PDZ

The 6th New Sytris Fusiliers RCT swiftly moved to support the 2nd NAIS Cadre on Kathil facing off against the 8th FedCom RCT. Even facing twice their number in 'mechs however the 8th FedCom RCT chose to fight. With the assault and heavy nature of their BattleMech forces and with a similarly weighted armor brigade to back them up the 8th FedCom RCT put up a blistering defensive fight. Even with the similarly weighted 6th Fusiliers the 8th FedCom RCT were able to inflict tremendous damage and it was only when the battered loyalist forces were joined by the bulk of the 5th New Sytris Fusiliers RCT and the assault weighted 3rd NAIS Cadre from Lee that the 8th FedCom RCT succumbed and surrendered. By which point it had been reduced to a bare third of it's operational strength. The losses amongst the 2nd NAIS Cadre were particularly severe. Thankfully the shipyards and industrial works upon the planet were spared any damage by mutual consent on the part of the fighting officers.

Alcyone PDZ

The 8th Donegal Guards RCT was considered probably the single most powerful pro-Katherine unit within the FedSuns Command and it's neutralization was accordingly considered a matter of high priority. Three full units of the Davion Brigade of Guards were deployed to Monhegan to convince the 8th Donegal to stand down. The 2nd, 5th, and Light Guards RCT all moved as a combined task force to bring order to the system. Of particular import was the heavy aerospace presence of the 2nd's over strength air wings which combined with the deployment of the the Avalon class cruiser the FCS Melissa Davion from Kittery further strengthened the show of force. Faced with such overwhelming force the Lyran unit stood down without a fight.

FCS Melissa Davion, Avalon Class Cruiser (underway)

New Sytris PDZ

The only movement within this PDZ was to deploy a Combat Command from the 3rd Ceti Hussars RCT to reinforce the New Sytris CMM and mercenary Vanguard Legion defensive force of the March capital.

Sirdar PDZ

With only the 4th Donegal Guards RCT within the PDZ a large force drawn from elements of the 3rd Ceti Hussars RCT (1 Combat Command), 15th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT, 2nd Ceti Hussars RCT (2 Combat Commands) and the 2nd Chisholm Raiders RCT moved to Velhas. Similarly to their sister unit on Monhegan ,the 4th Donegal Guard RCT, when faced with the overwhelming nature of the loyalist force stood down.

Altair PDZ

With this PDZ solidly within the command of New Sytris no action was required except for the deployment of an conventional infantry brigade to deal with limited protests.

Warren PDZ

Similarly to the Altair PDZ this region was considered largely quite and of little risk. Indeed George Hasek briefly considered withdrawing the 8th New Sytris Fusiliers RCT back to New Sytris to further reinforce the capital, but eventually concluded this might give the Taurians unwelcome ideas.

Crucis March

Archemar Combat Region

A number of conventional units were deployed to deal with riots and disturbances caused by pro-Katherine agitators within this region.

Kestrel Combat Region

Similarly to the Archemar Combat Region widespread disturbances broke out throughout this region but were swiftly dealt with by the local Kestrel CrMM and other garrison forces.

New Avalon Combat Region

A brief firefight occurred at the Avalon City Spaceport when elements of the 1st Royals RCT attempted to break out from their ships and "free" their Archon. This was however swiftly dealt with. Following which 2 Combat Commands drawn from the 1st Davion Guards and Davion Heavy Guards RCTs were dispatched to Salem to disarm the green 19th Arcturan Gurads. Although outnumbering the 2 battalions of BattleMech's of the Davion Guard units Leftenant Genearl Bishop was under no illusions that her parade ground soldiers could stand against the elite of the Davion Guards. Even without the 2 regiments of armor and 4 regiments of infantry that the Davion Guard units had brought in support against her BattleMech regiment. The fact that the local militia's of Salem were almost certain to side with their countrymen over her own unit was the final nail in the coffin of any thoughts she had to resist. She stood her unit down willingly and spared them what would have been a very one sided battle.

Nunivak Combat Region

The Remagen CrMM as the only unit within the Combat Region were tasked with ensuring that pro-Katherine demonstrations did not get out of hand, although initially hard pressed they soon took to using their night-fighting skills to infiltrate any group attempting to riot the night before said riot was to take place and disarm them quickly and effectively, or if that was impossible sabotage their transports. Following this a number of the infantry squads from this CrMM would be recruited into the Crucis March's special forces regiments and even reportedly MIIO's Rabid Foxes units.

Islamabad Combat Region

The local troops of the Islamabad CrMM were ordered to put down a number of pro-Katherine protests and did so with excellent and restrained tactics.

Malagrotta Combt Region

The local Malagrotta CrMM was far to concerned dealing with pirate raids to be bothered about potential coup's on New Avalon and the High Command wisely left them to it.

Point Barrow Combat Region

The Point Barrow Training Battalion was considered a potential source of pro-Katherine agitation, however the High Command felt that any move of a front line formation there would only inflame matters. They therefore sent word to the academy that it's training force had been chosen for field tests of the new Thanatos BattleMech produced on nearby Crofton. They could expect the first production models to be sent within the next 3 months. Suitably distracted by this potential honor as well as new equipment the cadets of the academy barely noticed the Archon's arrest.

Tsamma Combat Region

Besides dealing with a number of pro-Katherine demonstrations the Tsamma CrMM was ordered to prepare to move towards Mayetta if it was felt to be necessary.

Anjin Muerto Combat Region

The local forces were considered entirely capable of dealing with any and all pro-Katherine protests which occurred within this combat region.

Broken Wheel Combat Region

None of the three training units within this region were considered any threat of a pro-Katherine mutiny and as such were simply ordered to continue training and pirate hunting. Some additional conventional forces were however deployed to deal with disturbances. In case the cadets and staff of the Filtvet Training Battalion felt put out by the gift of Thanatos Medium BattleMechs to their counterparts at Point Barrow a similar order was sent to them that they too would receive a company of Thanatos 'mechs for training and testing.

Lyran Alliance[]

The various former Federated Suns units within the Lyran Alliance were all notified quietly by New Avalon of the arrest of the Archon and were informed to prepare to depart the LA if any move was taken against them. Units in and close to the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon were told to hold their positions their and attempt to secure the Jade Falcon border at almost any costs. Interestingly the Commanding Officers of both the 3rd & 4th Alliance Guards were notified. Both Leftenant General Andor of the 3rd Alliance and Leftenant General Gregg of the 4th Alliance were considered to be pro-Victor and pro-FedCom/FedSuns and as such were notified in case of backlash. Both generals although not exactly pro-Victor were grateful for the warnings and it did have the effect of shifting their loyalties somewhat more in favor of New Avalon over Tharkad. Duke Morgan Kell was also notified as were a small number of pro-Davion mercenary commands such as the Blue Star Irregulars.

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